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Meera Singh

A Revolution In Winemaking

The GOfermentor brings 21st century technology to winemaking. This technology dramatically reduces the water usage. The GOfermentor provides better control of fermentation parameters, minimal exposure to air, and automated cap management, producing better extraction and color and ultimately better quality wine.

Guide to implementing the GOfermentor in your winery

GOfermentor was created by Meera and Vijay Singh. We started winemaking for ourselves and found the existing technology too tedious and environmentally unsound. Traditional winemaking is more janitorial work than wine making! You have to wash all the tanks before you start, then you clean all the equipment, then you have to wash the whole mess again when you are done. Punchdown is another tedious and dangerous process. The overwhelming amount of work led us to rethink the whole winemaking process, to optimize it so that it could be run by just the two of us. To our surprise, the new automated punchdown, build in press technology helped us extract better color and flavor. Our wines won awards, and others wanted to use the technology.

Dr Singh is a world-recognized biotech scientist, he developed the highly acclaimed Wave Bioreactor which revolutionized the production of biopharmaceuticals by using a disposable cultivation bag. He decided to apply his expertise in disposable processing to the key issues of winemaking. The patented GOfermentor and SmartBarrel wine aging/storage system was born out of this work.

GOfermentor the Instant Winery


One ton maximum grape capacity. 4’x4’ space. 110VAC.


Single-use liner, no cleaning. No wash or waste water, no environmental permits. 


Medical grade BPA-free biodegradable single-use liner. No contamination. No off-odors. 


Unattended punch. Set schedule on your smart phone.


Built-in press. Machine presses out the wine. 

starting at $71/month

Complete system $1700, 0% factory financing.

 Temperature control option extra. 

Single-use liners $100 each.


Making Red Wine in the GOfermentor
Making Red Wine in the GOfermentor
Pressing Wine in the GOfermentor
How the SmartBarrel works
How the SmartBarrel works
The SmartBarrel employs an inert, food-grade, low monomer, low oxygen-permeable flexible liner placed inside a barrel or other supporting container. The liner is filled with no headspace. Wine can be stored indefinitely without risk of oxidation. No need for “topping off”.
Stop the Presses! Use GOfermentor!

There’s a reason why winemaking is sometimes referred to as “mud pies for grown-ups.”  Pressing musts, particularly on a small scale, is tedious, messy and labor-intensive.  It requires careful attention to balancing yields against harsh tannin extraction. 

The ideal pressing system creates a thin, well-drained static cake to which low pressure is gently applied. Thick press cakes require high pressures and/or mechanical redistribution of the cake either by hand or by motorized equipment. 

Conventional small batch presses are poorly designed.  Most vertical basket presses have steel bottoms and force juice through a foot or more of pomace through side slats at great pressure, resulting in harsh tannins and poor yields.  Some use water bladders which spread the pomace to a thinner cake.  This is an improvement, but when 50 psi water pressure is employed, once again harsh tannins result. Horizontal basket presses aren’t much better.  They tumble the cake repeatedly while beating it with chains, repeatedly pressing at higher and higher pressures.

The GOfermentor single-use system not only eliminates punch-down labor and water consumption during fermentation, but also presses the wine for you at the press of a button.  The system’s innately gentle pressure and well-engineered filtration system ensure that excellent yields, 150 gallons/ton, are obtained with the richest, softest tannins possible.

This pressing action is performed in a single, steady motion.  Since the cake is static, it acts as a filter, so this action also results in good clarity and low lees and other solids, thus minimizing sulfide production in the receiving vessel and optimizing settled yields. This happens automatically, so that it is literally impossible to obtain harsh tannins from a GOfermentor.

News Archive

Why the GOfermentor®, a Closed System, Does Not Produce “reductive” aromas.
17 June, 2019

Apart from the easily avoidable presence of elemental dusting sulfur in crushed musts, the primary cause of H2S and other sulfides in primary fermentation is production by yeasts during cycles of protein dismantling and re-synthesis. Linda Bisson of UC Davis has done much to elucidate fermentation kinetics and the causes of sulfide production.

Proteins are long chains of amino acids that may have structural roles (gelatins, cell wall components, etc.) or they may catalyze and regulate metabolic reactions (enzymes). Methionine is the initiating amino acid in the synthesis of virtually all eukaryotic proteins. Cysteine is vital in their folding and shaping. Both contain sulfur groups.

Whenever fermentation conditions change, yeasts retool by breaking down obsolete proteins, temporarily liberating free H2S and other sulfides and then recapturing some or all of it in subsequent synthesis. When cysteine breaks down it releases H2S with an odor of rotten eggs. Methionine contains a methylated sulfur and is released as methyl mercaptan with an odor of rotten cabbage. These constitute the so-called “reductive” aromas.

In conventional winemaking, two different temperature zones recur throughout fermentation multiple times per day during the active period from 20 to 10 brix. The skins in red wine fermentations are buoyed up by CO2 evolution. Since heat rises, the pomace cap is always warmer than the juice below, and the difference can be as much as 10 C in just a few hours.

Normally punch-downs or pump-overs performed by humans have 8 to 12 hour intervals during which temperature spikes in the cap cause yeasts to retool, creating nutrient deficiencies and sulfides.

GOfermentors don’t have lives. They don’t have wives and kids. They always show up for work. They can thus be programmed to perform gentle mixing on a much more frequent basis day and night. The GOfermentor periodically squeezes the fermenting must using the patented internal inflatable chamber. This promotes bulk mixing unlike anything possible with pump-over or manual punching. This action also lifts the settled yeast off the bottom and disperses it. This avoids the development of stagnant layers of decomposing yeast. Fermentation temperatures and other parameters are more homogenous and proceed on a steady curve with more stable conditions.

The result is that in the GOfermentor little yeast retooling occurs. Sulfide production, stuck fermentations, and the butyric acid bacterial spoilage that occurs in hot caps are prevented.

GOfermentor, the Instant Winery
03 June, 2019

The GOfermentor is available has a nominal volume of 1000 liters. This can be used for a batch size ranging from 200lbs to 1 ton of grapes per run. The GOfermentor used 44″x 44″ of floor space. Standard household-type electric service 110 VAC 5amp. In the case of red wine, the integral punch system manages the cap, and is also used for pressing the wine at the completion of fermentation. With white wine, the punch system is used to press out the grape juice prior to fermentation and can later also be used for bâtonag. No cleaning, automated punch, no press required. Controlled by an app on your smart phone.

New GOfermentor Technology Makes Waterless Winery a Reality
20 July, 2015

What if… you could eliminate oxygen and water completely from the winemaking process while, at the same time, reduce your labor costs and create better quality wines?

GOfermenterNEW JERSEY, JULY 18th 2015 – A new technology called GOfermentor, set to revolutionize the winemaking process in the areas of oxygen control and water waste, has been released onto the international winemaking market.

GOfermentor brings groundbreaking technology to the age-old art of winemaking, providing greater control of fermentation parameters, minimal exposure to air, minimal use of water, and an internal-automated cap management system, resulting in notably better quality wine, every time.

The technology creates a more controlled environment (which minimizes potential contamination) than fermentation in a macrobin. Moreover, the absence of oxygen allows the winemaker added direct-control over the final product.

GOfermenter sketch

GOFermentor Has Made The Waterless Winery A Reality

Water-usage costs are vastly reduced (90% on average), making the winery a more environmentally sound facility. No washing, no detergents, no scrubbing are needed. The system employs an internal and automatic punch-down method which ensures the cap remains moist without exposing the fermenting must to air.

Since GOFermentor requires no wash and rinse, its usage results in meaningful labor cost reductions so staff can be reassigned within the winery.

“GOfermentor is revolutionizing the fermentation process, and it affords considerably less capital than the traditional-style fermentors. The technology has garnered a broad appeal,” say Frederick Brown, Head of Business Development at GOfermentor. “Wineries in the U.S. and Europe have already embraced the GOfermentor technology, as we prepare to roll it out globally in the coming months.”

About GOfermentor

The GOfermentor was developed by Dr. Vijay Singh, a world-recognized biotech scientist with hundreds of published papers. Among his 20 or so patents, is his highly acclaimed Wave Bioreactor, a device developed in the late 1990s, which revolutionized the production of biopharmaceuticals by using a disposable cultivation bag supported on a rocking platform. Vaccines, antibodies, cytokines, proteins, are all commercially manufactured in the Wave Bioreactor, now owned and marketed by General Electric Healthcare.

The GOfermentor is the result of four years of development by Dr. Singh to develop better winemaking technology that uses no wash water, excludes damaging air from the process, has integral cap management and pressing capabilities, and yet is cost-effective. Extensive trials and product development were performed at his own Sky Acres Winery in New Jersey.

The GOfermentor is available has a nominal volume of 1000 liters. This can be used for a batch size ranging from 200lbs to 1 ton of grapes per run. The GOfermentor used 44"x 44" of floor space. Standard ...