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what is InnoVint?

InnoVint is cloud-based wine production software that enables real-time data entry using mobile devices. Our platformdesigned by experienced winemakers and top engineersis intuitive, flexible and models every step of the winemaking process. InnoVint puts real-time data at your fingertips, giving you superior insight into your operations to help you and your team make better wine, together.

real-time data capture & work orders

InnoVint's mobile record-keeping eliminates paper records and duplicate data entry. You can record activities, additions and analytics via mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Work orders are created and assigned digitally. Cellar staff receive them on a mobile device, enter the requested data, and complete them as the work is performed. Work orders are editable and flexible so you can confidently plan both your long-term monthly topping schedule and last-minute work during harvest.


flexible workflow

InnoVint provides a variety of mobile options to fit your unique winery environment, from fully-featured tablet access to mobile apps for iPhones and iPods. Each user has their own permission-based account allowing everyone involved and interested in production analytics to find value in InnoVint, from the owners to the interns.


consultants, APs & custom crush

InnoVint easily manages the various relationships you may have with internal and external stakeholders at your winery. You can manage multiple bonds at one location and group inventory by custom crush client or AP. Winemaking consultants are able to toggle easily between all their clients from a single interface.


InnoVint supports winery compliance by reporting on gains and losses to make monthly, quarterly, or annual 5120 (702) report submissions.

all-inclusive pricing

We never charge per user, per device, or per feature, encouraging full adoption across the cellar and lab. When we make upgrades and add new features, they are automatically added to every account without any winery interaction.

and more!

These features are just the beginning! Contact us to explore all that InnoVint has to offer.

InnoVint Mobile App
InnoVint Mobile App
InnoVint's mobile app allows for complete inventory monitoring, digital work order completion, and entry of real-time activities.
InnoVint Lot Explorer
InnoVint Lot Explorer
Lots in InnoVint are elegantly managed with intuitive icons and names, making lot inventory management a breeze.
Lot Detail Page
Lot Detail Page
Lot detail pages give you just enough information to know the most recent activities and analytics. Want more detail? It's just a click away.
InnoVint Introduction
InnoVint Introduction
Get to know what InnoVint is all about!

News Archive

ETS and InnoVint partner for new integration
24 April, 2017

InnoVint has released a deep integration with ETS Labs and their analytical testing service. Analyical samples from wine and juice are pulled directly within InnoVint, a real-time mobile-driven production tracking platform, and sent to ETS. Once the results are posted InnoVint automatically associates the results with your lots and vessels without any data entry. Learn more about this feature and InnoVint by emailing

InnoVint integration with FOSS
24 March, 2017

InnoVint has a new advanced integration feature with FOSS wine analytical products. The wine quality control parameters map directly to InnoVint, allowing for a seamless capture of your sample results per lot and vessel, along with the date and timestamp. Learn more about this feature and InnoVint by emailing


Stop wasting time chained to a desk a slave to spreadsheets!
13 January, 2017

Do you spend far more time at your desk than you'd like managing your spreadsheets and database? What if there was software that eliminated this work for you, where all your winemaking data was recorded on the spot by your team into a shared cloud-based mobile platform?

Check out InnoVint. Your modern winemaking platform with a human touch. Many of your peers are already on board and loving it.


Now's the time to get into gear! Here's why:

  • It's quick to learn and easy to use. It can take less than a day to be up and running. We offer inventory import services if needed.
  • Our clients love us. In our October 2016 survey, 100% of respondents said that InnoVint meets their needs Extremely Well or Very Well, and 100% rate the value Excellent or Above Average for the money. 
  • We cater to you. Large and complex or boutique and straightforward, we've got you covered. Our subscription packages scale accordingly with no secret fees or unexpected add-ons.
  • Reporting is a breeze. Whether internal operations require consistent reporting or you're executing your TTB 5120.17 report, we deliver everything you need to conduct your business effectively and efficiently.
  • Features galore. Vineyard tracking, activity calendars, mobile notifications, dry good tracking and additive calculations, custom crush permissions... and more!

Ready for a customized demo, proposal, or free trial? Contact us right now!
Email or call 707-418-0119, Ext 1. We'll be in touch shortly.


New! Mobile, Real-Time Custom Crush Winemaking Software
16 December, 2016

InnoVint, the leader in real-time mobile production software, is thrilled to announce a new and exciting feature that grants custom crush clients and other winery stakeholders controlled access to InnoVint. 

The platform tracks every inventory item specific to it's owner(s) and users are assigned an access level: Admin, Team Member, or Read-Only. Clients can access their inventory anytime, anywhere, can assign digital work orders, and can run reports and compliance exports without host winery interaction. Being a custom crush provider has never been easier!


We'd love to share our successful case studies with you. Please contact to learn more about everything InnoVint has to offer.

Experience InnoVint at the WIN Expo
20 November, 2015

InnoVint will be showcasing their mobile, real-time cellar management platform as a Platinum sponsor (booth #402) at the upcoming North Coast Wine Expo on Thursday, December 3rd at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds. This is your chance to talk to the passionate team about what they've built and experience the platform for yourself. Bring your team and learn how automating workflow and having a real-tiime system benefits everyone, from the winery owners to the harvest interns.

If you have questions beforehand please don't hesitate to contact InnoVint directly at 707-418-0119 or

We look forward to meeting you!

Winemaking Goes Mobile
21 September, 2015

San Francisco, Calif. – InnoVint, a new winery software company in the San Francisco Bay Area, announces the release of their real-time wine production software that tracks every operation from grape to bottle. The cloud-based system is the first of its kind to utilize mobile devices for data entry and work orders.

Winemakers are currently burdened with heavy data entry and cumbersome spreadsheets to track and report on winemaking operations. “My peers and I grew tired of all the paperwork and database maintenance that kept us tied to our desks,” says Ashley DuBois, Co-Founder and CEO of InnoVint and experienced winemaker. “I wanted a solution that allowed us to do our job on-the-go from anywhere. I knew it needed to be mobile, accurately model winemaking activities, and be approachable and usable for every team member.”

InnoVint works on a multitude of devices, from desktop computers and laptops to tablets, iPhones and iPods. The user interfaces are pleasing to the eye with intuitive icons and flexible process flows that simplify complex wine operations. Winemaking activities can be logged in real-time directly through the mobile app, or tasks can be assigned and completed digitally in a work order. The platform provides a comprehensive view of each wine in the cellar and detailed reporting of all wine activities, additions, and analytics at any point in time.

In late 2013 the company began partnering with select wineries in Napa and Sonoma to develop the functionality and test the software as a part of a Beta program. Today, these winemaking teams have opened up about their experiences with InnoVint.

“We could not be happier with their product and honestly feel that InnoVint will set a new caliber for winemaking software,” confesses Mike Lucia, Assistant Winemaker at Copain Wines in Healdsburg.  “We enjoy the overall design and layout, visual icons, and flexibility across multiple platforms. They truly made this a user-friendly program with all the detail you need to access and create work orders, manage inventory, and enter analysis in real-time.”

InnoVint can show great gains in productivity and team member accountability. “InnoVint empowers our cellar staff,” claims Megan Gunderson, Winemaker for Hall Wines and Walt Wines in St. Helena. “They don’t have to constantly rely on someone telling them what to do next. It also reduces the hours spent generating work orders, entering into a database system and filing. It allows for real-time data entry – which is especially powerful during harvest.”

Given the product’s ability to manage internal teams as well as cross-winery users, it provides great value to winemaking consultants. Katy Wilson, winemaker for Cobb Wilson Wine Consultants, has multiple clients using the platform. “Being able to assign work orders digitally and track their progress in real-time has helped to save me time and stay organized. I can be on the go in the vineyard or at a tasting event and still be able to track what is happening at the winery.”

InnoVint has ambitious plans for its software offerings. “We are a passionate, talented team of winemakers and engineers excited to show the wine industry how accessible, valuable, and fun great software can be, while at the same time tackling real problems no one has solved yet. There’s a lot more to come from us,” says Andrew Headrick, Co-Founder and CTO of InnoVint.

InnoVint is now accepting new winery clients. To learn more about InnoVint, please visit You can also follow the company on Facebook and Twitter at @goinnovint.

Cellar Platform
InnoVint's flagship product is a web and mobile-based cellar management software platform. It tracks and reports on all winemaking activites from weight tag to bottle. With real-time data entry and mobile work orders, redundant, back ...