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Our History

The Guillaume family has been grafting vines in Charcenne, France, for more than a century. Our knowledge and experience has been passed on from one generation to the next as our company has continued to evolve and develop, earning a name and ongoing recognition in the worldwide grapevine industry. 


The origin of the French nursery goes back to a time when the Franche-Comté region had to rebuild its vineyard after the Phylloxera crisis. In 1895, Albert Guillaume started to graft vines and set up a nursery that sold planting material in several wine-producing regions of France. At the end of the development of hybrids in 1954, Henri Guillaume assumed control of the business and had an active part in the reconstruction of the Bourgogne and Champagne Vineyards. From 1983 up to until the present time, his son Pierre-Marie Guillaume has continued to expand and develop the company, giving it an international scale and focusing on research and genetic selection. 


After expanding to South America in the year 2000, Guillaume Company set up a subsidiary in the United States in 2008, Guillaume Grapevine Nursery, in order to work with North American grape growers and provide top-quality material as well as sharing its well-recognized experience.

Our Products

We basically produce three types of plants:


  • The classic grafted plants which allow resistance to Philloxera and Nematodes and the choice of an adequate rootstock with respect to varying soil characteristics
  • Ownrooted plants for Philloxera-free regions
  • Rootstock rootings for own-grafting in the field

For each type of plant, the following products are available.


Traditional Vine Plants


The classic bare-rooted plant. This is a one-year old vine that was grown in a field. It has a developed root system and a dormant ligneous stem. Recommended planting dates go from March to June. Planting during the fall months is also possible but special Care must be taken in insure successful growth of the vine.


When to order?


  • From September to December, custom production for delivery the following year.
  • All year long, a large selection of combinations from our products already in stock.
  • Please check our availabilities


Green Plants in Super Pots


The Super-Pot was first introduced to the US grapevine industry by Guillaume Nursery and has been adopted by the industry as a whole since then. First produced, it is then grown in a 1-liter plastic pot with compost. The Super Pot favors a highly developed root system which allows quick rooting and optimal growth right after plantation.


When to order?


  • From January to March: custom production for delivery from May.
  • All year long, a large selection of combinations from our products already in stock
  • Please check our availabilities


Plants Protectors


We are offering a new product to our customers to promote better growth of their newly planted vines. Our new 24" plant protector will provide protection for your plants from intense sun, herbicide spray, wind damage and rabbits.


When to order?


  • The better is to order your vine protectors at the same time as your vines so we can make sure to have them available for you when you need them.

News Archive

The Vines in Our Nursery Field Are Growing Nicely!
16 July, 2020

Contact our sales team to get expected availability and pricing for our 2021 dormant bare-rooted vines.

Guillaume Grapevine Nursery Proprietary Clones
17 July, 2019

As a result of its passion for quality grapevines and its renowned experience, Guillaume has been researching for years new clones of the main varieties in French aged vineyards. The objective of this search is double: enriching the Vinifera genetic heritage while retaining, and sometimes improving, the characteristics which have made the success of these varieties for centuries.

As part of our desire to provide American grape wine growers with the fruit of our long-term research, we started to import our proprietary clones to California via FPS. After a quarantine period and intensive testing, these clones were registered at FPS and Guillaume Grapevine Nursery obtained the agreement to grow them in its nursery block. You will find below the characteristics of the clones available for sale. Please note that this budwood may be available in limited quantity, and feel free to contact us for more details.

Chardonnay FPS 87

The Chardonnay FPS 87 is the result of a 10-year selection process in Burgundy's Meursault area aged vineyards (60 year-old on average). 8 clones were first selected, sanitarily tested then observed and micro-vinified for 10 years. The Chardonnay FPS 87 was selected for its ability to produce delicate and fine wines, with an exceptional mouthfeel.

Pinot Noir FPS 125

The Pinot Noir FPS 125 comes from the Cotes-de-Beaune terroir in Burgundy. At the beginning of the selection process, 15 clones were chosen in various aged vineyards (75 year-old on average), then put into observation and micro-vinifed for 10 years. The Pinot Noir FPS 125 was finally chosen for its ruby red colour, smooth and powerful tannins, and a lesser sensibility to Botrytis (30% less sensitive compared to common clones according to our measurements). With a low production level on average, the Pinot Noir FPS 125 offers an outstanding potential for premium quality wines.

Syrah FPS 19

This clone of Syrah comes from the Northern area of Cotes-du-Rhone terroir. It is the result of a 12-year selection process, which was first intended to remedy to the well-known Syrah decline while retaining the characteristics and the typicality of the variety. Among 8 clones first selected, the Syrah FPS 19 has proved immune to the Syrah decline and able to deliver intense and perfumed wines as well as medium-yield harvest.

Viognier FPS 6

The Viognier FPS 6 also comes from Northern Cotes-du-Rhone, more precisely the Condrieu area. After 6 years of observation and micro-vinifications, it was chosen among 12 candidates, all coming from aged vineyards, for its aromatic power (peach and apricot flavours) and its freshness. 

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