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About J Rettenmaier USA

Recognized globally as a dynamic leader in the fiber industry, J. Rettenmaer USA’s (JRS USA) dedication to using sustainable renewable resources to produce natural fiber of the highest quality for our customers, has always been of the utmost importance.  As part of the global JRS Group, JRS USA has access to more than 140 years of expertise in fibers from raw plant material such as cellulose, vegetable and wood fibers, compounds, granulates, mixtures and specialty formulas.  Because of the wide range of industries we serve, it is safe to say that JRS USA fibers touch the lives of most people, daily.  From pharmaceutical to food to cosmetics to road construction to filtration to industrial items and more, our fibers are there - helping to create better and more effective products.

When used for filtration, our VITACEL® products are not only a safe and environmentally friendly substitute for diatomaceous earth and perlite, but they provide operational improvements through excellent filtration efficiencies, faster filtration rates, longer cycle times and reduced product loss.

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National Market Manager Don Hearl 423-443-1408
Sales Manager Jerome Jacobs 510-870-1640

VITACEL® - The better alternative to Diatomite and Perlite

VITACEL® is a filter aid made from highly purified cellulose - the most abundant and renewable raw material in nature.  As a natural material, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Our VITACEL® fibers are available in different grades for whatever filtration demands your wine making process entails, and with no special equipment needed, our customers are able to continue to use their current production setup without added machine costs.



Advantages Compared to Diatomite and Perlite

Lower specific non-consumption: up to 70% less compared to diatomite and perlite

Higher yields: shorter pressing cycle, enhanced must quality; longer filter cycles (lower protein content)

Slower agitation option: no sedimentation due to lighter density of fiber and less settling-great for delicate red wines

More PPE choices: no silicate-containing, crystalline components, non-toxic; respirators and other similar protection not required

Less disposal costs: since cellulose is biodegradable, spent filter cakes can be used as valuable compost/fertilizer and be safely discharged into municipal sewer systems

More stable cake formation: fiber precoats resist pressure surges and interruptions, prevents fiber bleed-through and mechanical leaks

Softer, less abrasive: significantly less wear to equipment means lower maintenance cost (pumps, valves, filter cloth, etc.)

Method of Application

Lees Filtration:

VITACEL® L60 for filter press applications. For tighter filtration use VITACEL® L30.

Dosage: 1 kg VITACEL® L60 or L30/100 L  (instead of 1.5 kg perlite or 2.5 kg diatomite). For higher flow use VITACEL® L60 or for better clarity use VITACEL® L20. Use ARBOCEL® BWW 40 for rotary vacuum drum filter.

Wine Filtration:
First and second filtration with VITACEL® L20.

Dosage: Use approximately 33% of your current diatomite consumption. For higher flow use VITACEL® L30 or L60. For better clarity use VITACEL® L10.

Press Aids:

For valuable or hard to dejuice grapes to gain higher yields and to obtain a better must quality use Arbocel FIC200 (VITACEL® L500).

Dosage: 0.75 1 kg ARBOCEL® FIC 200 (VITACEL® L500) / 100 L

"Fibers designed by Nature"

Our slogan reflects our commitment to standards and responsible approach to natural resources. Our fibers are produced from natural, renewable raw materials like grain, fruit, vegetables and wood cellulose fibers.


As a company, we strive to meet high ecological standards - from the selection of raw materials to manufacturing using environmentally friendly processes. As a result, JRS achieves ecological and economical sustainability goals, and our worldwide presence enables us to optimally source raw materials to meet these goals - an important factor in manufacturing such a wide range of unique products.  In conjunction, we continually and consistently work to improve and optimize our process and plant technologies to reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment. because at the end of the day, our "Fibers designed by Nature" should contribute to improving all areas of modern life and to a livable and intact environment to pass on to the following generations.

Cradle-to-Cradle Sustainable Products

Most JRS products are produced with the least amount of waste, and their usefulness expands beyond the initial reasons for purchase: cradle-to-cradle products. First, products are derived from plant raw materials. Second, usage possibilities extend to other applications, e.g., plant raw material used for the filter cake means the cake can be later used for animal feed or it can be composted.

Our sales team is available and willing to recommend different product groups based on application areas.

Contains no crystalline silica.