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About Heyes

With it's headquarters in Torrance, California, Heyes' Filters Inc., specializes in the purification of customers products in the wine industry.  With our knowledge and experience, we guide our customers in the best use of purification filtration products for their process.   Heyes Filters was founded in 1986, and we have worked, along with our partners, in supplying exceptional filter products in the wine industry ever since. 

Heyes Filters Inc., carries advanced Micro-filtration sterile bottling filters, Depth filters, Earth/Filter Aid filter systems and Cross Flow Filtration Platforms. The filters serve the complete micro-filtration range, from clarification through sterilization and pre-filtration requirements.  We provide membrane material in PVDF, PES, PP, Micro fiberglass and PTFE in configurations of discs, capsules, small flow elements, filter cartridges and high capacity cartridge capsules.  With our Depth filtration program we cover filter sheets, filter modules (Lenticular), Plate and Frame filters, Lenticular stainless housings, DE/Filter aid filter systems.  Lastly we have a full spectrum of Cross Flow systems from a single module Hollow Fiber manual system through to a fully automated multi-module Hollow Fiber systems that are capable of operating 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Heyes Filters offers a partnership approach for its clients helping customers handle on-line process filtration issues with on-site support, i.e. demo's of equipment, testing (we provide our own testing equipment) with industry expertise and experience to achieve useful solutions.

Products & Services

HFI with its partner Filtrox offers a complete line of cellulosic depth filter sheets, modules (Lenticular modules) and capsules for use in the wine and beer industry. A broad array of depth filter grades, from coarse filtration through fine filtration, is available to ensure maximum efficiency for every process. These depth filter products enables the efficient clarification and pre sterile filtration of wine, beer, and spirits.


We are proud to offer the Filtrox FibraFix filter media that is available in a wide range of configurations, sheets (20 x 20, 4040, 60 x 60, custom), lenticular modules (12, 16, flat gasket, double o-ring), and hardware (Plate filters, lenticular housings). This media is produced to provide a controlled porosity with high wet strength, superior throughput capacity and excellent retention capabilities. FibraFix can be relied upon to remove micron and sub-micron particulate, such as gross solids, haze constituents, yeast, bacteria, and colloids, on a consistent basis, yet preserves color, aromas, and flavors in wine, beer and other beverages.

Bottling line filters are available with pleated pre-sterile and sterile filter cartridges. The membranes are fully validated for microbial removal and are integrity tested at the factory before shipping. These filters are able to be integrity tested onsite using either the bubble point or diffusive flow method. In addition we carry depth bug catcher and water filters.

Filtrox, through its subsidiary Filtercorp, has recently introduced  an oil treatment system for the Food industry, please clickHERE for more information.


MG 3 Front view
MG 3 Front view
This is our 3 cartridge cross flow system with a view of the control panel and CIP tank.
MG6 Cross flow system
MG6 Cross flow system
This is a picture of our 6 cartridge "semi-auto" cross flow platform.
Heyes Filters Inc. (CIP) Crossflow Video
Heyes Filters Inc. (CIP) Crossflow Video
Heyes Filters Inc. Crossflow cleaning tutorial

News Archive

Latest Wine Filtration Technology: Heyes Filters Crossflow
22 June, 2017

Our elite technology is one of the reasons why we are a top provider of filtration in the Beer & Wine industry. Our 30+ years of experience, especially in the Californian wine industry, has given us the tools we need to provide your best solution. We will work with you to find the best fit for your winery needs. The Crossflow filter we have is one part of the latest technology in wine filtering. If you would like to check out Crossflow, our Lenticular filters, or our other applications, contact us to find your best solution.

What is a Crossflow?

The Crossflow filter is a new, amazing way to filter wine. The system works with a porous membrane and a steady flow of air. The air pushes the wine across the membrane which removes the solids and filters the wine with ease. Using Crossflow, we are able to keep more wine due to the constant stream of air not allowing the filter membrane to become full of solids.

Another benefit is the ease of operation. Our Crossflow machine is easy to use, and only needs set up. It is truly a “set it and forget it” machine. As well, the device uses no disposable products and the membrane lasts a long time before requiring a change.  Having a machine that saves more wine, is easy to use, and does not require a membrane change often is why we have a Crossflow filter in house. We also bring our filter around the California wine country. Contact us for availability.



01 February, 2016


This year at Unified was a success!! We at Heyes Filters Inc. would like to thank you for stopping by our booth and paying us a visit. We made great connections, with great people and look forward to what 2016 brings for all of us in the wine industry. Please let us know if you are interested in any of our lines of product, including our newest addition...



 Koch Membrane Systems – The Most Efficient Cross Flow Membrane on the market is now available for use in Pall Cross flow systems!

  Heyes Filters Inc., is proud to introduce the KMS Pall Retrofit membrane module. As a worldwide leader in membrane technology we are excited to bring the latest technology which offers these benefits;

  • Uniquely designed polymeric wine membrane for the wine industry
  • Manufactured in the USA, readily available from Heyes Filters Stock on the West Coast
  • Thoroughly proven efficient cleaning procedures
  • Hundreds of installations worldwide, a proven technology now available for Pall systems*
  • Open membrane structure preserves wine character
  • Asymmetric pore structure keeps membrane clean longer during operation



Please call us for more information at 310-212-7777 or 310-487-1061.

*Please check with Heyes Filters on Model year.




Filtrox Modules ? We have them at Heyes Filters Inc...
10 December, 2015

Heyes Filters Inc. has one of the largest west coast inventories of Filtrox filter modules. Offered in 12" and 16" sizes we have a wide range of stock in all micron choices. Whether you are looking for one module or trying to outfit your winery with a lenticular filtration process. Heyes Filters Inc. can supply you with the products and technical advice to satisfy your requirements. Small batch to large batch, course filtration to fine filtration, we have what you need.

Heyes Filters Inc.has been suppliing the wine industry for 29 years and has seen just about every filtration challenge out there. Give us a call. We can help.


19 November, 2015

Heyes Filters Inc. located in Torrance, California, has the largest stock of Filtrox products on the West Coast. There are many outlets for filters in the wine industry, but not many solve your problems. We at Heyes Filters Inc. are your experienced problem solvers. With competitive pricing and hands-on customer service, Heyes Filters Inc. is your go-to distributor for all Filtrox products. Since 1994, Filtrox and Heyes Filters Inc. have been "hand in hand", finding solutions and products for every customer's needs. Feel free to reach out for a quote or just to talk filters! We look forward to your business!


(310) 212-7777 -office (ask for Chris or Mike!)

You can also send us an email!

Coastal Crossflow
17 August, 2015

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Please take a look at our newest venture.. Coastal Crossflow..

This is a mobile crossflow filtration service for the California Central Coast. We service wineries from Paso Robles to Ventura County. Give us a call..


Microfiltration Helps Wineries Reduce Costs
14 July, 2014

Wineries using crossflow microfiltration (CMF) systems are recovering wine of higher quality and value when com­pared to traditional systems. The eco­nomics of the CMF system are very favorable compared to diatomaceous earth filtration, which raises serious safety and environmental concerns and carries high disposal costs. 

The latest generation of crossflow filters delivers consistent results on all wine varieties. New membrane technology and equipment designs use lower pressures and do not re­quire cooling, provide a more natural filtration process. Improvements in techniques such as ‘reverse flow’ have helped increase filtering run times and prolonged membrane life. Larger membrane cartridges that process more wine in less space have helped reduce system cost. 

“Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has installed WINEFILTER™ cross­flow cartridges in hundreds of winer­ies during the last twenty years. The latest version of our microfiltration membrane is a significant advance­ment over previous models because it provides the ability to process all wines—including the most difficult reds—thereby delivering a one-step solution for any size winery. We have also streamlined the system design making crossflow microfiltration easier to use and more affordable,” said Brad Milnes, process technology leader for the Food, Dairy and Beverage Group at KMS. 


Challenge: Woodbridge Winery 

Woodbridge Winery needed an eco­nomical alternative to conventional wine filtration methods without sacrific­ing wine quality. Using conventional methods, wine has to be filtered in multiple steps. The excessive filtra­tion often strips the red wines of flavor and color. Conventional methods also involve high labor, material, storage and disposal costs when compared to CMF technology. 


The Solution 

For Woodbridge, the answer is the WINEFILTER 3-stage continuous crossflow microfiltration system. 

“Our WINEFILTER system means we can eliminate almost all diatomaceous earth filtration and its associated costs and disposal issues,” said Dan Han­sen, Director of Cellar Operations at Woodbridge Winery. “Not only have we reduced our biggest cost, but we also spend less on bottling final filters, the wine is cleaner so the filters last longer. Of course the greatest benefit is that quality of the wine, particularly the difficult reds, has improved be­cause with crossflow filtration the reds hold their filterability much longer than with diatomaceous earth or cellulose pad filters, so we don’t have to refilter the wine.” 

Woodbridge expanded their first WINEFILTER system in 2006 and added a second system in 2008. “Upgrading to a second system has doubled our capacity. Filtration time for our 216,000 gallon tanks has been cut in half,” said Hansen. 

The winery now clarifies wine in two steps, using centrifugation followed by two automated three-stage crossflow microfiltration systems from KMS. The two systems produce 50-100 gallons per minute in 36-hour continuous runs, and run up to 100 hours in a typical week and even longer during har­vest season. This continuous design converts a minimum of 99 percent of the feed to filtered wine with less than one percent of high solids lees left for further processing downstream. The first system filtered 18 million gallons before the cartridges needed to be replaced; the newer system filtered nearly 27 million gallons before car­tridge replacement. 

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