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975 Corporate Center Parkway Suite 130
Santa Rosa
CA, 95407
United States
(707) 544-5300
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Maria Angela Guarienti

Della Toffola USA

Della Toffola USA is a product manufacturing leader in the wine industry based out of Santa Rosa, California.

 Our specialties include crushing, pressing, floatation, filtration, bottling, and packaging.

 For more information check out our website at shoot us an email at,or give us a call at (707) 544-5300




Della Toffola for winemaking

  • DELLA TOFFOLA USA offers over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of technologically advanced equipment for the winemaking industry.  The only thing that can be compared to the quality of our products is the quality of support that you will receive after choosing to partner with Della Toffola USA for your winemaking needs.

    DELLA TOFFOLA provides Crushing, Filtration, Pressing, Floatation, Bottling and Packaging equipment for wineries of any size from the smallest to the largest.


BioThermo Cooler
BioThermo Cooler
Cross Flow Filter
Cross Flow Filter
Destemming/Crushing Machine
Destemming/Crushing Machine
Conveying System
Conveying System
Continuous Flotation
Continuous Flotation
Pneumatic Press
Pneumatic Press
Horizontal Disk Filter With Manual Cake Discharge
Horizontal Disk Filter With Manual Cake Discharge
DE Filter With Automatic Cake Discharge
DE Filter With Automatic Cake Discharge
Complete Bottling Line
Complete Bottling Line

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Continuous Floatation Unit

News Archive

New method of extracting flavor and color from grapes
10 April, 2017

A common perception is that ‘Flash-Detente’, or Bio-Thermocooler Vinification – is a new method of extracting flavor and color from grapes. The truth is flash units have been widely used in Europe, South America and Australia for many years although the technology is relatively new in the U.S. 

DELLA TOFFOLA has actually been offering Thermovinification technology for the last two decades, with over 50 installations in operation in wineries across the world, including seven in the United States.

The DELLA TOFFOLA ‘BioThermo’ system is a trusted enological treatment that aids in the extraction of color (anthocyanins), the extraction of tannin and other elements in order to promote structure, the extraction of varietal aroma and to ensure the maximum stability of these extracts. To achieve these goals quickly and continuously, the system works by the rapid heating and instantaneous expansion of the grapes in a high vacuum. The advantages of the system are:

  • it makes use of the high temperatures to inhibit enzymes (polyphenoloxidases, laccases);

  • it makes the cell walls fragile and thus facilitates and speeds up the diffusion of the macromolecules, such as anthocyanins, responsible for color tannins, responsible for structure volatile compounds, aromas and their precursors;

  • the crushed grapes are cooled immediately; and

  • this procedure also enables the user, should they desire,  to increase the use of fermenters, reducing considerably maceration times.

With a commitment to ongoing innovation and R&D, DELLA TOFFOLA recently released their second generation ‘ThermoCooler’ equipment, the multi-purpose ‘Biothermo-Cooler’Della Toffola’s Biothermo Cooler is a complete system that combines the classical thermovinification treatment of the first generation Bio-Cooler with the opportunity to instantaneously ‘flash’ the heated crushed grapes within a vacuum chamber.  This induces a rupture of the cell membranes that consequently tend to release far more anthocyanins and tannins. The BioThermo Cooler system is capable of regulating the temperature from +95 to -1°C while maintaining the utmost respect for the grapes and keeping operating costs down with a single Biothermo-Chiller unit that suffices for both thermo vinification, Flash and must freezing purposes.  It can be extremely beneficial for color extraction and flavor enhancement, especially for grapes set back by recent rains.

The BioThermo Cooler is available in models with capacities from 1.5 to 38 tons/hour, and is easy to integrate and adapt to existing wineries and systems.

06 March, 2017

DELLA TOFFOLA will host an OPEN HOUSE at their new office and warehouse location, 975 Corporate Center Parkway, Suite 130, in Santa Rosa, CA this coming Thursday, March 9th from 11am to 4pm.

Everyone is invited to come along and enjoy some great food, wine and entertainment while taking the opportunity to learn more about our award-winning winery equipment.  Meet DELLA TOFFOLA CEO, Mariangela Guarienti, as well as our great team of local Technical and Sales associates and discover what we can do to help you to meet your winery equipment needs.

We will showcase a variety of their equipment with Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Filtration & Zitalia Labeling Equipment Functionality Demonstrations throughout the day.  From Crushing to Pressing, Floatation to Filtration, Bottling to Packaging, we have a wide variety of options and models available to fit the needs of wineries of any size for any stage in the winemaking process.

Take this unique opportunity to see DELLA TOFFOLA equipment and their customer care approach up close and personal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them at or by phone +1 707.544.5300.

Where:  DELLA TOFFOLA, 975 Corporate Center Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

When:  Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Time:  11am to 4pm


Vineyard and Winery Management Article Coming Soon!
29 August, 2016

Do you have questions about dealing with smoke taint?  Keep an eye out for the September issue of Vineyard and Winery Management where Della Toffola's Biothermo Cooler will be discussed!

Cross-Flow Filters
06 July, 2016

Our ceramic membrane cross-flow filters provide superior durability, thus are able to deliver longer filtration runs at more consistent flow rates.  Filtration is also fully automated, with continuous operations.  Ceramic membraes are able to withstand pressure shocks that would rupture other types of membranes, and their superior resistance to high temperatures means less time is needed for cleaning!  For more information on our cross-flow filters please reach out to a member of our sales staff at (707) 544-5300.

Della Toffola USA is Expanding!
29 June, 2016

Della Toffola USA is in the expansion process!  We moved to Santa Rosa, CA where we have more than quadrupled in size.  We look forward to being able to continue offering our great products, paired with our exceptional customer service and support from our new location!

Delivering Excellence in Equipment and Service for Wineries and Breweries of All Shapes and Sizes
26 January, 2016


Della Tofolla logoDELLA TOFFOLA, the Italian-based producer of beverage equipment and technologies for more than 55 years, has established itself as a leader in the U.S. wine, brewing, and international beverage markets.

Founded in the 1960’s by Giacomo Della Toffola, the company began by developing some of the first horizontal stainless steel presses and crushers in northern Italy.

By continuing to embrace and develop new technologies, DELLA TOFFOLA has evolved into a highly successful group that now owns ten world-wide brands, specializing in a wide range of beverage industry needs including filtration, tanks and fermenters, pasteurization, pumps, destemmers and packaging equipment.

In North America, the Windsor-based DELLA TOFFOLA USA, which began in 2009, has experienced exponential growth over the last six years; a trend that is expected to continue.

“DELLA TOFFOLA USA started from scratch with only two people; myself and one technician,” reflects Mariangela Guarienti, CEO of DELLA TOFFOLA USA. “Now we have a staff of 15 and are capable of servicing wineries of all sizes across North America. In addition, we have expanded into the brewing and cider industries, which are both experiencing major growth.”

“Business is good and our products are popular because they are durable, reliable and built on proven technologies,” Guarienti continues. “People trust the DELLA TOFFOLA brand.”

Della Tofolla sieve drum

DELLA TOFFOLA owes much of its wine industry success to the development of a unique, central membrane press. The membrane operates on a shaft located down the center of the press, which extracts juice from the grapes through 360-degree channels. The process is more efficient, uses less pressure, is gentler on the fruit and results in a higher juice quality overall. The press comes in several models, from 12hl to 700hl.

The company is also well known for its cross-flow filtration system that utilizes a ceramic membrane to filter wine prior to bottling. Ceramic is a superior, robust material that does not hold colors or flavoring compounds and can be easily cleaned with hot water or chemicals, if desired.

DELLA TOFFOLA’s popular OMNIA high solids cross-flow filter, which was launched in the U.S. last year, uses the same ceramic membrane technology for lees. It has been proven to return clean juice and wine with much higher quality and more safely than DE filtration.

“We have a great product line that can address the equipment needs of small to medium wineries, as well as the large scale wineries for whom we custom build,” notes Damon Dudley, Project Manager for DELLA TOFFOLA USA.

“It is, however, our after-sales service that’s our greatest strength and has contributed most significantly to our growth. All of our technicians are well versed in our technologies and are trained on-site at our Italian manufacturing facility.”

“That excellent level of technical support is what allows us to stand out from our competitors and is what is most appreciated by our customers,” Dudley emphasizes. “With our continued commitment to service, as well as sales, I see this growth trend continuing for at least the next five years.”

For more information contact us at Tel: 707.544.5300


Supplier Spotlight: Della Toffola Releases OMNIA Ceramic Cross-Flow Filter for U.S. Trials
18 August, 2014

Innovative Filtration System Maximizes Juice Recovery to more than 90% DELLA TOFFOLA’s high-solids, cross-flow filter system with ceramic membranes – known as OMNIA – is making big waves throughout the U.S. wine industry – and for good reason.

The OMNIA series provide an exceptional juice recovery rate from lees with final concentrations of more than 90 percent. The filters not only separate wine from wine lees, but also provide clean juice from floated solids and extract quality juice from cold, settled juice lees.

According to Giacomo Della Toffola, grandson of the company’s founding father and Production Supervisor of Research & Development, the system provides a superior technology with unparalleled longevity.

Della-Toffola_OMNIA“Ceramics are capable of a longer life; they never die,” Della Toffola asserts. “It’s like buying a diamond. They last forever.”

Della Toffola points out that one of the many benefits of the OMNIA is the system’s ability to extract clean, high quality product from material other filters leave behind.

“With many other systems, like drum filters or DE (diatomaceous earth) there are leftovers from the wine in the material. There’s still a lot of wine there, and that’s a loss of money. We’ve found a real solution. We can end up with 95% of the solids coming out, depending on the nature of the solids.“

Della Toffola is also the manufacturer of a biothermal cooler system (BTC) that utilizes Thermoflash technology to remove microbes from grapes by neutralizing bacteria. The system works by rapidly heating must and then cooling it instantaneously in a vacuum chamber. It can be extremely beneficial for color extraction and flavor enhancement, especially for grapes set back by recent rains.

The Della Toffola legacy dates back to the 1960’s in Italy, when the family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, the company operates eight manufacturing plants with eight different brand offices throughout the world, including the U.S., France, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Della Toffola USA was established in 2009. With offices located in Windsor, CA, the company prides itself on its manufacturing and technical expertise, serving wineries of all sizes.

“We work with 2 or 3 thousand case facilities as well as those who produce up to a million,” Giacomo states. “We’re proud of our range. Even though we’re one of the largest winery equipment providers in the world, we started small. That’s where we made our name. We owe that to people, to smaller wineries, to stay true.”

Giacomo says the first OMNIA landed in the U.S. about a month ago. He and his team are currently in Texas, where the 2014 harvest started several weeks ago, offering full technical support to those eager to learn how to use the new system, which is now available for trials and for sale.

“One of the main reasons I’m here right now (from Italy) is to share information about OMNIA,” Giacomo says. “I’m here for the vinification and to share knowledge.”

Contact Information
For more information and orders visit

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Cross-Flow Filtering at MOËT & CHANDON
31 July, 2014

 Early in 2014, DELLA TOFFOLA France completed the installation -  with support from DELLA TOFFOLA technicians - of a complete cross-flow filtering system with ceramic membranes, an integrated heat exchanger and CIP for MOËT & CHANDON at Mont Aigu in Champagne.

DELLA TOFFOLA Group is extremely proud of this filtering system, which was custom-made for MOËT & CHANDON. It was constructed and pre-assembled at the factory and then installed in the production line in Mont Aigu.

Cross-flow filtering  takes  place at a rate of 20,00 liters per hour on still wines at a temperature of minus 4°C. The ceramic filtering surface in this system covers a total area of around 500 m².

A two-stage heat exchanger enables the cold filtered wine to be exploited to cool the wine remaining to be filtered, achieving a coefficient of performance of around 85%.

The whole system is part of a design philosophy that seeks to be very environment-friendly and energy saving.

From this standpoint, the CIP cleaning system relies on cold water, hot water, caustic soda and citric acid, and is regulated automatically to optimize water consumption, which amounts to just 0.2% of the filtered volume.

The whole plant is managed by PLCs connected to the  MOËT & CHANDON computer system to comply with the precise company procedures, which focus on filtering quality, environmental compatibility and traceability.

Plant in Mont Aigu à Oiry, Champagne

This is currently the system with the greatest technological content to have been installed in France by DELLA TOFFOLA Group.

High-solids cross-flow filters with ceramic membranes
22 November, 2013

Della Toffola Group presented its new CFKF Series ceramic membrane crossflow filters at the 2013 SIMEI Show. Already widely adopted during traditional filtration thanks to their strength, durability, reliability, and sanitization capacity, ceramic membranes are now being applied  more and more in lees separating filters as well.

The need to filter these products and recover as much product as possible has been assuming greater and greater importance, especially when the product processed vaunts high value. These new filter models are the only ones capable of achieving a final concentration of more than 90%.

CFKF Series filters are designed and constructed to efficiently process  lees from grape must, cider, floatation caps, and other beverages. In particular regard to winemaking, they permit the filtration of:

• Grape lees after fermentation

• Grape lees after clarification

• Clarified wines

• Non-clarified wines

The use of ceramic membranes overcomes practically every difficulty that arises during lees filtration while constantly ensuring unequalled product recovery.

Call 707-544-5300 to learn more.

Della Toffola in New Zealand
18 June, 2013

The new VinLink plant at the Riverlands Industrial Estate, to the south of Blenheim in New Zealand, will be operational in time for the 2013 grape harvest. VinLink is thus confirmed as one of the greatest winemaking businesses in and around Marlborough, one of New Zealand’s main winemaking areas.

Della Toffola has supplied the whole grape crushing and pressing system comprising six collection tanks, three NDC 100 crushers, 3 PEC 200 and 3 PEC 240 presses, as well as a complete refrigeration system for the wine’s thermocooling treatment. This is a very large-scale plant with an initial production capacity of 100 tons of grapes per hour, designed to cope with the whole of the predicted grape harvest in 2013, which is estimated at 13,000 tons. This is a great result for Della Toffola: the company has worked alongside VinLink at every stage of design and construction, also with a view to a subsequent expansion of the plant (already planned) that will increase its production capacity to 3,000 tons a day.

To learn how Della Toffola can greatly increase your production (all while cutting costs) call us at 707-544-5300 for a free, and no obligation consultation.

Thermo Flash hits big!
25 July, 2012

Della Toffola USA has sold and is installing the first Thermo Flash units in the north coast of California. A 20 ton per hour unit at Carneros Vintners in Sonoma and the second unit purchased by Flash Wine Technologies. This 10 ton per hour unit will be installed at Kunde Family Estates in Kenwood.

Della Toffola sees upswing in demand as wine market returns
24 May, 2011

Italian wine equipment maker plans Windsor facility

By Jeff Quackenbush, Business Journal Staff Reporter

WINDSOR — A major Italian manufacturer of winemaking equipment plans to build a North American distribution and light production facility in this Sonoma County town.

Della Toffola S.p.A., which has facilities in Italy, France, Spain, Chile and Argentina, purchased about two acres of freeway frontage land at 100 American Way in a Windsor industrial park on April 29 for $826,000.

The project will require town of Windsor approval, but the goal is to start construction this fall on a 20,000- to 25,000-square-foot light-industrial building with room for a sales office and inventory warehouse with room for building tanks and assembling equipment.

“The business is growing so fast, the owners decided to build a facility here,” said Maria Angela Guarienti, chief executive officer of Della Toffola USA Ltd.

Sales for the first four months of this year are four times what they were in the same period last year, and the prospects for this year appear to be on track to surpass those just before the economic recession started in late 2007, she said.

That’s a lot better sales environment than when the North American sales office opened in May 2009. Della Toffola has been in business for four decades and selling equipment in the U.S. for 20 years through agents and distributors. To have more control over representation in its markets, the company in 2009 sent Ms. Guarienti to establish a North American sales branch in Sonoma County, currently in leased space in a nearby Windsor industrial area.

As fine wine sales plummeted in the first half of 2009, capital spending on winery equipment was squeezed. Without the agent’s sales leads, she was dependent upon incoming service or spare parts requests for the large installed base of Della Toffola equipment. In 2010 she started receiving purchase inquiries for systems.

The various Della Toffola companies produce a range of products for winemaking, food and beverage processing, water and process wastewater treatment, and filtration and treatment equipment chemical and pharmaceutical production. The companies employ about 300 people and have annual sales turnover of about 50 million euro, roughly equal to $71 million today.

U.S. sales are going to established wine regions such as California as well as up-and-coming regions of other states and Canada. The company’s tanks, fillers, screwcappers, labelers, filters, valves and piping systems serve not only the wine industry but also beverage makers and producers of any other thicker fluid products such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

For the wine industry, eight of 10 systems sold tend to have some custom aspects, ranging from size restrictions to operational enhancements to new production concepts. That leaves open the potential for some assembly of equipment in Windsor, saving time and money in shipping and employment. Yet European labor laws limit production staffing fluctuations, so the company has to keep those on staff in European plants as productive as possible, according to Ms. Guarienti.

Della Toffola picked that Windsor site — and decided to build rather that opt for a number of available industrial spaces of the desired size — to gain visibility from Highway 101, according to Ken Lafranchi, whose Lafranchi Architecture and Development is designing the facility. The street, sidewalks and utilities were extended to that property and surrounding ones several years ago to limit the time needed for construction. The Della Taffola project will need town of Windsor design review, Planning Commission and Town Council approval. A formal proposal is expected to be submitted shortly.

Representing Della Toffola USA in Windsor land purchase was Bob Green of Coldwell Banker. Connie Bradley and Ron Reinking of Cornish & Carey Newmark Knight Frank negotiated the deal for seller DG&H Developers, LLC, led by homebuilder Doyle Heaton.

For more information about Della Toffola USA, call 707-544-5300 or visit

2011 Texas Wine & Grape Growers Trade Show and Introducing Damon Dudley
01 April, 2011

Della Toffola USA had a very enjoyable time at the Texas Wine & Grape Growers Trade Show  in the beginning of March. The people of San Marcos are wonderful. Damon and our Technician Specialist, Leonardo Rodriguez also had several very successful Cross Flow trials at various Texas wineries.

Damon Dudley joined Della Toffola USA on March 1, 2011. He comes to us from Wine Secrets, where he was the Operation Manager and Wine maker for the last three years. He has over 10 years wine making experience in the Industry. Damon is our Equipment Salesperson for Northern California and Oregon.

Carneros Vintners, Della Toffola & Winesecrets Announce the Introduction of Thermoflash Technology in Sonoma
19 November, 2010

Carneros Vintners announced the availability of an artisan-scale version of Della Toffola’s Thermoflash  system at their facility in Sonoma, CA  Thermoflash technology was developed to improve extraction of color and to reduce unripe flavor characteristics prior to the fermentation of red wines.  Treatment by thermoflash may prove beneficial for grapes whose maturity has been set back by recent rains, as it may boost the brix of treated must.

Thermoflash streamlines red maceration by rapidly heating must and then cooling it instantaneously in a vacuum chamber. The treatment results in the rupturing of cell walls initiating an efficient breakdown of the structure of the berry.   The mobile Thermoflash unit is capable of processing up to 1.5 tons per hour of must.   It will be sited at the Carneros Vintners facility during the remainder of this harvest season. Della Toffola’s full-sized system, newly installed at Lodi Vintners, is designed to treat 35 tons of must per hour.

“A whole new dimension of winemaking” says veteran winemaker Barry Gnekow. “Flash technology may redefine our view of terroir.  It may reveal that ’air-oir’ eclipses ‘terroir’ for flavor expression”.

 “Thermoflash has key advantages over standard maceration,” said Maria Angela Guarienti CEO of Della Toffola, USA.  “The system maximizes phenolic extraction while flashing off the pyrazines and denaturing damaging enzymes such as polyphenol oxidase and laccase. Thermoflash reduces skin contact time, improving efficiency during harvest,” added Guarienti. 

The mobile system at Carneros Vintners is being operated by Winesecrets, who recently operated the unit in Eastern Canada.  “Thermoflash appears to be an exciting tool for improving wine quality,” said Eric Dahlberg, Winesecrets Founder and President.  “We have it on wheels”.

The Della Toffola Group (Della Toffola S.p.A.) is based in Treviso, Italy with subsidiaries in France, Spain, Australia, Chile, Argentina and Windsor, CA. The company has been supplying process equipment to the wine industry for over 40 years.

Carneros Vintners, opened in 2009, is part of the Vintners Group, which also operates Lodi Vintners near Woodbridge, CA. 

To schedule grapes for processing with the artisan-scale Thermoflash, please call Caneros Vintners winemaker Dave Dobson at 707-933-9349.  To schedule full production-sized lots at Lodi Vintners, please call Tyson Rippey at 209-368-5338.  To learn more about Thermoflash or how this technology can streamline harvest operations, please contact Rick Jones at 1 707 319 1376, or via email at Visit Winesecrets on the web at

Della Toffola USA Hires Emanuele Fiorentini as Sales Area Manager
03 November, 2010

Emanuele Fiorentini, Della ToffolaDella Toffola USA, distributor of technologically advanced winemaking equipment, is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Emanuele Fiorentini as Sales Area Manager for the California Central and Southern Coast wine growing regions. He was most recently the Technical Sales Area Manager for Prospero Equipment Co. in Napa and Sonoma where he delivered excellent service both in the design and amelioration of new wineries’ grape processing and bottling installations, building long lasting relationships with most of the highly acclaimed wineries. Emanuele resides in Templeton with his wife Jordan, winemaker for Epoch Estate Wines.

AVE comes to join the Della Toffola Group
18 August, 2010

AVE, a well-known company much appreciated for its bottling and packaging systems for the foodstuffs sector,
joined the Della Toffola.
The Della Toffola Group has been constantly growing and, with this new acquisition,
it has made a major qualitative leap forward.
In act, the Group's production range is now distinctive for its unrivalled quality and completeness, based on a
variety of technological solutions capable of serving the needs of the entire production and packaging cycle,
be it for wines or other foodstuffs:

  • water
  • beverages
  • juices
  • milk and milk products
  • oil
  • sauces
  • liqueurs
  • spirits
  • wines

The acquisition of the AVE company (which has been renamed AVE Technologies, though it will remain
at its historical headquarters in Spinea, near Venice) will also lead to a considerable increase in the
Della Toffola Group's turnover, which it is estimated will rise from the current 50 to € 80 million,
achieved with a total workforce of more than 400 employees.

Title Name Email Phone
CEO Maria Angela Guarienti 707-544-5300
Project Manager/Equipment Sales Damon Dudley 707-544-5300
Equipment Sales Ken Kosmicki 707-236-8125
Equipment Sales Grew Nau 707-867-6314
Marketing and Equipment Sales Zach McArthur 707-230-0728
Office Manager Eric Franklin 707-657-4091
Parts and Services Erik Kautz 707-657-4299