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About Labeltronix

Since 1993, Labeltronix has been a trailblazer in the labeling industry. Today, we are Southern California's leading provider of labels for some of the country's leading brands.

Labeltronix creates unique, crafted labels. Our labeling experts translate clients' brands for a public that demands the best and most appealing labels on the products they buy.

We are responsive to the latest trends, including eco-friendly labels that are particularly well suited to products in the natural and organic products market.

21st Century Technology
Labeltronix uses state-of-the-art presses to create standout labels. Your labeling project can be completed to perfection on our digital or HD Flexo printing presses. Our finishing equipment adds special touches that will set your labels apart, and distinguish your branded identity.

Groundbreaking Facility
In 2011, Labeltronix moved into its 50,000-square-foot state-of-art printing plant in Anaheim, California. The new facility was designed entirely with customers in mind. Decisions about maintaining top quality inspired how and where state-of-the-art printing technology was placed, and how it is operated.

Award-Winning Quality
Labeltronix routinely wins top awards for the labels it creates for clients and is certified with the top international quality standard, the ISO 9001: 2008.

Unique Customer Approach
Lean Labeling® is the trademarked Labeltronix program that represents a better way to design, manufacture and manage labels. It grew from our ability to put ourselves in the place of label-buying customers, and provide solutions for them.

Our Labeltronix Mission
Our mission is to help companies make great impressions by providing high-quality, cost-effective labeling solutions, superior customer care, and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our Capabilities

Labeltronix offers comprehensive, in-house solutions from prepress to the finished label.  At our state-of-the-art facility, we do both flexographic and digital printing, and use the most cutting-edge finishing equipment. Our printing processes are subjected to top-notch quality control and inspection, as required by the ISO 9001:2008 standard, an internationally recognized protocol for quality assurance. In 2010, Labeltronix successfully completed registration to this standard.







Customer Testimonial - AW Direct
Customer Testimonial - AW Direct
It\'s all about relationship and education. Better efficiency & fiscally responsible. Labeltronix sets the bar in the label industry.
Customer Testimonial - Terravant
Customer Testimonial - Terravant
Terravant is the leading innovator in broad sourcing, quality wine crafting, award-winning design, and superior, custom winery services.
Beautiful labels for your canned wine - Wide variety of pressure-sensitive label materials
Labeltronix Implements High-End Flexo
This label earned a variety of accolades in the 2019 Packaging Impressions Excellence Awards, including second place in Best of Show, and first place in both the Labels: Flexo (Process) and Wine and Beer Labels: Flexo (Process) categories.

News Archive

03 June, 2020

The artwork for two of our customers' labels - and our interpretation of that artwork - has landed us two gold winning entries in the 2020 Excellence in Flexography Award. And the winners are:

Coastline Reserve 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Label, in the Narrow Web, Screen, Coated Paper category. The judges said: "A stand-out package and presentation. We all agreed the use of screen with metallic and black did a great job of creating the scenery. It’s built well, utilizing some simplicity, for a great overall piece."

MUJEN Ai Lite Label in the Narrow Web, Line, Uncoated Paper category. The judges said: "At a glance, the wash seemed simple. However, printing both sides and registrations of emboss was no small feat - and executed very well."

07 April, 2020

Distilleries across the U.S. are switching from making spirits to producing hand sanitizer to keep up with the demand for this essential product.

To give back during the COVID-19 crisis, Labeltronix has stepped up to donate and print hand sanitizer labels for some of these distilleries.

Using an Epson on-demand printer—a solution offered by ReThink Labels, a division of Labeltronix—the company can run off hundreds of labels for the effort in a few minutes.  By setting up the Epson printer in Labeltronix’s demo room, the company has been able to continue printing labels without interrupting its main printing operations.

At the same time, Labeltronix is using its digital and flexo printing capabilities to produce thousands of labels for wine, beer, nutraceuticals, and home improvement products.

“Contributing labels to the distillers making hand sanitizer is part of our REAL Impact mission,” said John Trail, president of Labeltronix.  REAL Impact is a year-round program that is central to the company's philanthropic philosophy.

The Distilled Spirits Council is tracking spirits makers that have converted to creating hand sanitizer. This map identifies which distillers in 50 states have announced their plans to make the sanitizer. They are working together as #DistillersUnited4ACause.

We are united in our efforts to further this cause, and happy to be able to do so.   

WE ARE OPEN - Labeltronix Response to COVID-19
30 March, 2020


As many areas of California and the world implement Shelter in Place rules and decrees, the exceptions that are warranted for essential industries can be unclear to many. With the CISA Guidance on Essential-Critical Infrastructure provided March 19th, that understanding is clearer. Specifically, we consider many of our customers and ourselves within this clause:

•Workers necessary for the manufacturing of materials and products needed for medical supply chains, food, chemical manufacturing, health and pharmaceutical supply chains.

Labeltronix is considered an essential supply business in our role of printing labels for companies during these unprecedented times, so we remain open for business, ready to help.

Our Manufacturing department and staff are working diligently, following workplace guidelines for Covid-19 safety established by the federal government.

Please let your Labeltronix sales representatives know if you are continuing operations and how we can best serve you.

We are concerned for your health and safety as we all navigate this uncharted territory together. We are hoping to hear from you—even if it’s just to touch base and let us know how you’re doing.

Visit Labeltronix at WiVi and check out our Message on the Bottle - Booth 503
12 March, 2020

Labeltronix is known for our award-winning, state-of-the-art capabilities and high quality label printing. We have been providing premium labels solutions for more than 25 years. Being a partner with our clients and understanding their needs has led to revolutionizing new solutions that open the doors to new ventures.

Growing DTC sales can be challenging in the market today and wine consumer trends are changing.

We have a unique way that will help you “expand” and enhance your consumer experience with your DTC wine offerings for wine club, corporate events, tasting rooms and more.

We have a proprietary “system” called Message on the Bottle that is helping wineries in new ways. We are introducing the ability to get pre-printed “master” labels with the ability to add variable data for the ever-changing regulations and law requirements. This enables customers to get high-quality labels for standout product identification with embellishments like foil and embossing and then printing, as needed, with an on-demand color label printer.

Come see us at Booth C1302 at the Unified Wine Symposium
24 January, 2020

Experience our vintage collection, which includes traditional, classic label materials designed to convey luxury. These materials excel for wineries that want to demonstrate ageless beauty and timeless quality. With the Select line which is more contemporary, be bold with our AVA, leather, eco-friendly, or even wooden label materials. Other unique embellishments include scratch and sniff, glow in the dark, and high-build affects.

Independent judges in the label industry have selected Labeltronix flexographic printing for national and global awards.

13 December, 2019

Boosting the power of your brand can be accomplished with simple decisions you make about your labels. Consider these five ways to get more brand power out of the labels that introduce the world to your products. We recommend choosing one or two to see what a difference they can make in attracting and keeping consumer attention.

  • No 1: Differentiate with shiny materials. Make the most of the light all around us by choosing a material that will stand out because it shimmers. Our AVA Series is perfect for this purpose.

  • No 2: Select unique die cuts. The world is not uniform. A uniquely die-cut label can show how your wine doesn't conform, and that what's inside the bottle is special, too. Labeltronix offers many dies or can create custom dies.

  • No 3: Be relevant. Digital printing gives you the flexibility to stay current and relevant. It's quick to respond to changes you want to make. Whether you're tapping into a seasonal interest, a cause, or a trending interest, you can change a label with the times to attract interest.

  • No 4: Be exclusive. One-of-a-kind is appealing. It makes consumers feel special to be one of few rather than one of the thousands. Adding bottle numbers for a specialty blend conveys exclusivity, and is easy with digital printing.
  • No 5: Be intriguing. Adding mystery to your label is alluring. It makes consumers want to buy it to find out what's inside, and how it will enhance their evening. Our black Midnight Vellum is intriguing, durable and scuff-proof as well.

Like these tips? Double up on your knowledge, and read 5 tips for using packaging to amplify new product success, from Packaging Digest.

Labeltronix Will Ensure Your Label Gets the Attention It Deserves
18 November, 2019

The first contact your customer has with your brand is your labels. You have 4 seconds to make that first great impression. Your labels in your unique brand “signature” in the world. Labeltronix specializes in helping wineries optimize that signature. We believe in being more than a label provider. We are your partner from the very beginning to the very end – and everything in between. From the latest printing capabilities to the state of the art finishing embellishments, your label will get that attention it deserves.

Labeltronix is best known for our unique and proprietary Lean Labeling approach which hundreds of wineries are taking advantage of. With Lean Labeling, you have control over your labels.  With Labeltronix as your dedicated partner, you get order control and flexibility, high-quality printing, materials, and exceptionally eye-catching embellishments. Labeltronix has delivered on the promise of quality and reliability in every custom solution it creates.  Your craft is award-winning wine, ours is award-winning labels. 

Labeltronix Implements High-End Flexo and Embellishments for Stunning Wine Label
01 October, 2019

In the national 2019 Packaging Impressions Excellence Awards the Katya Vineyards label Annadoll ‘swept’ the awards:

1st Place ~ General label productions
1st Place ~ Wine and Beer Labels
2nd Place ~ Overall Best of Show 

Katya Vineyards is very proud to announce that the Annadoll Red Wine label (a tribute to the young Mama Sokol), produced by Anaheim, Calif.-based Labeltronix for Katya Vineyards is now a nation-wide, multi-award winner!

Created by Genn Martin, a highly talented artist based in Ocala, Florida, with the collaboration of a young, aspiring Ocalan, MacKenzie Brewer, the artwork took form around our description of Mama Sokol. Genn Martin described the process: “Annadoll was a very different project in that, it was a collaborative piece that slowly evolved from inception to final creation. The final piece was so much more than what the beginning indicated. Crafting a label so near and dear to the Sokol family was an exciting personal challenge, not only to emulate the sophistication of the woman behind it but to capture the spirit of love and lifelike beauty that she embodies.”

According to Louie Mendoza, production manager for Labeltronix, it’s the depicted woman’s vibrant red hair that makes the label special. “We really wanted to bring out [her] hair, it’s really kind of like a fiery red,” Mendoza says. “That’s where we knew we were going to showcase our capabilities… The decision to enter the Annadoll label, Katya Vineyards was a decision based upon the beauty of the original design which allowed for the intricacies of the production process.”

Our premium unfiltered Annadoll Wine, created for Mama Sokol, includes our estate grapes anchoring a proprietary blend including the descendant of an ancient grape of Slavic origin and a grape described by Pliny the Elder and fermented by the Greeks before 700BC!

The bouquet provides scents of spices and jammy red berries. On the palate ~ blackberry, plum, black cherry, spice, earth, cassis, vanilla and a touch of leather: Alcohol – 14% creating a smooth, dry wine. This is a classic Slavic, Central European wine!

As we say around our family’s table, “Na Zdravie” (Cheers)!

See you at Booth 33 at Wines & Vines Packaging Conference
05 August, 2019

We've loaded the bases with:

  • Our Booth #33 (see the map below for our location)
  • A winning demo of our new label materials and latest solutions
  • A Major League entry for the People's Choice Awards, with the hope you'll vote for us at the event!

Let's meet at Wines & Vines and hit it out of the ballpark!

Labeltronix Scores a ‘Hat Trick’ of Gold Awards—and Wins More
15 May, 2019

Labeltronix—Southern California’s leading label printer—recently brought home multiple awards, including three golds, from three industry competitions during the first weekend in May.

The company won three gold awards for Excellence in Flexography from the Flexographic Technical Association. The labels earning the honor included: Stateland Wine, Annadoll Wine and Monkey Face Bourbon.

A breakthrough “scratch ‘n sniff” Cocomero label earned Labeltronix a Print Excellence Award from the Printing Industries Association of Southern California.

And a label for Squeeze Malbec won bronze in the FSEA Gold Leaf Awards, which are presented by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association.

“We treat every label we produce like it’s worthy of a gold,” said General Manager, Shawn Plunkett. “These awards are votes of confidence from judges in our industry, which makes them especially meaningful to us.”

The awards are just the latest in a long line of recognition in Labeltronix’ gallery of honors.

Earlier this year, Labeltronix was one of only 21 printers around the globe to receive a prestigious L9 World Label Award. An international panel of judges chose “California Love,” a complex label for Smog City Brewing, for recognition in the flexographic color process category. Seventy entries competed for the honor.

Earth Day is only 1 week away - and there's a special way you can make a difference.
15 April, 2019

Earth Day is only 1 week away - and there's a special way you can make a difference.

For the next 7 days, if you place an order with us - we'll plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation.

At Labeltronix, we consider every day Earth Day. We're dedicated to sustainability and continually look for ways to reduce our ecological footprint. 

Labeltronix takes steps with sustainable practices in our:

More about our sustainable efforts here.

Labeltronix Wins a ‘World Label Award’ in Global Competition
22 March, 2019

One of Only 21 Labels Recognized with the Honor This Year


ANAHEIM, CA —A complex label printed by Labeltronix for Smog City Brewing recently won a prestigious L9 World Label Award for 2018.

Labeltronix received the award in the flexographic color process category for “California Love,” featuring a detailed illustration of the California bear from the state flag.

Out of 70 labels that were eligible for the global competition, Labeltronix’ entry emerged as one of only 21 winners selected by an international panel of judges. The L9 associations hail from Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S.

In order for companies to compete, their entry had to win a prize in their region’s label awards competition first.

“California Love” by Labeltronix qualified for the competition because it won the Best in Class Award from hundreds of entries in the Tag and Label Manufacturing Institute (TLMI) in the U.S. late last year. That honor in the Flexography and Letterpress category automatically entered the label into the worldwide competition.

The awards reflect the achievements of the label printer, as well as the production process from design to finishing. “We expect a high standard of printing at this level. We also look for the quality of the design of the label and its final commercial application,” said Tony White, chairman of the judging panel. “Each year the quality level of the labels improves, which makes selecting the winning labels all that more difficult.”

For California Love, a 4-color flexographic printing process was used to create the label on a difficult uncoated textured material. To get the proper coverage for the intricate design, Labeltronix’ printing experts chose just the right ink to provide a precise amount of density that would cover defined areas.

“This was a challenging label to print, and we’re extremely honored to have been recognized for our success by a panel of our peers from around the world,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager at Labeltronix.

The award was presented at the 2019 TLMI Converter Meeting in Asheville, N.C. on March 12.

About Labeltronix

Now in its 26th year, Labeltronix has delivered on the promise of quality and reliability in every customer solution it creates for manufacturers of food, wine, craft beer, spirits, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, automotive, and personal care products.

Booth 503 at WiVi is where we will be!
20 February, 2019

Do you plan to visit WiVi 2019, the Central Coast's largest gathering of wineries, growers, and suppliers, in a few weeks?


We will be exhibiting at Booth #503 and hope you will join us if WiVi is on your calendar.


Use code "Guest19" to get a free tradeshow pass, and lunch (must pre-register online).


You can stop by for lunch and an introduction to some of our newest label materials and printing capabilities.


Or visit any time during the day and we're happy to show you the Labeltronix difference.


Watch how Lot 18 Experiences the Difference with Labeltronix
07 February, 2019

"Fast response times, great communication, and transparent..."


Will we see you at Booth #1832 at Unified Wine Symposium?
10 January, 2019

Just  weeks until one of the wine industry's biggest events, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento on January 30-31st -- and we have some passes to share.

Labeltronix is doing things differently, and we invite you to experience that at the exhibit hall.

We'll be showcasing our show-stopping new label materials and finishing capabilities, thanks to another new finishing press in our Anaheim headquarters.

And you'll also see some of our award-winning labels, like the one that recently won Best in Class from the Tag and Label Manufacturing Institute.

Make sure to stop by our Booth #1832, and add us to your "My Show".

We have a limited number of passes available, so contact us TODAY!

Labeltronix Wins Prestigious Best of Class award from the Tag and Label Manufacturing Institute (TLMI)
20 November, 2018

Labeltronix is ending 2018 strong with a 'Best in Class' award from the respected Tag and label Manufacturing Institute in the Flexography and Letterpress category.  The TLMI Annual Awards Competition recognizes the best package printing in offset, letterpress, flexography, multi-process and digital printing. With hundreds of entries in this category the award is testimony to the craftsmanship at Labeltronix.

The winning label was printed for Torrance, California based Smog City Brewing. "One of the things we love about working with Labeltronix is the quality of the labels and how they make our brand stand out on the shelf," says Jonathon Porter, Owner of Smog City Brewing.

"The label for our California Love product features a detailed illustration of the California bear from the state flag and serves as a celebration of the unity amongst local brewers for their love of California," continued Porter.

The California Love label had its challenges. "This label is 4-color process, which is extremely challenging to print flexo on uncoated material," comments Production Manager, Louie Mendoza. "We had to find the right ink to give us just the right amount of density to achieve good coverage on defined areas."  "We are pleased with the results and happy that the judges felt the same way," exclaimed Mendoza.

Labeltronix also took home two first place and one second place award at the TLMI Annual Awards. These add to the many other accomplishments Labeltronix has achieved in 2018.

In addition to the 'Best in Class' award from TLMI, this year Labeltronix was internationally recognized with two gold and one silver award in the narrow web category of the Excellence in Flexography Awards.   "It was quite an honor being selected out of a field of 170 entries," notes Jill Sambol, Marketing Manager for Labeltronix.

“We continue to strive for excellence in every label that we print and we are honored to have been recognized for doing just that,” stated Shawn Plunkett, General Manager for Labeltronix.

Labeltronix is one of the West's leading label manufacturing firms located in Anaheim, California.  The firm is celebrating 25 years of business; an achievement that comes from great people, a passion of quality work and the joy of developing longstanding client and industry partnerships.


Labeltronix Adds A New Finishing Press Designed To Impress
26 October, 2018

ANAHEIM, CA (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)– Finishing presses give labels those special touches that make them really “pop,” and this week, Labeltronix adds another piece of equipment to its busy operation.

The new equipment—a Digicon Series 3, customized with a number of multi process embellishment modules —provides Labeltronix customers with the latest options in high end embellishments designed to increase impact with their labels. By adding high-build varnishes, unique and complex foiling and embossing, brand owners can continue to expand their desires to create unique labels for their products.

“The first Bigfoot Digicon press was utilized to print so many of our client’s labels that we brought in another,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager.  Besides the “eye appeal” of the labels, Labeltronix customers were also pleased with the savings they realized with this technology over previous printing options to enhance appeal.

Silk screen or “high build” printing has been in high demand at Labeltronix, and this new press can accomplish this technique faster and more efficiently. High build printing forces ink through a mesh screen so it can accumulate in specific areas, resulting in a heavy ink deposit that gives a tactile feel on lettering and images.

This newest press addition to Labeltronix, who recently celebrated their 25th year of operation, reinforces the company’s commitment to investing in and expanding their industry leading wine label printing facility.

 “Our growth is fueled by our customer’s excitement and desire to create labels that will elevate their product,” said Plunkett. “We’re always looking for ways to help our customers capture that vision and exceed the changing needs and demands set forth in the marketplace.”

Art Work Worthy See-Through Labels for one Distillery
20 September, 2018

 A bottle’s label should evoke a mood.

Surf City Still Works’ labels give you that “chill” feeling. They beckon you to enjoy the distinctive craft spirits, and dream of grabbing a surfboard to catch a wave.

The new Huntington Beach distillery is paying homage to the call of the surf with artistic labels viewed through the clear bourbon, gin and vodka in the bottles.

The gorgeous “see through” labels are artwork worthy of displaying even after the bottles are empty. Huntington Beach artists Melissa A. Murphy and Sam Bernal created the designs.


What a way to make a splash on the spirits scene for Surf City Still Works’ husband-and-wife co-founders, Josh and Elena Kornoff.

Their vision was so clear that they wanted a distinctive way to create their packaging, and came up with the idea of being able to see through the bottle to admire the artwork.

Labeltronix adapted this concept and made it into a reality. Our flexo press can print unique “double sided” labels. This technique uses two different substrates. We printed a reversed image on a clear material, laminated the material Surf City chose, and then printed and registered the outside image on top.

The end result is a label that seems to be printed on both the inside and outside of the material, with artwork showing on the inside and visible also on the other side of the bottle, where another label can be affixed.

It’s a double win for Surf City Still Works, and their appreciative customers, too.

Introducing the #WineLabelWrap
30 August, 2018

Looking for an advantage in the canned wine segment?

Millennials want to pop a can of wine, and we've got a solution: the Wine Label Wrap.

Whether you're bottling or canning, your wine deserves award-winning quality, outstanding embellishments, and shelf stopping appeal!

Introducing the Wine Label Wrap at Booth #33
03 August, 2018

Looking for an advantage in the canned wine segment?

We'll be in Northern California on Thursday, Aug. 9 to showcase our latest breakthrough -- wine labeling for cans -- at the Wines and Vines Packaging Conference.

<!--[if gte vml 1]> <![endif]--><!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->Millennials want to pop a can of wine, and we've got a solution: the Wine Label Wrap.

You can see how amazing these cans look by joining us at Booth #33 in Yountville for this one-of-a-kind show.

Whether you're bottling or canning, your wine deserves award-winning quality, outstanding embellishments, and shelf stopping appeal!

Our 'Scratch-N-Sniff' Wine Label Goes Viral
16 July, 2018

You can see—and smell—the watermelons on the Cocomero label, thanks to the customized way Labeltronix created it.

Now, Cocomero’s scratch-n-sniff label is grabbing headlines, along with great reviews, like these:

• “One winemaker has found a creative new way to stand out from the pack: Winc's Cocomero rose wine has a scratch-n-sniff label on the bottle. It rewards those who give it a scratch with a burst of watermelon-scented glory.” – Bustle

• “Scratch-N-Sniff Rosé Is Here To Make Your Summer Days Ever Better” – KIISFM

• “Recently, we came across a wine whose label is offering more than just good looks …. This is one adorable label you can actually trust to deliver.” – Refinery29

• “Cheers to an easy Rosé choice, and here's hoping we have more vino labels to scratch 'n sniff in the near future!” – Delish


Cocomero is available through Winc, a wine subscription site.

“One of our ongoing focuses is to design formats that can amplify experiences in ways that normal packaging cannot,” said Tracey Bakun, a PR Associate at Winc. “Cocomero is an example of how our team is continuing to push boundaries with our products.”

The Winc team has been working with Labeltronix since 2015, and they keep coming back. “Labeltronix has always been super easy and flexible to work with. I could not ask for better service! Emily & Bill are top notch,” said Bakun.

Want to distinguish your vino with an aromatic “scratch-n-sniff” label, too? Reach out and we’ll set you up!

Visit the Labeltronix Blog

Once Known as the ‘Little Company That Can,’ Is Not So Little Now
22 June, 2018

Labeltronix Marks 25 th Anniversary!

Labeltronix is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a standout and trendsetter in label printing, renowned for helping companies with their branding and labeling from retail shelves to manufacturing floors.

Founded in Orange by Dan Blair and Eric Shepard, Labeltronix first sold printers and labeling supplies. A decade later, the company opened its state-of-the-art digital label manufacturing facility.

Labeltronix was the first digital label printer in southern California. Today, it occupies a world class 50,000-square-foot facility with digital and flexographic printing and finishing presses, and a uniquely customer-focused education center.

“We’ve prided ourselves on building from scratch and doing it the good, old-fashioned American way,” said John Trail, President and Managing Partner with Shepard and Blair. Labeltronix has never had outside investors; rather, the partners reinvested every year into their people and business.

Labeltronix also has been consistent about emphasizing “people, passion and partnerships,” with its employees being central to all that the company has accomplished, and hopes to, said Trail. “It’s the people who power the company, the passion that keeps us going full-throttle, and the partnerships that we work for every day.”  

“From Day 1, we’ve been about embracing the latest technology and challenging conventional wisdom to find better ways to help companies with their label printing,” said Trail.

The company developed—and trademarked —“Lean Labeling,” a solution based on customer feedback. Labeltronix designed its facility and workflow on presses to economize during production. That process keeps costs down and makes “Lean Labeling” an optimal, economical solution to meet customers’ needs.

Labeltronix always maintains laser focus on quality, and has won hundreds of awards for label printing excellence from highly regarded industry associations.

“We’ve always been rethinking, looking for better ways, and challenging the status quo,” said Trail. Just over three years ago, Labeltronix established a division based on its original core—ReThink Labels—to introduce new ways for customers to gain more control over their label printing while allowing them to print their own high-quality color labels. 

To commemorate the anniversary, a Celebration in the Park will be held on August 19th as a fundraiser to benefit two organizations for people with disabilities. More details are available at this website:



About Labeltronix


Labeltronix has delivered the promise of quality and reliability in every customer solution it creates for manufacturers of food, wine, craft beer, spirits, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, automotive, and personal care products.

About ReThink Labels


ReThink Labels, a division of Labeltronix, builds on Labeltronix’ reputation as a source for top quality label printers and supplies. ReThink Labels provides on-demand label printing that bring companies a cost-effective solution to print and customize their own packaging and product ID labels.

17 May, 2018

Two golds and a silver—out of a field of 170 entries! That’s what Labeltronix recently won in the narrow web category of the Excellence in Flexography Awards, an international competition.

Request your samples of award-winning labels today!


Gold – Narrow Web, Process, Coated Paper

Chateau Diana Winery – I Am California Red Wine Label



  Judge: "Great ink coverage, crisp printing, great registration and incredible screens."




Gold – Narrow Web, Screen, Metallized

Diamond Collection – Cabernet Sauvignon Label



Judge: "The very high linescreen here is put to great use. Excellent coverage and registration."





Silver – Narrow Web Process, Metallized

Casa Agria Vein of Stars India Pale Ale Label

Judge: "Very fine screening that stayed open, done with difficult registration."

How Labeltronix helped AW Direct with a different approach to buying and managing their labels
02 May, 2018

Labeltronix is driven by the relationships we have with our customers. Hear how we helped AWDirect with a different approach to buying and managing their labels.

Labeltronix creates unique, crafted labels. Our labeling experts translate clients' brands for a public that demands the best and most appealing labels on the products they buy. Leverage our 25 years of experience as a Southern California's leading provider of labels for some of the country's leading brands.

Labeltronix wins "Best of" Category
23 April, 2018

Labeltronix is proud to have won "Best Of" category for Embossing/Debossing from PIASC.  The winning labels was the Diamond Collection Cabernet Sauvignon from L & W Trading.  Printed on the Nilpeter on Bright silver foil and additional embossing to emphasize the diamonds. #printing #embossing 


Labeltronix Adds High Build As A New Tool to Boost Labels’ Shelf Appeal - See us at Booth 1604
12 January, 2018

Labeltronix has expanded its finishing capabilities to add the high-impact option of high build varnish using screen printing onto labels.

The company’s new Flatbed Screen Printing Unit allows printing on labels with ink that “builds” to a depth and thickness that makes the lettering or image “stand up” and stand out with vibrant colors and a glossy look.

This high-impact screen printing process works by pressing ink through a stencil and woven mesh screen with a squeegee, producing a heavy ink deposit wherever a raised effect is desired on the label.

Shoppers are often attracted to these labels that are more noticeable and “touchable” with a 3-dimensional appeal.

“Our customers asked us for additional embellishments to create high impact labels, and we’re happy to respond by adding it to our finishing capabilities,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager of Labeltronix.

To learn more about screen printing from Labeltronix, visit

Visit us at Unified Wine Symposium Booth 1604

16 October, 2017

We are at a loss for words and devastated to see what is going on with our friends, family,  colleagues, and customers in the North Bay. It is unreal, and far from over.

Even so, with every update, we are reminded of great and selfless acts of human kindness. Many shelters and aid stations report that they have reached volunteer and supply capacity thanks to countless time and material donations. Fire, EMS, and police from all over have worked tirelessly to save lives and protect homes and businesses. Neighbors everywhere are helping neighbors, and people from surrounding areas are opening up their homes to those in need without hesitation.

We are incredibly moved by the rally of community spirit and the outpouring of support for those who need it most in the face of overwhelming loss.

Please consider joining us in our commitment to help with donations to the following: North Bay Fire Reliefand The Redwood Empire Food Bank.

Labeltronix Wins for packagePRINTING Excellence
15 September, 2017

Labeltronix has scored its second win for the Jade Lake label produced on behalf of the Chateau Montelena Winery. 

This label first caught the eye of the judges at the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), who gave it the “Excellence in Flexography” award earlier this year. They recognized it for the "tonal range" on the image, and the use of tactile varnish as a complement to the flexo printing. This wine was presented in the "narrow web, process, metallized" category of competition.

Then, the packagePRINTING Excellence Awards judges again recognized Labeltronix for the Jade Lake label, awarding it 1st place in the Wine and Beer Flexo (Process) Label category.  This label once again stood out for its use of luminescent foil and sculptured embossing embellishments.

“We continue to strive for excellence in every label that we print and are honored to have been recognized for doing just that,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager for Labeltronix.

“When Chateau Montelena Winery approached us with this design series, we knew it would become something special, and we added our own touches to make it so,” he said.

The label has an interesting story of its own.

"We had a vision for a wine label that was based on an iconic part of our property—the roofline of Chinese-style pavilions in the middle of Jade Lake. The focus was to bring to life these mythical creatures—and their story—within the tight confines of a wine label,” says Brian Baker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chateau Montelena Winery.

The winery’s designer chose a textured background, and he highlighted the patterns that he saw in each of the creatures to give that background more depth.

“Then Labeltronix brought the design created by our internal team to life. The series sells out each year, and the label is a big part of the attraction to the wines,” Baker said.

Hats Off to HASOF Whiskey for Honoring Vets
23 August, 2017

The HASOF Whiskey Company tells it like it is. HASOF = Have A Shot Of Freedom Whiskey.

When you do, you’re supporting a 100% veteran-owned company that produces small batch bourbon whiskey it will ship nearly anywhere in the U.S.A.

The concept behind the company grew from camaraderie on a porch—and an inspiring quotation.

After returning from serving in Afghanistan—and many nights of back porch drinking—Zach Hollingsworth and his partners Scott Brown and Giev Fowler set out to fulfill their dream of bottling Freedom bourbon.

A simple quote inspired them: "Marines, enjoy this day! For those who fight to protect it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know!"

What better way to enjoy the day and the flavor of freedom than creating a drink to honor it?

Once they had their mission, the three defined it: to make a bourbon that was not only smooth, but would invoke a sense of real pride. Partnering with an established distillery in Spring Valley, California, the group created what is today their Freedom small batch bourbon whiskey.

The three partners also agreed on how their company would grow: by employing only veterans and their families.

A Freedom-Loving Label

Dan Peters, a graphic designer from Columbus, Ohio, created the HASOF Whiskey Co.’s label, starting with a logo that features an eagle, covered in a shield, with FREEDOM emblazoned across its chest.

The design was made to embody the strength and pride of the American spirit. The toast on the side of the bottle titled, “Freedom” was written by Zach, to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Such an impressively designed label needed the help of a first-class label maker.

Labeltronix came highly recommended by several distilleries in the San Diego area.

“Our label consultants went above and beyond expectations,” said Hollingsworth,“From keeping us apprised of the label creation timeline, to suggesting embossing and gloss tactile spot varnish, the two were nothing short of amazing.”

The finished product was “not only on time, but professional and first-class quality,” he said.

Customers’ React to the Label

How have customers responded to the look of the finished product?

“They’ve been absolutely blown away by the design and quality of the finished label,” Hollingsworth said.

The HASOF Whiskey team reports that they receive compliments every day on the quality and beauty of their bottle.

“Your company has been an invaluable partner in helping us to a successful launch,” Hollingsworth added. “We look forward to many more years of working together.”

13 July, 2017

When the Sokol family in Ocala, Florida decided to enter the world of wineries, they launched a brand—and a labor of love.

Three members of the family—father, David, the winemaker; mother, Patricia, the business leader; and daughter, Katherine, the marketing mastermind—each took on a major role in running Sokol Vineyards.

As the family sought a graphic design and labeling printers for their new brand, they knew how important these decisions would be for attracting customers to their new products.

In January 2016, the Sokols approached Genn Martin, a graphic designer, with the profiles and personalities of the wines they were producing.

After preliminary sketches, Katya emerged as “the beautiful blonde with delicate features we have today,” said Katherine, the namesake for the wine.

When it came time to print the label, the Sokols started with a company that screen prints on wine labels. “However, we learned that their cost was far too great, and they were lacking in an understanding of basic customer service and courtesy,” Katherine explained.

The Sokols’ contact at Vintner’s Vault recommended Labeltronix.

Choosing a Label Printer

“Best decision ever,” Katherine said. The Labeltronix team “had great patience with us—to ensure our vision could be completed within realistic expectations.”

Katherine was delighted that Labeltronix never said “No” to their ideas. “It was always, ‘Let’s figure this out!” she said.

Choosing the Paper

The label material M42 El Dorado AVA matched the essence of the Katya design. “My eye immediately was drawn to the gold accents and the texture of the paper,” said Katherine. “It felt rich and ethereal, the definition of Katya.”

Enhancing with Embellishments

“The addition of embossing, spot tactical varnish, and gold foil in moderation brought the image to life,” Katherine said.

The Sokols decided on these effects with the help of the Labeltronix team. “Their attentive guidance helped to make the design impeccable,” she added.

Telling the Sokol Label Story

To build excitement about the coming opening of their wine tasting room, the Sokols released a video of all their completed label designs.

Shimmer this Summer with AVA Series
31 May, 2017


"Summer" and "shimmer" go hand in hand, as the sun adds a certain glow to the landscape. Our AVA Seriesof label materials evokes just this kind of magical light, shimmering as though touched by California's gorgeous sunshine. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of these gloriously enriching label materials. Request your samples today, then show your designer to see how they might enhance the look on your next varietal.

Labeltronix Takes Home Flexographic Excellence Awards
09 May, 2017

It's always an honor to attend the Flexographic Technical Association awards ceremony and bring home honors, as we did again this year.

We're proud to have won two silver awards in the "Excellence in Flexography" international competition—one for a wine label and the other for beer.

It's a pleasure to spotlight the customers whose labels were selected for excellence.

Judges recognized the Jade Lake Wine Label for the "tonal range" on the image, and the use of tactile varnish as a complement to the flexo printing. This award was presented in the "narrow web, process, metallized" category of competition.

The  Smog City Brewing Co. California Love Imperial Red Ale Label was honored by judges for the quality of the 4-color process on this uncoated material and how linescreen was used.

Chartered in 1958, the Flexographic Technical Association is a professional society that represents more than 1,400 companies and 35,000 individuals.

Smog_City350   Jade_Lake350

click for a close-up view


click for a close-up view

27 April, 2017


That's a high bar.

But "flawless" is the level of perfection expected by the Printing Industry Association, Inc. of Southern California (PIASC) for its Best of Category winners, which recognize the most outstanding printed label in each category.

And Labeltronix won two of these top awards, as well as an Award of Excellence, and a Certificate of Merit at PIASC's April gala.

PIASC is the largest graphic arts trade association in the country, serving more than 1,200 member companies in Southern California and Clark County, Nevada.

Thank you to the Printing Industry Association for this recognition. And congratulations to our customers for these honors:

  • Best of Category – Flexography: The Lone Cardinal label, which was honored for "perfect registration and sculptured embossing."
  • Best of Category in Labels and Wraps, Rolled Products/Pressure-Sensitive: The Stone & Glass Point Noir, for its unique die cut, embossing, and spot varnish.
  • Award of Excellence for Flexography: The Colts 10th Anniversary wine label. Printed on Classic Crest paper, this special commemorative label has an embossed background that resembles a football and silver foil.
  • Certificate of Merit in Labels and Wraps, Rolled Products/Pressure-Sensitive: You & Yours Distilling Co. label, which features a unique die and printing done on both sides of the label (front and adhesive) enabling the consumer to see the back side of the label looking through the bottle.


lone_cardinal st_g colts_w

Now Offering Soft Touch Varnish
28 March, 2017

Studies show that, when a consumer picks up a wine bottle and feels the label, that wine is 70% more likely to make it into the shopping cart. Now, Labeltronix is offering an embellishment to enhance that tactile experience. Called Soft Touch, it is a matte varnish that exudes elegance and appeals to the senses. Request a super sensory sample today!

See you at Booth 1706 at Unified Wine Symposium
10 January, 2017

  • Standing out in the crowd? A must.
  • An array of new labeling materials? An attention-grabber.
  • Increasing cash flow? A bonus.
  • Winning some cool swag? A possibility.

With some 700 booths at the upcoming Unified Wine Symposium on January 25th and 26th, we want to stand out in the crowd so we can help you do the same in the marketplace.

Our labeling solutions are as attractive to your budget planning as they are to your customers.

Please plan to stop at our Booth # 1706 to learn more and I'll introduce you to some new materials that dazzle wine buyers.

Click here to add Labeltronix to your show planner scheduling tool and send a quick email to make an appointment so we can get some private moments to see what you need, and how we can help. 

4 ways we can help you, as harvest is coming to an end
03 October, 2016

Now that harvest is coming to end, you’re probably thinking about how to influence more people to buy your wine. We’d like to help.

At Labeltronix, we focus on pleasing our customers with outstanding labels—so they can attract more customers to their outstanding wines. We can be of service to you in four areas:

  • Your label decision-making: What are your labeling challenges? How can you get more impact from your labels? Our consultative approach gives you insights about how to broaden the appeal of your labels.

  • Your brand enhancement: We have the industry’s best and latest equipment to create stunning labels that will take your brand to the next level

  • Your business goals: With our exclusive Lean Labeling, you will be able to make accurate annual budget projections for your labeling needs.

  • Your dedicated partner: At Labeltronix, you’re recognized by your name—not your account number. We will get to know you and %companyname% to ensure that your labels exceed your expectations.

If you’re ready to learn more about Labeltronix, or have a project in mind, please contact us!

14 September, 2016

Keep your friends close and your glass of wine closer.2014-Chardonnay-bottle

I drink a glass of wine every day in the hopes of living longer to drink more wine.

Do you want some wine with these primo Someecard messages?

That’s the idea behind SomeWine, the perfect pairing of Someecards—which is the #1 social media brand in America—and the 1026 Beverage Co.

The partnership is marketing four types of wines with label messages like the ones above.

Little wonder that 97 million+ consumers interact with the Someecard brand every month via social media. Produced by a cadre of comedy writers and artists, Someecards are so popular because they’re so funny.

And most of their appeal is in the highly desirable demographic of the 21- to 38-year-old millennials who now account for over a third of the wine consumed in the U.S.

Translating the E-Cards into Real Labels

Labeltronix played a major role in making the labels for SomeWine reach the millennial crowd and get their message across with just the right flair.

It wasn’t an easy assignment, says Tom Lynch, a partner with 1026 Beverage Co.

For one thing, the cards are flat, but the bottle is round, “so the full label is not as easy to see completely as it is on a flat card,” Lynch explained.

Another challenge was translating the colors for the cards from what’s perfect for the web to what works in print. “These colors are much simpler to create for the screen than print,” he said.

“Labeltronix helped us find a balance between the starkness of the colors, the thin font used for the words in the messaging, and the contrast needed to make them pop,” said Lynch.

That had to be done each time—as each label is a different color, which Lynch called an “added challenge.” Digital printing allows that kind of customization.

Finally, the Labeltronix team worked with 1026 to figure out how to incorporate all the wine-related information without detracting from the overall effect.

Through this process, from color testing to proofing, and more, “Labeltronix was a really efficient and helpful partner,” Lynch said.

“The brand has grown extremely fast since our launch, and it has been great to have a label print partner that we can count on to make the printing process easy, quick, and cost-effective,” he said.

1026 also believes in giving back. The company is committed to making a difference, so donates 1% of proceeds to non-profits through 1% for the Planet.

24 August, 2016

When consumers buy Boulder Crest Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a fine wine—and make a contribution to an outstanding facility that supports veterans who have fought for our country.

tackitt-bouldLeon Tackitt, owner and co-founder with his wife Cindy of Tackitt Family Vineyards in San Miguel, Calif., came up with the idea for the wine with a mission.

A retired lieutenant in the U.S. Navy who specialized in the dangerous practice of disarming bombs through Explosive Ordnance Disposal,Tackitt and his vineyard have raised thousands of dollars for the EOD Warriors Foundation with the Tackitts’ EOD Cellars Wines andWarriors Helping Warriors events.

Proceeds from the Boulder Crest label support the Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, Virginia, which is the nation's first privately funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to our country's combat veterans and their families.

The Winning Boulder Crest Retreat Label

In 2015, the Boulder Crest Retreat wine label was in the limelight when it won Best in Show at the Central Coast Wine Competition, topping more than 2,000 wine label entries.

“We at Tackitt Family Vineyards, Boulder Crest Retreat, and our designers were looking for a military look and a classy feel for our label, something that would pop out on the shelf,” said Leon.

“Our experience with Labeltronix has been wonderful. Labeltronix took a beautiful design and made the label come to life with great color and texture. Due to the hard work of many, the Boulder Crest Retreat label won, and the feedback from our distributors and customers is amazing.”

“The quality is top notch, when you feel that label—embossed—it feels like there’s something there,” Leon said. He described Labeltronix as “Johnny on the spot” for any questions that arise. “If you want quality work and good customer service, go to Labeltronix.”

A Winery On a Mission

Leon and his wife Cindy spent a decade planning and opening the winery, which they were able to accomplish after his retirement from a 28-year-old career in the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal community.

Their winemaking roots go back to Tackitt’s grandfather, who planted about 30 Gewurztraminer vines that he had brought from Germany.  Although that winemaking was not commercial in nature, Leon realized there were possibilities in those vines.

Leon speaks with pride and passion about Boulder Crest Retreat, which is for combat veterans and their families in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

“It’s run by a husband and wife who donated 37 acres of their own land to set up this retreat with four beautiful cabins and a lodge for combat veterans and their families to rest and reconnect,” Leon said.

In addition, combat veterans can participate in the Warrior PATHH journey focused on the concepts of posttraumatic growth and harnessing the inherent strength of our nation’s warriors while preparing for their return from combat and in to civilian life.

“There’s no other organization in the United States focused on this posttraumatic growth approach,” said Leon, whose efforts have been featured in Wine Business. “Boulder Crest Retreat will release a report on the results of this work later this year, and we are very excited to share the results.”

For more information, or to donate, visit the Boulder Crest Retreat website. To receive a sample of the Boulder Crest Retreat Label, contact us.

Wines and Vines Conference Booth #14
09 August, 2016

The Wines and Vines Packaging Conference - for every winery aiming to improve how its packaging looks - is right around the corner. We're proud to be a part of this amazing full-day conference and trade show: the only one of its kind in the country! From winemakers to winery operations managers, from sales and purchasing managers to wine marketers, attendees will enjoy a full day of learning and discovery.

We'll showcase our award winning wine labels, along with unique and creative materials and embellishments. Stop by Booth #14 on August 17!

13 July, 2016

On a Yosemite backcountry camping trip in 2009, Josh Baker and Matt Brain discovered a common goal. They wanted to create a wine label that would showcase the
hard work and responsible farming that was taking place at their favorite vineyards.

When Baker & Brain launched, the owners chose to buy their first run of labels from a printer that other vintners in the area were using. That labeling operation was fine, says Melanie Brain, who does marketing for the operation. “But we didn't feel they were going above and beyond in any way; they didn't give us any special attention.”

A Dedicated and Trusted Account Manager: When Melanie discovered Labeltronix, the customer service experience far surpassed what she had with her original label provider. “I need someone to make me feel comfortable, positive, and like I'm in good hands,” she said, adding that she appreciates that the Labeltronix team feels like part of the Baker & Brain team.

Exceptional Quality: “The quality's fantastic,” Melanie says, “and the suggestions I get from Labeltronix make the final result even better.” Thanks to these recommendations, the winery added embossing and a tactile spot varnish to make the labels more eye-catching, and a coating to white wine labels to keep them intact and secure, even when the bottles are submerged in ice-cold water.

Responsive Delivery: “On our very first run of labels in 2011, there was a problem that was completely my fault,” Melanie said. “It was a miscommunication, but they sent a rush order right away,” she said.

Competitive Pricing: “The thing that sold me on Labletronix is that the company has a fair minimum order. If you meet that minimum, you get a great price,” Melanie said.

10 February, 2016


Will you be at the WiViCentral Coast Wine Industry Symposium and Tradeshow March 15-16 in Paso Robles?

Labeltronix is pleased to offer you a complimentary pass to the tradeshow on Wednesday, March 16th. Register today and enter Guest16 in the promo code.

Be sure to stop by our Booth #503 to learn how you can get more shelf power from your labels. Expect to see:

• Custom finishing taken to a new level with a new press. Even the most intricately complex labels can be finished faster, with greater detail. Learn more about this first-ever finishing press in North America.

• Label materials with California names and Golden State impact. Our shimmery, classy AVA Series of luminous materials gives finished labels a show-stopping look and feel.

We look forward to seeing you there.



‘Big Foot’ Making Big Impression With Labels - Labeltronix Gets First Installation of New Press in North America
25 January, 2016

Anaheim, CA – Customers now have more options to add customized finishing touches that will add distinction to their labels with a new press acquired by Labeltronix.

Labeltronix is the first company in North America to receive the Digicon Series 3 press with the Big Foot Flat Bed module from AB Graphic International.

The “Big Foot” hot foil and embossing stamping module uses 50 tons of pressure to lay multiple foil colors and raises embossing to a new level. It has a rotatable foil head that can foil across and along the web allowing our customers the ability to choose from a wider array of foil options, and gain impact with deeper embossing and debossing.

With a larger maximum foil area than many others on the market, it can run up to 65m/min, running three lanes in the web direction and two across the web, adding 33% increase in faster speed compared to its predecessor.

“Our customers will see new and more creative ways to add sophistication to the finishing touches on their labels, thanks to the increased capabilities and speed of this new press,” said Labeltronix General Manager Shawn Plunkett.

“The ability to lay down up to three hot stamp foils and still emboss in a single pass gives us greater options,” said Plunkett. “Our new embossing and foiling head will result in a superior emboss and the ability to push previous limits with sculptured embossing and custom background textures.”

This new finishing press—the ninth press to be operating at Labeltronix, a labeling leader that has been growing rapidly—will add capacity to the finishing floor, to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

“We always stretch to meet the needs of our customers, and this new finishing press is a prime example,” said John Trail, President of Labeltronix.

Hope to see you at Unified! Booth 1606
13 January, 2016

Are you attending the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento in a couple of weeks?

If you are, please stop by ourBooth #1606 to learn how you can get more shelf power from your labels. Expect to see:

• Custom finishing taken to a new level with a new press. We just took delivery on a finishing press that opens more worlds of creativity for eye-popping labels. Even the most intricately complex labels can be finished faster, with greater detail.

• Label materials with California names and Golden State impact. Our shimmery, classy AVA Series of luminous materials gives finished labels a show-stopping look and feel. You'll be able to check them out at Unified.

• Lean Labeling like never before. We've updated and refreshed this program to be even more responsive to your needs.

See you soon at WIN Expo and Happy Thanksgiving!
18 November, 2015

As we approach the holiday season, we extend our appreciation for your business, and our promise to make your labels the best they can be to represent the finest of your work.

As a special thank you, here is a promo code for the tradeshow at the upcoming North Coast Wine Industry Expo -- Register today for a 100% discount on the Trade Show Floor Pass.


New Labeltronix Website Offers More Ways to Learn About Labeling
19 October, 2015

The new has more videos, stories, resources and ideas for companies that want to see the possibilities of outstanding labeling.  Now, this information is easily viewed on any device—desktop, laptop, tablet or phone—thanks to a responsive design.

At, visitors can access valuable tools, including:

  • Resource Center with case studies—such as one about a new technology that helped a top California winery cut labeling costs 24%—as well as customer guides for using specific labeling papers, and industry resources;

  • Label Gallery with images of inspiring labels in an array of businesses, including examples from wine, craft beer, spirits, health and beauty, nutraceutical and other consumer products industries.

  • Blog with useful information about labels, by industry, including topics like “5 Label Tips to Strengthen Your Brand,” case studies, videos of label production, and profiles of the graphic designers who create the labels.

“Our customers are asking for more ideas than ever before, and we are always looking for ways to be responsive to our customers,” said John Trail, President of Labeltronix. “This new website answers their questions, on whatever device they’re asking them.”




Brand Spotlight: Shimmering Beauty, Without Breaking the Bank
26 August, 2015

How can you convey "elegance" and "exquisite flavor?"

With a label material that shines as much as the wine in the bottle that holds it.

Cima Collina chose the shimmery, understated glow of Labeltronix' paper named after Los Carneros AVA to showcase its special production wines.

Readwhy winemaker Annette Hoff chose this silky paper in a wraparound design for the three new wines sold in an exclusive wine club and tasting experience.

As seen in Packaging Strategies Magazine
27 July, 2015

A wine label must attract consumers and draw them in to make the purchase. It is the first marketing tool to get the consumer to choose that variety. Labeltronix ( announces the release of five premium wine label materials inspired by the American Viticultural Area (AVA) growing regions in the Golden State.

The AVA Series all contain label materials that shimmer to capture the buyers’ attention. They are produced in muted colors that invite an array of options for printing enhancements to make them even more appealing. In addition, they are all guaranteed to stay securely affixed to bottles submerged in ice buckets.

The five new labels are:

  • El Dorado AVA—Shimmers with a golden warmth and cool character
  • Los Carneros AVA—Shines with a brightness befitting the region’s beauty
  • Chalk Hill AVA—Leaves as lasting an impression as the wines from this area
  • Howell Mountain AVA—Exudes the strength and sheen of the fruit grown here
  • Monterey AVA—Reflects the broad appeal of this beautiful region

For full article:

Sponsoring the Wines & Vines Packaging Conference - Table 32
13 July, 2015

Labeltronix is excited to participate in the Wines & Vines 2nd Annual Packaging Conference in  Napa, CA on August 19th.

See how to make your wine labels shine with the new AVA Series.

There's something about a shimmery label in the summertime that draws attention when the sun or the light hits it "just right." We've "bottled" the California sunshine in a label material selection that we call the AVA Series. It's perfect for showing just how much your wine shines.

Request an AVA Series kit today. We can send one to your designer, too. Just shoot us an email telling us where we should mail these samples.


 See details and register at


Topics include:

   Joe Wagner: How I built successful brands like Meiomi

   Advances in package materials and design

   AC Nielsen: Wine package consumer survey

   Technical Tasting Lab: kegs, cans and other alternative packages

   Speed Dating: go one-on-one with a leading package designer

   DIY quality control of TCA in your corks

   Technical Tasting Lab: winery trials and research study wines in multiple closures

   Sparkling Bar featuring sparkling winemaking experts and equipment

   Packaging Design Contest and Awards

• Keg wine reception and tasting with winemakers 

Brand Spotlight: Buried Cane - A time honored tradition
29 June, 2015

The Middleton Family have been faithfully working the land since 1898, spanning 6 generations originally as family lumber business in Aberdeen on the coast of Washington state. Over the years they have since gradually shifted into the grape industry providing table grapes, wine grapes and now several very successful wines.

Their most recent success has come from their Buried Canebrand of wines. The name comes from the careful tending of the bare grape vines over the long frigid winter, burying them under the soil to be unearthed in the spring after the last frost in a time honored tradition.

Anthony’s Restaurant approached Buried Cane to produce a private label embracing the noble red grape of Washington and the Buried Cane 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was born.

The label is printed on Estate #8 vellum with embossing on Anthony’s and the canes to emphasize the grape vine details. It is spot varnished with a tactile finish, and the label die cut with a unique deckled edge.

The Buried Cane label is the fourth wine label project Middleton Family wines has produced with Labeltronix. “Labeltronix always makes us look great, whether it’s with new package designs or printing our existing labels when other printers couldn’t. Labeltronix always impresses us.” David Anthony Hance, Marketing Director, Middleton Family Wines.

04 May, 2015

Q: We use an all-black label that has some scuffing issues when our bottles are in transit. Is there any way around that?

A: Labeltronix offers an amazing material called Midnight Vellum. This high-quality label with a distinctive, upscale look is an all black vellum paper that is guaranteed to be "scuff-proof." You won't find any marks or edge wear from the shipping and handling process on Midnight Vellum. It's as beautiful as it is durable, too. Request samples today.


Down to Earth with 8 Eco-Friendly label materials
22 April, 2015

It's as new as the flowers that bloom in Spring, and as old as the Earth itself. Our ecology is a delicate balance, and we are all part of it.

That's why Labeltronix offers our clients 8 eco-friendly materials, and we are on a mission to add more. If you haven't taken the eco-friendly plunge yet, we can tell you more about these. If you have already made the move, we can help you explore more options.

Request your free samples today to see how you can take your packaging to another eco-friendly level!

Label Spotlight - INIZI Wine Proves It’s a Winner, In a Grand Way!
23 March, 2015

There were over 6,500 wines entered into the SF Chronicle Wine competition from all over the United States. The competition is stiff and in its 5th year, the SF Chronicle competition includes a special label contest apart from the traditional wine portion of the event.

There were only 6 categories, and 1 Label Sweepstakes, judged by 59 professional wine judges from all over the country. The process was extensive, and wines were judged on and recognized for their extraordinary quality.

Innovative vintner, John Harley of INIZI Wines received double the pleasure, walking away with both a gold medal and the Label Sweepstakes winner, for INIZI Wines 2012 Charbano in the competition. The name INIZI means “Beginnings” in Italian, and if this competition winner is any indication of greater things to come, it looks like they are off to a fabulous start!

The INIZI wines are a brand under Two Worlds Wine Company, located in Sebastopol, California. Harley and his wife Kirsti along with AJ and Jen Filipelli, co-founders, took on the ambitious task of cultivating a grape that was widely planted but very little was known about its origin.

The Sweepstakes winning label printed by Labeltronix on Natural Felt is embossed and spot varnished to bring depth to the image. Harley reports high levels of satisfaction with their label printer, Labeltronix. “They always bend over backwards to make their customer happy,” he said. “And that’s great.”


See Labeltronix at WiVi Central Coast, Booth #630
09 March, 2015

Labeltronix is excited to partake at the Wine and Viticulture Central Coast Tradeshow.  Come by our booth, #630, and see our most talked about AVA Series wine label materials. 



Labeltronix Launches Premium AVA Series Labels Under Arctic Shield Brand
09 March, 2015

2-AVA Series logoLabeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of wine industry labels since 1993, has launched the AVA Series, a revolutionary new label material under the company’s hallmark Arctic Shield family of products.

The series features premium materials named after five of California’s most premiere appellations: Chalk Hill, El Dorado, Howell Mountain, Los Carneros and Monterey. Each label is unique, reflecting the rich diversity of the grape-growing regions, their specific terroirs and contributions to California’s wine history.

Jill Sambol, Labeltronix’s Marketing Manager, explains that the decision to link the label design to a sense of place came during her research on California’s distinct AVAs.

“I selected the names for each of the materials based on the characteristics of the region,” Sambol says. “The idea is that ‘your label tells a story, so does ours.’ This speaks directly to the wine industry.”

  • The Arctic Shield Chalk Hill AVA label is a shimmery white, which plays on the region’s chalky white-ash soils that produce the grapes for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varietals.
  • Reflecting the direct sunlight infusing grapes grown here, the Arctic Shield El Dorado AVA gleams with a golden warmth and cool character.
  • The strength of the Arctic Shield Howell Mountain AVA material emanates from the region’s volcanic ash and red clay soils, producing a sheen reminiscent of its famous red wine varietals.
  • The bright shine of the Arctic Shield Los Carneros AVA reflects the region’s sparkling wine and Pinot Noir production, as well as its natural beauty and reverie.
  • Arctic Shield Chalk Hill AVA offers a broad appeal rooted in the beauty of its namesake region, with its mixed climate and the wide range of wine production.

Each of the distinctive AVA Series materials shimmers, some with a sophisticated texture, that is highlighted by rich tones of silver or gold. The AVA Series is built upon Labeltronix’s Arctic Shield brand, guaranteeing that all five label materials will stay affixed to bottles exposed to extremely cold or wet conditions, without disintegrating.

“Our AVA materials are really going to stand out on any bottle,” Sambol promises. “We’re always innovating for our customers in the wine industry. Everything we create is for that purpose.”

Labeltronix will be exhibiting and showcasing the AVA Series and the Arctic Shield family at the Innovation+Quality at Booth 344 and WiVi at Booth 630. For more information and to request an AVA Series kit, go to

Location: Anaheim, CA
WIN Profile: Labeltronix


Send Me Info

AVA Label series

Labeltronix will be exhibiting at the Sonoma Craft Beer, Cider, and Spirits Conference
10 February, 2015

We look forward to seeing you at the Sonoma Craft Beer, Cider, and Spirits Conference on February 27th in Santa Rosa.

The 2015 Sonoma County Beer, Cider and Spirits Conference promises to be a stimulating afternoon of insight, education, and networking that will conclude with tasting opportunities provided by all of Sonoma County’s biggest producers! This event will bring together the largest gathering of Sonoma County beer, cider and spirits producers ever, and a broad range of topics will be discussed by leaders from every stage of the industry, from retail to finance to distribution to regulations.

Register Today

Labeltronix Launches New Wine Label Materials at Unified Wine Symposium
13 January, 2015

Are you attending Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento at the end of January?


If you are, be sure to stop by our Booth, #1606We will be demonstratingour latest Arctic Shield materials--which are guaranteed to stay affixed to any chilled bottles, or bottles that don't need refrigeration.



To this line, we've added five new materials that absolutely shine. Named the AVA Series, these labels are as distinctive as the regions that inspired their names.


I'd love to also share with you how Lean Labeling® can benefit your winery this year, too.


Remember: high-impact labels keep your brands relevant. At Labeltronix, we're all about creating great impressions for your customers, and peace of mind for you.


I look forward to seeing you atBooth #1606 soon!

Labeltronix Adds Technology, Materials, Renewed Focus for Wine Industry
05 January, 2015

Labeltronix, the company that produces award-winning and customer-appealing wine labels, will launch new label materials and new technology in 2015.

These additions are the latest in a series to advance the company's commitment to the wine industry.

"This year, we are celebrating the power of one: one company, one mission, one focus," said John Trail, president of Labeltronix, which was founded in 1993.

That focus on customers led to the creation of Lean Labeling®, an innovative way to cost-effectively produce top quality labels - giving customers a sizeable payback. Lean Labeling is central to Labeltronix' streamlined processes, which make it easy to do business with the digital label leader.

Besides finding efficiencies in how it creates labels, Labeltronix serves clients from a centralized location at the company's 50,000-square-foot headquarters. The company's team of experts - in sales, printing, and customer service - collaborates there on behalf of customers everywhere.

"Our goal at Labeltronix has been to demonstrate to customers that we care, and that we're here for the long haul," Trail said.

Now more than two decades into serving customers, with several technology innovations and expansions in their playbook, the company is ready to launch even more breakthroughs. Stay tuned in 2015.

Luster of a Pearl, Strength of a Diamond
21 October, 2014

Allure™ Starlight - with the luster of a pearl and the strength of a diamond - is Labeltronix' newest label material. Leal Vineyards Winemaker Robert Simons decided to use it so his tasting room and wine club customers would encounter something different, and he's received a very positive response.

Allure Starlight's embossed face stock offers:

  • A white, polished, "pearlized" look
  • "Wet strength" that withstands icy environments
  • Environmental benefits, since it is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Acid-free and elemental chlorine-free

Request your sample now, or call us for more info, 800.429.4321. 

Conway Family Wines Discover Best Quality at Best Price
30 September, 2014


Based in Santa Barbara County, Conway Family Wines are influenced by their close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, where the cool air and maritime influence is reflected in their wines.The Conways’ Deep Sea label designs celebrate their coastal origins. The family is committed to sustainable farming techniques and vineyard practices, and they source from Santa Barbara's leading sustainably farmed vineyards, as well as their own estate, to produce the Deep Sea portfolio wines.


As a small production winery with a diverse catalogue of wines, Conway Family Wines struggled to find flexibility and efficiency in a label printer. Although they had tried a number of vendors, consistency in labeling quality was a recurring challenge, too.

Co-owner John Conway started creating all of the label artwork himself. “Getting a label back that doesn’t look like how you created the art—especially when you’re the artist—that’s not good,” he said.


Conway discovered that Labeltronix offers high-quality, digital printing and paper stock at competitive prices. Here’s how he describes the improvements.

Excellent Paper Stock: “One of the reasons I chose Labeltronix was finding an actual paper stock that I really liked at the right price. We use the vellum stock, and we’re happy with how affordable it is.”

Unlimited Potential—Affordable: “With digital printing, our creative doesn’t need to be limited by printing technology. We can do anything and I know it’s going to look like how I send it on my computer. It makes things much more timely. It’s also cheaper than what we were doing before.”

Excellent ‘Extra’ Touches: Logos for Conway wines are embossed and embellished with foil. That makes them really “pop” on store shelves.

Creative Freedom: Working with Labeltronix has allowed Conway to experiment with designs and special small case runs. “We wouldn’t have tried this with other vendors,” Conway said.


Streamlined Budgeting: “Budgeting is so much easier now,” Conway said. “Whether we want to print labels for three cases or 3,000, it’s going to be the same price for us.”

Easier to Try Something New: “We can do this without incurring big set-up costs,” Conway says. As a result, they’ve tried fun labels and customized labels for special events.

Consistency, Flexibility: “What’s so great working with Labeltronix is the flexibility. As a small business, that’s so important—but also the consistency.”

Positive Buzz: Since working with Labeltronix, the Conway Family Wines tasting room has been buzzing with compliments about their labels, Conway says.

“It’s been a fantastic relationship,” he says.


Labeltronix Supports the #ALSicebucketchallenge
11 September, 2014

Have you been challenged to dump a bucket of ice water on your head to raise awareness for ALS? We have, and we did! Of course, we're contributing to ALS research, too.

>> Watch it on Facebook

>> Watch it on YouTube

Funny story. We've had an Ice Bucket Challenge website for more than two years, and noticed an increase in traffic earlier this month. Turns out the very successful viral campaign to show support for a young man who has Lou Gehrig's disease prompted college students in Boston to launch the challenge. Seems that some people's search for the challenge led them to us.

Now, we invite you totake our much tamer Ice Bucket Challenge for labels that withstand coolers and ice buckets. Call or email us for samples.

5 Trends in Wine Label Printing
05 August, 2014

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming Wines and Vines Packaging Conference on Wednesday, Aug. 20th in Napa.

If you haven’t registered yet, use this link to get $50 off the registration price with our compliments. Be sure to use bottle in the special promo code box, and click apply.

Then, at Wines and Vines Packaging Conference, please stop by our table - lucky #7 - to learn what we can do for your brand, and to check out our latest Arctic Shield Estate® #4 label material.

Until the big day, here’s a “sneak peek” at the top 5 trends we’re seeing in label printing:

5 trends

  1. Background Textures
    To add a unique touch n’ feel to your label, we can create a background texture by embossing this pattern into any flat paper label material.

  2. Distinctive Spot Varnish
    Highlight a special spot on your label with a high gloss look against a dull background, Use this spot-on technique to catch a consumer’s eye.

  3. Variable Printing
    Make your labels dynamic by adding variable data or images. Use this approach to customize, track, private label or test market.

  4. Crafted Foil and Embossing
    Intricate details are key when trying to highlight a particular logo or image. Raised patterns and metallic additions can add special effects to an otherwise flat image or logo

  5. Material Assortment
    With a wide range of wine label materials to choose from--anywhere from an ice bucket solution to an eco-friendly paper- your varietal can stand out in the crowd.

See how much there is to look forward to at Wines and Vines Packaging Conference.

Labeltronix Releases Arctic Shield Estate® #4
10 July, 2014

Labeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of high quality wine, food and consumer product labels, announces the release of Arctic Shield Estate® #4, the newest member in its Arctic Shield “chill-proof” family.

Arctic Shield Estate® #4 is waterproof and classy-looking—a sophisticated, uncoated white paper with laid finish. 

Suitable for either flexographic or digital-offset printing technology, Arctic Shield Estate® #4 can be embellished with the trendiest finishing touches, from adding hot foil stamping and/or embossing, to spot varnishes to create a stand-out touch. 

“Our Arctic Shield family of ‘chill-proof’ labels is expanding, and the Estate® #4 makes the perfect addition. It increases the options for our customers who need to keep their bottles in the cold, wet environment of ice buckets or refrigeration,” says John Trail, president of Labeltronix.

The company is so confident in the durability of Arctic Shield Estate® #4 that it will send samples for people to try on their own bottles in their own ice buckets. 

Labeltronix will be showcasing the Arctic Shield family along with all other unique solutions at next month’s Wines and Vines Packaging Conference on August 20th in Napa, CA.

For more information, contact Jill Sambol at (800) 429-4321, Ext. 137, or

Estate® is a registered trademark of Neenah Paper Company

About Labeltronix – Celebrating 21 years of success in printing this year, Labeltronix has delivered on the promise of quality and reliability in every customer solution it creates for consumer product manufacturers of food, wine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, automotive, and personal care products. Labeltronix is Southern California’s leading provider of labels, labeling systems and supplies, service and technical support. It has become the single-source supplier for all of its customers - its labeling experts don’t simply follow the trends; they set them.

Do you love labels? We Do!
24 June, 2014

Step 1.Show your label pride by posting a photo of your wine bottle on Facebook or Instagram with labels printed by Labeltronix


Step 2. Tag them with#iheartlabels and#Labeltronix

Step 3. Have coworkers, friends, family members, bus drivers, doctors, gardeners, bartenders, sales clerks, bankers….EVERYONE “like” your photo and whoever gets the most “likes” will win an iPad mini.

Labeltronix and Damion Hickman Design Help HoopStars
14 May, 2014

HoopStars, a nonprofit that is about much more than basketball, is a special cause for Labeltronix, a company that has made its name in labeling, and more.

HoopStars is a Southern California organization committed to instilling a sense of accomplishment, teamwork, and competition for developmentally disabled children and adults, while providing physical activity and enhancing their self-esteem. The nonprofit works to provide support for families and caregivers as well.  HoopStars has over 400 players in their leagues in Fullerton, Anaheim and Pomona.  

Labeltronix, Southern California’s leader in labeling, has been a corporate sponsor of HoopStars since 2013.

More than one year ago, Labeltronix asked HoopStars’ founder what kind of help the group could use. Robin Preston, president and founder of the nonprofit, wanted to update the group’s website and gain a presence on social media.  She sought more exposure for HoopStars’ leagues, and the organization as a whole. 

Labeltronix and HoopStars collaborated to create a new experience for web viewers. 

Labeltronix invited Damion Hickman Design, a trusted graphic design firm, to create the new website.  “We were excited to help HoopStars showcase their organization’s programs and successes in an updated website,” Damion Hickman said.

“HoopStars has been near and dear to the hearts of Labeltronix’ employees. We love how it helps children, their families and caregivers,” said John Trail, Labeltronix president. Besides supporting HoopStars financially, the Labeltronix team has also volunteered at the organization’s activities and provided coaches.

Labeltronix recently launched a new campaign to encourage their customers to support HoopStars by clicking the “Like” button on the Labeltronix Facebook page; in return, Labeltronix will donate $1-per-“Like” to the HoopStars Basketball League.

To “like” Labeltronix, and raise money for HoopStars, visit the Labeltronix Facebook page here: Facebook users are urged to share the site—and the opportunity—as well.

“We’re hoping to raise thousands for HoopStars,” Trail said.  This fundraising event will continue throughout the month of May.


About Labeltronix – Labeltronix delivers on the promise of quality and reliability in every customer solution it creates for consumer product manufacturers of food, wine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, automotive, and personal care products. Labeltronix is Southern California's leading provider of labels, labeling systems and supplies, service and technical support. It has become the single-source supplier for all of its customers - its labeling experts don't simply follow the trends; they set them.


About Damion Hickman Design

Damion Hickman Design was started back in ‘94 with a handful of freelance print projects and a dream to grow into something bigger. Since then, there has certainly been a lot of changes and expansion within the company and today, they’re positioned as a high caliber design agency that provides full service to a wide range of clients. Whether you're a start up organization looking for some branding and marketing assistance or an established company that needs a more comprehensive plan put together, we're ready to listen to your needs and deliver results. Your business is their business. They take the time to get to know you, your company and your customers. With every project, their communication is always clear and they believe that partnering with a design agency shouldn't be complicated, so they strive to make sure that it isn't.

Labeltronix White Paper Introduces PET Liners for Labeling
23 April, 2014

Wineries and wine bottlers can learn about the benefits of using PET Liners on their labels from a new white paper prepared by Labeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of high-quality labels.

PET Liners are sleek label liners made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). They are designed to replace traditional kraft paper liners.

“The Bottom Line on Clear Liners for Wine Labels,” released in April 2014, gives readers insights into the “why” and “how” of changing to PET liners for label production lines.

“We wrote this white paper to explain the many benefits of this new option for wine bottlers,” says John Trail, president of Labeltronix. “For our customers who have started using PET Liners, the reviews have been outstanding.”

Among the benefits they report from replacing paper liners with PET:

  • Faster bottling speeds

  • Greater efficiency due to longer runs

  • Removing “paper dust” in use of the product

“Mobile bottlers tell us this liner has streamlined their operations,” said Trail.

To get your copy of the free white paper, go to


27 March, 2014


Every craft beer is one-of-a-kind, communicating it’s uniqueness to the craft beer connoisseur through their first visual impression – the label. Labeltronix, a leadingSouthern California provider of craft beer labels, creates distinctive labeling solutions that enable brewers to tell their unique brand and brew story through materials and processes tailored to the craft beer industry.

Exhibiting at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America event in Denver,Colorado April 8-11 in Booth 944, Labeltronix understands that craft beer labels do more than provide facts. They have become something that many consider art – they tell the story of the brew, some using humor and some using beauty while others use their label to communicate an attitude.

Utilizing the optimum printing process with just the right materials is essential to presenting that story properly. Labeltronix has been providing consulting and printing solutions to meet brewers’ needs for many years, with several award-winning labels.  

Running a limited edition brew? Labeltronix features digital printing that allows companies to print smaller label runs cost-effectively. Foil finish, matte, photo-quality, varnish? Labeltronix offers label materials to meet every goal. Need a special shape to tell the story? Labeltronix delivers unique die shapes and finishes that complete the tale.

The Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America is one of the largest conferences & trade shows for the vibrant craft brewing industry. With over 5,000 brewing professionals from around the world, CBC seminars and keynotes will provide brewers with information essential to keeping businesses on top of today’s competitive craft beer market.  To schedule a meeting with Labeltronix at the Craft Brewers Conference, please contact Jill Sambol at 714-363-4137.

Will you be attending WiVi Central Coast March 19-20? We are, and hope to see you there.
27 February, 2014

Will you be attending WiVi Central CoastMarch 19-20? We are, and hope to see you there.

This is the second year of this show, which promises to be even bigger and better than its inaugural year. Paso Robles is a great place to gather and compare notes about wine, and wine labels.

Please stop to visit us at Labeltronix Booth #A37 if you go. We will be demonstrating our Bright White Felt, the latest in our Arctic Shield line of Labeltronix-developed labels. This label is distinctive for its brilliant look, and its soft feel—appealing to a buyer’s two senses.

We’d love to share how Lean Labeling® can benefit your winery this year, too.

Remember: high-impact labels keep your brands relevant. At Labeltronix, we're all about creating great impressions for your customers, and peace of mind for you.

If you want to make an appointment to meet at WiVi, please email me or give me a call.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

See Labeltronix at Unified Wine Symposium - Booth 1714
23 January, 2014

Please stop to visit us atLabeltronix Booth #1714 if you go. We will be showcasing our Arctic Bright White Felt, the latest in our Arctic Shield family of Labeltronix-developed labels. This label is distinctive for its brilliant look, and its soft feel - appealing to a buyer's two senses.

We'd love to share how Lean Labeling® can benefit your winery this year, too.

Remember: high-impact labels keep your brands relevant. At Labeltronix, we're all about creating great impressions for your customers, and peace of mind for you.

We look forward to seeing you atBooth #1714 soon!

Labeltronix Launches ‘Arctic Bright White Felt,’ Expanding ‘Arctic Shield’ Line
12 November, 2013

Wineries looking for a waterproof, “chill-proof” label with a delicate felt texture can now choose Arctic Bright White Felt, a distinctive new label material created by Labeltronix.

This is the second label material Labeltronix has launched in its signature, proprietary “Arctic Shield” family of labels that can withstand the wettest of wet and the coldest of temperatures in an ice bucket. The original Arctic Shield, conveying a sophisticated look on white, uncoated paper, was introduced in 2012.

“Our customers have asked for a beautiful white label that has a different tactile experience when a shopper picks it up,” says Jill Sambol, Labeltronix Marketing Manager.  “Arctic Bright White Felt gives producers of wine a way to connect with their buyers using two senses—since this label appeals with its look and feel,” she said.

Both Arctic Shield and Arctic Bright White Felt work equally well with either flexographic or digital offset printing. Arctic Shield branded labels can be embellished with finishing touches like hot foil stamping, embossing, varnishing or lamination.

Labeltronix, the Anaheim, Calif.-based labeling company known for its award-winning wine labels, created Arctic Shield based on feedback from its customers combined with extensive material development and field testing.  In 2012, the company also launched the distinctive black Midnight Vellum label material, designed for the distinctive quality of being impervious to the friction of other bottles during shipping and handling.

For more information and to request samples go to  , or call 800.429.4321.

TTB approval and the government shutdown
03 October, 2013

To our Wine Customers:

I'm sure you are aware about labels pending TTB approval and the government shutdown, but in the event you are not aware here's the details.

Essentially, the message is no applications for Certificates of Label Approval (COLAs) will be processed during this period and government employees will not be available to answer your questions until it reopens. However, the interesting part we noticed in their message is they will still gladly accept payments for taxes on wine.

We can understand how this may be frustrating for you.

Please know that we are here for you and if we can help in any way feel free to contact us any time. 

Labeltronix Marks 20 Years as Southern California's Wine Labeling Leader
23 September, 2013

Labeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of high quality wine labels, celebrates its 20th year in business this month.

The company—which has grown at an annualized rate of 30% in recent years—stakes its reputation on having the highest quality printing in the industry, helping its clients advance their brands, and being an innovator.

Labeltronix established itself as a leader in the wine industry over the past decade by rolling out increasingly sophisticated finishing processes for its premiere labels. In recognition of that level of excellence, the international Flexographic Technical Association has awarded Labeltronix “gold” awards annually for the past five years.

To become an industry leader, Labeltronix relies on creativity. Originators of Lean Labeling®, Labeltronix has developed a new and innovative way to cost effectively produce top quality wine labels. This innovative process has proven to give customers a profound payback. Labeltronix has also developed “high definition flexo” color printing, a technology that produces photo-quality labels with color producing a “real-life” look—an innovation that comes at no extra cost to the customer. Last year, the company rolled out its own wine labeling materials, Arctic Shield and Midnight Vellum.

Labeltronix partners with clients to make them more profitable. “We find Labeltronix to be a teammate, a problem-solver,” says Dennis Stroud, partner and vice president at Plata Wine Partners, a Labeltronix client that produces 50 brands each year. “Some of our label requirements are very, very complex and difficult, but Labeltronix is always up to the task. And that Lean Labeling concept; they practice it, they don’t just preach it.”

Founded in Orange, CA by Dan Blair and Eric Shepard, Labeltronix began by selling printers and labeling supplies. Ten years ago, the company bought its first printing press—a bold move to enter the market and compete with printers that have been in the business for 30 to 50 years.

Today, Labeltronix operates from a new 50,000-square-foot headquarters not far from Disneyland and Angel stadium. The building is strategically designed to make the labeling process run smoothly, and to inspire creativity among those who visit it for tours or educational seminars on printing and branding.

“We started from scratch. We have had record breaking months this year in manufacturing—a real milestone. Every one of our labels is custom, high-quality and requires fine printing, so great effort and care goes into making them,” says John Trail, Labeltronix president and partner with Shepard and Blair.

Indeed, quality is number one at Labeltronix. In 2010, the company earned its ISO 9001:2008 certification, a quality standard designation that it continues to uphold annually.

“Our 20-year milestone is a source of pride, as we have established ourselves as delivering the highest quality in printing in the industry—with only 10 years doing label printing ourselves. It’s also a launching pad, as we plan to ‘innovate forward,’” Trail said.

For more information, contact Jill Sambol at (800) 429-4321, Ext. 137, or

Q: What is an emerging trend that we are seeing in wine label printing?
23 July, 2013

A: Many labels coming through our plant right now incorporate texture. I believe the tactile experience - or "sense of feel" - is becoming an important factor in the design of wine labels. In order to accomplish this, Labeltronix offers custom background embossing tools to add texture to the label. In fact, tactile embossing has becoming popular to give customers a chance to feel the winery name or image on their label.

Call us at 800.429.4321 to learn more about how you can add texture to your label!


How to Enhance Your Brand’s Image with the Latest Print Technologies
25 June, 2013

When winery owners, brand managers, marketers or graphic designers bring a label to be printed at Labeltronix, we see ourselves as a strategic partner to their labeling needs. 

In fact, we bring more than 20 years of expertise in maximizing brands for wineries.

Each label project is unique and can be challenging since the label look and feel (brand image) must satisfy the needs of all parties involved, which can include winery management, brand managers and graphics designers. It is the labeling partner’s responsibility to bring the brand and image of the winery alive through print technologies and capabilities. Besides satisfying all parties involved with the label look (brand image) it is also critical to make sure the label (brand image) stands out from the crowd on retail shelves and impresses consumers in tasting rooms, restaurants and hotels.

At Labeltronix, we act as an interpreter, offering “new thinking” and our suggestions for finishing touches that make the brand truly stand out, adding elegance and prestige.

Some recent examples:

  • A vintner showed us his latest label, and we suggested simply adding spot varnish to themain design elements, which allowed the theme of the brand to be clear and memorable.
  • Another winery wanted to have its labels pop, so we recommended building in more contrast and using multiple varnishes to emphasize what was most important to them.
  • To enhance a $40 to $60/bottle brand, we offered emboss/de boss, gold foil stamping and spot varnish while still being able to have a variable bottle count on the front label. This added value to the brand by causing a limited release wine and the consumers felt special since they are purchasing bottle #83 of only 3,200 released.
  • For a winery that wants to test a few new wine brands in new markets we ran several different design versions of their main brand to allow for “real” consumer feedback before a final decision would be made on brand design and strategy.

To maximize any brand, we utilize many tools to add high quality at a reasonable cost. Among them:

  • Multiple foil stamping color optionsLine Shack Winery
  • Waterproof “paper” labels that are incredibly classy and durable in water
  • Scuff proof materials and special varnishes to ensure wine labels stay looking sharp regardless of shipping and handling in the toughest environments
  • Multiple printing technologies to allow for testing and flexibility of brands
  • Embossing and de-bossing
  • Sculptured embossing with award-winning quality

Please visit our gallery of wine labels. We would welcome the opportunity to bring our “new thinking”  to your labels. Contact us at 800.429.4321, or email us at 

Labeltronix Takes Home 'Gold' in Flexography Awards Five Years in a Row
28 May, 2013

For the fifth consecutive year, Labeltronix is a gold award winner for Excellence in Flexography from The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA).

“With these latest honors, we have now won 24 gold, silver and bronze medals over a five-year period from the Flexographic Technical Association, and I’m very proud of our team that earned us this recognition,” said John Trail, president of Labeltronix.

Labeltronix also brought home two silvers and a bronze in the annual event, which is an international competition for excellence in flexography—a printing process that uses flexible relief plates with raised images.

The awards showcased Labeltronix’s innovative technology, which includes “high-definition flexo” color printing that produces photo-quality labels. The color on these stunning labels has a “real-life” look.

“We are the first—and only—label printing business in the country capable of delivering this premium quality on every order, every day,” says Trail. The decision not to charge extra for the upgrade in quality since it was introduced in 2009 is in keeping with the company’s Lean Labeling® philosophy. 
“One of our bedrock goals is to produce the highest quality labels available in the market while using Lean Labeling, which produces those labels at a cost and delivery that can’t be beat,” Trail says.

“We go for the gold on every project,” Trail says. “That attitude is reflected in our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which we earned in 2010. It’s the standard of excellence we continue to maintain for ourselves, whether we are entered into a competition, or not.”

The gold award was for processed printing on a metalized paper label that a sports nutrition product uses. The other three awards were for wine labels. Two silver awards were granted to Labeltronix-produced labels—one in the “screen uncoated” category and the other in the “line uncoated” category. Labeltronix also won a bronze for a “screen uncoated” wine label.

“We’re especially proud of that success this year, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a business.” Trail said. “With these latest honors, we have now won 24 gold, silver and bronze medals over a five-year period from the Flexographic Technical Association, and I’m very proud of our team that earned us this recognition.”

About Labeltronix

Celebrating its 20th anniversary of success in printing, Labeltronix has delivered the promise of quality and reliability in every customer solution it creates for consumer product manufacturers of food, wine, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, automotive, and personal care products. Labeltronix is Southern California's leading provider of labels, labeling systems and supplies, service and technical support. It has become the single-source supplier for all of its customers - its labeling experts don't simply follow the trends; they set them.

About the Flexographic Technical Association

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), chartered in 1958, is a professional society dedicated to bringing together all members of the flexographic printing community—printers, suppliers, consumer product companies, institutions, prepress houses and others—by providing opportunities for the free exchange of technical ideas and discussion of mutual concerns. The association is a proponent of maintaining and advancing quality standards, and includes 1,300 member companies and 50,000 individual members. 

Labeltronix introduces Arctic Shield at Unified Wine Symposium Booth #1516
02 January, 2013

The Arctic Shield is an elegant, uncoated white paper label that is ice bucket ready exclusivley through Labeltronix.  This label can be printed digital or flexo technology, with finishing options that include hot foil stamping, emobssing, varnish, and lamination.  Recently featured in the November issue of Wine and Vines!

Come visit us at Unified Wine Symposium, Booth # 1516


Labeltronix is excited to be be exhibiting at the first annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo
30 November, 2012

Labeltronix will be exhibiting at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo on December 5th.  Looks for us at booth #103.

Labeltronix is excited to be be exhibiting at the first annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo
08 October, 2012

Labeltronix will be exhibiting at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo on December 5th.  Looks for us at booth #103.

Labeltronix Adds Latest Press to Boost Options for Top-Quality Wine Labels
07 September, 2012

Labeltronix, a premier label printer in the wine industry, recently installed the latest in digital printing technology to expand its printing capabilities and to give its wine customers more versatility in their printing options.

“The best way I can explain it is that our new state-of-the-art digital press is very impressive—and it is getting even more impressive results for our wine clients,” says John Trail, president of Labeltronix.

Among the qualities that make this press stand out are:

  • Quality assurance: With confirmed color consistency and updated technology assurance, labels are closely monitored for detail and      accuracy.
  • More vivid images: Sharp, crisp images with accurate “spot” colors are delivered with ease.
  • Digital advantage for longer runs:While digital printing is considered best for shorter runs, this press is configured to excel at longer runs.
  • Relevance in product life cycle: From design to product launch, digital printing allows the right message to be delivered to the right audience utilizing regionalization.
  • Faster completion of labeling projects:Speed is of the essence with projects today, particularly “speed to market.” This press      accelerates how quickly your labeling projects can be completed.
  • Ecological advantage: This press offers a “greener” solution since little set-up is required reducing the amount of make-ready waste.

“We look forward to showing wineries how this latest technology utilizing digital printing can improve their business. Already, we’re creating eye-popping, high-impact labels with it, and we’re excited about its almost limitless potential,” Trail said.

Labeltronix wins 5 premier print awards from the Printing Industries of America
10 August, 2012

Labeltronix received 5 awards in the Labels and Wraps category at the 2012 Premier Print Awards competition. 

“One of our bedrock goals is to produce the highest quality labels available in the market while using Lean Labeling, which produces those labels at a cost and delivery that can’t be beat,” President John Trail says.

“We go for the gold on every project,” Trail says. “That attitude is reflected in our ISO 9001:2008 certification. It’s the standard of excellence we continue to maintain for ourselves, whether we are entered into a competition, or not.”

Visit our website at or call us at 800.429.4321 to request samples of our award quality labels.

Labeltronix Introduces Arctic Classic Crest, a Classy, Chill-Proof Label Material
16 July, 2012

Wineries looking for a waterproof, “chill-proof” label finally have a 100% reliable option with Arctic Classic Crest, a new label material created by Labeltronix.

 Arctic Classic Crest stands out because it can withstand the wettest of wet and the coldest of temperatures in an ice bucket.

 Classy in appearance, this new label material conveys a sophisticated look on white, uncoated paper that works equally well with either flexographic or digital offset printing.

 Arctic Classic Crest also shines when embellished with finishing touches like hot foil stamping, embossing, varnishing or lamination.

 Labeltronix, the Anaheim, Calif.-based labeling company known for its award-winning wine labels, created Arctic Classic Crest in conjunction with a supplier who conducted much research and development on the product.

 This is Labeltronix’ first release in what will be the Arctic Shield family of labels. Future additions are expected within the year.

Request your FREE Samples Today!

Labeltronix Introduces Midnight Vellum, a Sleek, Scuff-Proof, All-Black Label Material
27 June, 2012

Finally, a label so durable and's Scuff-Proof! 



A label as alluring, strong and reliable as the clock striking midnight every 24 hours.
This high-quality face stock evokes upscale and sophistication for your distinctive 

Guaranteed "Scuff-Proof"

  • Our distinctive black Midnight Vellum labels are impervious to the friction of other wine bottles during shipping and handling.
  • Labels can be moved in wine cases without getting marked up in transit, or suffering from "edge wear."
  • Rest assured your wine bottle will arrive only with the words and images you print on them, and nothing else picked up along the way.

Additional Advantages

  • Eco-Friendly: 30% recycled post consumer fiber
  • Contains wet strength properties to enhance durability in moist environments
  • A sleek look and a sturdy performance combine to give this material both style and substance.

Request Samples

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Labeltronix’ Redesigned Website Reflects New Headquarters
12 June, 2012

Labeltronix is proud to announce the launch of its revitalized website,

“The new site is redesigned so our current clients and future clients can find what they’re looking for easier, and can locate more solutions—like QR codes and adding variable data to their wine labels,” says Jill Sambol, Marketing Manager.

“We also wanted people to get the same fresh experience visiting our website that they get when they visit our new headquarters in Anaheim. Online or on site, they will come away with a ‘wow’ experience after seeing our capabilities,” Sambol says.

For more information, visit

Our Responsibility to the Planet...Our Sustainability Efforts
23 April, 2012

We believe it is our duty to implement strategies to reduce our ecological footprint. Labeltronix is committed to operating our business with sustainable awareness and action for a better, cleaner and healthier tomorrow.

Our Headquarters
When Labeltronix moved into its new headquarters in 2011, we built a state-of-the-art facility with energy efficiency as a fundamental requirement. To reduce our carbon footprint, we installed low-energy lighting, insulation that reduces energy usage, and energy-efficient air conditioning units. Most office areas are equipped with motion-sensor lighting, which reduces the amount of wasted electricity. Labeltronix promotes electronic files striving for a “paperless” workflow.  Whatever paper is generated or received in the course of doing business is eventually sent to a shred-and-recycle company. Our employees also recycle their aluminum and plastic containers.

Our Manufacturing
Our unique process, Lean Labeling®, was developed with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint--from the way we print our labels to the way we package and ship them out. Lean Labeling incorporates waste reduction in both our manufacturing process and how we eliminate waste for our customers.

Our Printing
We utilize eco-friendly printing methods – Digital offset printing and UV Flexo printing.

Digital offset printing is eco-friendly because:

• No water is needed.
• All ink consumables eliminate press waste.
• Solid waste is reduced.
• Make-ready waste is virtually eliminated.
• Ink canisters are recycled.
• Offering eco-friendly material, both uncoated and coated paper, which are Forest Service Council and Rainforest Alliance certified.  UV Flexo printing also has environmental advantages, including:
• Solvent-free inks are used, eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the drying/curing process.
• Ink is activated by UV light; the ink is 100% reusable, resulting in very little treatable waste.
• Offering eco-friendly material, both uncoated and coated paper, which are Forest Service Council and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our Recycling
We offer a recycling program to our customers so they can return their plastic cores, plastic core plus, and cardboard box dividers to us, and we reuse them.  We recycle all cardboard boxes and pallets that come into our facility.

Award Winning Wines Deserve Award Winning Labels
06 April, 2012

Labeltronix took home five awards in the 2012 Excellence in Flexography Awards, Narrow Web Category.  Honored with two gold awards, two silver and one bronze,  Labeltronix was recognized for its impressive  printing capabilities.

Sponsored by the Flexography Technical Association (FTA), these awards are a direct result of the remarkable efforts Labeltronix invests in every project. Landing these awards demonstrates the high standards of excellence the company maintains when printing labels for its clients. “We're certainly proud to be honored with these awards since they reflect our high level of print quality and service commitment to our customers. It is our goal to deliver the highest print standards in the wine industry. We invite you to find out more about Labeltronix and Lean Labeling.”
-John Trail, President

Click here to see the awards that took home 1st, 2nd. and 3rd Place

A growing California converter takes digital – and flexo – in a new direction
12 March, 2012

Featured article in March 2012 - Label and Narrow Web

Digital-only label converters aren’t all that rare any more. But it might be just a bit unusual to find a printer who added flexo capability well after establishing itself as a digital house. That’s the story of Labeltronix, a successful converter in Anaheim, CA, USA. The company found that multiple digital presses could manage growth only so far, so a high-end flexographic press was acquired for production of longer runs. Today, Labeltronix is a prominent manufacturer of labels for wines, nutraceuticals and premium foods, among many other markets.

Many label converters say that they do things differently from others, but that’s rarely the case. Labeltronix, however, has come up with distinctly different ideas about production, and has established programs for customers that offer beneficial pricing. The company operates two full shifts, and recently moved its business to a plant twice the size of its former headquarters.

Labeltronix was founded in 1993 by Dan Blair and Eric Shepard, who remain active partners today. John Trail, the third partner and president of the company, joined in 1995. They started out focusing on sales and service of bar code label printing systems, which remains a significant part of the business today. Soon after, the business evolved to include label sales. “We were having a good run and significant growth with the small labeling systems, but we were also a growing broker and reseller. We wanted more control,” says Trail. “Almost from the get-go we focused on labels, so we were starting to outgrow some of the local converters, in terms of their capabilities and our expectations.”

To get control over their destiny, the partners examined the options. “We looked at acquisitions, but decided to do it our own way, the hard way, from scratch,” Trail recalls. “One of the things that we did was to go out and take the time to interview a number of our largest customers to understand what their needs were and what they were looking for. That’s always been a part of what we are building, and we try to keep that mindset.”

The first step was the acquisition of an HP Indigo 4000 press and finishing equipment from AB Graphic International. That was in 2004.

“Digital is clearly the mindset that we have,” notes Trail. “I like to look at it and say that the Indigo is really no different from the Zebra printer, fundamentally. We get it. We get it as an organization, from Day One: printing from a computer on demand. When you put it in that perspective it wasn’t very intimidating to understand. We’re just taking a file from a computer, sending it right to press and it prints out. And every label can be different.”

The transformation over the past 10 years has been dramatic. “In the beginning we were a black-and-white-only company,” Trail says. “We didn’t know what color was in 2000. Four-color process was a learning experience around here.” But learn they did, and moved beyond the limitations of the broker business to direct connection with clients.

From its location in densely populated Southern California, Labeltronix mainly serves industries in the large state. “Our customer base is very diversified,” says Trail. “We serve the wine and food industries, the largest in the state; medical devices is another significant industry, as well as electronics and media. California is a pretty diversified environment. Nothing comes close to it as far as concentrations and scope of business and volume of opportunity. It’s a lot of small to medium sized businesses. Our diversity, I think, is better, but it’s not easier. It’s more work, more challenges. The wine industry is probably the closest we will ever come to anything that’s of clarity and focus and consistency in our base.”

Labeltronix’s Nilpeter FA servo press

When they turned on the HP Indigo press on the first day, Trail says, “We had no preconceived notions, no previous experience. We do a lot of things differently that might go against the industry, but we don’t know any differently. The more we can embrace this different way and make it work, then it’s a strength and an advantage.

“For us, everything was a learning curve. The HP experience was tremendous. People talk about the famous click charge: We laugh when we hear them complain about it. I wonder why the flexo people don’t look into it. It’s kind of like Apple in some ways: controlling the software, controlling the applications, controlling the user experience. It has negatives because of what Microsoft and others have to offer, but at the end of the day it seems to be emerging as the right way. It has been a benefit to us because it helped steer us in the direction of all the substrates and the inks and all the components versus flexo.”

At the end of 2006, Labeltronix acquired its second HP Indigo, a 4500. Soon after, the company bought a Nilpeter FA flexographic servo press with eight print stations, full UV and sleeve capability.

“Flexo was a need in front of us from our customers,” recalls Trail. “We’re in the game, and we have clients who want more from us that just didn’t justify running digital. So we looked for the most advanced flexo press that could parallel what we have learned and loved and known from the digital experience.” The partners made their final decision at Labelexpo in 2006, took delivery in 2007, and brought in an experienced operator.

“It was a process, like digital, but much more complicated,” according to Trail. “We had some knowledge base as we hit the ground, but we didn’t want too much because we wanted to find our way and run it the way we saw fit.”

Labeltronix utilizes multiple finishing systems that offer various combinations of processes, and include spot finishing with flexo varnishes, flatbed embossing and flatbed hot stamping.
The first finishing machine at Labeltronix had rotary hot stamping. By doing business with the wine industry – known for its exacting standards – the company learned that flatbed was needed to achieve the highest quality level of stamping and embossing. “We can get a much better emboss and much finer hot stamping, because the pressure in the flatbed process is much more controlled and consistent across the web versus the rotary.” Stamping pressure can be as high as 25,000 pounds per square inch. The foil systems feature a servo-driven intermittent feed with a foil-saving process that minimizes the high percentage of waste common in other systems.
As evidence that Labeltronix has established itself as a prominent manufacturer of labels, the team has received more than 30 national and international print quality awards over the past three years, in addition to its achievement of ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010.

Lean Labeling
Several years ago, John Trail was driving home from work and thinking about customers, customer focus and the internal practices of Labeltronix. The name Lean Labeling came to him, and the company adopted the name for a successful customer program and registered it as a trademark.


At its website, the company explains it this way: “Gone are the days when the label printer is in control. With Lean Labeling, you’re in control. Order only the labels you need – when you need them. Your pricing can be fixed… Order only the labels you need when you need them. Your expenses are spread out over time by printing rationally, resulting in improved cash flow and reduced costs.

“…We can offer you flexibility for your business because our just-in-time, Lean manufacturing set-up takes advantage of both advanced technology and an efficient pressroom organized to avoid redundant steps in the production process. …Participation in the program helps you to shorten your time to market, reduce costs, gain great operational control, and make a critical first impression.”

According to Trail, “Our Lean Labeling is the go-to-market difference maker in who we are and how we do business. We knew we were doing things differently, and we were learning about Lean, and we understand the need to communicate to our clients and how does it benefit customers. So we called it Lean Labeling. We embrace the fundamental discipline and the concepts of Lean Manufacturing:  Try to reduce our waste, have less sitting idle, be more sensitive to the customers’ needs, work only working on the job that needs to be worked on now, try to be organized and standardized. We have a process improvement team that we formed last year, eight or nine people, and I’m very excited about it. It’s the future of Labeltronix, it’s the core team from all the different disciplines – manufacturing, customer service, graphics, IT – and we spend a lot of time focused on our work flows and gaps and how to make process improvements.

New space
Labeltronix is conscious of the environment and the inevitable contribution to the waste stream that all label converters must acknowledge. “This new building has a lot of energy efficiencies, with the lighting, power sources, the way it was built and insulated,” Trail says. “The way we run, the amount of waste we generate is well below average, even on the flexo press, because we can set up so quickly and finish with re-registration. We don’t have to run a lot of material to get to registration and set the die up. We have materials that are eco-friendly, and are trying to offer those to our clients.”

Labeltronix’s new Application & Learning Center

The previous home of Labeltronix was located in Orange about two miles from the new plant, was half the area and divided into two buildings, each with two stories. Equipment was in one, materials in the other.

The new space, nearly 50,000 square feet in area, was completely rebuilt inside before the company moved in.

“It was a major project, very successful, a tremendous amount of investment and money and time,” says Trail. “It was on our hit list for years, but we had to move this year, because we ran out of room for the equipment we were adding.” The company signed the lease in mid-August 2011, and moved in by the middle of November.

One of the real eye-openers at the plant is the new Application & Learning Center. It’s a large space, a gallery, just beyond the reception area, and features black open shelving throughout the room displaying samples of products containing labels made by Labeltronix. Large graphics adorn the walls, and comfortable black leather chairs in the center provide a central focus. The effect is dramatic.

“It’s really to focus on our customers,”  Trail says. “At the end of the day we always go back to ‘How does this benefit the customer? Don’t forget about the customer. How do we talk to the customer?’  We don’t like to go out and say, ‘We have X amount of presses.’ They probably don’t care what kind of equipment we have. All they care about is their label. When they walk in here they really want to learn, and here we can talk to them exactly about their specific label, or about their industry, trying to create an environment that can evolve and develop that is focused on our customers and the applications of the labels that we make and how they are used. That’s what it’s about. It’s not about ‘We can make labels.’ It’s about ‘What are those labels used for?’ That center, that room, is all about a myriad of things. We plan to have seminars, both internal and external. Our goals are to be able to put events on here that draw clients in so they will learn something, whether it’s about color or advancements in digital printing.

“To educate people is our number one challenge – what is possible, what are the capabilities,” declares Trail. “Get in front of them and talk to them in language that is meaningful to them. As we stay on the forefront of technology, it will forever be that way.”

Visit Labeltronix at Booth E6 at the Central Coast Winery Equipment Show
24 February, 2012

Your brand deserves wine labels that compel customer to buy. Labeltronix represent your brand using state-of-the-art technology to print high-definition flexo or digital labels, with embossing and debossing capabilities, multiple foil colors and multiple varnish finishes. Confirming their industry-leading status are the many awards they have won for high-quality labels, and a recent cover story in the industry magazine, which identified them as a "customer-centric company."

Labeltronix Supports Wineries Growth by Increasing Capacity
08 February, 2012

Anaheim, CA  – Labeltronix became one of Southern California’s preeminent label printer by putting its customers’ needs first.

Once again, Labeltronix has made a major commitment to its customers—by moving from Orange to a larger headquarters in Anaheim, which increased its capacity, and now adding additional state-of-the-art servo-driven presses.  

Labeltronix has recently installed multiple machines to add capacity to their Lean Labeling operation. “One of our latest investments was another press that is a very specialized and unique to the labeling industry. We acquired it to accommodate our customers’ growth,” says John Trail, Labeltronix President. “By investing in our new presses, we can print more elegant label designs: using several foil colors, with embossing and de-bossing and multiple varnish finishes.”

It was the success of winemakers who choose Labeltronix for their labeling needs that prompted Labeltronix to expand by adding the additional equipment.

“As more clients have taken advantage of our new Lean Labeling® program, we began to learn about the printing challenges they have. We decided the best way to support them was with innovative technology,” says Trail. “Lean Labeling® helps them reduce their costs when they design, manufacture and manage their labels. Now, they will have greater choices in premium printing and finishing options, too.”

One of the new presses was another custom built unique press and was the first of its kind to be delivered in North America. Labeltronix now has multiple machines with these tremendous capabilities:

  • Multiple foil color options—such as blue and gold foil on the same label
  • Embossing and de-bossing
  • Tighter registration to produce more elegant label design work
  • One of several varnish finishes for a specialized look and feel
  • A higher quality appearance

“Now, we have multiple presses at our facility, expanding our ability to serve our customers and accommodating their impressive growth plans,” Trail says.

R & B Cellars cased up to 43% while improving their label look and durability with Labeltronix' Lean Labeling® Technology
30 January, 2012


Alameda’s largest family-owned winery, R&B Cellars, is part of the burgeoning East Bay urban wine scene. Since 1997, winemaker Kevin Brown has crafted the highest quality wines. As jazz musicians, Kevin and Barbara Brown pair their love of creating beautiful music and delectable wine for their customers everywhere. Each of the winery’s varietals has earned 90+ point scores, and numerous accolades nationally.


The previous label manufacturer used older printing technologies and finishing processes to create R&B Cellars’ labels that involved flexo printing and gold foil stamping. R & B wanted to have more flexibility on how they ordered their labels while reducing one time charges (foil plates, printing plates, etc) and the cost of the label.  Any changes with the traditional methods meant big costs.

“We wanted to reduce the cost of our wine labels, while maintaining their quality and appeal,” says Kevin Brown. “Foil-stamping plates were especially expensive. And we didn’t want any quality problems with international shipments.”


The Browns found a harmonious solution to all their label challenges when they tuned to Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix. While they were able to reduce costs at the outset, they were surprised to learn how much more could be accomplished: labels with high-class gold foil look, 100% waterproof labels and quick turnaround times.

“With Labeltronix offset digital printing technology, we got the “gold foil” look without any foil plate charges. And, we can change wine label design and quantities without incurring tooling charges or higher pricing per label set. “

“We’ve found a very high quality label look while getting the durability and cost savings we were looking for.  We are glad we explored Lean Labeling by Labeltronix….” Kevin says.

Visit Labeltronix at Booth #1618 at Unified Wine Symposium
30 December, 2011

High Quality Digital Offset and Flexography

Description: Labeltronix enhances a winery’s brand with state-of-the-art technology for printing high-definition flexo and digital labels. Unique and eye-capturing finishes include embossing and debossing capabilities, multiple foil colors and multiple varnish finishes. Confirming its industry-leading status are the many awards Labeltronix has won for high-quality labels and its innovative Lean Labeling® approach.

Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix

Description: Labeltronix has invested in the latest technologies to provide a unique and innovative approach called Lean Labeling. Labeltronix’s customers receive tremendous value and fresh new benefits, including award-winning quality, cost savings and ordering flexibility, which has never been available before in the marketplace.

Fast Growth Leads Labeltronix to Relocate to New Anaheim Headquarters
02 December, 2011

Labeltronix, a leading supplier of high-quality labels to wineries, has relocated to a new 50,000-square-foot facility in Anaheim.

Fast growth and the success of the company’s trademarked Lean Labeling® program prompted the move to the new location, which will add capacity for Labeltronix’ customers.

“We are so thankful to our customers, whose ongoing vote of confidence in Labeltronix has allowed us to make this major move,” says John Trail, Labeltronix President. “With our new facility, we will be able to expand our digital and flexo printing even further to add capacity and capabilities for our loyal clientele—and new customers, too.”

Labeltronix clients will benefit from improvement in efficiencies in the new headquarters. Looking for improved ways to serve its customers has been one of Labeltronix’ founding principles—which is how Lean Labeling, a better way to create, manage and buy labels—was developed.

Quality is another driving force that will be a deciding factor in the design of the new facility. Labeltronix routinely wins top awards for the labels it creates for clients and is certified with the top international quality standard, the ISO 9001: 2008. 

“We have some exciting plans for our new building and  I look forward to unveiling these surprises at later times” says Trail.

Labeltronix Wins At TLMI
04 November, 2011

Once again, Labeltronix has won two more awards from the Annual TLMI Label Competition.  The winning labels are found below:


See how Labeltronix is "Harnessing Technology" in FLEXO Magazine
10 October, 2011


 We're great at wine labels - but don't take our word for it. The industry association has given Labeltronix major props by featuring them in the September issue of Flexo Magazine.  

Read how Labeltronix harnesses technology and delivers quality, sophisitcated, complex print that customer's value!



QR4Wine Partners with Labeltronix to Provide QR Codes
26 September, 2011

Orange, CA – Labeltronix announces a new partnership with QR4Wine to provide QR codes for Labeltronix’ wine label customers.

“We’ve been watching the trends with QR codes for some time.  Our experience in barcode technology told us it was just a matter of time before the QR code would take off.  Although we can print and verify the accuracy of QR codes, we are not able to create an individual QR code and track it,” says Jill Sambol, Labeltronix’ Marketing Manager. “Many customers were asking us how to get QR codes on their labels.  So, we researched different companies and became aware of QR4Wine as the top single purpose provider in this space.”

Qr4Wine is the wine industry leader in specialty QR centric mobile marketing solutions.  To help introduce smaller wineries to QR codes they recently launched an easy to use ‘freemium’ service which allows wineries to test market them - for free.

"Qr4Wine is by far the most cost-effective and versatile mobile marketing solution available for wineries on small or large budgets, and we want them to discover this for themselves," explains company CEO Mark Smith. "What better way to get them started than to allow them to create free QR codes in association with These codes can be transferred to our feature-rich, cost-effective, premium services suite when they are ready to take advantage of a deeper range of mobile marketing solutions ."

Labeltronix has been using QR codes, and the results have been impressive.  “Internally we will be using QR4Wine’s resources to implement our own QR code marketing initiatives.  We are happy to have found a trusted and reliable source to send our customers to,” says Sambol.

Labeltronix has already printed QR codes on some of their customers wine labels.  “With the spike in interest from our wine customers, we know that they will enjoy exciting results from this partnership,” she says.

Debunking the ‘Offset Myth’: Success Shows Offset Unnecessary in Label Printing
15 August, 2011

Debunking the ‘Offset Myth’

Pietra Santa’s Success Shows Offset Unnecessary in Label Printing


Pietra Santa Winery produces wines in Hollister, California. The San Benito County site was chosen for its outstanding terroir, which also produces olives for high-end olive oil.  They are a small boutique winery with a very diverse portfolio: 7 wines under the Pietra Santa Label, 4 under Signature Collection, plus 3 olive oils and they are bringing on 2 more wines under a separate brand.  This up-and-coming winery has won multiple awards, underscoring its philosophy that “there are no shortcuts to quality.”

The owners of Pietra Santa wanted to get their attractive labels faster and less expensively. Unfortunately, they had been convinced that only waterless offset printing would do the job because they print on uncoated label stock. Still, they wondered if they could do better—and still maintain the top quality of their labels.



Jayme Nunn, marketing director of Pietra Santa, recalls being skeptical that changing from offset would be possible. She interviewed six label printers before choosing Labeltronix.

“We selected Labeltronix because the company could produce our labels with their innovative printing capabilities, HD Flexo or digital technology.  Labeltronix had a unique process called Lean Labeling® that allowed us to order either Digital offset or HD flexo in a way that gave us flexibility we did not know was possible. It was also important to have the right finishing capabilities for our tougher than average gold foil and emboss requirements.  Labeltronix exceeded my expectations,” Nunn says.

To see the many benefits Pietra Santa received from Labeltronix Digital printing, click here!

Lean Labeling Saves One Winery 33% on Label Costs
15 June, 2011

Line Shack Winery Saves 33% on Wine Label Costs,

Faster Delivery and Better Looking Labels 


The Line Shack Winery takes its inspiration from the Old West, Italy and the sanctity of Nature as it produces award-winning Bordeaux and Rhone vintages in the San Antonio Valley AVA Monterey, California. This up-and-coming enterprise is driven by the savvy of Bob and Daphne Balentine, who are committed to pursuing excellence and sustainability as they near production levels of 10,000 cases.


Doing business with a large label manufacturer can cause multiple issues for an emerging winery like Line Shack. The Balentines say they were experiencing many of them: quality issues, long lead times, over paying for labels and always receiving 10% over shipments.


The Balentines were pleasantly surprised to see how many innovations Labelronix’ Lean Labeling® technology afforded them. “It’s amazing.  Not only did we save money on our labels, but they look better, too, as the labels help impress the tasting room crowds and drive retail sales outside our store,” explains Bob Ballentine. “Our results speak for themselves. Just look at how they stack up.”

The bottom line:

QR Codes for your Wine Labels!
06 June, 2011

Have you ever wished that you could interact with buyers immediately as they pick up one of your bottles of wine?

You can—by adding those crazy-looking QR codes to your wine labels.

When potential customers use their smartphones’ QR readers to scan these codes, you are effectively starting a conversation via links, messages or discounts that you embed in the codes.

As QR codes become increasingly popular, Labeltronix is getting more requests to print them for our clients.  To see how one of our customers found a clever use of QR codes, check out the case study, “Twisted Oak Winery Connects with Consumers in QRazy Ways.”

The key to QR codes is interaction. That’s what makes them a game changer as they pop up on billboards, in print advertisements, on boxes and labels.

At Labeltronix, our experience in this new and revolutionary technology means you can be confident that a customer picking up one of your packaged products will be able to “read” your QR code. With our digital printing technology and QR codes, you now have the ability to:

  • Test market
  • Create prototypes
  • Promote your products through this new cross media integration tool
  • Provide limited offers, coupons, or contests
  • Increase your speed-to-market
  • Get instant point-of-sale statistics about buyer curiosity
  • Gain flexibility to customize graphics for specific retailers

Labeltronix Wins Five Medals in Flexography Competition
23 May, 2011

Labeltronix took home the most gold medals in the 2011 Excellence in Flexography Awards, Narrow Web Category. The results of the national competition were announced earlier this month.

Labeltronix was honored with three gold awards, one silver and one bronze. Judges recognized Labeltronix-produced wine and nutraceutical labels.

Sponsored by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), the competition showcases flexography’s most impressive work. Labeltronix, a leading provider of printed labels, received praise from the judges, ultimately landing five medals, more than any other participant in the narrow web category.

“Winning three gold medals—and other awards—demonstrates that we hold ourselves up to the highest standards when we print labels for our clients,” says John Trail, president of Labeltronix.

The labels that won are:

  • Gold Award for Screen, Uncoated – Trinitas 2008 Mysterium California Red Wine Label
  • Gold Award for Process, Uncoated – Eagle Castle 2009 Chardonnay Label
  • Gold Award for Process, Metalized – NLN Chocolate Banana Lean Pro MatrixTM Label 
  • Silver Award for Process, Uncoated, South Coast Winery 2008 Wild Horse Peak Mountain Vineyards Label
  • Bronze Award for Process, Film – Ruby Cuvée Temecula Valley Sparkling Syrah Label

The awards showcased Labeltronix’ innovative technology, which includes“high-definition flexo” color printing that produces photo-quality labels. The color on these stunning labels has a “real-life” look.

“We are the first—and only—label printing business in the country capable of delivering this premium quality on every order, every day,” says Trail. The decision not to charge extra for the upgrade in quality since it was introduced in 2009 is in keeping with the company’s Lean Labeling® philosophy.

“One of our bedrock goals is to produce the highest quality labels available in the market while using Lean Labeling, which produces those labels at a cost and delivery that can’t be beat,” Trail says.

“We go for the gold on every project,” Trail says. “That attitude is reflected in our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which we earned last year. It’s the standard of excellence we continue to maintain for ourselves, whether we are entered into a competition, or not.”

Success Story - Twisted Oak Winery Connects with Consumers in QRazy Ways
03 May, 2011


Twisted Oak’s tech-savvy owner, Jeff Stai, knew about the advantages of QR codes.  Already active in the world of social media, he also knew the QR code would be just the thing for them to connect to their consumers with “smart” mobile devices. The question was, “How to get started?”


Scott Klann, winemaker at Twisted Oak, and Stai began with Google. They quickly found an online source that would create a QR code for them—for free—and decided to try a creative strategy:

  • The Shipwreck E-Commerce Approach: True to their “twisted” name, they wrote their own lyrics to the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song, enticing consumers to scan the QR code so they could see the clever ending on the Twisted Oak
    e-commerce site, where they learn how to buy the wine online.

The Twisted Oak team created a mobile platform for their website, so when the QR code is scanned by a mobile device, the user is taken to a site that is easily viewed on a smaller, hand-held device.  They worked with Vin65 to create this mobile experience.  "We needed a web site that was professional, modern and delivered a good time," says Stai.   

To add readable QR codes on their wine labels, the Twisted Oak team reached out to Labeltronix, who printed the codes on the back labels with incredible success.  Scott also appreciated the fact that he could benefit from Lean Labeling®, which allows the winery owner to buy only the labels he needs, at an affordable price. This winning combination helped Twisted Oak:

  • Reduce label costs and inventory
  • Receive labels quickly and efficiently
  • Receive exceptional customer service


“Adding the QR code is an ingenious marketing concept that puts the winery in full control of how much information consumers can access. The size of wine bottles and labels is limited ‘real estate.’ There’s only so much information a wine marketer can usually convey. But with a QR code, you can do so much more. It’s a great way to tell your wine story, do targeted promotions and have some fun with it,” explains Klann.

“The mobile site now represents almost 10% of our total web traffic.  Since launching the QR code, we’ve seen an increase in web activity in just a matter of weeks.  We even have mobile users voting in our contests, which means that they don’t stay on one page…they are cruising our site really getting to know the Twisted Oak brand.”

Twisted Oak is excited to be ahead of the curve in this area, since mobile devices promise to be “the way of doing business in the future.”  Totally, creatively, unbelievably twisted

How can you benefit from Digital Labels?
25 April, 2011

Labeltronix® is leading an industry revolution  with Indigo digital label manufacturing technology. This ultimate marketing tool features versioning - changing one or more fields of information - even in short-to-medium runs, while offering the highest quality and lowest cost possible. You get the best value in short run custom wine labels and stickers with our state-of-the-art digital printing facility and experienced staff.


Lean Labeling Benefits

Top-quality Labels Lean LabelingLean Labeling Increased Sales

Personalized Labeling Lean LabelingLean Labeling Enhanced Flexibility

Reduced Turnaround Time Lean LabelingLean Labeling Days, Not Weeks

Lower Inventories Lean LabelingLean Labeling Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs Lean LabelingLean Labeling Higher Marketing ROI

Label Changes Lean LabelingLean Labeling Quick, Painless, Cost-Effective

1, 4, 6 Color Process Lean LabelingLean Labeling Enhanced Product Appearance

Wine Label Gallery Updated
20 April, 2011

How is Labeltronix Eco-Friendly? - In Honor of Earth Day
11 April, 2011

More and more companies are looking at ways to be more “green” and offer environmentally friendly products. At Labeltronix, we offer environmental advantages, whether you choose Digital Offset or UV Flexo printing.

Digital Offset printing is eco-friendly because:

  • No water is needed.
  • All ink consumables eliminate press waste.
  • Solid waste is reduced.
  • Make-ready waste is virtually eliminated.
  • Ink canisters are recycled.

UV Flexo printing also has environmental advantages, including:

  • It utilizes solvent-free inks, eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the drying/curing process.
  • Ink is activated by ultraviolet (UV) light. The ink is 100% reusable, resulting in very little treatable waste.
  • Uncoated and coated label materials are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Labeltronix is committed to sustainability with our new Eco-Friendly Facestocks, featuring label materials that are made up of 100%  post consumer waste.  We are committed to helping you grow your business while saving the environment!

NEWEco-Friendly Label Materials for Your business:

Recycled Facestock #1

Recycled Facestock #2

  • 100% PCW Uncoated Litho
  • Ice Bucket Label Material
  • Wet Strength Facesheet
  • 44# PK Liner
  • Embossing Certified
  • Best with Matte Finish
  • 100% PCW
  • 70# Matte Paper
  • 44# PK Liner
  • Best with Gloss Finish

Some additional benefits:

100% Deinked Recycled Fiber

Ancient Forest Friendly

Green-e Certified

Manufactured with 100% Wind Energy

Alkaline pH

Processed Chlorine Free

Lead Free

Phthalate Free

Solvent Free Adhesive

Unbleached Liner

Labeltronix Sponsors Temecula Grape Day
23 March, 2011

Labeltronix is proud to be sponsoring the Temecula Grape Day!

Grape Day is a one day conference featuring in-depth seminars
on the latest advances and developments in viticulture and vineyard management.

Who should attend?
Winemakers, Winery and Vineyard Owners and Managers and anyone who is interested in wine.

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Keyways Vineyard & Winery

Labeltronix Sponsors the Family Winemakers Tasting
22 February, 2011

Once again, we are proud to sponsor the Family Winemakers 3rd Annual Trade & Consumer Tasting in San Diego, CA

Sunday, March 13
Del Mar Fairgrounds


New Labeltronix Brochure Highlights Full Spectrum of Wine Label Option
31 January, 2011

What makes a wine label something special?


Besides the design, it’s all about the label material, the printing, color, embossing, debossing, foil—and more!

With its new Imagine the Possibilities brochure, Labeltronix showcases the beauty of its simple-to-sublime selections for wine labels—from prepress preparations to digital printing, from flexo printing to finishing.

Actual labels are affixed to the brochure to show Labeltronix’ range of capabilities.

Labeltronix routinely creates award-winning labels, recognized in national printing competitions. The new brochure illustrates what makes Labeltronix labels stand out.


16 November, 2010

Labeltronix took 1st place and 2nd place honors in the Annual TLMI Label Awards cometition.  The categories for these entries were as follows:

  • Wine & Spirits - Flexography/Letterpress
  • Flexography – Color Process - Prime

TLMI  is a member driven association strongly committe to providing business solutions that enhance the prosperity of its members and the narrow web tag, label, and packaging industries.

Santo Stefano Wine Label

Offering Winemakers More Label Options Than Ever Before
22 October, 2010

Whether at influential wine tasting event or on the table, wine submerges in ice buckets often come out with waterlogged, damaged and dislodged paper labels.

Now, there's a solutions 



We Challenge You to See for Yourself … 
Take the Ice Bucket Challenge!


This is a waterproof label that will not tear, scratch or deteriorate when immersed in water or an ice bucket. At Labeltronix, they give their winemaking customers "label appeal!"


Lean Labeling® - Offering Winemakers More Label Options Than Ever Before

Once again, Labeltronix is blazing a trail for its customers by expanding its Lean Labeling® program and now offering the highest quality available with the installation of a new state-of-the-art servo driven press, one of the first of its kind.

“We wanted to give winemakers even more ways to get eye-catching labels,” says John Trail, Labeltronix president. “With our new press, we have greater flexibility in how we can print elegant label designs: using several foil colors, with embossing and de-bossing and multiple varnish finishes.”

“As more clients have taken advantage of our new Lean Labeling® program, we began to learn about the printing challenges they have. We decided the best way to support them was with innovative technology,” says Trail. “Lean Labeling® helps them reduce their costs when they create, buy and manage their wine labels. Now, they will have more premium printing options, too.”

This finishing press is one of the first of its type to be delivered in North America. With it, Labeltronix customers can now benefit from:

  • Multiple foil color options—such as blue and gold foil on the same label
  • Embossing and de-bossing
  • Tighter registration to produce more elegant label design work
  • Several varnish finishes for a specialized look and feel
  • A higher quality appearance

All of this with the continuing benefits of Lean Labeling from Labeltronix.

These capabilities will continue to advance Labeltronix’ position as a top-quality label producer. This year, the company won numerous awards at the national 2010 Excellence in Flexography Awards competition —including four gold medals, two silver, and one bronze.

“We’re happy that we took delivery on this press, just in time for the first ‘crush’ of winemaking season in California,” says Trail. “Timing is everything—whether it’s winemaking or label printing.”

"Labeltronix helped us turn the Back from the Dead Red design into a true standout label once it was printed."

Doug Walker
Plata Wine 


"Their ability to complete jobs quickly, and attention to detail while doing so, is unmatched in my experience."

Nick Pearl


"Labeltronix took a beautiful design and made the label come to life with great color and texture. The feedback from our distributors and customers has been amazing."

Leon Tackitt
Tackitt Family


"As a hard-charging CEO with very little day to day patience, responsiveness is paramount to me. Labeltronix has been incredible in that department."

Richard Miller


"The brand has grown extremely fast since our launch, and it has been great to have a label print partner that we can count on to make the printing process easy, quick, and cost-effective."

Tom Lynch
1026 Beverages


"It's been absolutely great dealing with Labeltronix. We've taken a design that we love and created an eye-catching label. The boost in sales tells the tale."

Laina McFerren
Wolf Creek 


"We've been very impressed with the quality of the labels. The labels look like they are printed in high definition and make the artwork pop."

Curtis Chism
Council Brewing



"The bottles look fantastic on both well-lit liquor store shelves, and on dimly lit back bars. We could not be happier with the experience and results we've had with Labeltronix."

Lenny Eckstein


"The new Cobblestone paper conveyed a quality product. Exactly what we were looking for when we launched our Barrel Aged beer."

Jennifer Febre
MacLeod Ale Brewing Co.


Title Name Email Phone
Business Development Partner Bill Huey 800-429-4321 Ext (162)
Marketing Manager Jill Sambol 800-429-4321 Ext (137)
General Manager Shawn Plunkett 800-429-4321 Ext (154)
Partner Dan Blair 714-363-4100
Partner Eric Shepard 714-363-4101
Adobe Acrobat File

Adding the QR code is an ingenious marketing concept that puts the winery in full control of how much information consumers can access. The size of wine bottles and labels is limited real estate. There's only so much information a wine marketer can usually convey.

Adobe Acrobat File

Bleed Guidelines for submitting label design

Adobe Acrobat File

Artwork requirements for submitting label design

Arctic Shield
A Water & Ice Proof Label Solution To meet the needs of our wineries and breweries, Labeltronix has partnered with our paper supplier to create a proprietary self-adhesive label that keeps a tight grip on ...
Digital Labels
Digital labels is the solution for quick, cost-effective, and strategic runs. Traditionally, label printing was done on flexographic presses utilizing costly plates and set-up costs.  Significant time was needed to create the plates, ...
AVA Label Series
The rich stories behind California wines inspired our latest materials to distinguish your labels. Much as each AVA is distinctive in its growing influences, its grapes and its beauty, each of our new lustrous label ...




- Dedicated, experienced, consultive team
- Needs assessment provided
- Industry-specific knowledge
- Responsive to your needs
- Quality requirements met or exceeded
- Team members have responsibility and authority to stop work for quality concerns
- Continuous improvements for best results
- ISO 9001:2008 Certification
- National and regional quality awards
- Brand integrity assurance
- Latest and greatest flexographic and digital printing
- Inline and offline digital finishing
- Streamlined workflow
- Fast set-up and quick changes
- Scalable
- Sophisticated foil, emboss, and spot varnishing features
- Game-changing and unique enhancements
- Exclusive materials
- Consistent registration and color
- Thorough inspection
- Order control and flexibility
- Consistent label pricing
- Preserve cash flow - purchase what you need, when you need it
- No extra inventory or waste
- Low-cost changes and upgrades


- Large offering of materials with PCW content

Digital offset printing:
- No water required
- Little to no make-ready or press waste
- Reduced solid waste
- Recycled ink cartridges
UV Flexo printing:
- Solvent-free, 100% reusable ink
- FSC and Rainforest Alliance-certified material
- No water required