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9116 NE 130th Ave., #106
WA, 98682
United States
Mike Humes

Contemporary Wine Maturation Products


  • Flextank's plastic wine tanks replicate all key barrel functions without the cost and inconvenience.
  • Space efficient our tanks can more than double your cellar capacity compared with barrels on racks.
  • Polyethylene Flextanks are hygienic, easy to clean, oxygen permeable and an ideal platform for the winemaker-controlled use of oak adjuncts.
  • The Angels Share is retained no losses and no routine topping required.
  • Flavor volatiles are retained for more complex nose and flavors.
  • Polyethylene Flextanks avoid the reductive environment of closed stainless steel vessels.

For the Winemaker Wanting to Improve Quality and Total Control:

  • Consistent performance
  • Oak flavor control with adjuncts
  • No routine topping
  • Volatile flavor retention
  • Space efficient
  • Hygienic

For the Accountant Wanting to Save Money and Improve Efficiencies:

  • Long service life, no constant replacement costs
  • Stable, predictable costs
  • Lower labor costs
  • Higher price points
  • Lower building, climate control, tax and transport costs

Join the insight of Dr. John Brewer, physicist and winemaker, of Wyldewood Cellars, Kansas who first recognized in 1996 the potential of oxygen permeable polyethylene as a modern winemaking tool. Flextank has refined this American discovery to currently offer a comprehensive range of wine maturation tanks designed and built in the USA.

ABOUT FLEXTANK USA - The World's Largest Product Line of Oxygen Permeable Tanks

Flextank Inc. is a family owned business that started trading in 2006. It is owned by John and Jan Smeaton of Athens, GA where the main office is located. The tanks are manufactured and assembled in Vancouver, WA situated on the I-5 / I-205 corridor. this location provides for excellent shipping services at reasonable rates. In addition to domestic truck shipments this location is convenient for export container shipments sent out of either Portland, OR or Seattle, WA depending upon shipping schedules.

Our current products are American designed and manufactured and we buy components from 15 states. We have a philosophy of innovation, working with local suppliers and product improvement based upon customer feedback.

- Why Athens GA? (It is not exactly the center of the wine industry even though there is a growing industry in Georgia producing some unique local wines that are developing a loyal following.)

Athens (Home of The University of Georgia Bulldogs) was the last stop before retirement from a career in the biotech industry for John. The wine interest comes from the family vineyard located in the Adelaide Hills wine region of South Australia, and currently leased to a major wine company. Athens has proven to be a good location for quality services at fair prices, and we rely upon local businesses for services such as our back office requirements, intellectual property management, website and machine shop prototyping activities.

Modern communications have allowed us to develop the business from the Athens base and the Eastern time zone gives an extra 3 hours on our day for working with our West Coast customers and suppliers. Our local airport is Atlanta and we enjoy non stop service to markets in Europe, South America and South Africa as we expand into export markets. Even Australia is only 1 stop away.

Our products are now making fine wine in 46 states. Meeting, visiting and interacting with our custumers is what makes the business rewarding. We attend the Unified Wine Symposium and Wineries Unlimited Trade Shows in Sacramento, CA and Richmond, VA respectively and hope to meet many more of you at those venues.

We look forward to serving you.

Our Full Line of Products

Visit Our Website at to view the largest product line of vessels with many options from small to large, and from techno simple, to very sophisticated control for the wine environment. From fermentation to maturation through storage.

From the egg-shaped APOLLO which is now consistently producing Award Winning wines worldwide, to the new GEMINI Series designed with beauty, efficiency, storage, and excellent wine making characteristics... You should know... 2 Flextank STACKER tanks replace 10 barrels as an example. Flextank has almost 20 barrel/tank/vessel configurations to suit your needs.

Patented Flextank® maturation vessels provide all barrel functions, with more winemaker control, in a hygienic and long-lasting vessel made from food grade polyethylene. They retain volatile flavor compounds lost from barrels and deny Angels their share.

These maturation vessels are engineered to permit oxygen permeation at a rate similar to an average second year barrel at cellar temperature 59F (15C). Oxygen enters the wine directly across the polyethylene tank surface. The driving force for oxygen permeation is the difference in oxygen concentration in the atmosphere (21%) on one side of the polyethylene tank and maturing wine (0%) on the other. Flextank maturation vessels and near new wooden barrels both provide a similar oxygenation environment for wine maturation.


A few mentioned below...

Premium Dexter Style Maturation, Fermentation and Storage Tanks

Dexter series tanks are named for winemaker Joe Dexter, proprietor of Lobo Loco Wines in Wilton CA. Joe produced the first gold medal winning wine in the USA using Flextank oxygen permeable maturation vessels.

Dexter tanks feature a patented 19 inch diameter man way opening, hermetically sealed with the clamp style lid and gasket shown. The clamp lid requires neither tools nor herculean strength to install or remove as opposed to similar diameter threaded openings. As the tank is filled, wine impacts the convex lower surface of the lid and then fills the gap between lid and tank. Final fill is through the 2 inch threaded bung hole after the lid has been clamped in place. Minimal entrapped air results.

The wide opening makes for a versatile tank that can be used for primary and secondary ferments in addition to maturation storage. Excellent access for cleaning or the addition and removal of oak adjunct products.

Two thicknesses of vessel provide passive micro oxygenation performance similar to either second year barrels (Maturation Weight) or neutral barrels (Heavyweight) at cellar temperature (55F). The thicker units are primarily intended for aromatic whites where only minimal micro oxygenation is desired.


  • Food Grade polyethylene.
  • Rotationally molded tank.
  • Oxygen permeable.
  • No routine topping required.
  • Retains volatile flavors.
  • Neutral vessel.
  • Versatile.
  • Long service life.
  • 19 inch diameter top opening.


  • Rugged, hygienic, easy to clean unit.
  • Seamless inside surface.
  • Mimics second year barrel for wine aging.
  • Significant labor cost saving.
  • More complex wine flavor profile.
  • Ideal for oak adjunct evaluation and use.
  • Use for fermentation and aging.
  • Low service life cost.
  • Excellent access.

Cylindrical (50, 80, 200 and 300 Gallon nominal capacities) and Framed styles (300 and 570 gallon nominal capacities) available.

50 gal. | 80 gal. | 200 gal. | 300 gal. | 300 gal. Pallet | 570 gal.

Flextank ECO style Maturation and Storage Tanks.

Both ECOnomical and ECOlogical, the Flextank ECO series tanks are the lowest cost approach to replacing oak barrels for wine maturation with oxygen permeable polyethylene. ECOlogical as they are fully recyclable after a long service life and make efficient use of oak alternatives such as Staves, Spirals, Beans or Chips.

ECO tanks feature a molded in male thread and rugged 6 inch diameter screw cap with a 2 inch threaded center bung. This provides sufficient access for cleaning the inner top surface and the addition or removal of oak adjuncts. This cap traps minimal air and accepts accessories.

ECO tanks are available in 30, 70, 200 and 300 gallon sizes in Maturation Weight designed to simulate the oxygenation performance of the average second year barrel at cellar temperature. The 70, 200 and 300 gallon units are also available as Heavy-weight versions that have thicker tank walls, and simulate older neutral barrels.


  • Food grade polyethylene.
  • Rotationally molded tank.
  • Oxygen permeable.
  • No routine topping required.
  • Retains volatile flavors.
  • Neutral vessel.
  • Versatile.
  • Long service life.


  • Rugged, hygienic, easy to clean unit.
  • Seamless inside surface.
  • Mimics second year oak barrel for wine aging.
  • Significant labor cost savings.
  • More complex wine flavor profile.
  • Ideal for oak adjunct experimentation and use.
  • Use for fermentation and aging.
  • Low service life cost.
30 gal. |70 gal. | 200 gal. | 300 gal.


Flextank's 900 gallon open fermenter is rotationally-molded in super tough, food contact, high-density polyethylene. This material does not interact in any way with the juice or wine, is taint free and is very easy to clean, as tartar and other deposits from the wine do not stick to the surface and the material is not stained by red wine pigments.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this product.


Flextank offers a number of specialized accessories that add function and convenience to its maturation and other tank products. These include valves, variable capacity skins, fermentation locks and wine racking accessories.


Flextank offers the widest range of tanks for winery optimization. Quality, cost control, efficiency, storage and clean up... every aspect is improved with Flextanks.
900 Gallon Fermentor
900 Gallon Fermentor
Flextank's 900 gallon open fermenter is rotationally-molded in super tough, food contact, high-density polyethylene. This material does not interact in any way with the juice or wine, is taint free and is very easy to clean, as tartar and other deposits from the wine do not stick to the surface and the material is not stained by red wine pigments.
Flextank offers a number of specialized accessories that add function and convenience to its maturation and other tank products. These include valves, variable capacity skins, fermentation locks and wine racking accessories.
New GEMINI Flextanks
New GEMINI Flextanks
Flextank’s new Gemini tank has been designed as an elegant and practical alternative to the traditional oak barrel for wine aging. Available in four designer colors it has a shape that owes something to both the traditional barrel and the more recent “egg” shaped tanks. Capacity wise it is equivalent to two barrels (120 gallons or 450 liters). The principal design feature of the Gemini is a clamp closure at the “Equator” of the tank that allows it to be broken down into two halves giving significant functional advantages.
FlexTank USA
FlexTank USA
Flextank's patent-pending maturation vessels provide all barrel functions, with more winemaker control, in a hygienic and long-lasting vessel made from food grade polyethylene. They retain volatile flavor compounds lost from barrels and deny Angels their share. Sizes range from 50 to 570 gallons.

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Flextank Used in France
Flextank Used in France
French Wine Makers Find Success with Flextanks
Why Did a French Winery Switch to Flextank?

Damien Laurent opens the doors of his winery, Château L'Escart, and explains his use of Apollo and ECO in France and Chile. 


News Archive

Award Winning Wines Made in Flextank Eggs
12 April, 2017

Macrobin & Cement Tank user's ... the new eggs have arrived! Egg technology is powerful, join other Award Winning users with better control over the winemaking process. 

 Call 877-407-3348 or email


New Flextank, Order Now for June Delivery
27 March, 2017

The DFH500 Dexter Maturation Tank is designed specifically for long term storage wine, cider, mead and other beverages. 

Click here to visit our website or email

See the Orion Near You!
02 February, 2017

We have a wide range of products with leading edge technology to produce hundereds or award winning wines. Now is the time to take advantage! 

See the Orion at UNIFIED
06 December, 2016

Wide range of products with leading edge technology now used to produce hundereds of award wining wines.

Tax Write Off - You Have a Few Weeks to Invest in Improved Operations
15 November, 2016

Now is the time to take advantage of our end of year pricing! 

Rapid Expansion of Award Winning Wines Made in Flextanks
05 October, 2016

Hightest quality, at the lowerst cost to you. With competitive tanks being made, and shipped from China with questionable materials, why take the risk? Flextanks are made in the USA!

Fermentation Options from Flextank!
01 August, 2016

Winemakers report superior fermentation results in these tanks due to the egg shape promoting both interal convection mixing and cap concentration.

Plan Ahead - Tanks on Backorder!
15 June, 2016

For those thinking about ordering, please are ahead. Backorders are out 3 to 4 weeks on certain products. 


A New Egg...Take Advantage of the Egg Shaped Technology
20 May, 2016

Flextank's new egg shaped tank Orion is here. Principally desinged as a 2 ton closed fermentor the Flektank Orion tank may also be used for long term storage.

Make Award Winning Wines!
04 May, 2016

The FLEXTANK CELL is used in making award winning wines around the world. Save space, save money and take advantage of technology. 

NEW - ORION from Flextank! Holds 528 gallons (2,000 Liters)
10 March, 2016

Flextank’s New ORION tank is the big brother of the APOLLO tank, incorporating patent pending egg-shaped
features our customers have wanted in a larger tank.

Matching index marks are designed into the tank and pallet. Note the tank can be indexed in 90 degree increments to orient fixtures like valves or doors in relation to the forklift pockets in the pallet. Tank is shown in a marble finish. Pallets will be black in production. This color shows index feature more clearly. The small flat on the bottom of the tank can have a bulkhead fitting installed to give complete flush out for cleaning operations when tank is located on pallet and elevated on a forklift.


Year end Tax Deductions make award winning wines!
17 December, 2015

Tax Write Off! You have a few weeks left to invest in improved operations! Visit our website for more information.

New Products Broaden Full Product Line of Flextanks for Fermentation and Maturation
12 October, 2015

New products and accessories have been introduced to improve efficiency, profit and wine consistency. The New GEMINI Series offers unparalled flexibilty starting with a nesting capability for shipment and storage, 4 color options, extreme ease of cleaning and increased uses. A new full product line catalog is available as a pdf on our website also.


Visit our website for pricing and more information

Use Flextank to Make Award Winning Wines and Reduce Production Costs
02 September, 2015

Hundreds of our clients produce award winning wines in flextanks... you should too. It's that simple.


Flextank Stocking Locations Now Cover the US and Canada
11 August, 2015

Now you can find our Flextank wine tanks at these locations in the United States and Canada.

Make Better Wine with Less Effort
27 July, 2015

Lower your costs, improve profits and get better wine with less effort...


Chill Out...We got you covered
08 July, 2015

Lower your costs, improve profits and get great cooling control with less effort with Flextanks and Flexchill accessories.


Fermentation Support from Flextank!
28 May, 2015

Beat the 2012 Price Increase
06 March, 2012

Rising costs of raw materials-as reflected at the gas pump- mean that we are forced to increase our list prices by an average of 12% come April 1st 2012. Order before that date for delivery prior to July 31st 2012 and Flextank will honor current list prices. The following conditions apply. Full payment required immediately prior to your order being shipped. You pick the week you want delivery. You must mention Wine Industry Network (WIN) when ordering to receive this guaranteed price hold. For on line orders mention WIN

New for the 2012 Harvest. Our popular Pallet tank has been renamed "Stacker" and completely revised for 2012. In addition to the 300 gallon model we will be offering a 240 gallon version that interstacks with the larger  unit. Replacing 4 barrels the new unit provides additional flexibility in terms of optimizing the use of storage space and fitting varying amounts of wine into full tanks. Both "Stacker" tanks feature improved drainage from a wedge shaped bottom "punt" built into the tank floor, improved top dome design and incorporation of molded in fittings to allow economical fitment of a racking valve.

New Polyethylene “Egg” Tanks
23 August, 2011


If you are intrigued by the “buzz” about Egg Tanks -- the modern reincarnation of early Roman and Phoenician amphorae vessels revived in concrete by Nomblot, and since offered by several manufacturers -- you will want to keep abreast of developments at Flextank Inc. The grapevine tells us they have something pretty unique under development and due for release for this vintage.

Flextank ( are the innovators who have brought polyethylene replacements for oak barrels into mainstream winery use. Recognizing that wood, concrete and polyethylene share the ability to permeate oxygen into fermenting or aging wine, it follows that an “Egg” shaped tank in polyethylene can be engineered to offer similar characteristics to concrete or wood vessels at considerably lower cost and much greater handling convenience. We understand 875 and 1750 liter sizes (or thereabouts) are to be offered, and will include fork truck pomace tip out plus the ability to be used as storage vessels post fermentation.

There is nothing on the Flextankusa website just yet but we suggest you keep an eye on the site for upcoming announcements or give them a call at 1-877-407-3348 to see if you can get advance information out of John or Mike.


June Sales and a New Stocking Distributer
10 June, 2011

bulkhead fittingSome Good News on the Pricing Front!

Currently listed for $75 we have redesigned the part to save on material and have re-priced the part at $60: reflecting our policy to pass on price reductions as well as increases. Cat. No. BH1 (1.5 inch bulkhead fitting). 

This fitting allows the installation of a 1.5 inch valve at virtually any location on our tanks. Racking valves are a particularly popular application.

Installation at the plant or in the field as a retrofit requires drilling a 2 inch diameter hole with a hole saw at the desired location.

eco-70Cat. Nos. EM70 and EH70, 70 Gallon Eco Tanks
We have reached agreement with our molder for a special production run of these tanks during June. Committing to a high volume production run results in better pricing and, again, we are passing on the savings.

  EM70 EH70
Regular Price $240 $185
June Only Offer $290 $235
Save even more with an 8 Pack.
  EM70-8 EH70-8
Regular Price $1715 $2115
June Only Offer $1500 $1900

8 Pack pricing includes a $115 shipping allowance. Flextank pays the first $115 of shipping. 8 Packs max out a pallet space for the most economical way to ship these tanks. 

These 70 Gallon tanks include the standard molded in inserts that permit the easy fitting of drain and sample valve accessories. Add an AK1 package to your tank for $159 and fitit out with a high quality 1.5 inch stainless steel butterfly drain valve, Flextank's patent pending spring loaded sample valve and a ferment lock.

Since its introduction in 2009 the 70 Gallon Flextank has proven popular as our most economical oak barrel replacement. Easy to clean and compatible with our Pallet and Lug accessory (PL1) for efficient storage on standard warehouse pallet racks these tanks are popular barrel replacements for tight budgets. Use with or without oak adjuncts for top class fruit forward style wines. Check out all their features at

You must order before June 30th and take delivery before July 31st to take advantage of this factory direct offer. To order call 877 407 3348 or place your order on our website.


New Stocking Distributor in California.
In addition to selling direct Flextank have agreed a distribution agreement with Container Technology Inc. (CTI) Our most popular tanks are now in stock in American Canyon, California to better serve our California customers-especially those last minute requirements at vintage time. Call Ron Althouse, (916) 730-5485, to order from CTI.

Current pricing is available at

" We love them. We get the micro oxygenation passively. We have no topping off issues. We get great fruit retention. We got superior results in the Flextank versus the barrels. Buy 250 oak barrels with a very limited lifespan, or invest in 50 of the 300 gallon stackable Flextank pallet tanks for considerably less. Physical winemaking costs are also much less with Flextanks' vs barrels because they are handled much less. As we pay for floor space in the winemaking facility by the square foot, the pallet tanks have dramatically reduced our rent costs. Salisbury Vineyards is currently 95% organic. We expect production to triple in the years ahead. "
- Harold Osborne, Winemaker, Salisbury Vineyards
" We were a little nervous at first, but the customers like our wines so much and consider our winery progressive by our adaptation of new technology. Once I have a healthy balanced wine, that is the point at which the wine is moved to Flextank and oak adjuncts are also added. "
- Jacques Mercier, Co-Owner/Winemaker, Solune Winery
" Everything is easier. Cold stabilization is performed in the Flextank using cooling plates that have been installed in the Flextank lids. Wines are pressed into the Flextank for the primary and malo lactic fermentations. The wines then go back into the Flextank later for some further micro oxygenation development. "
- James Mathieson, Owner/Winemaker, Springhouse Cellars
" Our wine makers did a 16 month evaluation trial of our Firestorm red blend in Flextank versus second year French oak barrels. It was not possible to distinguish between the two versions. With my Flextanks, I have new oak equivalent each year without the potential for contamination from the barrrels. The cleaning and labor is so much easier. I do not have to lift the tanks and I can crawl right inside for cleaning. "
- Sandy Mubarak, Owner/Winemaker, Old Coach Vineyards
Title Name Email Phone
CEO and Technical Director John Smeaton, BAgSc, (Hons), PhD 706-316-1622
VP Operations and Marketing Mike Humes 877-407-3348
These tanks feature a stacking cage that allows convenient movement or stacking with a fork truck. The tanks may also be elevated on a fork truck to facilitate gravity racking. Space Efficient with Lower Cellar ...
NEW GEMINI Series of Flextanks... Efficient, Beautiful and Low Cost
Flextank’s new Gemini tank has been designed as an elegant and practical alternative to the traditional oak barrel for wine aging. Available in four designer colors it has a shape that owes something ...


Flextank maturation vessels PREVENT flavor and aroma molecules from leaving the wine. These most delicate of wine components (i.e. the fruity ethyl esters and aroma compounds) are largely lost to the atmosphere when wine is matured in oak barrels. The quite heady "wine/wood" aroma in typical cellars signals that loss of wine aromatics, which leave the wine continuously.

There is no aroma associated with use of Flextank maturation vessels, thus users over multiple vintages report SUPERIOR matured wine quality over top quality French barrels and many have the prizes & trophies to prove it! Very Substantial Economic Advantages!

These vessels pay for themselves very quickly:

  • no "aging out", indefinite usable lifetime
  • much higher cellar storage density
  • no loss of valuable wine volume by evaporation
  • almost complete elimination of barrel room labor
  • greatly reduced cost of wood (8-12 cents per liter for oak adjunct products compared with 30-90c per liter for wood in the form of barrels assuming a barrel cost of $350 - 1000 per barrel amortized over 5 years)
  • much more consistent performance, vessel to vessel, year by year

Given that wine quality is being proven over time to be SUPERIOR to the same wine matured in barrels, your purchase decision is self-evident!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have Flextanks been in use?
Flextank's oxygen permeable maturation vessels have been manufactured and sold in the USA since September 2006.

Who owns and controls Flextank USA?
Flextank USA is 100% American owned. It is a family business owned by John and Jan Smeaton. John holds an Honors degree in Agricultural Science and a PhD in Biochemistry. Jan's family were pioneer grape growers and winemakers in the Southern Australian Coonawarra region from 1892. They established a family vineyard in 1995 and daughter Nikki became the 5th generation of the family to be involved in wine when she assisted with the hard labor of vineyard establishment and subsequently worked a vintage in Bordeaux.

Where do you make Flextank USA products?
Our policy is to manufacture in North America whenever possible and we seek out quality, cost effective vendors across the USA. We have component vendors in New York, Illinois, South Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia. Tank bodies are molded in WA and final assembly and testing occurs there. Pricing is FOB Vancouver, WA 98682.

Will Flextanks taint my wine?
Modern catalyst technology has produced food grade polyolefins that are extremely stable polymers. Polyethylenes from this group are widely used in the food and beverage industry in manufacturing processes, transport and storage. Flextank products are made from carefully selected quality materials and there have been no complaints of taint following their use in thousands of wineries (and the total grows by the day) around the world. Flextank matured/fermented wines continue to win Gold at prominent wine shows.

Can I use Flextanks for white wine?
Originally designed for red wine maturation Flextanks are seeing increasing service for white wine production. Winemakers have used both the regular maturation weight vessels and heavyweight vessels for white wines. The heavyweight vessels are just that-heavier vessels with thicker walls. Oxygen permeation rates are about half that of the maturation vessels and are comparable to neutral barrels. We have tasted an excellent Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma's Homewood Winery and a Top 20 Oregon Drop rated Pinot Blanc from Biggio-Hamina Cellars that used Flextanks. Flextanks are an excellent vessel for the subtle addition of oak flavors under full winemaker control using quality adjunct products.

How are Flextanks made?
The tank bodies are made by rotational molding. There are several websites devoted to explaining this process in some detail. In brief, powdered resin is loaded into a steel or aluminum mold that is then rotated on two axes as it is heated in an oven. The resin melts and coats the inside of the mold during the cooking cycle. After removal from the oven rotation is continued while the mold cools and the resin solidifies. Some shrinkage occurs on cooling that facilitates removal of the finished tank from the mold. Detail finishing and addition of accessory parts such as valve flanges completes the unit.

How does oxygen get into the wine?
The tank itself is permeable to oxygen. The actual permeability required is engineered by attention to resin selection and blend, surface area to volume ratio and wall thickness. The maturation range of Flextanks is designed to have a similar oxygen permeation rate to the typical second year wine barrel when used at a nominal cellar temperature of 55F. Oxygen is driven across the tank wall by the partial pressure differential between the wine and the atmosphere. Upon permeating into the wine the oxygen is used up by the complex chemical changes that occur during maturation.

Are Flextanks Recyclable?
The short answer is Yes. Flextank seeks to keep its environmental impact as small as possible. All the food grade polyethylene we use is virgin material and at the end of its long service life is fully recyclable. All metal parts are also recyclable. Flextanks also clean very easily and require much less water for effective cleaning than similar capacity vessels made from wood or stainless steel.

What are your shipping policies?
Shipping costs are a major problem for all businesses and customers in the era of the unstable oil price. Our products are drop shipped from Vancouver, WA. The freight consolidator CH Robinson handles most of our shipments. Clients are welcome to arrange their own shipping. The most economical way to transport goods is in full truck loads. Customers who are within close geographical proximity can group together and share a load trucked to a single destination within their region. The savings can be significant. For information, click here.

My tank arrived with a hole in it/gravel rash/looking like it was dragged behind the truck etc. What can I do?
All our shipments are boxed or framed for full protection. However, before accepting a shipment, inspect it carefully for shipping damage. While most truckers are careful accidents do happen and products can be damaged in transit-even a tough item like a Flextank. If there is damage, be sure to note it on the delivery document you sign and make a claim with the trucking company. In the case of extreme damage refuse to accept the shipment on the grounds of the damage. If damage is not noted at time of delivery it is extremely difficult to succeed with a later claim. Unfortunately Flextank cannot be responsible for transit damage inflicted by third parties.

Buy Direct, Bank the Difference.

Option 1. Call 1-877-407-3348 or 1-706-316-1622 and speak with our sales representative. Our salesperson will take your order, obtain a firm shipping quotation and call you back for approval of the final amount. You will then receive a confirmatory e mail to check for accuracy, make payment and the goods will be shipped.

Option 2. Fill in and submit this order form with your details and requirements. We will call back or e mail a shipping price and finalize the transaction. This option has the advantage of avoiding transcription errors or telephone misunderstandings of address, details etc. If you are a previous customer and the details have not changed then your winery name is all the information we need.

Note that we have not gone to a full e-commerce site because of the uncertainty on shipping charges. We can provide our clients low cost freight quotes, usually within 24 hours.