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Why Ganau?

Founded on the Italian island of Sardinia in 1941, Ganau relies on eight decades of experience and the integration of modern technology in its pursuit to produce the finest corks possible. Ganau is the first choice of successful winemakers who value purity, performance and reliability. 

Natural/Technical/Champagne Corks


Taking advantage of cork’s intrinsic characteristics, Ganau’s line of natural corks is the preferred seal of prestigious winemakers around the world. Hand-cut by skilled craftsmen and subjected to a two-step cleaning process, Ganau’s natural cork closures redefine the traditional wine closure for the 21st century winemaker, embodying the pinnacle of quality and simplicity.


Validated by several independent laboratories and considered the undisputed leader of technical corks, the UNIQ line represents the cork of choice for 21st century winemakers. Constructed from natural cork micro-granules selected for uniform sizing of 1mm or smaller, a neutral bonding agent, and high quality microspheres, UNIQ offers superior organoleptic performance, rapid recovery rate, mechanical homogeneity and smooth extraction.

Micro-granules used for UNIQ are treated with Ganau’s temperature driven cleaning process, mixed with microspheres for added elasticity and individually molded for consistency.

UNIQ is the most advanced technical cork option available to winemakers looking for superior technology, cleanliness and dependability.


PRIMO corks combine quality natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology. Designed to deliver consistent performance and quality, they are individually molded for greater uniformity and superior appearance.

Premium micro cork granules are selected for uniform sizing of 2mm or smaller before being treated with temperature (up to 180o Celsius) to drastically reduce TCA. Created from natural cork materials using a neutral bonding agent, PRIMO offers an economic seal for non-aging wines.

The PRIMO line takes full advantage of Ganau’s unique and uncompromising production process.



Ganau’s premier C3 line of technical corks consists of agglomerated bodies with solid natural cork disc ends.

The agglomerated bodies are composed of cork granules that are diligently cleaned before being selected for size uniformity, weight and quality. These bodies are individually molded (instead of extruded) to assure improved bottling performance, consistent seal and easy extraction. Once the C3 cork bodies are formed, solid natural cork end discs are added, providing the visual appearance of solid cork at a competitive price point.



As the leading producer of sparkling wine corks, Ganau has applied stringent cleaning processes and implemented advanced quality control measures in order to meet the demanding standards of top Champagne and Sparkling Wine houses. 

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News Archive

Ganau launches PHÉNIX
18 October, 2019

Building upon the success of UNIQ which is widely recognized as the leading sparkling wine closure for both wine aromatics and pressure resistance, Ganau recently unveiled their cutting edge sparkling wine cork, PHÉNIX, during the Viteff trade show in Epernay, France.

After several years of testing, Ganau has successfully combined the proven reliability of UNIQ with a high end natural disc end. This latest innovative offering allows wineries the opportunity to maintain the traditional cork aesthetic with the added value of UNIQ

The future is looking bright, welcome to the Ganau family, PHÉNIX.

Visit us at the WIN Expo!
03 December, 2018

WIN EXPO is coming up. Come see us at Booth 112.  We have a wide variety of corks with new technology in place to share. UNIQ has been named the finest closure by several premium wineries worldwide. 

Don’t you want to know why? image

16 September, 2014

Sense of Place artwork definitely won our hearts and minds as the most meaningful and creative design.
Leslie Bowlus, owner and wine maker, told us how she developed this idea. In her own words:

My life long passion for food and wine and my travels to the world’s greatest places and famous wine regions made me aware of the fact that a wine should reflect where it came from. I have always loved the fact that wherever I was in the world, the most delicious wine was made from varietals grown best in that region which perfectly paired with the local cuisine. I would appreciate that the wine I was drinking was from the perfect place. My philosophy developed into a belief that a wine should reflect its “somewhere-ness” and be true to its varietal characteristics. It should reveal the uniqueness of its terroir, vineyard site, soils, climate and history. The wine should show itself as having a SENSE OF PLACE rather than following the trend of the moment.   My winemaking style supports this “Sense of Place” philosophy which includes the use of native yeast found in the vineyard and allowing the wine to age “sur-lie” with the least amount of intervention as possible.   I decided on using the world map on my logo to convey my philosophy to the consumers and, by adding the tag line “find your place”, to create a connection between them and my wine.

Cork & Cutting Your Carbon Footprint
01 January, 2014

Many wineries have launched campaigns to reduce their carbon footprint. It is an ambitious task that expands into all areas of operation including production, agriculture and logistics. 

The choice of bottle closures can be an important factor in achieving a carbon neutral position. All published estimates show that the production of Natural Cork has a lower carbon footprint than any alternative. More importantly, if you calculate the carbon fixing effect of the cork forest, the net carbon footprint for natural cork shows that each cork acts as a carbon sink. In the carbon footprint calculator provided here - each natural cork contributes an offset of 118g of CO2. 

If you have started on a program of reducing your carbon footprint, you are 

surely aware that there are many accounting theories in play. The CQC 

model cites several examples and has selected those figures with the 

deepest documentation. Assumptions and references used for these 

calculations can be found at


Visit Ganau's New, Beautiful, & User-Friendly Website
19 August, 2013

Clients and friends, 

We are excited to share with you the new We spent the last year working diligently to capture the essence of the Ganau team, our state-of-the-art processes, our passion for perfection, and the successes of our many clients.

To fortify our commitment to innovation, quality, and service, we have built an immersive, user-friendly website that provides a more enjoyable and comprehensive experience for you, our clients, and our partners.

Discover the new

We feel our new site truly reflects who we are and the efforts we take to providing the best products to our valued clients. At your convenience, please check out our new site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Warm regards,

Mariella Ganau


11 December, 2012

Ganau America has obtained the Sonoma Green Business Program certification.  We are proud of this recognition as we strive in creating and implementing best practices for our industry. Our newly built facility in Sonoma, California, is energy neutral and equipped with a 119kW DC photovoltaic solar system. This system will prevent the emission of over 5,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over the next twenty years (the equivalent to planting 24 acres of trees). The exterior of our building is made of insulated metal panels that improve its energy efficiency and the interiors showcase sustainable materials like renewable bamboo flooring and recycled ecofriendly furniture. Our landscaping focuses on water conservation as we planted native, drought resistant plants and, of course, it features numerous cork oak trees. Ganau has developed an environmentally friendly products purchasing policy as well as implementing a recycling program. Since 1941, the Ganau family has been committed to producing and providing quality corks to discerning winemakers worldwide.  By setting a goal to be sustainable in every aspect of our operation and meeting social, environmental and economic responsibilities in the products we deliver, Ganau is running a sustainable and profitable business. Cork is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material.

Our vineyard and winery teams strive for perfection at every point from bud-break to bottling.  When it comes to trusting a natural cork to keep flavors safe during the rest of the wine's journey, I need to know that my cork supplier takes as much pride in their product as I do in mine.  Ganau seeks the same perfection that I do.

Celia Welch







My partner, Patrick Dillon, and I conducted an extensive two years cork trial with Alquimista's most high end wine, Cellar Dreams ($94/bottle).  We compared UNIQ with a solid natural cork and synthetic closure.

We love the consistency UNIQ brings in the bottle and the absence of any form of taint. We are now using UNIQ with all of our wines.

Greg La Follette







In the continual pursue of perfection, Billecart Salmon accepts only the finest closures for our wines.

For the past several years, we have been working with GANAU both with their traditional corks as well as “UNIQ”, their technical closure, which is keeping us extremely satisfied.








GANAU has been our exclusive supplier for more than 15 years. We choose UNIQ for our Cuvée Champagne Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru ABYSSE. The bottles are submerged for 12 months in the Ocean at 60 meters depth. UNIQ perfectly preserved the wine’s integrity even under these extreme conditions.

We have been using UNIQ for several years for its technological qualities, its neutrality, its homogeneity, its innate attitude for a better wine ageing, its extraction consistency and its respect for our Champagne.

Laurent Hostomme




I have been testing UNIQ for the last 3 years in my Pinot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and have been absolutely happy with their performance.  I plan to use them more and more going forward and recommend them to anyone interested in a taint free, consistent closure for their wine.

Scott Covington




Thank you Ganau for the quality you provide us with UNIQ. I have been using UNIQ exclusively for a few years in the entire portfolio of champagne that we produce. My clients are reassured when I tell them that they will not have any corked wine anymore. Uniq provides them with a better sealing, thus a better guard of their favorite champagne.








For aromatic whites and rose UNIQ is the obvious choice.  We have not had a single bottle with cork taint.

Matthew Meyer

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