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1315 Airport Blvd.
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United States
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Our Values Have Always Been Based on the Family

Eurostampa, a company which has grown over time and has made a name for itself all over the world, is in the first instance a family business led by Luciano Cillario and his three sons Gianmario, Giuseppe and Gian Franco, the latter CEO of Eurostampa Noth America. We believe this makes a big difference. For 50 years, the values that we apply in our family are the same applied to the company. If there is no strong relationship among people, the company business will not grow in the future. Over the years this growth has allowed us to consolidate what we offer, developing technology, improving our professionalism and gaining new markets.

Who Is Eurostampa
Who Is Eurostampa
An Italian family company, with 50 years of experience in printing high quality labels
Innovation Labels
Innovation Labels
A look inside of Eurostampa's Innovation Labs
Innovation Lab Virtual Marketplace
Innovation Lab Virtual Marketplace
A look inside of Eurostampa's virtual reality marketplace. A program where customers can compare their label designs on the store shelf against competitors.
Title Name Email Phone
North American Sales Manager Francesco Camisassa francesco.camisassa@eurostampa
(513) 305-7485
Marketing / Innovation Lab Manager Andy Bateman (513) 833-4859