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Pamela Saling

LAFFORT, l'oenologie par nature

LAFFORT is a fourth generation family-owned company based in Bordeaux, France. It selects, produces and distributes enological products and has since 1895.

LAFFORT invests significant resources in Research and Development in its subdivision BIOLAFFORT, through collaboration with  different universities around the world, and additionally  in its world-class laboratory, SARCO. The company has been a leader in innovation since its inception and holds numerous patents. High quality products for all modern winemaking needs, this is the Laffort committment to you.

LAFFORT USA was created in 2010 to bring the experience and technical knowledge of the global LAFFORT network to North American winemakers.


Here is the whole story:

Created in Bordeaux in 1895, LAFFORT has played a fundamental role in the developments in Œnology that followed Louis Pasteur and his initial Œnological discoveries. LAFFORT 's scientific developments have allowed the company to progress from a curative form of Œnology, based essentially on pure chemistry, to a preventative form, founded on biotechnologies.


LAFFORT301LAFFORT has excelled through its high level of dedication to both applied and fundamental research. Embracing the future, the company has demonstrated the pertinence of its research via renowned product performance and quality. LAFFORT research is the origin of a large number of discoveries in modern Œnology, affirmed by numerous international patent applications. This energy and total commitment to R&D underpin the company's international Œnological presence.


LAFFORT239LAFFORT is also characterised by its control over production methodologies, allowing it to implement Œnologically-specific hi-tech facilities and production know-how. These specialised production units, and the company's constant commitment to Œnology, allow winemakers to optimise and preserve the quality of their wine.

True to its profession, continuing the family tradition, and thanks to its inherent innovative spirit, LAFFORT is present in over 50 countries. Its products, derived from the synergy of over a century of tradition in combination with modern biotechnology, are used throughout the world for producing quality wines with minimal environmental footprint, so as to fulfil all modern winemaking requirements.

LAFFORT 's unceasing commitment to oenology is, by nature, its raison d'etre'.


The whole range of winemaking products

LAFFORT selects, produces and distributes the whole range of winemaking products: from the well-known yeasts, nutrients, bacteria, tannins, enzymes, to the whole range of fining agents and a great range of wood products, Nobile!

Some of our best-selling products are VR Supra, Zymaflore FX10 and VL3, Stabivin SP, Oenosteryl Effervescent... Standards in the industry! But they also have little brothers and sisters... ask us about it!


Laffort Oenosteryl SO2 Tablets
Laffort Oenosteryl SO2 Tablets
This video is a great way to see how the Laffort Oenosteryl SO2 tablets dissolve in a barrel without disturbing the lees. The Laffort Oenosteryl tablets are very popular because they are precise, odorless, safe and effervescent. They are a quick and efficient way to add SO2 to a barrel.
Laffort IDP Tannins
Laffort IDP Tannins
The Laffort Tannins are instant dissolving for ease of use in the cellar, whether it's at the crusher, during fermentation, during ageing or just before bottling.
Laffort's Yeast rehydration protocol
Laffort's Yeast rehydration protocol
Laffort's yeast rehydration protocol to optimize the performance of your selected dry yeast.

News Archive

Laffort USA Announces 2017 Spring ‘Rendez-vous’ Seminar Series
15 March, 2017

Presenting the latest Laffort research and development

Petaluma, CA: Laffort USA, leading supplier of innovative winemaking ingredients, announces the annual spring Rendezvous seminar series:

  • Santa Rosa, CA, Tuesday, April 11th – Vintner’s Inn - Preparing Wine For Bottling
  • Paso Robles, CA, Thursday, April 13th – Paso Robles Golf Club - Preparing Wine For Bottling
  • Newberg, OR, Tuesday, May 9th - Chehalem Cultural Center - Preparing Wine For Bottling

For spring 2017, Laffort will be offering these informative seminar venues in Santa Rosa, Oregon and Paso Robles, California. Gwennaëlle Debelmas, Laffort France, Fining and Stabilization Range Manager, and Dr. Peter Salamone, Laffort USA, Technical Manager, will be among other informative speakers. 

The focus of ‘Preparing Wine For Bottling’, will cover: 

  • Initial Steps for Clarification & Fining
  • Microbial, Protein, Color & Tartrate Stability
  • Filtration & Filterability Improvement
  • Timeline for Product Additions 

Limited seats available, register today at:

About Laffort USA

Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history in research and discovery in enology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets among private enological companies to Research and Development in the wine industry. As a result of these efforts, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.



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Communications Contact:

Pamela Saling:


Seasonal Winemaking Strategy - Stabilize Potassium Tartrate
01 March, 2017

If you are thinking about cold stabilizing your wines, this newsletter is for you. LAFFORT® offers revolutionary solutions for stabilizing potassium tartrates (KHT) in white, rosé, and red wines. Both MANNOSTAB® and CELSTAB® work to inhibit the advancement of potassium bitartrate crystallization - by binding to the surface of tartrate molecules at multiple sites, therefore blocking the sites necessary for crystal growth.

CELSTAB® is a highly purified carboxymethyl modified vegetal-origin cellulose polymer, with a low degree of polymerization and viscosity. Its 10% liquid (100g CMC/L of solution) formula makes it easy to incorporate into wine. Celstab® is recommended for use in white and rosé wines.

MANNOSTAB® is the only mannoprotein naturally present in wines with a potassium bitartrate stabilization property for all wine types. This specific mannoprotein, designated MP40, is enzymatically extracted from yeast cell walls by a patented process (patent n°2726284), which guarantees and preserves the stabilizing capacity of the MP40 mannoprotein regarding potassium bitartrate. precipitations.


• Stabilization – will inhibit potassium bitartrate crystallization.
• Preserve Wine Quality – no loss of acid or raising of pH.
• Sustainability – no waste, no water and no energy usage.
• Saves Time – instant stability with one easy addition 48 hours before bottling.


** DIT% Conductivity Test (Degree of Tartaric Instability) - Pre Treatment Required Analysis
This 4 hour test measures the instability in the wine before treatment. Wines must be less than 25% unstable for treatment with CELSTAB® and less than 20% unstable for treatment with MANNOSTAB®MANNOSTAB® dosage is determined by the result of the DIT% test. CELSTAB® is a constant dosage for all applicable wines.

ISTC 50 Test
 - Post Treatment Confirmation Analysis 
This is a modified conductivity test, taking into account all the ions still in solution with Celstab® or MANNOSTAB® treatment. This is the recommended test to assay CELSTAB® and MANNOSTAB® effectiveness in your wine. You want to see < 4 μS (micro siemens) change from minute 40 to minute 120 in a passing ISTC 50 test.


For more information on how to prepare your wine and how to use these products, visit the links below:


Preparing Wines for Using CELSTAB®
CELSTAB® Checklist












Order CELSTAB and MANNOSTAB®direct from our main office in Petaluma,CA 707-775-4530

OVOCLARYL Back in Stock
06 February, 2017

Dear Winemakers,
Laffort USA are pleased to announce we have Ovoclaryl, dried egg albumin back in stock.
Due to a change in the Food Safety Inspection Service regulations in 2016, we were unable to import egg whites from French chickens. We have since located a supplier in the U.S. and are now pleased to offer Ovoclaryl again. This is the same quality of product and comes with the same Laffort certifications and packaging.
Available in 1 kg size, and 50# size on special order. Please contact us with any questions.

Shaun Richardson

Laffort Applied Research Cooperative (ARC)
06 January, 2017

Unified Seminar January 24, 2017, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Citizen Hotel, Sacramento

Petaluma, CA – Laffort USA will present their Applied Research Cooperative (ARC) seminar at the Citizen Hotel on January 24, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. during the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium held in downtown Sacramento. ARC is Laffort’s innovative and collaborative program with leading wineries performing identical trials on one specific process or product, across multiple regions and varieties during a single harvest. Dr. Peter Salamone, Technical Manager of Laffort USA, will discuss completed and in-process ARC projects from the 2016 harvest. ARC provides verified production winery data on current and innovative winemaking processes.

Laffort USA, General Manager Shaun Richardson is committed to building on the strength of the Research and Development work of Laffort worldwide, and bringing this knowledge to real world winemaking. Shaun shares, “ARC by Laffort provides the ideal format for robust and valuable winemaking trials. Typically, wineries see results from only one data set during their own vintage trials, whereas the ARC protocols give multiple trial results, in the short space of one harvest.” If interested in attending, register at â

Founded in Bordeaux in 1895, Laffort is a fourth-generation family-owned business with a history of innovation in enology dating back to the seminal works of Louis Pasteur. Laffort is proud to dedicate a significant budget to research and development both in company laboratories and in collaboration with universities worldwide. Laffort holds multiple patents as well as HACCP and ISO certifications. Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.

New Product - MANNOFEEL, Pure Mannoprotein
04 January, 2017

Feel the volume of mannoproteins !

MANNOFEEL® is the latest result of LAFFORT® expertise on mannoproteins; their identification, the understanding of their action and their production. The mannoproteins in MANNOFEEL® are extracted from yeast cell walls by a specific process that allows us to obtain a highly purified product with the highest content of mannoproteins on the market.

  • Provides complex mouthfeel and roundness on palate.
  • Contributes to the colloidal stabilization of the wine.
  • Respects the freshness and the fruit of the wine.
  • Product in liquid form, ready to use, with an immediate action on the wine.
  • Excellent filterability; MANNOFEEL® has no impact on the wine’s filterability.
  • Can be used towards the end of ageing and during wine preparation for bottling.

Highly purified product, MANNOFEEL® is exceptionally rich in mannoproteins.

Comparison of the mannoprotein concentration of different products of equivalent application according to the most concentrated product standardised at 100%







First LAFFORT® developed AUTOLEES®, an extract of yeast cell walls rich in the peptide Hsp12 which adds the perception of sweetness to wines. LAFFORT® now introduces MANNOFEEL® to offer winemakers another option to impact the overall mouthfeel of wines.


MANNOFEEL® has no impact on the filterability of the wine


MANNOFEEL® can be used as the last treatment before bottling (after blending, fining and X-Flow/Pad/DE filtration, etc.). This purified product gives the winemaker the freedom to make quality improvements at the final stages before bottling without negatively impacting stability or filterability.


Between 25 - 150 mL/hL depending on the wine matrix.


1L bottles and 10L jugs

Order MANNOFEEL® direct from our main Office in Petaluma, CA 707-775-4530



You're Invited to Laffort Applied Research Cooperative Technical Seminar at UNIFIED Wine and Grape Symposium
14 December, 2016

Event will be held at the following time, date and location: 

Tuesday January 24, 2017 from 4:00pm - 6:00 pm 

The Citizen Hotel - Terrace Conference Room

926 J Street Sacramento, CA 95814



Building Mouthfeel with Lees
28 November, 2016

After harvest cellars are filled with fluffy lees, some are lively and fresh while others are dirty and reductive. Have you evaluated the lees in your cellar? In this newsletter we will discuss two products that are tools for working with both good and bad quality lees in your new 2016 wines

Style Development & Remedial Treatment

For your healthy lees - EXTRALYSE® Preparation of beta-glucanases and pectolytic enzymes, purified from Cinnamoyl Esterase activity. EXTRALYSE® is used for fast and efficient extraction of sur lie ageing character and improving wine filterability.

For your spoiled lees - OENOLEES® Specific preparation of yeast cell biomass for building midpalate length and eliminating polyphenols responsible for bitterness and astringency. OENOLEES® is rich in a specific peptide, Hsp 12, which gives a sweetness perception to wine. (Patent EP 1850682). 

The yeast cell wall and membrane are complex structures. EXTRALYSE® acts on beta-glucans in the cell wall allowing for gentle autolysis of dead yeast cells thereby releasing many of the advantageous compounds for sur lie character. While OENOLEES® is derived from whole yeast cells, it is enriched in adsorbent cell wall fractions and peptides from the inner membrane protein, Hsp12, which delivers a sweet sensation in wines.

Application in the Cellar

EXTRALYSE® is used in the presence of healthy yeast lees as early as possible after alcoholic fermentation to encourage autolysis. For white wine vinification, it is possible to rack wines and treat lees component separately. Dissolve EXTRALYSE® in 10 times its weight in water or wine before incorporating. See the chart below for specific application dosages:

Sensory modeling of two wines after treatment with OENOLEES®. The OENOLEES® effect works to add roundness on the entry, elevate the mid-palate and extend the finish of the wine.

Experimental Results

Sensory modeling of two wines after treatment with OENOLEES®. The OENOLEES® effect works to add roundness on the entry, elevate the mid-palate and extend the finish of the wine.


Lactoenos SB3 Direct - Oenococcus Oeni for Direct Inoculation of Wines
14 November, 2016


Thanks for joining the The Fantastic La4 this harvest. Our last episode features LACTOENOS® SB3 DIRECT in THE ROYAL FLUSH

We hope your harvest has been abundant and excellent in quality, and we look forwards to talking with you soon. In 2017 we will be presenting a series of seminars and webinars on Finishing Wines for Bottling, so please look out for those invitations. 

Give us a call for all your winemaking ingredient needs. All our contact details are on our website atth, and after that, Monday through Friday only.

Cheers from the Laffort Team


Laffort 2016 Building Mouthfeel with Lees Webinar
01 November, 2016

OenoleesEmailBanner 2

Hello Winemakers,
After harvest cellars are filled with fluffy lees, some are lively and fresh while others are dirty and reductive. Have you evaluated the lees in your cellar? In this webinar, we will discuss two products that are tools for working with both good and bad quality lees in your new 2016 wines. 

 Hosted by Dr. Peter Salamone, PhD, Technical Manager Manager
Panelist Jillian Johnson, Technical Winemaker Representative.

Topics Covered:
How Oneolees and Extralyse Work On A Molecular Level Within Wine
Cellar Application And Benefits

Thursday, November 10th
12:00 till 12:45  PST


Event Password: LunchBreak
1460 Cader Lane, Suite C | Petaluma, CA 94954
Office: 707.775.4530

Zymaflore Xpure - For Wines with Great Aromic Purity
18 October, 2016


Hi winemakers, 

Our next adventure in The Fantastic La4 to get you through harvest features CAPTAIN AROMAand ZYMAFLORE® XPURE

Have a great harvest, and don’t forget we have not only our Petaluma and Missouri warehouses open Monday to Friday, but also our St Helena and Paso Robles outlets open Monday through Saturday. Give us a call for all your winemaking ingredient needs. All our contact details are on our website at 

Cheers from the Laffort Team


Lafase He Grand Cru: For Wines with Structure and Elegance
03 October, 2016


Hi winemakers

Our next adventure in The Fantastic La4 to get you through harvest features Lady Dynamite and LAFASE® HE GRAND CRU. A big thank you to Anne-Charlotte Villate and Anne Schaeffer from LAFFORT FRANCE for penning these cartoons. 

Have a great harvest, and don’t forget we have not only our Petaluma and Missouri warehouses open Monday to Friday, but also our St Helena and Paso Robles outlets open Monday through Saturday. Give us a call for all your winemaking ingredient needs. All our contact details are on our website at 

Cheers from the Laffort Team


Protect and Complement the Phenolic Structure of Red Wines
19 September, 2016


Hi Winemakers

Happy Saturday ! We thought you would like a series of cartoons to entertain you for the next four weeks. Starting today is The Fantastic La4 to get you through the red wine harvest. 

Head over to this link to check out Episode 1, The Oxygen Knockout.

Have a great harvest, and don’t forget we have not only ourPetaluma and Missouri warehouses open Monday to Friday, but also our St Helena and Paso Robles outlets open Monday through Saturday. Give us a call for all your winemaking ingredient needs. All our contact details are on our website at 

Cheers from the Laffort Team 

LAFFORT USA - 1460 Cader Lane, Suite C, Petaluma, CA 94954 - P: (707) 775-4530 - -

Tools to Use in Preparation for 2016 Harvest
02 September, 2016

We wanted to share a couple tools for you to use in your preparation for harvest:

1.On-line Nutrient Correct Calculator

2.Yeast Re-hydration video for intern training

3.Oenosteryl tablets for topping up SO2 levels on 2015 barrels before harvest

4.New St. Helena store location, 385 La Fata Street, St. Helena, CA  

Nutrient Correction Calculator


The objective of yeast nutrition is the balance between biomass formation and Hydrogen Sulfide formation prevention.


Too much Nitrogen in the must will signal the yeast to create a large biomass, which then will deplete YAN and require more nutrient addition in mid-fermentation. So the timing of addition is critical.


H2S production prevention depends on the balance of Nitrogen and Sulfur metabolism of the yeast. YAN is needed to integrate H2S into Sulphur-amino acids. If not enough YAN, then H2S is produced.


Potential alcohol (%v/v)

Total required nitrogen*

Target value after first correction

Second addition*

< 12 % v/v




12 % v/v




13 % v/v




14 % v/v




15 % v/v




16 % v/v




17 % v/v





Click the button below to go to our on-line nutrient correction calculator. Simply enter in your juice details, yeast, and ferment temperature and the program will calculate your nutrient additions. The above chart outlines our target YAN by potential alcohol content of the wine. Currently, the page with the nutrient calculator is in French. Most web browsers have a translator that can convert the text to English.

Nutrient Correction Calculator – Click Here 


Intern Training Videos 101 – Yeast Re-Hydration


We have a 3 minute educational video detailing the steps for re-hydrating yeast. The video is available in English and Spanish. This is a very useful tool for training interns on the importance of following the steps for building healthy yeast cultures. Remember to talk about yeast nutrients and what to do when they smell H2S…sound the alarm!


Click Here to Play

Yeast Re-Hydration Video - Spanish


Fast & Efficient SO2 additions for 2015 Barrels


Running out of time to get your 2015 wines topped up and sulfured before the grapes come in? Oenosteryl effervescent tablets are an easy way to add SO2 and mix your barrels. Simply add one or two tables to each barrel and replace the bung. The effervescence will not force the bung out. Watch our video for more information.


·         2g tablet – 8ppm to a 225L barrel – Learn more online!

·         5g tablet – 22ppm to a 225L barrel – Learn more online!


New St. Helena Store Location – 385 La Fata Street, St. Helena, CA


We moved to a larger space with more parking to accommodate the growth of our business. Please come for a visit, pick up a Harvest Booklet, and have a coffee with Pam. We are in the same complex as Mad Fritz brewing, good beer for harvest! See you all soon.



Harvest Newsletter #4 - Building Mouthfeel with Yeast Selection
15 August, 2016

Building Mouthfeel With Yeast Selection
VL2 Alpha FX10 F15
Many decisions made by a winemaker can influence the final characteristics of a wine. The vision of the winemaker drives the final style of a wine in many ways. Yeast selection is a very important decision for many reasons, but one which is often overlooked is the impact of yeast on the mouthfeel or body of a wine.

White wine palate and body is an often overlooked characteristic when considering yeast selection. In Chardonnay wines, ZYMAFLORE® VL2 shows a clean aromatic profile and due to significant polysaccharide production these wines provide a nice, rich mouthfeel along with reliable fermentation performance.  

âCo-fermentation with the non-Saccharomyces yeast strain Torulospora delbruckii known as ZYMAFLORE® ALPHA brings significant mouthfeel to many varietal wines, both red and white, and also provides intensity and complexity of aroma characters.

ZYMAFLORE® FX10 provides strong fermentation performance along with the highest production of polysaccharides to help integrate tannins and other wine components in colloidal associations giving structure and body to premium red wines

ZYMAFLORE® F15, through the increased production of glycerol, also provides rich mouthfeel and body in red wines showing that yeast selection is a significant decision in driving wine structure and style.
Zymaflore XPURE®  offers winemakers a great tool for the production of wines of great aromatic purity. XPURE naturally has very low production of negative sulfur compounds H2S and SO2, as well as low production of those compounds binding SO2.  XPUREhelps to reduce the perception of vegetal characters, and lends itself to freshness and the expression of dark fruit and great suppleness in the mouth.

Harvest Newsletter #3 - Rehydration of Yeast
29 July, 2016

Rehydration of Yeast - Critical Step
In order to provide the best possible starting environment.
LAFFORT® has developed:


SUPERSTART® BLANC is enriched in yeast metabolites
which allow clean expression of aromatic components while retaining the survival factors which provide protection
for the yeast throughout the fermentation including a strong finish.

SUPERSTART® ROUGE provides enhanced
survival factors yeast need to optimize their performance in the demanding environment of red wine fermentations
including high brix, higher potential alcohol, increased temperature and increased phenolics. 

SUPERSTART® BLANC and SUPERSTART® ROUGE both work to provide yeast with essential components needed for optimal rehydration and supercharged initial fermentation performance with a strong finish.

Laffort USA Announces Pop-Up Harvest Store in Paso Robles, California
14 July, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Paso Robles, CA – Laffort USA, the supplier of innovative winemaking products is expanding its operations and opening at a new harvest pop-up location in Paso Robles next to Baker Wine and Grape Analysis. The store will open for business on July 25th and offer customers a fully stocked and convenient location for harvest products and services. Laffort General Manager, Shaun Richardson expressed enthusiasm about the opening, stating, “Paso Robles area winemakers will have access to the full range of Laffort products throughout harvest, allowing them to fine-tune their harvest goals.” Due to the continued and ever-growing demand from winemakers, Laffort USA has also continued to open new outlets in 2016, the locations of which can be found at 

Join us for an Open House with Laffort CEO, Luc Laffort:

July 21, 2016 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

(RSVP to Central Coast Technical Winemaker Representative Marcy Mallette by July 15th a

Laffort USA

825 Riverside Avenue Suite 3B

Paso Robles Ca 93446

Store Phone: 805.226.5809

Google Maps :

Laffort USA Announces Move to New St. Helena, CA Retail Location Supporting Current and Future Planned Capacity Growth
11 July, 2016

St. Helena, CA. – Laffort USA, a leading provider of winemaking products, announces the relocation of the St Helena outlet to a new retail space to accommodate rapid growth and future expansion plans. The new retail space located at 385 La Fata Street in Saint Helena, CA will open July 1 8th and will provide capacity for increased customer support, sales and bench trial
services and winemaker collaboration space.

“The new space will allow us to support the growth we are experiencing while giving us dedicated facilities to host customer seminars and other activities.” said Shaun Richardson, General Manager for Laffort. “Our team is excited about the growth we are experiencing and this move represents an even greater commitment to the Napa Valley.”

Join us for an Open House with Laffort CEO, Luc Laffort:
Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 from 5pm till 8pm
(RSVP to your Technical Winemaker Representative Jillian Johnson by July 13th at

385 La Fata Street
St. Helena, CA 94574
Google Maps:

Harvest Newsletter - Impressive Extraction with Red Wine Enzymes
28 June, 2016

Impressive Extraction With Red Wine Enzymes
Anthocyanin and tannin analyses after the completion of MLF of a control wine (no enzyme) and a wine treated with LAFASE® HE GRAND CRU (3 g/hL)

LAFASE® HE GRAND CRU is a granulated pectinase based enzyme formulation derived from Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus aculeatus. It is very high in polygalacturonase (PG) as well as various enzymatic side-activities such as cellulase,various hemicellulases and rhamnogalacturonases.

LAFASE® HE GRAND CRU is purified from side-activities such as cinnamoyl esterase and anthocyanase that can be harmful to wine quality. It is recommended for the production of fullbodied, ultra-premium wines, destined for aging.
For more information on enzymes download our new: “The A – Z of Wine Enzymes”
booklet or ask your local representative for a printed copy.
Capture3 2Capture4 2

Key Steps During Rosé Winemaking
16 June, 2016

Protection against oxidation

To avoid the oxidation of polyphenols into quinones and to protect aromas, it is essential to implement all available techniques: evaluation of good practices in wineries (avoid air outlets, check the gaskets fittings,...), rigorous processand use of inert gases.

Refrigeration and cooling capacity

Cold conditions limit enzyme activity in terms of colour extraction and oxidation by polyphenol oxydases. It is therefore essential to work on these pre-fermentation phases as quickly as possibleat low temperature.


The objective for rosé wines that are pressed directly isfast, qualitative release of juices to obtain the best aromas without extracting colour. It is strongly recommended to use enzymes during the filling of the press.

logo   To each rosé a specific fining...

Early fining of rosé wines, on must or during alcoholic fermentation helps act on the phenolic compounds that trap aromas, and allows wine colour to develop and modify wine structure. Combined with good hygiene practices in the cellar and rigorous process management of cold and oxygen, an appropriate fining will help you produce high quality rosé wines

Products can have a broader spectrum of action than indicated above depending on the wine’s matrix. For further advice please contact your LAFFORT® supplier or agent.

logo  Our seriously rosé selection...

Click here to continue reading this articile ...


Products Now at TCW Equipment in Santa Rosa
01 June, 2016


To All Sonoma County Winemakers,
Laffort has arrived at TCW in Santa Rosa with a full range of products.  Laffort and TCW can now service Sonoma County even more efficiently for all your winemaking needs.
Tell all your friends! 


TCW Equipment

2975 Dutton Ave.

Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Laffort USA Proudly Sponsors Employee Cyril Derreumaux on the 2016 Pacific Row Expedition from California to Hawaii
17 May, 2016

Petaluma, CA Laffort USA, a leading supplier of innovative winemaking products, sponsors Cyril Derreumaux, Business Development Manager for Nobile premium wine oak alternative products, whom will be participating in the biggest physical and mental challenge of his life. Starting on June 4th, 2016, Cyril will be rowing across the Pacific Ocean from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii.

This athletic expedition consists of a 4­man crew from different nationalities (France, Brazil, Iceland, USA) named “Team Uniting Nations”. The daring team will row a 24 ­foot boat in shifts of 2­ hours increments day and night. The estimated length of time the row will take is between 40 and 45 days. “Team Uniting Nations” is aiming to beat the current Guinness World Record of 43 days. Laffort USA wishes them good luck on this ambitious goal and accomplishment. Follow Cyril’s journey at the links provided below and he will see you when he returns with a lot of amazing stories to tell!

About Laffort USA
Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history in research and discovery in enology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets among private enological companies to Research and Development in the wine industry. As a result of these efforts, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.

Related Links:
Communications Contact:
Pamela Saling:

Laffort USA Announces Spring ‘Rendezvous’ Seminar Series
06 April, 2016

Laffort USA, leading supplier of innovative winemaking ingredients, announces the annual spring Rendezvous seminar series from April 24, 2016 through May 12, 2016 throughout the West Coast wine regions in California, Oregon and Washington, as well as online via webinar.  Dr. Joana Coulon, head of Laffort Research and Development in Microbiology, and Dr. Peter Salamone, Laffort USA Technical Manager, will be among other informative speakers.

One keynote topic is ‘Reducing SO2 in Red Winemaking’, which will highlight recent innovations in lowering addition rates for SO2 throughout the winemaking process for a more natural approach to winemaking. Original results for the Laffort USA Applied Research Cooperative (ARC) group is another keynote presentation.

The Laffort ARC is a collaborative project with up to 15 wineries working on one single trial with an identically defined protocol.  At the end of harvest, multiple replicates are produced across many lot sizes, varieties, and regions.  Shaun Richardson, General Manager of Laffort USA, states of the trials that; “The ARC project is the ideal scenario to find real-world solutions to winemaking issues across numerous wineries in the short space of one harvest”.

Limited seats available, register today at

About Laffort USA

Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history in research and discovery in enology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets among private enological companies to Research and Development in the wine industry. As a result of these efforts, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.

Laffort Applied Research Cooperative (ARC) Unified Seminar January 26, 2016, 4:30pm at the Citizen Hotel
06 January, 2016

Napa, CA – Laffort, USA is organizing an Applied Research Cooperative (ARC) seminar at the 

Citizen Hotel on January 26, 2016 at 4:30pm during the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium 

held near the Sacramento Convention Center downtown.  The Applied Research Cooperative 

(ARC) is Laffort’s innovative and collaborative program with leading wineries performing 

identical trials on one process or  product, across multiple regions and varieties during a 

single harvest.


Dr. Peter Salamone, Technical Manager of Laffort USA,   will discuss  amongst other topics,

ARC projects for 2015   and plans for 2016 .   ARC will provide verified production winery 

data on current winemaking innovations   utilizing the latest products and procedures so 

vintners can be informed on the latest solutions .


Laffort USA, General Manager Shaun Richardson  is committed to  establishing strong

partnerships with wineries and building relati onships that will help  the wine industy 

improve their  end product. Shaun shares, “Since the seminar went live on November 

23, 2015 we have had a large interest from key stakeholders within the industry.” If 

interested in attending, register at


Founded in Bordeaux in 1895, Laffort is a fourth-generation family-owned business with a 

history of innovation in enology dating back to the seminal works of Louis Pasteur. Laffort is 

proud to dedicate a significant budget to research and development both in company 

laboratories and in collaboration with universities worldwide. Laffort holds multiple patents as 

well as holding HACCP and ISO certifications. Laffort USA is the first winemaking product 

supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.


Media Contact: Pamela Saling | Marketing 707.967.8290

Laffort (ARC) Applied Research Cooperative 2016 Unified Seminar - Register Today!
04 December, 2015

New Supplier Locations of Laffort Winemaking Products Near You!
28 August, 2015

We now have sulppliers in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Petaluma and St. Helena! Get all your winemaking materials at these locations.

Now is the time to grab your winemaking products!
13 August, 2015

Product continues to arrive at the downtown St. Helena store for all your winemaking needs. Call Pamela to schedule your harvest Laffort product pick up at 707.967.8290

August 2015 Laffort Winemaker Webinar Series
28 July, 2015

We would like to welcome you to the 2015 Laffort Harvest Webinar Series!


July 2015 Laffort Winemaker Webinar Series
20 July, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: LAFFORT USA names Pamela Saling as Marketing and St. Helena Store Coordinator
07 July, 2015


Saint Helena, CA., July 8, 2015 Pamela Saling is Sonoma County native who has always had interest in creative branding. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with minor in Business at Sonoma State University.

Pamela began her career in the wine industry 15 years ago and worked for Seagram's within their marketing department housed at Mumm Cuvee Napa in Rutherford. At Seagram’s, she had the exciting opportunity to be a part of branding initiatives and goals for many different global wine and champagne brands. Pamela has since held increasingly responsible roles within marketing departments at several mid-sized to large corporations. Pamela has been involved in B2B marketing and business development with Napa and Sonoma County cork suppliers.

Pamela Saling can be reached by email at and by phone at (707) 967- 8290.

About Laffort USA:

Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history of research and discovery in enology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets among private companies to Research and Development. As a result of these efforts, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.

Contact: Pamela Saling
Phone: (707) 967-8290


Laffort 2015 Free July Harvest Shipping!
25 June, 2015


Dear Customers,

Laffort USA is pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders of $500* or more
placed and delivered by July 31st!

If you have not yet received our new 2015 Vintage catalog, please visit our website
to download a copy or give us a call!

*applies to full retail price orders only

1460 Cader Lane, Suite C, Petaluma, CA 94954
Office: 707.775.4530
1309 Main Street, Suite C, Saint Helena, CA 94574
Store: 707.967.8290


Bottling soon?
01 June, 2015

Have you tried AUTOLEES yet?



Implementation is easy!

• AUTOLEES® is a rapidly dissolving powdered product.
• Solubilize AUTOLEES® in 5 to 10 times its weight in water or wine and homogenize before adding to the tank.
• Recommended dosage: 50 to 300ppm.
• Add up to 48 hours prior to bottling!

Laffort USA has 2 new retail outlets in Sonoma county!
02 February, 2015

Laffort USA now has its innovative enological products more easily accessible by the Sonoma County winemaking community. Carlsen & Associates in Healdsburg and TCW Equipment in Santa Rosa are widely known and respected suppliers to the wine industry.

The Compleat Winemaker (now TCW) began selling winemaking equipment in 1966 in St Helena, and have recently moved to new and expanded premises in Santa Rosa. Carlsen & Associates began building and distributing specialist winemaking equipment in 1987 in Healdsburg. Both companies come with renowned reputations of offering outstanding products and services, and Laffort are very proud to be associated with each.

Laffort celebrates 120 years in 2015 as a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895. The history of Laffort in research and discovery in enology dates back to Pasteur’s seminal works. The Laffort group is proud to dedicate one of the largest budgets among private enological companies to Research and Development in the wine industry. As a result of these efforts, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry. Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking product supplier in the U.S. to achieve Green Business Certification.

Sit down and join our webinars!
05 December, 2014

Peter Salamone, Laffort USA Technical Manager will be hosting 2 webinars this week on Celstab.

Want to learn more about a quick and inexpensive product for cold stability? Join us on Dec 9th at 2pm or Dec 10th at 10am.Click on the link to register:

If you have any questions or issues to sign up, please contact Tiffany at







Your reds are lacking structure?
17 November, 2014

Call our office (707) 775-4530 to have a sample shipped to you, or call (707) 967-8290 to pick up a sample at the St Helena store.

Samples will also be available at the NCWIE on Dec. 4th - BOOTH #436!


Come see us at Rootstock!
07 November, 2014

Laffort USAwill be at ROOTSTOCK, the revolutionary conference designed for top quality grapegrowers, vineyard and winery owners, and winemakers worldwide at BOOTH #120.






Manage your stuck fermentations
29 October, 2014

There are so many factors involved in keeping fermentations happy, so it is no surprise that stuck ferments can require considerable detective work to figure out what actually went wrong. While identifying the cause can help in developing a remediation strategy, it is not always essential for taking the next steps to restarting the fermentation.

There are steps we can take to minimize spoilage risks and maximize wine quality, aided by some understanding of cause and effect. LAFFORT has developed specific tools to help winemakers in this regard which include a protocol for restarting stuck fermentations that has proven to be particularly effective. In general, follow the basic steps of; 1) detoxify your medium with BIACTIV, 2) rehydrate ACTIFLORE BO213 with SUPERSTART ROUGE, and 3) slowly acclimate the yeast culture to the stuck wine.

BIACTIV: a blend of yeast hulls for detoxification, cellulose for support in keeping yeast in suspension, and non-nitrogenous yeast nutrition to boost the yeast.

SUPERSTART ROUGE: a yeast derived re-hydration nutrient rich in ergosterol, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. SUPERSTART ROUGE will protect your yeast and make them more resistant to the challenging conditions of a stuck ferment.

ACTIFLORE BO213: ex-Bayanus, Saccharomyces yeast strain specifically recommended for restarting stuck ferments. Fructophilic, tolerant to 18% alcohol, low VA production and short lag phase.

It appears we are having an unusual outbreak of Lactobacillus kunkeei this harvest. With the kunkeei infected stuck ferments, the recommendation is to add 20-30ppm SO2 and 250ppm Lysozyme and then proceed to the restart protocol.

Call us if you have any questions! 


Main Office: 1460 Cader Lane, Suite C – Petaluma, CA 94954 – Phone: (707) 775-4530

St Helena Store: 1309 Main Street, Suite C – St Helena, CA 94574 – Phone: (707) 967-8290

Let's talk MLB - Choosing the right type of Inoculation!
24 October, 2014

Fermentation management typically involves the addition of yeast, then the addition of bacteria for malolactic fermentation following the completion of alcoholoic fermentation. Whether you choose an early co-inoculation, a late co-inoculation or a sequential inoculation it is important to choose the right type of ML strain.


Rehydrating your yeast has never been so easy!
29 September, 2014

Click on the image to view the step by step video on our Yeast rehydration protocol and avoid fermentation issues!

Yeast rehydration is a critical step!
18 August, 2014

SUPERSTART products are yeast rehydration nutrients to be used at the active dry yeast rehydration step to ensure healthy fermentation completion and aromatic performance.



Thanks to its high ergosterol content, SUPERSTART Rouge improves yeast cell longevity under stressful conditions and increases their tolerance to high temperatures and alcohol.


Thanks to its specific formulation, particularly rich in certain vitamins and mineral salts, SUPERSTART Blancoptimizes the production and aromatic revelation of yeasts, producing more aromatic wines while also guaranteeing stronger fermentation completion.



Meet Cyril Derreumaux, North America Business Development Manager for Esencia & Nobile Brands
18 July, 2014

To introduce and develop two new product lines in North America,Laffort has appointed Cyril Derreumaux as a Business Development Managerfor Nobile, premium oak alternatives, and Esencia, natural flavouring componentsfor aromatic wines and spirits.

Cyril Derreumaux comes to Laffort with successful experience in international businesses from Argentina, France, and the U.S. Derreumaux holds a Master’s Degree in International Business from ESCP Europe, and was most recently General Manager with Vivelys USA, a winemaking consulting company. Cyril will be based in Petaluma, where Laffort USA is already established.

 Cyril Derreumaux can be reached by email or by phone at (707) 318 6135.

Get your wines bottle ready with Laffort's QUERTANIN
14 July, 2014

QUERTANIN finishing tannins are stave wood-quality ellagic tannins, extracted from oak heartwood, using LAFFORT's instant dissolving form. For post-fermentation use in red, rose and white wines.

What you'll find in the 2014 Vintage catalog
01 July, 2014

The 2014 Vintage Laffort catalog is in your mailbox!

The format this year is a little different with two separate sectionsfor fermentation and ageingproducts,and some new products ...

VEGECOLL, vegetable protein from potato for clarification of juice and wine;

ZYMAFLORE CH9, a yeast for complex and smooth Chardonnays;

QUERTANIN CHOC' & INTENSE NF, preparations of stavewood quality ellagic tannins, extracted from oak, instant dissolving process (IDP) for the ageing of white wine, roses and reds.

If you have not yet received your copy, give us a call or download here.


Main office in Petaluma: (707) 775-4530

St Helena store: (707) 967-8290



Rendez-Vous with Laffort Technical Seminar Series: Shifting Paradigms in Enology
29 May, 2014


Shifting Paradigms in Enology

 Date: Friday, May 30th

 Time: Registration at 9:00 am, presentations start at 9:30 am; lunch provided

 Place: The Center for Enology and Viticulture, Walla Walla Community College

 3020 E Isaacs Ave, Walla Walla, WA



Yeast Nutrient Management

Enzyme-Tannin Synergies

Modern Juice Fining

X-Strain Isolation-Yeast Selection for Optimal Outcomes

What, Why and How?

Next Generation Barrel Renewal 



Dr. Peter Salamone, Technical Director, Laffort USA

Darren Michaels, Winemaking and Enological Consultant, Laffort USA

Trent Thomas, Managing Partner, reWine Barrels llc

Last chance to join our RENDEZ-VOUS in Paso Robles, St Helena & Santa Rosa!
24 April, 2014

Dear Customers,

If you want to hear all about yeast nutrition and new innovative products by Laffort, please join our technical seminars happening in Paso Robles on April 29th, in St Helena on April 30th and in Santa Rosa on May 1st.

For more information on Paso Robles Rendez-vous, please contact Adam Lazarre:

For more information on St Helena Rendez-vous, please contact Jillian Johnson:

For more information on Santa Rosa Rendez-vous, please contact Lindsey Otis:

We hope to see you there!

2014 Rendez-vous with Laffort - Please join us!
14 April, 2014


A technical seminar featuring presentations on yeast nutrition and innovative new products from LAFFORT!

April 29th at Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles- contact & RSVP: Adam Lazarre;

April 30th at the Cameo Cinema Theater in St Helena- contact & RSVP: Jillian Johnson;

May 1st at the Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa- contact & RSVP: Lindsey Otis;


Lower your cost of Cold Stability ..
28 March, 2014

CELSTAB® is a highly purified vegetal-origin cellulose polymer intended for wine stabilization. Its liquid formula makes it easy to incorporpate into wine. Its action results in an inhibition of microcrystal nucleation and growth phases (via disorganization of the surface of the salts that are required for crystal formation).

2014 Rendez-Vous with Laffort - SAVE THE DATE!
14 March, 2014

Join us for the 2014 Rendez-vous with Laffort!

For any questions, please contact Tiffany at


Potato - the new frontier for allergen free fining?
03 February, 2014

For those of you who stopped by our booth at Unified (Thank You!), you most likely heard about our new allergen free fining productVEGECOLL.

VEGECOLL is a product developed from a potato proteinthat was selected for its clarification and high reactivitywith other proteins in wine.


Contact us today for more info and samples!

Petaluma - 707.775.4530

St Helena - 707.967.8290


Find out what the Laffort TWIZZ is all about - UNIFIED BOOTH #342!
17 January, 2014

LAFFORT USA will be downstairs this year - BOOTH #342 so come visit us and share coffee & pastries both mornings.

New staff, new products, new videos ... and don't miss our raffles for a chance to win a TWIZZ ! 


Want Champagne? LIKE US!
09 December, 2013

Only a few days left to play our Holiday Game and have a chance of winning a bottle of Champagne just in time for the Holildays!
It's easy .. Like our page on Facebookand answer the following question:

In what year was our Zymaflore VL3 yeast first launched

on the European market?



26 November, 2013

ML Bacteria need nutrients to develop and sustain themselves. They mostly nned amino acids and vitamins, found in the wine (coming from the grape, yeasts and added nutrition).


The first thing to do would be to confirm how much bacteria actually are in the wine. Microscope observation can provide information on potential spoilage micro-organism that would explain the slow growth of bacteria.


Bacteria may also just lack nutrition.


Recent works highlighted the specific needs of bacteria in terms of nutrition: 5 amino acids (AA), 2 vitamins and 2 mineral co-factors play a particularly important role in the malo-lactic conversion metabolism.

The LAFFORT ML nutrient MALOSTARThas been recently revisitedto have a higher concentration in these vitamins and AA, while minimizing the concentration in AA precursors of biogenic amines.

To read our complete newsletter, please click here.

08 November, 2013

The practice of aging wines after fermentation on either the gross or fine lees is very common. Yeast cells will release amino acids, positively impacting mouthfeel and used as nutrients by ML bacteria. Specific enzymes will speed up and amplify these benefits, as well as help in microbial clarification and filterability.


Scientists reported the release of various compounds such as amino acids, nucleotides, polysaccharides, mannoproteins and low molecular weight peptides into the wine. Of particular interest are the peptides released, as they have a profound effect on the perception of 'sweetness' of the wine, as well as a masking effect on wine astringency. A PROCESS THAT WOULD NORMALLY TAKE MONTHS CAN BE REDUCED TO WEEKS. The use of glucanase enzymes such as LAFFORT EXTRALYSEallows for earlier processing of more stable wines resulting from the action of released mannoproteins, which increase tartrate and protein stability.


EXTRALYSEwill also help with Malo-Lactic fermentation start by speeding up the release process from the yeast membrane of nutrients beneficial to ML bacteria.


Botrytis and Saccharomyces produce a long chain of beta-glucan, negatively impacting the wine's filterability. We now know that beta-glucanases combined with pectinases offer better results to improve filterability than a beta-glucanase only. EXTRALYSE,by hydrolyzing the glucan molecules, also helps fraction the colloidal net and therefore Brettanomyces or spoilage organisms' sedimentation in lees. The first wine racking is more efficient and contamination risk is greatly reduced.

Are you thinking ML yet?
28 October, 2013

LAFFORT offers a full range of ML Bacteria for all types of wines:

LACTOENOS 450 PREAC is an Oenococcus oeni high performance strain. It has strong implantation capacities in wines, helps limit microbiological contamination and very resistant to high alcohol. It is also a very suitable strain for co-inoculation in red wines.

LACTOENOS B28 PREAC is an Oenococcus oeni strain which is particularly active in difficult conditions.

LACTOENOS SB3 INSTANT is an Oenococcus oeni direct inoculation strain. It has a low VA production and is compatible with a large number of commercial yeast strains. It comes in a very useful barrel dose size.

Get more info today by calling the Petaluma Office at (707) 775-4530 or the St Helena store at (707) 967-8290.

Tips to avoid stuck ferments!
14 October, 2013

We're seeing some slow ferments out there so here are some tips to keep those fermentation going smoothly!

- Make sure you rehydrate your yeast with DYNASTART,a yeast preparation for use in re-hydration water to enhance wine quality and assure a   strong fermentation finish. The essential elements provided by DYNASTARTwill guarantee membrane fluidity and its good resistance to     alcohol.

- Feed your yeast well throughout fermentation with NUTRISTART / NUTRISTART ORG.

  • NUTRISTARTis an all-round yeast activator combining growth and survival factors and promoting yeast multiplication. Contains DAP and can be used on all varietals at 300ppm.
  • NUTRISTART ORG is a 100% organic nutrient, naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that promotes cellular multiplication. Can be used on all varietals at 300ppm.

- As soon as your fermentation starts slowing down, using BIOACTIV will help detoxify the must, provide survival factors and enable    fermentation to complete. BIOACTIV does not provide assimilable nitrogen, recommended dosage is 200-400ppm.

For any questions on yeast rehydration protocol or yeast restart protocol, please visit our website at or contact your technical rep.

Laffort Petaluma - (707) 775-4530

Laffort St Helena - (707) 967-8290

19 August, 2013

The most well known wine enzymes are the pectinases, a diverse mixture of enzyme activities which act in concern for specific effects.

  • SPECIALIZED RED WINE ENZYMES: LAFASE HE GRAND CRU for long, traditional macerations and LAFASE FRUIT for short macerations and cold soak.
  • SPECIALIZED WHITE WINE ENZYMES: LAFAZYM EXTRACT for skin contact, LAFAZYM PRESS for direct pressing and LAFAZYM CL for clarification and settling.
  • SPECIALTY ENZYME WINE APPLICATIONS: EXTRALYSE for lees ageing & clarification and LAFAZYM AROM for aroma enhancement.

Call us for more details!

 St Helena - 707.967.8290 / Petaluma - 707.775.4530 

Making organic wine?
05 August, 2013

ZYMAFLORE 011 BIO, a Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected for its remarkable fermentation capacities, its resistance to alcohol, its respect for grape variety specificity and its low production of medium chain fatty acids.

DYNASTART, a specific preparation of yeast origin, naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and sterols. During the re-hydration process, the yeasts will absorb these essential elements to ensure a healthy and strong membrane, proven to have effect even through the last generation of cell budding.

NUTRISTART ORG, a 100% organic nutrient naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that promotes cellular multiplication. Reproduces the nutritional distribution naturally present in the must and guarantees improved nutritional balance of the yeast.

BIOAROM, a yeast bio-product with high protective power for aroma preservation in white and rose wines. BIOAROM allows the yeast to assimilate the glutathione precursors during AF and allows the acquired aromatic potential of the wines to gain a higher protection from oxidation.

BIOLEES (patent n 452803), a specific preparation of yeast cell walls with a high sapid peptide content for eliminating specific polyphenols responsible for bitterness and astringency. BIOLEES helps enhance fining capacities, reduce aggressive characters and elevates midpalate sensations.

MANNOSTAB, a revolutionnary OMRI and USDA-NOP recognized solution for stabilizing potassium bi-tartrate in red, rose and white wines. MANNOSTAB is a preparation of highly purified yeast extracted mannoproteins that perfectly preserves the quality of the wine.


For more information, please contact our main office & warehouse in Petaluma at (707) 775-4530 or our St Helena store at (707) 967-8290.

SB yeast, ML bacteria, liquid enzyme - LAFFORT is getting ready for harvest!
08 July, 2013

ZYMAFLORE DELTA, a Saccharomyces yeast strain enhancing varietal aroma expression such as grapefruit, passion fruit, mango and litchi notes. Recommended for white wines showing complexity and elegance: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Chenin Blanc, Riesling …

LACTOENOS B28 PREAC, a pre-acclimatized Oenococcus oeni strain which is particularly adapted to white and red wines that accumulate conditions that are stressful for bacteria (low malic acid concentrations, high tartaric acid contents).

LAFAZYM 600XL, a liquid enzyme preparation for a quick and efficient clarification of musts and wines for a large spectrum of pH (2.9-4). Especially adapted to help settle musts from very difficult grape varietals and allows clarification of musts after thermotreatment.

TANFRESH, a preparation of proanthocyanidic and oak ellagic tannins that dissolves instantly, recommended for rose and white wines. It will refresh the wine aromas, protect it from oxidation and act on the structure and volume in mouthfeel.

If you have not yet received your 2013 Vintage Catalog, please give us a call to request your copy!

Main Office & Warehouse: (707) 775-4530

St Helena store: (707) 967-8290

What happens inside a barrel? - THE VIDEO IS FINALLY HERE!!
03 June, 2013

Are you interested in seeing what it looks like inside a barrel after adding a LAFFORT OENOSTERYL SO2 tablet?

Check out the video:


Laffort USA

1460 Cader Lane, Suite C

Petaluma, CA 94954

(707) 775-4530 / (707) 775-4537


What happens inside a barrel?
24 May, 2013

LAFFORT USA will soon release a video showing how the OENOSTERYL SO2 tablets dissolve in a barrel - stay tuned, it's very interesting to watch!

In the meantime, here are a few photos we took while shooting the video:

                   Day 1                                                Day 3                                                   Day 7                                               Ready for filming!

For any questions on our OENOSTERYL SO2 tabs, please contact us!

Petaluma / Shannon Dunlap: (707) 775-4530

St Helena / Tiffany Eicholz - (707) 967-8290

Meet Laffort's spice rack!
10 May, 2013

Are you about to bottle and missing that final touch?

Meet our Quertanin Range, stave wood-quality ellagic tannins, extracted from oak heartwood, using LAFFORT's instant dissolving form (IDP).

Quertanin, Quertanin Sweet and Quertanin Intense are various preparation of oak extract from stave wood quality French oak and Querplusis an oak extract from stave wood quality American oak.

Call for a sample and for local Napa Valley winemakers, feel free to stop by the store in St Helena with your wine for an immediate bench trial!


The end of a busy month and on to new projects!
26 April, 2013

April was very busy for the whole Laffort team with the 'Rendez-vous' accross California for the last two weeks.
Thank you to all of you who attended and made our five locations a success. We'll have all the technical presentations available on our website soon and check out the photos on our facebook page!

We still have a few months before the craziness of harvest starts and many projects ahead of us: Stay tuned!

Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions or would like product samples! - 707.775.4530


15 April, 2013

If you want to hear about the most advanced oenological products from Laffort,

If you want to participate in interactive wine tastings,

and if you want to attend talks from recognized Academic & Industry Experts?

Then, the 2013 RENDEZ-VOUS WITH LAFFORT is what you are looking for and it's coming your way!

  • April 16th at the Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles
  • April 17th at the University Square Hotel in Fresno
  • April 18th at the Cellar Door in Lodi
  • April 23rd at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville
  • April 25th at the Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg

All events will be from 8.30 to noon and include breakfast and lunch and a special wine drawing!

Contact Tiffany for more information and to RSVP: ; 707.967.8290





01 April, 2013

Want to hear about the most advanced oenological products from Laffort?

Want to participate in interactive wine tastings?

Want to attend talks from recognized Academic & Industry Experts?


Then, the 2013 RENDEZ-VOUS WITH LAFFORT is what you are looking for and it's coming your way!

  • April 16th at the Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles
  • April 17th at the University Square Hotel in Fresno
  • April 18th at the Cellar Door in Lodi
  • April 23rd at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville
  • April 25th at the Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg

All events will be from 8.30 to noon and include breakfast and lunch and a special wine drawing!

Contact Tiffany for more information and to RSVP: ; 707.967.8290





Refresh your white wines just before bottling!
15 March, 2013


Laffort USA names Adam LaZarre as new Technical Representative for Central Coast wineries
21 February, 2013

2013 sounds very promising for Laffort USA with the welcoming of Adam LaZarre as the technical representative for the Central Coast area. As Laffort is growing, the need for more local resources has led to adding a 4th representative in California.

Adam has been in the wine industry nearly 20 years producing wines for California, as well as in Spain and Chile. After graduating from Fresno State’s Enology program, Adam fell in love and relocated to the Central Coast where he produced wines for several big brands including Elliston Vineyards and Constellation Wine Company. Adam was also part of the team who made Cycles Gladiator and Rex Goliath successful stories.

Adam is thrilled to be part of the Laffort USA team and is eager to become the technical resource for all Central Coast winemakers. Please feel free to contact him by email at or byphone at (805) 234-8446.

How to make a SAFE, QUICK and EFFICIENT SO2 addition to your wine?
06 February, 2013

OENOSTERYL SO2 tablets are very popular because they are precise, odourless and dissolve within a few minutes with a homogenous repartition of the SO2 in the wine.

There is no need to stir the barrel after adding the tablets, therefore avoiding oxidation.


A 2g tablet adds 8ppm of total SO2.

A 5g tablet adds 22ppm of total SO2.





Laffort USA

1460 Cader Lane, Suite C - Petaluma, CA 94954 - (707) 775-4530

1309 Main Street, Suite C - Saint Helena, CA 94574 - (707) 967-8290









Efficient and predictabe tartrate stabilization, while saving time & energy AND preserving the quality of your wines!
27 November, 2012

What more do you want?

As the worldwide leader in next-generation tartrate stability product development, LAFFORT offers a full portfolio of non-subtractive tartrate stability products which are under TTB continual use approval:


CELSTAB® CMC, a pure carboxymethyl-cellulose product for white and rose wine stabilization



MANNOSTAB®, a pure MP40 yeast mannoprotein which is OMRI listed Organic, for red, white and rose' wine stabilization 




Not all CMC products for tartrate stability are the same when it comes to efficacy, organoleptic neutrality, purity and process application considerations including viscosity and filterability. With CELSTAB® the energy cost savings can be as high as 80% compared to chill stabilization, which does not include extra water, labor and logistical time savings. Your cellar crew will be grateful to you, not to have to remove tartrate from your tanks anymore!  The non-subtractive, non-chilling methods also contribute to the overall respect of the wine, preserving the freshness, aroma and flavors of the wine.

Call us for more information!

Petaluma - (707) 775-4530 / St Helena (707) 967-8290


Fining with BIOLEES - overview of what, why, when and how!
14 November, 2012

What is BIOLEES? A specific preparation of yeast hulls with a high sapid peptide content for eliminating specific polyphenols responsible for bitterness and astringency. BIOLEES is OMRI listed for use in organic wines.

Why use BIOLEES? It will ...

  • Reduce aggressive characters & elevate midpalate weight
  • Mimic egg white fining
  • Lees replacement therapy when original lees are not good enough quality
  • Absorbe subtle off flavors 

When to use BIOLEES? During tank or barrel fermentations. BIOLEES needs 4-6 weeks to settle properly before racking.

How to use BIOLEES? Very easy: rehydrate it in 5 to 10 times its volume in water. After incorporation, a pump over in tank or a “batonnage” in barrel is required for good homogenization.

Samples available upon request.

Petaluma - (707) 775-4530

St Helena - (707) 967-8290

How to handle a stuck fermentation?
31 October, 2012

There are several causes to stuck fermentations but whether it is nutrient deficiency, excessive must/juice sugar or toxins, Laffort has developed specific tools and a restart protocol that has proved to be particularly effective.


  • BIOACTIV is a product developed by Laffort to fulfill three roles in restarting stuck fermentations: detoxification and yeast nutrition from
    the yeast hulls and yeast physical supportprovided in the form of cellulose which keeps the restart culture suspended and improves fermentation kinetics. In many cases, adding BIAOCTIV as soon as the fermentation slows down has proven to be sufficient to complete fermentation.


Please give us a call if you have any questions about our restart protocol!


Petaluma office: (707) 775-4530

St Helena office: (707) 967-8290


Low nitrogen!
17 October, 2012


Careful management of the yeasts nutritional requirements during alcoholic fermentation is essential to ensure a healthy and complete fermentation, and a successful malo-lactic fermentation. Nitrogen, minerals, trace elements and vitamins are all essential compounds that contribute to the yeast viability.

The available nitrogen mainly consists of organic nitrogen(amino acids) and mineral nitrogen(ammonium salts). The quantity and quality of these crucial compounds play an essential role on yeast metabolism and fermentation kinetics.



  • Combining growth and survival factors and promoting yeast multiplication, NUTRISTART® is an all-around activator composed of ammonium salts, thiamine and inert yeast.

=> 100ppm of NUTRISTART®provides about 12 ppm assimilable nitrogen


  •  Naturally rich in organic nitrogen and vitamins, NUTRISTART® ORGANIQ will ensure regular and complete alcoholic fermentation in situations of moderate nitrogen deficiencies. It is important to feed the yeasts with not only DAP or mineral nitrogen (fast assimilation, like sugar for humans) but also with organic nitrogen, which provides a more balanced and healthy nutrition (slower assimilation, like carbohydrates).

=> 300 ppm of NUTRISTART® ORGANIQprovidesabout 16 ppm assimilable nitrogen


  • Combining ammonium salts and thiamine, THIAZOTE® PH ensures yeast viability and a decrease in acid content.

=> 100 ppm of THIAZOTE® PH provides about 21 ppm assimilable nitrogen


Although it doesn’t provide assimilable nitrogen, a yeast enhancer such as DYNASTART®will improve the general metabolism of the yeast and decrease the production of undesired sulfur compounds. Recent research shows that DYNASTART® significantly improves the nitrogen uptake metabolism, helping the yeast to better assimilate available nutrition and lower its stress level, leading to less VA and H2S production.

Several technical articles & booklets on nutrient requirements are available on our website: or call us to get more information.

Petaluma – 707.775.4530                       St Helena – 707.967.8290

Yeast / Bacteria Co-Inoculation: an alternative to the classic fermentation management
03 October, 2012


  • What is co-inoculation?

It consists of inoculating bacteria into the must during alcoholic fermentation, either at the start (‘early’ co-inoculation), or at the end of AF if the fermentation curve is clear-cut (‘late’ co-inoculation). First timer particularly like the late co-inoculation, combining the benefits (time and quality) with less risk of challenged AF.


  • Why co-inoculate?

Besides the practical motivations that are the time saving, safety requirements in atypical situations and using the heat from fermentation, co-inoculation aims to promote malolactic bacterial implementation and dominate the microbic ecosystem throughout the vinification period.

Co-inoculation ensures bacterial implantation and adaptation to the difficult wine conditions (alcohol, pH, etc.); bacteria along with the yeasts dominate the ecosystem and therefore prevent any spoilage micro-organisms to develop (Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, etc.). Besides fermentation safety, the other main goals are time saving (the wine is still warm, bacteria already acclimatized, MLF will start early) and quality improvement (no oxidation during the lag phase between fermentations, fruity aromas are preserved), both leading to cost savings.


  • Key points for a successful MLF in co-inoculation

 It is essential to correctly manage your alcoholic fermentation. Any decline in yeast activity before completion of the primary fermentation can lead to serious alteration of the wine.

It is advised to select your yeast strain accordingly to the conditions and to provide it with all necessary elements to ensure its growth and survival (complex nutrition). Temperature is also extremely important for bacteria, more heat-sensitive than yeast, as well as oxygen management.

Regular analytical testing is recommended throughout the co-inoculation process!


Ask us about our best results using Zymaflore FX10 yeast with Lactoenos 450 PreAc in reds






19 September, 2012


With larger volumes this year, the goal for this 2012 vintage will be to optimize the free-run juice quality and wine yields to rebuild quality wine inventory after two short vintages. The enzymes, by accelerating the hydrolysis of some grape compounds and especially colloids clogging during pressing on some varietals, will help shorten the pressing cycles and/or decrease the pressure level on the grapes.


In Reds, LAFASE® HE GRAND CRU allows an optimal extraction of phenolic compounds and increases the yields of wine and total volume of production. It also avoids having untouched berries in the press and therefore helps lower the residual sugar amount in press wine fractions. It helps build mouthfeel by extracting specific polysaccharides.

Call us today for more details!


Petaluma: (707) 775-4530

St Helena: (707) 967-8290




Harvest is on ... Make sure you optimize your SB pressing operations!
05 September, 2012

I love Harvest 2012


If you are looking for a way to improve your pressing operations of SB, LAFAZYM® PRESS is your solution!


Enzyme Range


LAFAZYM® PRESS has shown

  • To optimizepressingby increasing free-run juice and total yields & by decreasing the length of time and the number of pressing cycles.
  • To conservearomatic freshness and to enable a higher quantity of aromatic compounds to be extracted.
  • To limitthe extraction of phenolic compounds.

LAFAZYM PRESS® is to be used as early as possible before pressing, directly on the grapes after crushing or during press filling.

LAFAZYM® PRESS decreases must turbidity and thus improves all subsequent operations (clarification, fermentation management, fining, filtration).

LAFAZYM PRESS is available in 100g & 500g tins.

The product & technical data sheets are available for download on our website:


Logo Laffort USA

Petaluma: (707) 775-4530

St Helena: (707) 967-8290

Lactoenos PreAc®, Instant or Standard … which bacteria for which wine?
22 August, 2012

The PreAc concept was developed exclusively by LAFFORT. Innovative and effective, it enables enhancement of the strain’s activity by reinforcing its resistance capacity during the production phase. The bacterial preparation is acclimatized firstly during industrial production, then secondly in the cellar where it undergoes a final rapid acclimatization phase (12h), in the presence of required nutrients (free with the purchase of the bacteria dose). Combining easy protocol and robustness of the strains, the PreAc offers efficiency and reliability at an affordable price.

The Instant bacteria are the easy way to go: combining ease of use (simple rehydration in water) and strain efficiency. Also available in barrel dose, the Instant is very convenient.

  • LACTOENOS 350 PREAC®: Pre-acclimatized Oenococcus oeni strain selected for its resistance to low pH. Its genetic qualities render it capable of initiating malolactic fermentation in acidic wines, especially white wines, despite the presence of other restrictive parameters (alcohol, temperature …).
  • LACTOENOS 450 PREAC®: Pre-acclimatized Oenococcus oeni strain specifically selected for red wines with high alcohol content. It is particularly suitable for late co-inoculation, allowing the medium to be monopolized (in relation to spoilage micro-organisms) for MLF initiation at the end of fermentation.


  • LACTOENOS SB3® INSTANT: The Oenococcus oeni direct inoculation strain. This bacteria is reactivated in non-chlorinated water at 20°C/68F in 15 minutes before transfer to the tank. With regards to good AF management and correct yeast nutrition, Lactoenos SB3 can be inoculated at the start of AF (early co-inoculation) and ensures rapid MLF after AF.
  • LACTOENOS®B16 STANDARD:Oenococcus oenistrain using standard starter preparation, adapted to the most difficult conditions (even stuck MLF). Not acclimatized during production, the bacterial adaptation to the wine conditions requires a precise protocol.

Contact us today to request more information or to place your order!

Petaluma office:(707) 775-4530

St Helena store: (707) 967-8290


LAFFORT USA opens a retail space in St Helena, CA
07 August, 2012

The team at Laffort USA is excited to announce the opening of a retail space in downtown St Helena starting August 13th2012 at 8.30am. We will be located at 1309 Main Street, Suite C (just across from Hotel St Helena).


Our full range of products will be available, and we’ll be happy to assist you with technical information and support.

Please stop by and see us!


Office Hours:                                                            Harvest Hours (Sept 15th to Oct 26th*):

Monday – Friday:  8.30am to 5.30pm                        Monday – Friday:  8am to 6pm         

Closed Sat & Sun                                                       Saturday: 9am to 3pm            

* Dates may be adjusted depending on weather conditions & after hour pick-ups will be possible


If you have any questions, please contact Tiffany Eicholz at (707)266-8357 or


It was pleasure to assist you over the last 2 years at Napa Valley Think Tank, I am now looking forward to working with you again!” – Tiffany Eicholz

Laffort USA names Darren Michaels as new Technical Representative for Sonoma and Mendocino counties
24 July, 2012

Darren has spent more than a decade in the wine industry, first as a wine chemist at Trinchero Family Estates then as central coast manager of Vinquiry, and finally the Director of Enology at Terravant Wine Company.  He joins Laffort with a healthy background in enology and enological consultation and is excited to return to the northern California wine industry and its great wines. He can be reached at or at (707) 260-5890.


Looking for more mouthfeel? Think outside the box!
26 June, 2012

Mouthfeel is king... You think so too? Mouthfeel is actually one of my favorite topics to discuss (after tartaric stabilization), there are so many tools available!

Of course, there are the 'classic' fermentation tanninslike VR Supra, preserving the skin tannin and thus helping for a softer wine, or aging tanninslike Tan'Cor Grand Cruor Biotan, that will help fill a gap and add length to a weaker wine. But think of enzymes, they are not only helpful for extraction, or free run wine yield increase, but an enzyme like Lafase HE Grand Cruwill start breaking down the polysaccharides and provide a richer mouthfeel (source: Laffort PhD at INRA, Montpellier, contact us for more data).

One of the tools we rarely think of for mouthfeel is yeasts: Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains have an impact producing glycerol (Zymaflore F15strain for instance) or polysaccharides (Zymaflore FX10or VL2) and now, non-Saccharomyces offer us a new realm of possibilities in aroma and mouthfeel. Laffort has been working on Torulaspora delbrueckii a lot lately, with the largest collection of strains gathered during 2 PhDs at the University of Bordeaux. Torulaspora (TD) is one of the few non-Saccharomyces species of yeasts that do not have negative side effects and have a very good compatibility with Saccharomyces (SC). It is a very different organism with half the number of chromosoms for instance. The difference is the membrane composition is such that the TD will react very differently to osmotic stress and a high Brix environment (late harvest, dessert wine, or just the last grapes picked) and will produce as little as half the VA a Saccharomyces would produce in a similar condition.

All the strains among the TD species are different, just like all Saccharomyces are, in terms of fermentation performances, aroma production, and mouthfeel. The one that Laffort selected, Zymaflore Alpha TD, shows a higher resistance to SO2 and a good fermentation kinetics. It can actually ferment through 7-9% alcohol, even higher at lower temperature (a winemaker last year actually forgot to add the SC and it almost went dry!). Alpha TD enhances varietal and fermentation aromas, but most of all, it gives a beautiful mouthfeel. It is used on all grape varieties, white or red, and with any SC strain: whether you want to use a neutral, strong fermentor (bayanus or prise de mousse type of yeast) to finish the ferment, or a designer yeast to amplify the aromatic complexity, there is a new world a possible combinations for you to play with! The timing of inoculation is also extremely important: the later the SC is added, the more effect from TD you will get (aroma and mouthfeel wise), but make sure the SC will have a successful implantation in the must.

For more information on Zymaflore Alpha TD, protocols and addition recommendations, or the related article published last summer in PWV Journal, contact us at or (707) 775-4530

What’s the secret to a strong fermentation?
13 June, 2012

Yeast Rehydration!    

A quick reminder of already known facts about DYNASTART®

  • Using DYNASTART® will optimize the aromatic potential of your wines. (more aromas)
  • Using DYNASTART® will produce more intense, cleaner wines. (less H2S and sulfides)
  • Using DYNASTART® will decrease the risk of stuck or sluggish fermentations.

A recent phD in Australia has brought great new innovative results …

Yeast gene regulation in the nitrogen uptake metabolism is modified when rehydrating with Dynastart. The gene optimizes the use of nitrogen, and needs less DAP addition to complete the fermentation. 

  • Adding DYNASTART®will provide the essential elements (sterols) of the yeast membrane.  New results have shown that Dynastart has a higher content in ergosterols, that guarantee membrane fluidity and its resistance to alcohol will help protect the yeast.

Last but not least,DYNASTART®is OMRI Listed for use in organic wines!

Call us to find out more about this recent study and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!



Botrytis is still upon us with its second effect on filterability and glucans …
16 May, 2012

DID YOU KNOW?The reduction in Brettanomyces population is even greater when the wine is previously treated with enzymes right after press. 

Try EXTRALYSE®, our purified and concentrated pectinase-based enzyme preparation.

* Important to mention that this natural product is GMO-free and contains no added preservatives.

Bandeau Extralyse

Important specifications about EXTRALYSE®:

  • Can be used on white, red or rosé juices from the alcoholic fermentation to ageing.
  • Enables the quantity of microorganisms in suspension to be reduced during maturation.
  • Improves filterability.
  • Improves the action of fining agents.

 Find out more about this product by looking at the Technical & Product Data sheets on our website:

 Or call us for a sample – 707.775.4530





Your 2011 Red wines need a little pick me up?
02 May, 2012

Last harvest most of us were unfortunately focused on Botrytis and its immediate laccase oxidative threat (actually Botrytis is still upon us with its second effect on filterability and glucans in the wines, but we may realize that in a short while…). We know the grape quality wasn’t the best in 2011, and it shows in the structure of red wines now that we are looking back and tasting during aging.

Some of them may need some help in building body, mid-palate, length… or all of the above!

NOW is the right time to look at aging tannins: they will need a few months to fully integrate into the wine, even though you can make up your mind in a bench trial after a few days.

BIOTAN® is our popular grape tannin and helps build overall structure, and TAN’COR GRAND CRU® is grape and oak based and improves mid-palate and length. Both are most refined tannins that integrate very well into the wine.

Call us for samples today!

Laffort USA – 707.775.4530

Exciting news from Laffort USA!
18 April, 2012

Exciting news from Laffort USA!

CeLstab® CMC (CarboxyMethyl-Cellulose) tartrate stability product is now approved for continual use by TTB. 

Laffort, the worldwide leader in next-generation Tartrate Stability product development, can now offer two non-subtractive tartrate stability products under TTB continual use approval, CeLstab® CMC for white and rose wine stabilization and MannOstab® OMRI™ listed Organic Mannoproteins for red and white wine stabilization. 

Laffort has conducted research on these Tartrate Stability products since 1991 and has won Global Awards for their introduction around the world including the Gold Innovation Trophy at Vinitech 2006.

For the past 20 years, Laffort has been the leader in the potassium tartrate stabilization research and holds a patent since 1994. The company has a major background of both productions and implementation of the whole range of tartrate stability products. 


Laffort offers these state of the art cutting edge products as well as the technical knowledge to assist in integrating these ground breaking labor, resource and cost saving technologies into your existing practices.

Call us to know more!

Laffort USA – 707.775.4530

Laffort USA announcing Spring Seminars
04 April, 2012

Save the Date!

Laffort USA is excited to introduce a new format for its upcoming seminars this season. More details to follow, but for now save the date for your location:

San Luis Obispo, CA – May 8th

Lodi, CA – May 10th

Napa, CA – May 22nd

Sonoma, CA – May 24th



In need of a solution to extend the life of your barrels?
21 March, 2012

Let Laffort provide you with a solution by introducing the NOBILE® Barrel Refresh range! A system of oak inserts for barrels specially designed to extend the life of oak barrels and to enhance wood notes in wine.

To accommodate your desired aromatic profile, Laffort has developed two Barrel Refresh: Sensationand Révélation.

- The NOBILE® Barrel Refresh Sensation favors roundness and vanilla notes. Use the Sensation to increase sweetness and toasty notes.

- The NOBILE® Barrel Refresh Révélation supports structure and develops aromatic complexity. Use the Révélation to mimic a traditional barrel ageing.

 Why choose the NOBILE® Barrel Refresh range?

-  One chain delivers 20% new oak

-  Easy and quick installation

-  Benefit of the slow oxidation process of the barrel

-  Conservation of the barrel room at lower cost

-  Monitor the oak contribution by tasting; Barrel Refresh can be removed at any time!

Contact us for more details! – ; 707.775.4530


Laffort USA names Michael Kafka as new Technical Representative for Central Coast and Central Valley wineries
07 March, 2012

Laffort USA is proud to announce the arrival of a new team member:
Michael Kafka will be the new technical representative for the Central Coast
and Central Valley wineries.

Michael is a second generation winemaker, began his career
in the wine business at the ripe old age of seven assisting his father in the
harvesting of grapes, and subsequent crushing, fermenting, and pressing

After graduating from Fresno State, he started working for
the Cribari Winery. His main focus was on generic wines and brandy production.
After several years there, Michael decided to take on a winemaking role at Bronco
Wine Company, in Ceres, CA. The opportunity of working very closely with the
Franzia family taught Michael every facet of the wine business from growing
grapes to selling wine on the streets.

His next experience was to see what the Napa Valley had to
offer a winemaker. He accepted a winemaking position with Beringer Vineyards in
St. Helena. There, he had the fortunate experience of working side by side with
some of the best winemakers and viticulturists in the business.

Over his 20+ year career, he has also had the fortunate
experience of working at Kendall Jackson, at Blackstone and at Robert Mondavi
Woodbridge. In the spring of 2007, he set out on a new adventure of his own:
bring to fruition a custom crush business from scratch. This task was a great
learning process for Michael as it helped him develop the skills and attributes
to be a great winemaker.

Michael will put his passion to work with winemakers in his
community and territory as a technical resource. He is eager to share his
experience and bring the Laffort experience and R&D to the local
winemakers. Please feel free to contact him by email at or by
phone at 209.404.5171.

Interested in saving time and money with SO2 additions?
08 February, 2012

LAFFORT USA is proud to offer customers easy to use and self dissolving SO2 tablets.

Thanks to the effervescence, the tablets dissolve rapidly and you don't need to stirr the barrel to ensure homogenization, hence helping you avoid oxidation.

LAFFORT Oenosteryl tablets make it easy to monitor the free and active SO2 in wine and prevent oxidation and microbial development. Keeping an active SO2 of at least 0.4 is important during aging, especially when temperatures are mild or pH are high. 

LAFFORT Oenosteryl are available in 2g & 5g tablets, both available in boxes of 48 tablets. Ask us for more details!

"The Laffort SO2 tablets are a welcomed addition to our cellar.  They provide great protection of the wine and, at the same time, they make our
regular SO2 additions easier, faster and safer for the cellar team. Simply put, they help us save time and money."
-Jessica Tarpy, Assistant Winemaker, Favia Wines

Improving red press wine quality
13 January, 2012

Wishing your press wines were a little better? Let's discuss it! Do you know that through an appropriate and early fining, the press fractions can significantly be improved in quality, to be used in the final blend. Among the different fining agents that we tested in a recent study, Polymust helps to:

- Significantly reduce the spoilage population to a level close to the free run wine level (reduction up to a thousant fold)

- Significantly improve the wine clarity (turbidity reduced by 30 to 40%)

- Significantly reduce the coloring matter instability, to almost completely stabilize the wine

- Significantly improve the tasting characteristics of the wine (astringency index decreased by up to 35%).

The fining results are optimized when using Polymust in conjunction with a beta-glucanase enzyme, Extralyse.

To know more about this study and its results, contact us (707-775-4530) or access directly to the article on our website:



LAFFORT USA is hiring!
29 November, 2011

Are you a technical Winemaker in California, and want a new challenge for your career? Created in Bordeaux in 1895, LAFFORT has played a fundamental role in the developments in œnology that followed Pasteur and his initial discoveries. LAFFORT's scientific developments have allowed the company to progress from a curative form of œnology, based essentially on pure chemistry, to a preventative form, founded on biotechnologies.

We look forward to having you in our team!

Contact Charlotte for more information!

Stay connected with us on Facebook!
27 October, 2011

True to its profession, continuing the family tradition, and thanks to its inherent innovative spirit, LAFFORT is present in over 50 countries. LAFFORT USA is now on Facebook! For updates on trials, services, publication, industry infos...

Are you prepared for Botrytis?
19 October, 2011

VR Supra and Galalcool are flying off the shelf! Are you fully stocked to face the Botrytis that we see everywhere?

Tannins are the best answer to deactivate laccase activity coming from Botrytis. Juice fining with synergestic PVPP/casein blends like Polylact or Polymust will help reducing the polyphenol content of the juice more effeciently than if it is done in the wine, with no aromatic effect!

Call us for more details on Botrytis protocol, juice fining results or green character protocol.

Another hit this year is our new Torulaspora yeast TD Alpha: reliable, easy to use with your own Saccharomyces, winemakers love the mouthfeel and the aromatics it brings! See the article in PWV last issue or ask us a copy!

Laffort USA relocates to Petaluma
15 July, 2011

SONOMA — The U.S. distributor of one of the world’s largest winemaking supply companies is expanding to Petaluma.

Laffort USA leased 6,333 square feet at 1460 Cader Lane, Suite C, in Petaluma. Sonoma-based Laffort USA will be getting a much larger office, allowing the 10-person operation to have more office space and closer proximity to a highway for salespeople to reach customers in the North Coast and Central Coast. The company started the move early this month.

“Laffort has been selling products in the U.S. for almost 13 years, and we just changed operations in the U.S. recently,” said Charlotte Gourraud, general manager. “We were going through a distributor and now have started our own distributor.”

Laffort USA is a subsidiary of Laffort SA, which started in the Bordeaux region of France in 1898. The company has a line of 140 products spanning the range of winemaking, from handling of grapes when they arrive at the winery to putting the wine in the bottle. The products include Zymaflore and Actiflore yeasts, yeast bioproducts, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, nutrients, tannin control, fining, stabilization, sparkling wine production, filtration, culture media, and, starting in May, Nobile barrel alternatives chips, staves and Barrel Refresh.

Laffort also provides analytical services through subsidiary Societe d’Application de Recherche de Conseil en Oenologie (SARCO).

Laffort USA took over distribution last year. Products also are distributed through a partnership with St. Helena-based Napa Valley Think Tank, which provides a close source of supplies for Napa Valley.

SARCO made a minority investment in Napa Valley Think Tank in April. That allowed the company, started last August, to bring a new line of wine-quality testing services to market more quickly.

SARCO has its own line of fermentation analytics products. U.S. distributors of SARCO products include Napa Fermentation Supplies.

“During harvest, winemakers may run out of yeast or enzymes if they get more grapes than anticipated,” Ms. Gourraud said.

The company also provides seminars, articles and other training throughout the year.

During the wet North Coast harvest last year, Laffort offered winemakers help from its analysts from Bordeaux, which often has wet weather during winegrape picking and winemakers often have to deal with “noble rot.”

“Unfortunately, 2010 provided an unusually long cool growing season for the West Coast, which greatly exacerbated mildew pressure,” Ms. Gourraud said. ”Later harvest dates significantly increase the risk of Botrytis development on grapes, which for some of them are already affected by recent sunburn. Many grapes may not reach full ripeness, and ‘green character’ is to be expected.”

Laffort USA has reached a stable size and likely will hire just one more in sales, she said. The company prefers to hire consulting winemakers as salespeople.

The distributor received certification in March under the Bay Area Green Business Certification Program, the first winemaking products supplier to get the accolade.

Sara Wann of Keegan & Coppin represented Laffort USA in the Petaluma lease deal, and Tony Sarno of Keegan & Coppin represented the property owner.

For more information, call 707-343-1632 or visit

Article By Jeff Quackenbush, Business Journal Staff Reporter

New Technical Manager Hired with Background in Molecular BioScience
01 June, 2011

Laffort USA names Dr. Peter Salamone, Ph.D. as Technical Manager-North America

Dr. Salamone brings a broad background in molecular bioscience including microbiology, enzymology, genetics and chemical analysis plus 8 years’ experience in the wine industry to Laffort USA.  Peter received his Ph.D. from Washington State University and the prestigious Institute for Biological Chemistry in the field of Genetics and Cell Biology while participating in the interdisciplinary NIH Protein Biotechnology Training Program. 


Sonoma, CA May 21, 2011.  Laffort USA announced that Peter Salamone, Ph.D. has been named Technical Manager-North America.  Peter will provide technical support for its clients and Sales/Marketing team as well as support product development, application trials and educative seminars.

Charlotte Gourraud is “pleased to bring Peter on board. He has an exceptional technical background and a solid experience in the wine industry. Peter is a valuable asset to the company and is a necessary resource to answer our customer’s needs in terms of technical assistance. Laffort is a leader in the winemaking products industry by its innovations and quality of products; our customers deserve the highest level of technical support and education from us”.

Peter has broad experience in the wine industry both in production settings with E&J Gallo Winery and Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines as well as industry service experience with Gusmer Enterprises and Valley Research.  Coupled with his diverse production winery exposure Peter’s depth of experience in molecular biosciences including microbiology, enzymology and genetics will provide Laffort USA clients with an outstanding technical resource as its business expands and grows in the North American market.

Laffort is a fourth generation family owned business founded in 1895 with a history of research and discovery in oenology dating back to Pasteur’s seminal works.  The Laffort group is proud to dedicate the largest budget among private companies to Research and Development.  As a result of this extensive research, Laffort holds many patents and regularly launches innovative products and processes for the wine industry.  Laffort holds HACCP and ISO certifications and Laffort USA is the first winemaking products supplier in the US to achieve Green Business Certification.


Charlotte Gourraud, General Manager

Laffort, USA

707 343-1632 PHONE

707 343-1444 FAX




LAFFORT USA is a Green Business!
24 March, 2011

LAFFORT USA is the first winemaking products supplier to be certified Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program.


"We believe a successful business is dependant upon a healthy environment. We are actively working to show our environmental responsibility to our community by committing to the following objectives: to comply with all applicable environmental regulations and strive to exceed compliance, to conserve energy, water, and other natural resources, to develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste, to be an environmentally responsible business within our community."

LAFFORT products chosen to be at the SF MOMA Wine Exhibition!
28 February, 2011

"How wine became modern" Exhibition features wineries modern architecture, eye-catching wine labels, a large picture of the Judgement of Paris, and LAFFORT products!

Thumbs up especially to the permanent wine tasting and the soil display of the most famous terroir in the world.

Through April 17th, at SF MoMA. For more information:


Need to know how to deal with Botrytis, Laccase, or a "Green Character"
06 October, 2010

Laffort USA, worldwide suppliers of enology products and experts in the field, provide several new technical booklets & industry protocols that provide winemaking education.

View our"Resources" tab for more information, and feel free to contact us for more information!





Nutritional balance for your yeasts
13 September, 2010

LAFFORT, new for 2010 harvest:

Nutritional balance for your yeasts

To complete its range of specific nutrients and to respond to market trends that tend towards more natural inputs derived from grape or wine constituents, LAFFORT has developed Nutristart® OrganiQ, a complete and complex nutrient for alcoholic fermentation in wine.

The quality and quantity of the nutritional source constitutes the essential elements for ensuring AF takes place smoothly. With its wide-ranging and specific association of growth factors (amino acids, vitamins and minerals), Nutristart® OrganiQ offers a source of 100%
organic nitrogen with the advantage of being progressively assimilated by the yeast.

Thanks to this specific composition that reproduces the natural nitrogen form found in the must, Nutristart® OrganiQ ensures the yeasts improved nutritional balance and more regular fermentation kinetics, and on top of this, produces wines with aromatic delicacy clarity.

Nutristart® OrganiQ is in the process of obtaining OMRI certification (Organic Materials Review Institute USA).

Tel: (707) 343-1632 or

New for 2010 harvest
11 August, 2010

LAFFORT, new for 2010 harvest:

Zymaflore AlphaTD n.sacch, potential for Biodiversity

For your next harvests, LAFFORT offers Zymaflore AlphaTD n.sacch, a non-Saccharomyces yeast from the Torulaspora delbrueckii species: genuine expression of yeast biodiversity.

Torulaspora delbrueckii, a species initially present in natural bloom flora, is a non-Saccharomyces yeast with no organoleptic defects, helping, in association with a S. cerevisiae,to restore yeast complexity during pre-fermentation and fermentation phases, producing richer wines from a sensorial perspective and ensuring fermentation safety.

However, a large number of different strains of this species exist. Our research work has led us to select AlphaTD n.sacch, a strain with particularly interesting fermentation andorganoleptic qualities: very low volatile acidity production, pronounced aromatic diversity and intensity and a clear impact on volume and length on the palate.

Zymaflore AlphaTD n.sacch is consequently a key element for elaborating white, red or rosé wine with a high level of organoleptic complexity (aromatic and texture on the palate).

Title Name Email Phone
General Manager Shaun Richardson (707) 364-8944
Technical Manager Peter Salamone (707) 934-5771
Technical Sales Rep Jillian Johnson (650) 575-8288
Office Shannon Dunlap (707) 775-4530
Technical Sales Rep Lindsey Otis (707) 260-5890
Technical Sales Rep Darren Michaels (509) 240-7956
Sales & Marketing Pamela Saling (707) 967-8290
Technical Sales Rep Matt Brain (805) 234-8446

Adobe Acrobat File

How to increase aromatics and mouthfeel in wine? How to take advantage of bio-diversity of yeasts? How about Torulaspora delbrueckii! Learn more!

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How to deal with a stuck ferment? Follow carefully these steps!

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Concerned about under-ripe grapes? Key points and protocol

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What is laccase? How to deal with it? Key points and protocols

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How to deal with Botrytis? Key points and protocols