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J. Tech Sales, a Maroon Group LLC Company, is a world class distributor of specialty ingredients across North America. We leverage a common infrastructure of industry leading technology, value-add services, global sourcing & logistics network, and a commitment to Creating Customer Success®. This operating philosophy has enabled us to offer our customers & principal suppliers with national capabilities while maintaining a local focus.


J. Tech Sales, a Maroon Group LLC Company, is proud of its corporate values and invests these values into the hearts of its employees. Through our continuous quality improvement process and company-wide dedication to Creating Customer Success®, we strive to be the most customer-centric company in the specialty ingredient distribution business.

Enzymes for Wine Making

Enzymatic technologies are used to facilitate and speed-up biochemical reactions. These reactions are at work all around us in the Spirits, Beer, Wine, Juice & Olive Oil processing industries.


J. Tech Sales distributes Novozymes' enzymes into the wine making market. These enzymes can:

  • Increase wine yield & reduced viscosity
  • Increase filtration effectiveness
  • Increase extraction of anthocyanins, tannins, varietal flavor & aroma compounds
  • Increase solids settling during fermentation
  • Increase free juice
  • Complete depectinization & fast clarification
  • Enhance aroma, roundness & mouthfeel


MACERATION  Red CrushingVinozyme® Vintage FCE

Pectinase, hemicellulase, rhamnogalaturonase, protease

 Vinozyme® Process

Pectinases and hemicellulase

 VinoCrush® Classic

Pectinases and hemicellulase

White CrushingVinozyme® FCE G

Pectinase, hemicellulase, protease

 Vinozyme® ProcessPectinases and hemicellulase VinoCrush® ClassicPectinases and hemicellulase


CLARIFICATION  WhiteNovocair® Speed

Pectinase, hemicellulase, arabinase

Red & WhiteVinoClear® Classic

Pectinase, hemicellulase, arabinase

   MATURATION  RedVinoTaste® ProBetaglucanases (1,3 and 1,6), pectinases, protease and arabinase   AROMA LIBERATION  WhiteVinoTaste® ProBetaglucanases (1,3 and 1,6), pectinases, protease and arabinase   FILTRATION  Red & WhiteVinoTaste® ProBetaglucanases (1,3 and 1,6), pectinases, protease and arabinase   FILTER CLEANING   Pectinex® Ultra TropicalPectinases, hemicellulases and cellulases



News Archive

What's mold got to do with it?
01 October, 2019

Botrytis got you down?
Have your vineyards experienced a high amount of rain this season? Have you noticed that pesky Botrytis cinerea growing on your grapes? Normally, you'd be concerned by this. However, you know that Maroon Group has a solution that will help you get delicious wine despite Botrytis!

Maroon Group offers the following enzymes to help overturn the effects of Botrytis on your grapes.

´╗┐Vinozym® FCE-G and Vinozym® Vintage FCE assist with releasing free run juice rapidly. Using these enzymes protects the juice from further contamination from the bacteria and increases yields versus not using enzymes.

VinoTaste® Pro can help break down glucans caused by Botrytis that can turn wines cloudy and defective. VinoTaste® Pro benefits include improving structure and mouthfeel of red wines and increasing delicious fruit flavors in white wines.

Suggested Usage Rates:

• 30 - 40 grams of Vinozym® Vintage FCE per 1,000 kilograms of red grapes, added after crushing/destemming

• 30 grams Vinozym® FCE-G per 1,000 kilograms of white grapes added directly to crusher/destemmer

• 6 - 10 grams VinoTaste® Pro per 100 liters just prior to fermentation

Vinozym® FCE-G (dry)
Vinozym® Vintage FCE
VinoTaste® Pro
Enhanced color and flavor in premium white winesEnhanced color and flavor in premium red winesFaster clarification of grapes for wine processing
• Enhanced release of fruit flavors and     aromas

• Increases free-run juice release at the   crushing step which leads to better         quality

• Improves yield

• Reduces turbidity

• Enhances color extraction and stability

• Improves body and mouthfeel by           releasing the soft tannins from the         pectin matrix.

• Increases free-run juice and improves   quality

• Liberates aroma and flavor                     compounds from the bound matrix

• Creates improved mouthfeel and          perceived structure in red wines

• Increases the release of fruit flavor in   white wines

• Breaks down glucans caused by           botrytis

• Improves clarification and filtration       after alcoholic fermentation

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Do you have a crush on Novozymes enzymes?
03 June, 2019

Look no further J. Tech Sales carries the complete line of Novozymes enzymes for all your winemaking needs.  Please reach out to Cynthia Lund at or 971-228-9877

Your Source for Enzymes!
05 April, 2019

J. Tech Sales provides enzymes that you need to meet your production goals. Enzymes are natural protein compounds found throughout nature. Enzymes are an important part of the winemaking process as they assist with increasing extraction, improving yield, speeding up the process, and breaking down the pectin in grapes, which allows for better tannin extraction and improving quality, color intensity and stability.

Benefits of Using Enzymes

Increased yield

Improved quality

Enhanced color stability

Improved clarity

Faster processing

Improved operation of floatation clarifier or centrifuge

Increased flavor and aroma

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