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Eurostampa: Printing Premium Labels Since 1966


Producing 50 million labels of the highest quality every day requires excellence in our production. Our work ethic of seriousness, concreteness, solidity, rapidity in decision making, and flexibility, derive from the values of the founding Cillario family. To uphold the quality of our products, we have always invested in cutting-edge technologies, but above all we invest in our people. They are the ones who make every phase of the production process flawless thanks to their meticulous interaction with our presses. Their technical expertise leads the presses to become an extension of their craftmanship and creativity, leading to innovative, premium labels.

Who Is Eurostampa
Who Is Eurostampa
An Italian family company, with 50 years of experience in printing high quality labels
Innovation Labels
Innovation Labels
A look inside of Eurostampa's Innovation Labs
Innovation Lab Virtual Marketplace
Innovation Lab Virtual Marketplace
A look inside of Eurostampa's virtual reality marketplace. A program where customers can compare their label designs on the store shelf against competitors.

News Archive

The New Packaging Solution for Canned Wine
27 July, 2020

It’s no secret that canned wine is a trend that has gained some footing in the market. Nielsen reports that canned wine has had a 125% surge in sales over the past year alone. For wineries that currently don’t package with cans, making the switch seems like a monumental task. So Eurostampa is here to provide you with a solution for your packaging change.

Using shrink sleeves on cans has been growing in popularity due to their unique feel, easy application, sustainability, and cost effectiveness. Eurostampa is fully capable of providing you with high quality shrink sleeves and helping you through the design process. To learn more about using shrink sleeves as a canned beverage option, visit our profile and contact one of our sales professionals.  

What Will Set You Apart?
22 July, 2020

As the market expands on a digital platform leveling the playing field for exposure, the need to stand out becomes more prominent. The rapid evolution of technology however also reflects on the packaging industry’s increased capabilities. Labels featuring eye-catching materials and designs are now the solution to influence your consumers’ buying behavior.

What if your label offered the aroma of grapes, imitated motion with a new coating technique, or revealed hidden colors when exposed to sunlight? The spectrum of materials to engage with the consumer has widened to the point of overlapping the digital barrier and connecting through the sensory experience the label can bring.

The Innovation Lab in Eurostampa is devoted to developing new ideas and research into innovative solutions of materials and printing technologies. Each year the Innovation Lab produces The Envelope Project, showcasing a portfolio of the latest innovations on the forefront of printing technology.

This portfolio is a culmination of partnerships with design students from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, and University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo in Italy, as well as leading suppliers in the industry. Each year we present a theme, and we invite you to explore our 2019 Envelope Women: Regenerating Food, Regenerating Earth and 2020 Envelope – Africa: Where Life is Alive to discover how your labels can be enhanced.

For more info, and to claim your Envelope, please visit Eurostampa's page. 

A New Essential For Brand Development
08 July, 2020

In the process of creating or redesigning a brand?

Don’t skip the important step of working with the technical experts responsible for bringing your idea to life!


As we navigate new social distancing norms, virtual meetings have become increasingly popular. But how do you bridge the gap of bring the whole planning team together? Eurostampa has got you covered. In fact, we’re offering an essential service to help make your meetings more productive and cut time on label development.

Prototype samples are the perfect solution to bring a developing product to life. Realize your concepts as a tangible product sample for your team to touch and feel, leading to better & quicker decision-making. Our plant in California has recently opened a Prototype and Design Lab to assist our clients through every step of the development process without the costs associated in print trials.

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get a 95% quality match production sample delivered quickly to meet your deadline.  From experimenting with eye-catching die shapes, providing creative technical recommendations, trying different material combinations, to adding enhancing embellishments to seal the deal, our team of design and print experts are here to work with you and your graphic agencies to ensure your product will stand out on the shelf.

Let our team know how we can begin prototyping your next project.

All WIN members will receive free prototypes if a production order is also placed. 

Ready to Restart
30 June, 2020

Complying with safety regulations to keep everyone safe during this global pandemic, we are looking forward to implement new strategies to amend the new reality and support our community. Perhaps this means a continued trend of at home spirits consumption and an increase of digital engagement and purchasing behaviors.

Our Innovation LAB team would like to share ideas for enhancing products in this new normal.

Eurostampa offers technical/technological and material solutions to suit your potential projects for off trade promotions or special editions.


To schedule a 30 minute presentation at your convenience contact us through the email link on our profile or email

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Title Name Email Phone
Sales Manager Dustin Mertens (707) 927-4848
Marketing / Innovation Lab Manager Andy Bateman (513) 833-4859
Sales Manager Guillaume Domange guillaume.domange@eurostampa.c
(707) 927-4848
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Equipped with the best in class printing technology, Eurostampa's output of pressure sensitive labels showcases all the features required for a contemporary wine label. Eurostampa's global supply chain grants access to materials from all over the world.
Digital Printing
Eurostampa's experience in digital printing and finishing provides our customers with the highest quality labels for smaller runs and in multiple varietals. Our finishing capabilities allow all the embellishments available from a flexo press.
Eurostampa can help shorten your time to market by bringing your designs to life with a mock-up. Our prototyping technology allows us to create mock-ups that are a 95% match to final production.
Shrink Sleeves
Eurostampa offers shrink sleeve labels printed digitally or flexographic. Embellishment options are also available for sleeves of all sizes.