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At Hobart, it is our mission to provide premium commercial dishwashers that foodservice and food retail professionals can trust to work hard and deliver quality, consistent results day in and day out, empowering them to focus on what they love most—creating great food for great people. Achieve a better clean for less—less time, energy and cost. From sparkling glasses to freshly washed dishware and totes, Hobart commercial dishwashers deliver a level of clean that staff and customers will appreciate.Backed by our nationwide network of 1,500 factory-trained service technicians, we’re always nearby to install, maintain and service your equipment, no matter the make or model.Hobart is part of ITW Food Equipment Group (a division of Illinois Tool Works) and is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2008.Explore Hobart by, connecting with us on Facebook bycontacting your local Hobart representative at 888-4HOBART.


Here's to Higher Standards

Your customers expect more from their drinking and dining experiences these days as they fill their glasses with craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, boutique wines and specialty nonalcoholic beverages.

Now you can be sure in knowing that nothing will get in the way of your customers enjoying the pure taste and care you pour into every glass. The all-new Advansys™ LXGe glasswashers clean and sanitize glassware with no chemical residue.

Both glasswashers are ENERGY STAR qualified with easy, one-button operation and a special "Soft Start" feature that helps protect glasses from chipping and breaking. With two available heights, compact design and high-end appearance, the Advansys LXGe glasswashers are an easy fit--even in the most exclusive establishments.


For more info on our glasswashers click here 

Glasswasher Drinks


Hobart Advansys LXGeR-1 glasswasher
Hobart Advansys LXGeR-1 glasswasher
Advansys Glasswasher with Energy Recovery, Hot Water sanitization, .62 gal/rack, 30 or 24 racks per hour, Fresh Water Rinse, Steam Elimination, Smart Sensing, Auto Delime notification and cycle, Auto Chemical priming, includes detergent, rinse aid and delime pumps, 2 programmable cycles, Advanced service diagnostics, electric tank heat, 14" Legs, 120/208-240/60/1, Energy Star
Hobart Advansys LXGPR-1 glasswasher
Hobart Advansys LXGPR-1 glasswasher
Advansys Glasswasher with PuriRinse, Cold Water sanitization, 1.14 gal/rack, 38 or 29 racks per hour, Sanitizer Rinse, Smart Sensing, Auto Delime notification and cycle, Auto Chemical priming, includes detergent, sanitizer, rinse aid and delime pumps, 2 programmable cycles, Advanced service diagnostics, electric tank heat, 14" Legs, 120/60/1, Energy Star
Hobart Advansys LXGeR-2 glasswasher
Hobart Advansys LXGeR-2 glasswasher
Advansys Glasswasher with Energy Recovery, Hot Water sanitization, .62 gal/rack, 30 or 24 racks per hour, Fresh Water Rinse, Steam Elimination, Smart Sensing, Auto Delime notification and cycle, Auto Chemical priming, includes detergent, rinse aid and delime pumps, 2 programmable cycles, Advanced service diagnostics, electric tank heat, 6" Legs, 120/208-240/60/1, Energy Star
Hobart Advansys LXGPR-2 glasswasher
Hobart Advansys LXGPR-2 glasswasher
Advansys Glasswasher with PuriRinse, Cold Water sanitization, 1.14 gal/rack, 38 or 29 racks per hour, Sanitizer Rinse, Smart Sensing, Auto Delime notification and cycle, Auto Chemical priming, includes detergent, sanitizer, rinse aid and delime pumps, 2 programmable cycles, Advanced service diagnostics, electric tank heat, 6" Legs, 120/60/1, Energy Star
Lease to Own Program - Hobart Glasswasher
Lease to Own Program - Hobart Glasswasher
Enjoy round after round of worry-free glass cleaning, and at a lower cost to you. With this new monthly payment option, a Hobart Glasswasher is now more affordable than ever.
Hobart Perfect Glass Microsite
Hobart Perfect Glass Microsite
TASTE THE DRINK, NOT THE GLASS Hobart LXGe glasswashers give you crystal-clean glasses, without the chemical residues that three-sink cleaning systems and traditional dishwashers leave behind. This ensures exceptional drinking experiences and helps you turn picky patrons into devoted regulars.
Hobart Glasswashers ensure you put your best glass forward!
Hobart Glasswashers ensure you put your best glass forward!
Hobart glasswasher vs. 3 compartment sink
Hobart Glasswasher Facebook Page
Hobart Glasswasher Facebook Page
Best In Class
Best In Class
Hobart, Warewashing, LXGe Series
Hobart, Warewashing, LXGe Series
Better Drinking Experience
Hobart Advansys LXGe Glasswasher
Hobart Advansys LXGe Glasswasher
LXGe Operator Video
Hobart GlassWasher
Hobart GlassWasher
The Hobart Glasswasher can help you craft better drinking experiences for your customers!

News Archive

Experience the Difference of Perfect Glass.
22 October, 2018

What Is Drain Water Tempering and Why Is It Important?
09 October, 2018

Commercial dishwashers are an important part of any foodservice operation, whether large or small. Automatic dishmachines contribute in a big way when it comes to labor efficiency and cost savings. And, perhaps the most important contribution is performance; after all, the serving pieces, prep ware, and glasses must be spotless and sanitized.

However, there’s an element you should be aware that is often overlooked when considering the cost of operating your dishmachine—

Drain Water Tempering

This term refers to the process of cooling drain water (or wastewater) as it exits the dishwasher.

Why is it important?

Drain water tempering is defined in the national plumbing code and has been adopted by many cities and municipalities to help protect the integrity of drain lines. The temperature of the water leaving a dishwasher must be cooled to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or below so it’s not too hot when entering a drainage or sewage system. Water that is hotter than 140 degrees can degrade pipes and cause leaks in the drain lines.

Step 1

If you’re concerned about how drain water tempering may affect your foodservice operation, the first step is to know your plumbing codes. Do some online research and discuss the issue with a licensed plumber.

Step 2

Next, make sure the drain water from your commercial dishwasher is properly cooled before entering the drain system. This is important because it’s likely repairs to leaky drain lines will cost more than keeping your wastewater cooled to the correct temperature.

How it works

By now you’re probably wondering how the drain water tempering process works. In most cases, cold water is added to the drain water as it is exiting the dishwasher. The method can vary; some solutions use electrically actuated technology which requires a power source to open and close a cold-water valve. Other systems consist of a variably designed mechanical cold-water valve which works without the need for an additional power source.

If you determine drain water tempering is required, find out if your commercial dishwasher manufacturer offers a drain water tempering kit (drain water tempering kits are available for all Hobart dishmachines). A professional installation is recommended and once the kit is operational, a cold-water valve will automatically add cold water to the waste water when it starts to drain at the end of a cycle.                      

Technologies are also available that reduce the reliance on a tempering kit. The Hobart Advansys™ CLeN Conveyor Type dishwasher packs a punch when it comes to water and energy saving technologies. This dishmachine comes with the money-saving Drain Water Energy Recovery technology (or DWeR). DWeR is an exciting innovation that captures the heat from the hot wastewater to increase the temperature of incoming water from a cold-water line. Drain water is cooled below 140 degrees, reducing the amount of tempering water needed by up to 90%, saving a lot of water and money.

Whether you opt for installing a drain water tempering kit or purchase a machine with built-in drain water tempering technology, remember to keep your foodservice operation compliant with plumbing codes.

And, remember that commercial dishwashers are not the only pieces of equipment that produce hot wastewater. Check your operation for other equipment that may require a drain water tempering process, such as boilers, humidifiers, and other automatic cleaning equipment.

Contact Hobart at 888-4HOBART if you have any questions and/or would like to learn more about the installation of a drain water tempering kit. 

Download Our Drainwater Energy Recovery Guide

Last Call for Outdated Glass Cleaning Methods
29 September, 2017


Uncork a new era of clean with Hobart LXGe glasswashers! Sinks and traditional dishwashers have been doing a mediocre job of cleaning glassware since Prohibition. Now, you can enjoy round after round of worry-free glass cleaning. And if you ever need help along the way, our factory-trained support team is always just a call away.

Simple, One-Button Operation


Instead of messing around with complicated settings, Hobart LXGe glasswashers give your bartenders the freedom to do what they do best—take care of your patrons.


Run Hot or Cold


The Hobart LXGeR lets you use a cold-water supply while still achieving high-temperature wash and rinse—eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers and greatly reducing steam discharge. The Hobart low-temp LXGePR with PuriRinse technology uses potable water to effectively rinse away sanitizers. The choice is yours.


Better for Your Business. Better for the Environment.


LXGe glasswashers increase your productivity and profitability by saving time, energy, and water. And with ENERGY STAR®-qualified performance, they help you save a lot more than that.


Form that Conveys Function


While the thoughtfully engineered technology on the inside of your LXGe glasswasher is hard at work discreetly cleaning your glassware, its high-end aesthetics will let your patrons know that you care about the quality of their drinking experience.

Click here for more information. 

How the Hobart Advansys LXGeR Helps the Whiskey House Make Its Mark
04 January, 2017

On the edge of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, inside a low-slung building tucked between the San Diego Chinese Center and a chic women’s apparel retailer, sits The Whiskey House; an inviting watering hole and restaurant that features more than 600 whiskeys, craft cocktails, 20 international draft beers, an eclectic wine list and a menu of house-made fare. Known for its Old Fashioneds, The Whiskey House is a new addition to the San Diego bar and restaurant scene. As a hangout looking to make a name for itself, creating a positive first impression for patrons with increasingly discriminating tastes has been important, says Ryan King, the bar’s owner. In a city consistently ranked among the nation’s top 10 best metro regions to live, the city’s residents have no lack of choices of where to spend their evenings. This makes competition among San Diego bars aggressive, with little room for unforced errors. Building on his more than 24 years of hospitality industry experience, King chose to make a significant investment in not just his bar’s inventory of whiskeys, wines, liquors and draft beers, but in the purchase of high-quality Riedel wine and bar glasses, too. With signature cocktails and drink options available and quality glassware to serve it in, King thought he had all bases covered. But there was one problem. “We used a rental glasswashing machine, but our glasses were coming out smelling like chlorine,” King said. “We ended up having to pour out drinks and wine when people complained, and it threatened to give us a bad reputation.”


Like many commercial glasswashing machines available for rent, the Whiskey House’s rental required sanitizer, but left behind significant chemical residue. Looking to stand out in the competitive San Diego restaurant scene, and knowing that his customers expect more from their drinking and dining experiences, King needed to find a solution for the Whiskey House that would ensure fast turnover for the busiest shifts. He found one in the new Advansys™ LXGeR high-temperature glasswasher from Hobart. 

After installing the glasswasher, King said that he and his employees now spend their time focusing on running the business and mixing incredible cocktails, instead of worrying about whether the glassware is clean. In fact, King said, when others in the business ask about the glasswasher, he recommends it in a heartbeat.




2016 Best in Class Awards
19 December, 2016

FE&S presents the results from the 2016 Best in Class study, where foodservice professionals were asked to rate individual factories on a list of specific attributes.

The data collected was used to create a composite score and determine the winners of FE&S' 2016 Best in Class Awards. Hobart Dishwashers/Warewasher won Best In Class Overall!

Foodservice operators, dealers and consultants cast their votes for the best of the best among foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers.

Every foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturer strives to achieve best in class status in the eyes of their supply chain partners. The fact remains, though, that only a few factories earn the right to truly claim Best in Class status. That's because the only way to achieve this elite status is to provide value in multiple ways as defined by the customer. With that in mind, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies presents the data from our 2016 Best in Class Study

In this exclusive research, FE&S' subscribing foodservice operators, dealers and consultants evaluate equipment and supplies manufacturers on seven critical characteristics that impact their purchasing decisions:

  • Product quality
  • Product value
  • Product design and aesthetics
  • Service and support
  • Sales representation
  • Product inventory and availability
  • Product information availability

Those participating in the survey prioritized these factors in order of importance and then rated the individual factories they work with in a given product category on these attributes. Our research team then combined the individual results with those from other participants from the category to create a composite score and identify those manufacturers that the readers of FE&S feel are Best in Class.

These comprehensive results highlight those factories that establish the benchmark for understanding and meeting the needs of the entire distribution channel.


Pack Expo - Hobart Presentation – Tuesday, November, 8, 2016
02 November, 2016

RPA Pavillion – Hobart Presentation at 11am on Tuesday, November, 8, 2016

SESSION TITLE: Driving Down Costs with Automated Washing Systems

Presented by Tom Letizia, Business Development Manager, Hobart Corporation


Totes, bins, trays—oh, my! Learn about how automated washing solutions can help drive down costs within your operation. Hobart commercial and industrial washers can help with your annual productivity improvement goals by:

  • Creating greater washing consistency

  • Delivering water and energy savings

  • Reducing labor and other manual-washing related expenses


Visit our Hobart Glasswasher Facebook Page
20 September, 2016

Hobart GW Facebook

Taste the drink not the glass. Hobart Advansys LXGe glasswashers give you crystal-clean glasses, ensuring exceptional drinking experiences!

Put Your Best Glass Forward...
06 September, 2016

Manual Three-Compartment Sinks Sending Your Operational Efficiency Down the Drain?

Why risk your winery or tasting rooms' reputation on the odors and questionable cleaning that come from a three compartment sink?

Come Visit our New Updated LXGe Glasswasher Microsite!
12 July, 2016



Hobart LXGe glasswashers give you crystal-clean glasses, without the chemical residues that three-sink cleaning systems and traditional dishwashers leave behind. This ensures exceptional drinking experiences and helps you turn picky patrons into devoted regulars.




Lease to Own Program with Hobart Glasswashers
28 June, 2016

If you have been considering getting a new Hobart Glasswasher now is the time! We are offering a special lease-to-own financing program. You can own the best brand in glasswashing now while making monthly payments towards the final purchase.


Hobart Perfect Glass Campaign Wins Hermes Gold Addy Award
06 June, 2016

Sharing a great honor bestowed upon the Hobart Glasswasher Campaign! 

Thank you Upward Brand Intercations for bringing this vision to reality!

LXGe Versus the 3 Compartment Sink
06 June, 2016

We had great success at National Restaurant Show showing the benefits of the LXGe glasswasher versus the 3 comp sink. 

The LXGe glasswasher provides proper wash and rinse temperatures.  Always correct dosage of detergent.  Uses less water and chemicals and saves on labor.  Most are serving a CLEAN glass allowing the drink to taste better!


NRA 2016 - Side by side washability

Hobart Wash Smarter Campaign - Say Goodbye to 3 Compartment Sink Washing
02 May, 2016

Wash Smarter with a Hobart Glasswasher.  Designed with you in your precious time, energy and money with a Hobart Glasswaher. Our LXGe Glasswasher will improves the taste and appearance of the drinks you serve.  Click image for more information!

Come Visit Us at NRA in Chicago. May 21-24. Booth 4031
25 April, 2016

We have had great success with our Hobart LXGe glasswasher since launching in 2015.  A new microsite has been created to convey the benefits/advantages, performance and features of the new LXGe glasswasher with testimonials, video, and much more.  Please visit our new microsite!

the perfect drink starts with the perfect glass

Hobart AdvansysTMLXGe glasswashers give you the quick, chemical-free clean you need to pour the perfect drink every time.


Please review our attached press release and product images and let me know if you have any questions.


We will be at NRA booth 4031.  Come visit us!

11 April, 2016

The Wheat Penny Oven & Bar is an unexpected find in Dayton, Ohio. More West Coast than Midwestern, the owners of the restauarant, Liz Valenti and Elizabeth Wiley, have described it as pizza-centric, but featuring rustic, creative dishes and a bar that serves up fresh, handmade cocktails.

Open six days a week for both lunch and dinner, the Wheat Penny has had a strong following since it first opened in 2013. The restaurant’s patrons are attracted by its California-style pizzas, locally-sourced ingredients, vegetabledriven dishes and diverse wine, beer and cocktail menu.

A popular restaurant for casual, yet upscale dishes, a majority of the restaurant’s patrons typically pair their meals with a glass of wine, a craft beer or a cocktail. Throughout the week that keeps two bartenders busy, while Friday and Saturday nights demand three bartenders to keep orders filled for the house’s 99-seat room.

While busy is good for any up and coming restaurant, having a slow bar is not. As the Wheat Penny made a name for itself and found more of a following, the bar was increasingly having trouble keeping up. The reason, said Andrew Maines, the restauarant’s bar manager, was that in addition to mixing cocktails, pouring beers and uncorking wine, bartenders were also pulling double duty by washing most of the glassware by hand.

“For all of our wine glasses and cocktail glasses, we would use the triple sink under the bar for washing, and allof our pint glasses we would send back to the kitchen to be run through the dish washer,” Maines said.

Typically though, Maines said that wasn’t enough. Glasses that went through the kitchen dishwasher often had to be rewashed. And no matter where glasses were washed, all had to be thoroughly inspected and polished before meeting any diner’s lips. While this ensured quality, Maines explained that it put a heavy burden on the bar staff.


Needless to say, the routine was both tedious and slowing the time it took to fill orders.


The Wheat Penny’s owners and managers are always looking for ways to make the restaurant’s operations more efficient, Maines said, which is why it began looking forways to take pressure off the bartenders and dishwashing staff. They found one with the new Hobart Advansys™ LXGePR glasswasher. With more than 100 years of foodservice and food retail equipment manufacturing experience, Hobart built the Advansys LXGePR glasswasher to address the concerns that restaurants and bars have with glass washing – high labor costs, unsatisfactory results, sanitizing residue that clings to glassware and unpleasant odors.

Unlike using a triple sink, the LXGePR offers the ability to clean between 29 and 38 racks of glassware per hour based on light or normal wash cycle selection. The Advansys LXGePR also provides:

• A PuriRinse cycle that incorporates a potable water rinse to remove chemical residue;

• Washing and rinsing from standard hot (120 degrees and cold-water supply lines; and,

• An ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliance that uses just 1.14 gallons of water per rack.

Once installed, Maines said the Hobart glasswasher had an immediate impact.Not only did it take a significant load off the bartenders, but glassware comes

out consistently clean.

The biggest problem for us (before the new glasswasher) was that wenever had any idea what the condition of the dish tank water in the kitchen

would be. Midway through a busy night, we would be getting glasses backthat needed to be rewashed,” Maines said. “With the Hobart glasswasher,

the water stays clean a long time, and when it’s time to replace it, drainingand refilling only takes a few minutes.”

To keep both the glasswasher and bar operations running smoothly, Hobart built-in advanced service diagnostics and sensors that notify operators of dirty water or a clogged wash arm with alerts displayed on an easy-to-read panel. It also features an automated de-lime cycle that automatically adjusts the recommended de-lime frequency based on water hardness.

Installation of the LXGePR at the Wheat Penny was easy, Maines said, and required training was minimal.

“It takes standard-size racks, so that makes it easy,” Maines said, adding that the machine’s one-button operation makes it pretty much self-explanatory.

Hobart engineers designed the LXGePR glasswasher to require little in the way of daily maintenance. Each is built with a deep-drawn, stainless steel tank and housing that keeps the unit clean and enables it to blend in to any décor. At shutdown, an auto clean cycle sprays down the inside of the machine to facilitate quick cleaning.

All-in-all, Maines said he is very pleased with the Wheat Penny’s investment. The Hobart Advansys LXGePR has sped up operations behind the bar, taken demand off the kitchen and has eliminated double washing.


Check us out in Chilled Magazine!
15 March, 2016




Check out this great article about our glass dishwashers in Chilled Magazine!



LXGe at International Pizza Expo March 8-10, 2016
04 March, 2016

The LXGe glasswasher will be on display at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in the Hobart Booth #1835 and in the Craft Beer Pavilion. Stop by and see us! 

 March 8-10, 2016

 Las Vegas Convention Center


Hobart Introduces New Glasswasher Designed for Bars and Restaurants
26 February, 2016

Advansys™ LXGe eliminates chemical residue; delivers better customer experience


Hobart introduces the new Advansys™ LXGe glasswasher, the first machine specifically designed to clean and sanitize glassware in bars and restaurants. The new ENERGY STAR® qualified washer produces cleaner glasses by eliminating chemical sanitizers, resulting in better-tasting drinks and an improved customer experience.


“As the trend in craft beers and handcrafted cocktails continues to grow, bars and restaurants are looking at the entire drink experience, and a cleaner glass is a key part of that,” said Carrie Hoff, product line manager. “The LXGe glasswasher gives operators the ability to serve customers their best, in a glass that’s free from the negative effects that chemical residue can have on the taste, smell and appearance of beer, wine and cocktails.”


The Advansys LXGe glasswasher offers operators a choice in how to clean and sanitize their glassware with two models, and it boasts unique features to save significant costs in water, energy and labor:

  • The LXGeR model uses high-temperature rinsing from a cold-water supply, eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers.
  • The LXGePR model uses potable water to thoroughly rinse away chemical sanitizers and chemical smells from the final product.
  • “Soft Start” feature helps prevent and reduce glass damage (available on both models).
  • Auto-clean cycle saves time spent on manual cleaning (available on both models).
  • Automatic alerts save troubleshooting time and makes machine maintenance easier.
  • The LXGeR model uses 0.62 gallons of water per rack.
  • The LXGePR model uses 1.14 gallons of water per rack.
" The biggest problem for us (before the new glasswasher) was that we never had any idea what the condition of the dish tank water in the kitchen would be. Midway through a busy night, we would be getting glasses back that needed to be rewashed,” Maines said. “With the Hobart glasswasher, the water stays clean a long time, and when it’s time to replace it, draining and refilling only takes a few minutes. "
- Andrew Maines, Wheat Penny
- Ryan King, The Whiskey House
" Our customers complained about the smell of the glasses,” said Miller. “We spent time rewashing glasses, we had to change the water every hour or two, and pretty much needed an extra person to spend all their time washing glasses.”rnrn“I would tell other restaurants that it’s definitely a buy,” Miller said. “It’s worth it. "
- Amber Miller, Bunker's Bar & Grill
" Before our LXGe glasswasher, we used to have to send our glasses back to be re-washed. The machine has streamlined our operation, reduced labor or our dishwashers and reduced breakage. The time the staff saves not returning glass racks back and forth is definitively worth the investment. "
- Steve Smith, The Caroline
Title Name Email Phone
Product Line Manager Heidi Spaide 937-332-2435
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Hobart LXGe glasswasher spec sheet

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Hobart LXGe glasswasher flyer

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Hobart LXGe glasswasher brochure

Hobart Advansys LXGe Glasswasher
Better drinks. Better business. Made easy. With Advansys LXGe glasswashers, serving your drinks in clean, sparkling glassware has never been easier -- or more energy efficient. Every feature is designed to help you save time ...