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Adam Ivor

We are a systems and data technology company specializing in global trade.

We track each bottle of wine from the winery to the consumer to ensure authenticity and channel accountability. We share the data with partners in the channel to build mutual trust.


Today, we work with over 130 wineries to help them develop an International DTC strategy and channel. We ship wine to the top 5% of the world consumer base.


We apply a small holographic anti-counterfeit label to every bottle (over the foil) prior to shipping.  This protects the brand and consumers can scan the label to see the global tracking as well as learn about the product/brand info.  There is also a direct path of communication on every bottle of wine back to the winery!

Our technology links every bottle of wine to the recipient, and the winery so everyone knows where each individual bottle is in real time. 

Gliding Eagle Inc. specializes in International DTC Logistics from the winery to the end consumer in 33 destinations.  Our proprietary cutting edge technology provides a layer of data and transparency throughout the logistics process.  We link every single bottle to the box, to the tracking number, to the winery and to the customer.  Everyone has eyes on every bottle for every shipment every step of the way!

Wines to China
Wines to China
A large shipment of wine going to China
Holographic Anti-Counterfeit EagleID Labels
Holographic Anti-Counterfeit EagleID Labels
Label technology: contains an alphanumeric non-sequencial unique code on every bottle. Scan the QR code to see the global tracking technology and brand/product info in multiple languages. Direct path of communication on every bottle back to the winery.
6 Packs going to China
6 Packs going to China
Large shipment to China
Our Team
Our Team
Logistics Process
Logistics Process
How it works! :-)

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RFID Labels on Wine
RFID Labels on Wine
Adding RFID Chips to our Labels
Cloud & Mobile Optimized Tracking Technology
Cloud & Mobile Optimized Tracking Technology
Shows a quick demo of the technology

News Archive

Gliding Eagle Inc. Passes $6 Million in DTC Wine Exports
02 May, 2019

     Gliding Eagle Inc. sent it's first commercial shipment to China on September 9th, 2015 after many trial shipments and extensive channel testing.  At the time, the company was only shipping to China and Hong Kong.  Since that time they have expanded to 33 destinations for over 130 wineries throughout the United States.  Tens of thousands of bottles of wines have been successfully exported to recipients around the globe and each individual bottle has been tracked through each step of the logistical process from the winery to the consumer.  The company expects to see continued export value of ~$250,000 per month moving forward.

     Gliding Eagle's partner wineries can access the Eagle View data dashboard to see each customer, order, box and bottle - all hosted on IBM's Global Cloud servers around the world.  Anyone holding a bottle of wine shipped by Gliding Eagle Inc. can use their smartphone to scan the holographic anti-counterfeit label applied to the bottle over the foil to see the journey from the winery to their hands.  The brand and product info including bottle shots are also displayed in their native language.  1-2 websites are built for each bottle of wine shipped and the data is hosted into perpetuity.

     The company continues to help develop International DTC channels for its winery partners and expects large growth opportunities in international wine clubs, international eCommerce as well as overseas corporate gifting.  Gliding Eagle continues to develop a massive amount of data surrounding International DTC wine sales and logistics.  The company has received recognition from the U.S. Congress and U.S. Department of Commerce for its continued work of helping U.S. companies with exports.

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