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Complete Palletizing Solutions

Columbia manufactures high-level, floor-level, robotic and hybrid palletizers, load transfer stations and provides complete system integration. With the broadest palletizer line and over 3,500 palletizers installed in the industry, Columbia is considered to be the leading palletizer manufacturer in NA.

Columbia Machine puts the highest priority on safety, flexibility, performance and support into all their palletizing solutions.

Industry Leading Standard Safety Features

Columbia’s standard safety package contains Category 3 electrical safety components including AB’s SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocks & full height light curtains. This safety package provides a fully guarded, Performance Level D palletizer to keep your employees safe while meeting production demands.

Flexible Product Handling

Columbia's conventional palletizers handle virtually every package type including cases, bag-in-box, high CG, shrink bundles, without pad, plastic totes, unwrapped trays, etc.  Customers can add a pattern or modify an existing pattern simply from the HMI making it easy to use.

High Performance AND Sustainability

Columbia has a palletizing solution for virtually any application and all Columbia palletizers are equipped with more standard features designed to maximize throughput and uptime.  Speeds range from 1 to 200 cases per minute. There are features included to address the industry’s increasing demand for higher levels of sustainability.

Customer Support

A dedicated Project Manager is here to ensure your project is a success. In addition, Columbia provides complete systems integration, mechanical and electrical installation and 24/7 parts & service support.


Complete Palletizing Solutions

All Columbia palletizers include Columbia's industry-leading safety package, can easily fit into your work flow and handle both current and future package types. 

Floor Level Palletizers

Our floor level series includes the FL1000, FL2000 and FL3000 and are available in countless layout possibilities. Speeds range from 1 to 45 cases per minute. 

High Level Palletizers

Our high level series includes the HL2000, SP4000 and HL6200 and perform at rates ranging from 5 to 120 cases per minute.

High Speed Palletizers

Our high-speed, inline palletizers provide the ultimate in flexibility by incorporating our new programmable layer technology with our proven soft turn and configurable layer table to provide accurate and stable layer forming. Speeds range from 70 to 200 cases per minute.

System Integration

We provide complete systems integration services, ensuring that your Columbia palletizer fits perfectly with your upstream and downstream equipment. Our comprehensive services include concept, design, integration and installation. 


News Archive

Columbia Machine's New FL6200SW and Otto 1500 in Action
16 October, 2017

Columbia Machine demonstrated the NEW FL6200SW high-speed, floor level palletizer including a fully integrated stretch wrapper at the PACK EXPO Show. The integrated stretch wrapper helps when load stability or space constraints are an issue. The FL6200SW can simultaneously stack and stretch wrap a wide variety of challenging package types including unwrapped trays, shrink pads, film-only bundles and more. With the incorporation of servo technology, high speed turntable and high speed stretch wrapper, speeds up to 100 cases per minute are achieved.

OTTO™ 1500 Self-Driving Vehicle (SDV)

Columbia Machine is now a distributor of OTTO™ SDV and is excited to be incorporating the 1500 in the demonstration of the FL6200SW. The 1500 is a heavy-duty self-driving vehicle that will be navigating the Columbia booth without guides.

Superior Standard Safety Features

Columbia’s Category 3, Performance Level D safety system utilizes a Fortress trapped-key system, full height light curtains and a comprehensive guard package. This safety package keeps your employees safe while meeting production demands.

Complete System Integration

Ensure your case conveyor, Columbia palletizer; pallet conveyor, stretch wrapper and related components exceed your expectations by choosing Columbia as your system integrator.

Load Transfer Solutions (LTS)

The LTS can help your plant become compliant with FSMA, HACCP & GMP by transferring product from one pallet type to another pallet including wood to in-house “clean” pallets, plastic to wood, or other combinations.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Complete Palletizing Solutions from Columbia Machine
31 August, 2017

Columbia is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and support of equipment for a variety of industries, with customers in over 100 countries around the world. Primary business units include: Batching and Mixing Solutions, Concrete Products Equipment Solutions, Production Equipment Molds, Mechanical Palletizing Machines and Robotic Palletizing Solutions.

Watch our latest corporate video below for more information!

Revolutionary Technology for High Speed, Floor Level Palletizing
21 June, 2017

Columbia Machine advances floor level palletizing technology to high-speed capabilities unavailable in any floor level designs until now. The NEW FL6200 combines high-speed technology with a contemporary, modular and clean design palletizer that is extremely user-friendly. As with all Columbia palletizers, the FL6200 is built with the highest priority on safety, flexibility and performance to ensure your palletizer maximizes production every day. 

Columbia is renowned for the industry-leading safety and guarding system that provides “next level protection”. On the FL6200, this standard package includes Category 3, Performance Level D safety components and incorporates fully integrated guarding, full height light curtains, automatic hoist pins, infeed tunnel and interlocked load building area access doors. This safety package keeps your employees safe while still being operationally “friendly” and meeting production demands by providing convenient and safe access when needed.

The FL6200 combines unmatched flexibility with the precision movements of a robot, the familiar simplicity of a conventional palletizer and enhanced performance through the integration of servo technology. Unparalleled in the industry, the FL6200 utilizes Columbia’s easy to operate Product Manager HMI, servo-actuated layer transfer and load building area hoists, servo actuated bi-parting apron plates and modular construction that allows for multiple layout configurations to fit your site constraints. Users can effortlessly create and modify layer patterns, view and export production reports, adjust component speeds and timer settings, and also access manuals and schematics, all through the HMI. Graphic pattern screens can be created at the HMI to aid recovery of a machine fault and provide graphic representation of diagnostics, improving OEE. The low profile row and layer pushers allow for handling challenging product types, i.e. shallow trays (wrapped or unwrapped), shrink pad, film only bundles and more. 

The modular construction of the FL6200 increases flexibility by allowing features to be incorporated initially or added as a modification in the future. The addition of an integrated stretch wrapper helps when load stability or when space constraints are a challenge. A dual infeed can be added to meet increased line speeds. These features on the FL6200 create the ultimate palletizer that is guaranteed to meet both current and future production requirements.

The FL6200 utilizes servo technology to maximize performance and will consistently palletize in excess of 100 cases per minute! (pattern dependent). There are many standard features that make this palletizer the easiest and most reliable palletizer to operate in the industry, including the simple yet robust overhead row and layer pusher components.  The enhanced alarm indicators and system diagnostics, Smart Squeeze technology, and machine I/O status screens quickly communicate to the operator the status of the machine to aid in rapid machine recovery and ensure maximum uptime.

With the superior reliability and accuracy that Columbia palletizers are known for, combined with the ultimate in Safety, Flexibility and Performance, the FL6200 is sure to safely meet the demands of your production requirements today and for years to come.

Columbia manufactures inline high speed, high-level, floor-level and robotic hybrid palletizers, load transfer stations and provides complete system integration. Columbia features flexible, upgradeable designs to speeds up to 200 cases per minute. With over 3,500 palletizers in the industry, Columbia is the leading palletizing solutions provider in North America. All Columbia palletizers are built in the USA and backed by 24-hour customer support and parts service.

Interview: HL6200 High Speed Row Forming Palletizer
16 December, 2016

Packaging World interviewed Sales Director, Ted Yeigh, regarding the third and final model of the high level series; the HL6200. The HL6200 includes Columbia’s industry-leading safety and guarding system that provides “next level protection”. The flexibility of the HL6200 meets current and future packaging needs with the easy to operate Product Manager HMI and layer forming features; making layer pattern forming and alterations a breeze. Maximum performance is found with speeds up to 120 cases per minute and superior reliability & accuracy, the HL6200 is sure to meet the demands of your production requirements.

16 May, 2016

As the volume of wine production increased at Mission Bell Wineries, so did the cost of manual labor.  Mission Bell Wineries, located in Madera, CA and a subsidiary of the world’s larges wine business Constellation Wines, produces popular brand name wines such as Paul Masson, Black Box, Hardys and Robert Mondavi. “We realized that in order to be competitive within the premium wine business, we had to bottle more wine in less time” said Dennis Hartman, Director of Bottling. This is when it was decided to design the new 3 liter bag-in-box packaging line with an ergonomic layout that would limit the amount of human involvement and drastically decrease the number of operators involved.

One of the key improvements in this project was replacing an existing competitors palletizer with a Columbia Machine HL4000 High Level Palletizer. “We chose a reliable, top-fed machine, Columbia is extremely price competitive, and the value for the dollar has proven to be very significant in that, once again, we have a machine center that is virtually maintenance free and is very operator friendly.”

By selecting Columbia Machine’s HL4000 palletizer, Mission Bell Winery was able to increase productivity from 2,400 cases per day to 4,400 cases per day, producing over 14 million cases a year. The HL4000 is able to effortlessly handle the 46 pound cases with the use of close center rolls and ½” thick stripper plate to support the heavy layers.  In addition, Columbia’s latest technology “Smart Squeeze” helps maintain package integrity.

Columbia’s HL4000 included the new Product Manager Controls Package which consists of an Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC, PanelView Plus 600 Color Touch Screen HMI and Columbia’s Product Manager Software. Product Manager provides incredible flexibility to the staff at Mission Bell allowing users to easily add or adjust product patterns, modify machine functions and view built-in production reports. Dennis Hartman states, “The ease of operation has allowed for fast and effective training on the HL4000.”

“The addition of the Columbia Machine HL4000 High Level Palletizer is proving to be maintenance free, operator free and is continuously producing quality loads. In addition, the equipment availability measurement is in excess of 99% since initial start up” states Dennis Hartman.

The success of the new Columbia Machine palletizer at Mission Bell in Madera, California, has encouraged other Constellation Brand companies to integrate a Columbia palletizer into their facility’s packaging lines. Vincor, another Constellation brand, currently has an FL150 on order for their Niagara Falls, Ontario plant and a HL6000 is pending for their British Columbia plant.

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