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Who we are

Exchange Bank’s commitment to generations of North Bay families, farmers and business owners has been going strong for over 127 years, which makes us a stable and trusted partner for you.


Why we are different

Locally owned, locally managed—all decisions are made locally. We work with you one on one, you will always have a person whom you know to call. The money you deposit with us and the capital we loan stays within our community. We answer to Main Street, not Wall Street.


How we add value to you

  • We take a holistic approach with our clients—lending capital is only one facet of what we do.
  • Financial and strategic consultation by tapping into our vast experience and observation of many businesses in our industry to help you build a wealth generating business.
  • We don’t have “off the shelf” products—we provide you customized solutions to meet your needs.
  • 18 Branch locations that are more than happy to take care of you and your employees.



For Wineries

  • Inventory Lines of Credit
  • Equipment/barrel loans
  • Winery acquisition and development
  • SBA Lending Programs for expansion and purchase
  • Equipment Leasing up to 100%

For Vineyards

  • Vineyard Long Term Real Estate Loans
  • Vineyard Development or Re-development
  • RED Blotch/Disease Replanting
  • Crop Loans
  • Equipment loans
  • SBA Lending Programs

We work with all sizes of wineries, vineyard operations, Farmers, custom crush providers, vineyard managers, organic dairy farmers, and food processors.

Contact Exchange Bank’s Commercial Banking team to discuss our customized lending programs for farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness owners. We’ll come to you to meet and discuss your business and its banking needs.

Member FDIC 


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Exchange Bank Ag Lending 2018
Exchange Bank Ag Lending
Exchange Bank Ag Lending
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Exchange Bank Commercial Lending AD
Why finance equipment with Exchange Bank Leasing?

News Archive

Protect You and Your Organization from Cyber Attacks
17 June, 2020

Check out these tips to protect you and your organization from cyber-attacks who exploit mobile banking apps.

A 130-Year Legacy of Community Banking
22 May, 2020

On May 1, 2020, Exchange Bank celebrated their 130th anniversary. The day came and went quietly, as the community sheltered in place. Local branches were open and essential Exchange Bank team members served their customers—smiling from behind masks and observing social distance guidelines.

Exchange Bank lobby, Santa Rosa, CA, circa 1890

Through earthquakes, the Great Depression, economic highs and lows, fires, floods and now a pandemic, Exchange Bank remains a constant fixture, proudly serving the community and preserving Frank Doyle’s legacy of giving back.

A Legacy Begins

Exchange Bank’s story began in the late 1800s. As local business grew, Manville Doyle and his son Frank Doyle recognized the need for a new kind of bank—one that promised to be locally-owned—to serve as a philanthropic leader in the community and to act in the best interest of each and every client, no matter how big or small the account.

On May 1, 1890, the Doyles opened the first Exchange Bank in Santa Rosa and it quickly became an integral part of Santa Rosa’s economic growth.

Immediately following the earthquake of 1906, Manville and Frank Doyle rallied fellow business owners to bring the city back. Frank Doyle convinced the town’s businesses to donate frontage space to widen the streets for automobile traffic.He also founded the city’s chamber of commerce, serving as its first president.

Building the Bay

In 1923, Doyle called the first meeting of the Bridging the Golden Gate Association to discuss his plans for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. For the next 15 years, Doyle worked tirelessly to turn the dream into an iconic reality.

On May 28, 1937, Doyle was rewarded for his efforts when he became the first person to cross The Golden Gate Bridge in an automobile. Frank Doyle is often referred to as “The Father of the Golden Gate Bridge” and Doyle Drive in San Francisco was named in his honor.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, 1937

A Lasting Legacy

Nothing displayed Frank Doyle’s commitment to Santa Rosa more than a simple piece of paper—his last will and testament. Upon his death in 1948 Frank Doyle’s controlling shares of Exchange Bank common stock were placed into a perpetual trust—the Frank P. Doyle and Polly O’Meara Doyle Scholarship Fund, to assist in the education of “...worthy young men and women attending Santa Rosa Junior College.” Today our community knows it as the Doyle Scholarship.

Since 1948, the scholarship fund has provided over $90 million to 135,000 Sonoma County students. The trust ensured that Frank Doyle’s legacy of community commitment would always stand as an active example for the rest of the Exchange Bank family.

Exchange Bank, Santa Rosa, 1950

Looking to Tomorrow

In the 130 years since Exchange Bank opened its doors, world wars have been fought and won; the Great Depression and economic downturns have threatened the banking industry, and hundreds of banks have gone through CEO changes, mergers and acquisitions.

Exchange Bank has stood through it all by staying true to Frank Doyle’s core values of commitment, respect, integrity and teamwork. Just as Frank and Manville would have wanted.

Happy Birthday Exchange Bank. Here’s to 130 more!

Exchange Bank has been serving the local community since 1890, not only through trusted banking and financial services, but also through charitable giving. Exchange Bank differs from national and regional banks by investing 100% of its charitable giving in the communities it serves in Sonoma County and Roseville (Placer County).

Learn more about Exchange Bank's legacy and community involvement.

3 Safe and Easy Ways to Use Digital Banking
13 April, 2020

By Exchange Bank

Thanks to advances in technology, online and mobile banking is easier than ever. During these times of Sheltering in Place, you can instantly log in to your account and do most of your banking with your fingertips. The purpose of digital banking isn’t to change your money habits; rather, it aims to help you manage your finances quicker and more effectively.

Here are three ways you can take advantage of your financial institution’s digital banking service to do your banking from home or anywhere.

#1 Online Banking

A click of your mouse gives you access to your accounts and loans anytime, anywhere you have internet access. You can complete almost any transaction online as you can at a branch – from checking your balance, to transferring funds, to paying your bills. Many online banking sites also offer a variety of sophisticated tools, such as account aggregation, stock quotes, rate alerts, and portfolio management programs to help you manage all of your assets in the most effective way. Plus, most online banking services are compatible with money management programs, such as Quicken®, to make this process even easier.

#2 Mobile Banking

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can bank using your mobile device. Simply download your financial institution’s mobile app and you’re ready to go. You can check your balance from almost anywhere and transfer money to cover a purchase. If you need to find an ATM or branch to get cash – just use your app. It will give you the nearest location and directions right to it. You can even deposit a paper check by taking a picture of it and sending it securely to your account (without having to go to a branch or ATM).

#3 Text Banking

Text banking allows you to conduct simple account business using your phone. You can check your account balances, transaction history, credit card payment due date, and the location of ATMs or branches. You can also transfer funds between accounts and receive alerts for account use or balance amounts.

Is Digital Banking a Safe Way to Bank?

Federal law requires financial institutions to place multi-layer authentication systems within their online banking services. Simply put, that means there must be multiple levels of security within each financial institution’s online banking service to help prevent fraud and other crimes from happening.

The information in this article is not intended as legal or financial advice.

Exchange Bank has been serving the local community since 1890, not only through trusted banking and financial services, but also through charitable giving. Exchange Bank differs from national and regional banks by investing 100% of its charitable giving in the communities it serves in Sonoma County and Roseville (Placer County). In addition, 50.44% of the Bank’s cash dividends go to the Doyle Trust which funds the Doyle Scholarship at Santa Rosa Junior College. Since 1948, the Doyle Scholarship Fund has provided $90 million to over 135,000 students.

To learn more about how you can benefit from digital banking through Exchange Bank, click here, call us at 707.524.3000 or visit a local branch.

Read the original article posted on The Press Democrat.

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