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Company Profile

In 1903, a small print shop took its name from the best reproduction process of the day, Collotype. A few years later in 1916 and half-way around the globe in Cincinnati, OH, another small print shop takes the name MulticolorType.
Today these print shops have grown together to become the world's largest and most awarded premium label printer, Multi-Color Corporation
Since printing the first wine and spirit labels in the 1920's, Collotype, now known as MCC, has driven many of the innovations that have seen labels evolve from a simple description to 'little works of art' playing a vital role in the marketing mix.

Located in premium wine producing regions around the world, MCC is proudly supporting the expanding global market, specialising in Premium Labels for the Wine and Spirit Industries.

Products and Services

LabelsSelf Adhesive
Multi-Color continues to supply the wine and spirit industries with high quality embellished Self Adhesive labels. We are the driving force behind many of the breakthroughs in premium label production.
Our state-of-the-art, in-line combination equipment offers all of these premium decoration features in a single pass:
  • Multi-color offset
  • Multi-color flexo
  • Screen printing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Letterpress
  • Embossing and textured patterns
  • Die-cutting 
We print on a comprehensive range of coated and textured papers, clear films, recycled and recyclable papers, all using a range of adhesives to suit different applications.
LabelsWet Glue
Our Wet Glue expertise is based on over a century of printing heritage. Processes include multi-color Offset, Hot Foil Stamping, Metallic Varnishes, Grain, Embossing and Protective Coatings on a range of Coated, Uncoated and Metallic papers and boards.
We offer digitally printed wine labels via an experienced digital wine label printing service team. Feel secure in the knowledge that your account manager and graphics preparer will have each managed thousands of Digital wine label print projects. You can count on this high level of experience to help ensure your project's success.

You can select our digitally printed custom labels with or withoutfoil stampingand, orembossing.

Girl & Dragon
Girl & Dragon
TLMI 2016 Best of Show, Best of Class Flexo Wine & Spirits
TLMI 2016 Best of Class Offset Wine & Spirits
Kerr Cellars
Kerr Cellars
2016 Benny Award Winner, Kerr Cellars
VMA 2016 Awards
VMA 2016 Awards
MCC Accepting the Grand Award plus 10 Golds, 6 Silvers and a Bronze Award at the 2016 VMA Awards.
Farella Malbec
Farella Malbec
Collotype is proud to be a participant in PG&E's Climate Smart Program. In addition, for the second year in a row, Collotype received the following awards: "United States Congress " Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for "Outstanding & Invaluable Service to the Community" for our recycling efforts. "California State Legislation " Certificate of Recognition for "Outstanding Recycling Efforts in Napa County". "Napa Valley Environmental Awareness Team - Exceptional Business Recycling Effort"
Ti'amo Shrink Sleeves
Ti'amo Shrink Sleeves
Killer White
Killer White
Dutcher Cribbage
Dutcher Cribbage
Field Recordings
Field Recordings
Multi-Color Shrink Die Line
Multi-Color Shrink Die Line
Stella Label Prototyping, a Multi-Color Exclusive Technology

Discover what’s new in label prototyping!Multi-Color is proud to present Stella, an imaging technology that creates fully built-up and die-cut labels – no plate or die purchases required.

Direction Label Proofing (Stella) allows you to preview your design before the actual print run. Stella proofs can be printed on a wide variety of label materials, including paper, film and wood substrates. The high-quality proofs can incorporate decorative foils, embossing and debossing, as well as simulated textures.

Stella is a useful tool for customers who are trialing different designs and want to see how various embellishments enhance the look of their label. Directional proofing is also a great help when re-branding or pitching a new design concept to a team of people. Having a physical rendition in hand helps you make the best choice for the look of your label.

Again, no tooling or dies have to be purchased! To start your project, all you need are art files, a stock specification, color call outs, and embellishment details. Contact us today to learn more!

News Archive

Check out Multi-Color’s label innovations at Unified, booth 515!
10 January, 2018

Meet the Multi-Color team at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, CA. We will be at Booth 515 from January 24rd – 25th!

Featuring the latest in label innovations…


 Stella – MCC’s Label Prototyping Technology

 Discover what’s new in label prototyping. Multi-Color is proud to present Stella, an imaging technology that   creates fully built-up and die-cut labels with foil and embossing embellishments on widely used wine label   materials before the full print run. Plus, no plates or dies are required. 


 Shrink Sleeves

 Considering a shrink sleeve project for your brand? Multi-Color’s team of shrink sleeves experts will help you   launch your project. Shrink sleeves are used to decorate cans and bottles of various shapes and sizes. Take   advantage of the 360 degree space to communicate your brand’s value to your customers. Design possibilities   are limitless and can be finished with gloss or matte varnishes.


Resin Labels

Are you looking for a way to create a premium look for your packaging? Resin labels enhance the look of your brand and invite tactile engagement from consumers. You can also utilize clear resin labels to create the look of custom glass molds, providing you differentiation, cost efficiency and flexibility with your design.

 Resin Labels

Deckled-edge Pressure Sensitive Labels

Enhance interest and intrigue in your label by adding a deckled-edge to your label design. A deckled-edge creates a torn look that is offered exclusively at Multi-Color. This finishing option is available on most pressure sensitive paper stocks. Ask a MCC team member for more information at Unified!


Killer White Water Tight 24

Ice and condensation don’t stand a chance against the World’s Best 24 hour ice-bucket label solution. Keep your Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay labels intact with KILLER WHITE Water-Tight 24.This exclusive MCC label material delivers the most comprehensive solution to the problem of bubbling and graying that occurs when ordinary wine label papers are immersed in ice buckets.


We look forward to seeing you at Unified!

Emboss Do’s and Don’ts: Make your label pop, not peel.
13 December, 2017

Coolhurst Single Vineyard English Sparkling Wine Label

Trying to find a happy medium between too much and not enough with your label design? We are here to help! Learn about our Emboss Do’s and Don’ts below.

Emboss Do’s

Embossing elements on your design adds dimension and texture to an otherwise flat label – and in a world of swiping and typing on slick surfaces, it’s refreshing to actually feel what’s in your hand. Therefore…

-   Emboss common features on your label that won’t change every year, like the brand and logo,  so you can use the same emboss dies for multiple SKUs (aka, save money).

-   Want a unique texture on your label? Use an emboss plate to add texture to a flat stock instead of purchasing a standard textured paper.

-   Combine embossed and debossed designs to add dimension to your label and make it visually intriguing.

-   Consider complimenting a blind emboss with printed ink, or emboss with a drop shadow. Talk to your designer and label printer to find out how ink and embellishments can work together to create an outstanding visual.

Sculptured Embossing

Emboss Don’ts

-   Avoid embossing vintages or alcohol percentages, unless you are willing to purchase new tooling for every production run.

-   Don’t add a textured emboss to an already textured stock. Textured stocks have variation, so adding more would result in the different textures fighting one another to stand out.

-   Too much embossing on a label can cause application issues. The more raised emboss a label has, the less contact it has with the actual bottle. As a result, the label could lift or peel. If your design includes emboss that goes to the edge of the label, ask your printer to feather the edges of the die to avoid application issues.

-   Beware of adding too many emboss and deboss elements on the same die. Combined emboss/deboss plates do not allow as much control over the depth of the deboss or height of the emboss. You may need to order two dies – one for the deboss and one for the emboss – to create the optimal visual effect.

With these Do’s and Don’ts in mind, you are on your way to creating a world class label! Want more helpful tips? Visit our website and stay tuned for more posts!

BrandNEWs - The Latest in Innovative Label Solutions
27 November, 2017


Your copy of Multi-Color's BrandNews eBook has arrived. Click this link for the latest in World's Best Premium Label Solutions

Meet the Label Experts from Multi-Color at the WIN Expo - Booth #127
15 November, 2017

Accolade Wines Barossa Ink Shiraz Wine Label

Looking for an innovative label solution or value-engineering for your brand? Visit booth #127 and meet the label experts who can show you how! 

See you at the WIN Expo Thursday, November 30th!

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Shrink Sleeve
04 October, 2017

Shrink Sleeve DesignShrink sleeves have been around for a while, but many designers have not had experience working within shrink sleeve templates and die lines. Based off our experience and customer feedback, below are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when designing a shrink sleeve.

Beware of High Shrink Areas

Before you start designing, consider the shape of the container you are using and what areas will shrink the most. For example, if you are covering a wine bottle with a shrink sleeve, the film will shrink more around the neck of the bottle than the base. That is because the shrink sleeve starts at one width and then shrinks down to hug the curves of the bottle, thus the material has to shrink more to reach the neck than the wider part of the bottle. Therefore, you want to avoid putting text or a busy graphic design around the neck of the bottle because it is a high shrink area and may result in the design looking smooshed or distorted.

Avoid Copy on the Fold Lines and Seam

The folds of the shrink sleeve are indicated by the dotted lines on the template below. Since the sleeves are folded prior to application, sometimes the fold lines can be slightly visible after they are applied. As a precaution, we recommend avoiding text on the fold lines. Additionally, you want to avoid text or graphics on the seamed area because that is where the material overlaps and adhesive is applied. As a helpful tool, we provide customers with a container specific template, like the one below, to make sure the graphics will look great once printed.

Multi-Color Shrink Die Line

Remember, Shrink Sleeves Shrink!

When you are determining the size of elements on your shrink sleeve – like the brand name or logo – don’t forget that shrink film shrinks! Once you place your artwork into the shrink template, designs and text may need to be slightly larger to accommodate the shrink percentage. That way, your end graphics are the desired size after the film shrinks around the container.

Make the Most of the Design Space

Step outside the confines of a standard label and get creative with your shrink sleeves! Utilize the 360 degree canvas by developing graphics that wrap around the entire container. Designs that are continuous and fluid will make consumers want to pick up your product to see the rest of the art work. Also, if you are designing a shrink sleeve for a can, use the metallic of the can to replicate the look of foil by leaving some areas of the shrink sleeve transparent or less opaque.

Don’t Forget the Co-packer

If you are using a co-packer, send them your design to ensure there will be no special eye-marks needed for their equipment to accurately apply the shrink sleeves. Having the co-packer check the art work prior to printing is a great way to catch potential issues before the sleeves are printed.

Keeping these 5 things in mind will help you create a great shrink sleeve design for your brand, while avoiding common mistakes. For more information visit, or contact one of our shrink sleeve experts today!

The “E” in embellishments doesn’t have to mean expensive…
06 September, 2017

Field Recordings

If you have ever asked yourself, “How can I add a little pop to my label without breaking the bank?”, then you should read on…

The easiest way to enhance the look of your labels is to add embellishments. However, when your printer starts talking about foil dies and emboss dies, it is easy to get overwhelmed and concerned about price.

So, let’s keep it simple.


Foil is a great option to add bright elements to your label that demand attention. However, instead of foiling everything on the label, avoid foiling vintages and varietals. By foiling common elements on all of your labels (i.e. the brand name, logo, crest, etc.) you can use the same foil die for every label, and you won’t have to buy new tooling every year.


In a world of swiping and typing on smooth surfaces, embossing adds a tangible feel to your labels. Remember, only emboss common elements and skip the details like vintages that change every year, to avoid reoccurring tool charges.  

Spot Gloss

Adding gloss elements to your label is one of the most cost-effective decorative options. The gloss sheen against a matte background is an easy way to add contrast and depth to your label. Plus, it can be added over embossed areas for extra impact.

Textured Stock

Want texture on your label but don’t want to pay for a texture die? Select a stock that already has a texture! Choosing textured stocks like Felt, Linen, and Tweed allows you to save money, without sacrificing the look you want.

There are many other embellishment options to choose from, but keeping the tips above in mind can help you enhance the look of your label without “breaking the bank”. 

Standout with 3D Resin Seals!
23 August, 2017


Resin SealMake an impact on the shelf by adding a 3D resin seal to your packaging. The enhanced visual of resin seals will grab attention to your brand, allowing you to standout from competitors.

Design options are endless for resin seals. Resins easily allow you to replicate the look of wax or a glass mold. It can be printed on metallic, white, or clear substrates, and can be cut into unique shapes and various sizes. Resin seals are printed using a wide array of colors and can incorporate metallic features. As a result, you are able to create something original and eye-catching for your brand.

Compared to glass molds, resin seals provide you with lower start-up costs and lower minimum order requirements. Production time is also faster than glass molds, so you can get your bottles to market faster. Plus, with greater design options and water resistant properties – resin seals are a perfect fit for your brand.

Resin seals can be delivered on rolls or sheets, depending on your requirements. They are self-adhesive and affixed to a liner for easy application. Also, they can be applied to labels, glass bottles, boxes, and tissues.

Whether you need a hundred or a million, we can help you create the best option to fit your needs. Contact us today or visit us at

6 Ways to Stand Out on the Shelf
08 August, 2017

Dutcher CribbageLooking for a way to engage customers and stand out on the shelf? At Multi-Color, we offer clients a variety of unique stocks to enhance their brand image and capture attention – some of the substrates are made of materials so unusual, you may have to see to believe. 

Veneer Wood Grain

This real wood veneer label material has a smooth surface, with enough texture to demonstrate it is real. The wood grain stock comes in Cheery Wood and Birch. The stock can be foiled and printed on, but it cannot be embossed or debossed.

Alpha Cowhide

This luxury brand stock replicates the look of leather. It is soft to the touch, with a gloss finish and contains no solvents or heavy metals, making it both sophisticated and sustainable.


Velvet stock offers a chic, elevated feel to any design. This stock comes in red, purple, and brown. It can be foiled and embossed for added shelf appeal.

Black Vellum

Black Vellum is a great option for brands whose designs have a black background. Printing black ink on a white stock can lead to scuffing issues, or a white edge around the label. Thereby, diminishing the look of a sleek onyx design. Using Black Vellum is a way to avoid these problems altogether, since the stock itself is black.


Looking for a unique textured stock to set your brand apart? Tweed paper is made of pure cellulose and is embossed off-machine in a textile design. It can be foiled, embossed, debossed, and spot glossed.

Royal White

Enhance your shelf appeal with this bright white, seventy pound stock. With added wet strength, this paper increases resistance to tearing and wrinkling when the label is exposed to moisture.

Learn more about our innovative label solutions at or contact us today,

The New Label Standard for Ice Bucket Performance
12 July, 2017

Killer WhiteThe summer months are here! The heat makes you feel like you are melting, so you (or your customers) grab for that chilled bottle of wine from the ice bucket, only to notice that the label looks like it’s melting too!

For many brands, ice-buckets and labels do not mix well together. Ice bucket exposure may cause your label to turn gray and wrinkle, or worse – fall off. You have to keep your wine cold, but by doing so puts your brand image at risk. So, what are you going to do?

The answer is Killer White Water-Tight™24 – a Multi-Color exclusive stock that is setting a new standard for ice bucket performance.

Killer White Water-Tight™24 will remain white, vibrant, and on the bottle, even after 24 hours in an ice bucket. This is achieved by combining a premium white label paper, a water-tight barrier, and an aggressive white adhesive. Together, these features prevent graying and bubbling.

Whether you are at an event or enjoying wine in your back yard with friends, keep your brand image strong and choose Killer White Water-Tight™24. 

Get more out of your graphics with Shrink Sleeves!
29 June, 2017

Tiamo Shrink SleevesShrink sleeves offer a 360 degree, top to bottom canvas for you to display your graphics and point-of-sale content to customers. Shrink sleeve technology involves printing designs on a film and then shrinking it to fit a variety of containers –including glass, plastic, and metal. Ink is printed under the exposed film so bold, high-impact designs are protected from scuffing – ensuring your designs look great from production to consumer.

Shrink sleeves are also a cost effective option for producers who do not want to invest in high quantities of pre-printed cans. Maintain flexibility by printing various designs and prototyping your project with Multi-Color shrink sleeve technology. 

To learn more, visit our website at, or contact our shrink sleeve expert Perla Soto at

Shrink Sleeve Projects Made Simple

24-Hour Ice Bucket Labels at Multi-Color's UW&G Symposium Booth 517!!!
10 January, 2017

The world's best ice bucket label solution just got better! Introducing KILLER WHITE Water-Tight 24, the only wine label paper that looks great in an ice bucket for up to 24 hours.

Exclusively offered by MCC, KILLER WHITE Water-Tight 24 delivers the most comprehensive solution to the problem of bubbling and graying that occurs when ordinary wine label papers are immersed in ice buckets.

Even at 24 hours in an ice bucket, KILLER WHITE Water-Tight 24 remains white, the printing remains clear and vibrant and it remains on the bottle!

Visit our Unified Wine & Grape Symposium booth #517 or contact us at 707-603-2500 for samples and more information on how your wine label can benefit by being printed on KILLER WHITE Water-Tight 24!

MCC Wine & Spirits Earns Top Honors at Annual TLMI Label Awards
01 November, 2016

Multi-Color Corporation Wine & Spirits Division(MCC) earned top honors at the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute(TLMI) Annual Label Awards, winning four of the seven major categories.

Leading the way at the October 18th event was the 2016 Best of Show award for theGirl & Dragon Malbec label, which was also recognized as the 2016 Best of Class: Flexo Wine & Spirits.

The Precision Red Wine label, earned the 2016 Best of Class: Digital, while the Hertelendy label earned 2016 Best of Class: Offset Wine & Spirits.

The annual TLMI Label Awards showcases printing excellence from around the world. The competition aims to recognize innovative printing and technical achievement.  This year’s winners were selected from a field of over 225 entries.

To see how MCC Wine & Spirits can apply award winning execution and innovation to your label, visit the MCC booth at this year’s North Coast Wine Industry EXPO on December 1. 

To view other great MCC labels, visit the Multi-Color BrandNews tab on its WIN Company Profile page. BrandNews features outstanding and cutting-edge label designs from around the world.


Contact MCC at 707-603-2500 or before your start your next label project.

Girl & Dragon                              Precision                                                             Hertelendy




Multi-Color Wine & Spirits Wins the 2016 PPA Benny Award & VMA Grand Award for Label Printing Excellence!
26 July, 2016

Multi-Color Wine & Spirits was awarded the Benny Award for its reproduction of professional golf pro Cristie Kerr's wine label, Kerr Cellars at the 67th Annual Premier Print Award Competition. The elegant design created by Madeleine Corson Design of San Francisco utilizes a heavy, textured paper and metallic foils to accentuate the uniqueness of the brand image. The label was selected from a field of 3,000 world-wide entries in the June 2016 judging of the Premier Print Awards.

The Premier Print Awards, the world's most prestigious international print competition, recognizes the highest quality printed pieces from around the globe. The competition's highest honor is the Benny Award. The Benny is universally recognized as the symbol for excellence in the printing industry.


Earlier this Spring, Multi-Color Wine & Spirits earned the Grand Award for its reproduction of the Magna Porcum label in addition to 10 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze awards for a host of other labels at this year's Visual Media Alliance printing competition.

With these significant victories, Multi-Color continues its tradition as the most awarded label printer in the world.  Contact Multi-Color Wine & Spirits to see how we can bring award winning craftsmanship to your label! 707-603-2500

Collotype Labels is now Multi-Color Corporation Wine and Spirits
01 July, 2016

For over 100 years Collotype Labels has been known as The World's Best Premium Label Solutions Provider to the Wine and Spirits markets.

This Spring, we at Collotype Labels transitioned our name and logo to our parent company name, Multi-Color Corporation, which celebrates its 100th year of operation this year!

By taking on our corporate name, we provide our customers and employees clarity and focus as one global company, while still providing excellent local market expertise to the Wine and Spirits markets that we service today.

We remain passionately determined and focused on serving you, our customer with The World's Best Premium Label Solutions.  As we look to the future we know from our past that Multi-Color will be celebrating its next 100 years having pushed the innovation boundaries to serve our customers in the best ways possible!

For a peak at some of our most recent innovations, please check out our WIN profile page or our web site,

Visit Collotype at WiVi -Booth #92
01 March, 2016

We're excitred to again be exhibiting at WiVi Central Coast and would love the opportunity to show you some of our latest innovations!


Come Visit Collotype at WIN Expo - Booth #127
24 November, 2015

We're excited to again be exhibiting at WIN Expo and would love the opportunity to show you some of our latest innovations!

See you there-

Collotype Wins Big at TLMI Awards
29 October, 2015

Collotype Labels won numerous awards as part of TLMI's (Tag & Label Manufacturing Institute) 38th Annual Label Awards Competition.  Two stand-outs were the BEST IN CLASS awards for Tres Manos tequila (Digital Wine & Spirits) and Hidden Crush (Offset Wine & Spirits).

Come visit Collotype at WiVI - Booth #3
17 March, 2015

We're excitred to again be exhibiting at WiVi Central Coast and would love the opportunity to show you some of our latest innovations!

Collotype Named Best Label Printer in Industry Survey.
06 March, 2015

For the THIRD year in a row, Collotype has been named BEST LABEL SUPPLIER in Vineyard & Winery Management magazine’s survey.  This honor is based on responses from over 1,000 industry professionals as part of the the magazine's annual survey.


“Customers call out the printer’s “consistent quality,” “beautiful labels,” and the staff’s willingness to go “above and beyond” in the delivery of “great service.” They also appreciate Collotype’s attention to “deadlines and customer communication.”

"We are thrilled to have received this recognition for the third strait year", said David Buse, Collotype's President.  We have a team that works tirelessly to deliver the worlds best premium label solutions and this honor speaks volumes in our success in doing just that."

26 January, 2015

Visit the Collotype booth and learn more about our new facestock- 'Marble'.  It has the durablitly of a film but the look and feel of paper.  You'll love what it can do for your packaing!

Collotype Takes the Top Prize in the 2014 TLMI Competition
16 October, 2014

Collotype Labels won  Best of Show and   Best of Class in the recent TLMI print competition for the Girl & Dragonlabel.   Collotype also received Best of Class- Digital for Freakshow and  Best of Class - Offset -Wine & Spirits for Pacific Rim Riesling.

The competition featured hundreds of entries from around the globe.




03 July, 2014

The Premier Print Award Competition recognizes the highest quality printed pieces in various categories from around the world. Each year, only the most worthy pieces receive Awards of Recognition, Certificates of Merit, and the highest honor—the Benny statue. The Benny has become a universally recognized symbol for excellence in the printing industry and this year, Collotype received a Benny!

“The entire team at Collotype works on every project as if it were an award-winning piece. To actually win a Benny is just the icing on the cake!”  David Buse, President


This year’s winning entry was Farella



21 April, 2014

Please join us May 6-8 at BOOTH #121 at the Craft Beverage Expo held at the San Jose Convention Center.  We would love to show you how we provide the World's Best Premium Label Solutions for craft brewers, vintners and distllers around the globe.

See you there!

Collotype wins "Best Label Supplier"
20 March, 2014

For the second year in a row, Collotype was chosen as Best Label Supplier by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine readers and the industry at large in their recent “Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2014” survey.  

This honor reinforces the fact that the market recognizes our dedication to providing the world's best premium wine label solutions day in and day out!

08 November, 2013

Collotype Labels, the leading global wine and spirits label supplier, wins top awards in a recent competition. 

  • 3 First Place Awards for Jackson Triggs, Farella and Wren Hop (Collotype Digital)
  • Farella and Wrep Hope won BEST in CLASS for their categories


For further information on digital labels:
Dan Welty
Digital Print Manager
Collotype Digital
21684 8th Street East
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 603-1653

Vineyard & Winery Management readers name Collotype Labels "BEST LABEL PRINTER"
05 March, 2013

Collotype was chosen as Best Label Supplier by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine readers and the industry at large in their recent “Best Wine Industry Suppliers 2013” survey.

30 July, 2012

FINAT, the worldwide association representing the interests of the self-adhesive labeling industry, announced the winners of its 32nd label awards competition at the award ceremony of its annual congress in Athens, Greece

Best in Show winner
: a real credit to the wine and label industry

The ’Best in Show’ and the ’Marketing/End-Uses Group' awards went to Collotype Labels USA for its Le Pich label.

"This is an outstanding label on many levels," commented Tony White. "We were extremely impressed not only by the technical excellence of the label, but also by its artistic appearance”.

Collotype was also the recipient of other medals for their work, including a Gold for Favia, ensuring their position as worlds most awarded wine label printer.

Technical Quality and Ethereal Looks Seal the Deal at This Year's FINAT Awards
14 June, 2011

More than 360 labels from 50 converters made this year’s FINAT Label Awards the largest ever. The high quality of the entries made the selection of the eventual winners extremely difficult. The winning labels were presented to members of FINAT, the European label association, during its annual congress. The event was held last week in Giardini Naxos, Sicily.

The Best in Show award, as well as the Marketing End Users Group Winner award, went to Collotype Labels USA for its Kenwood Artist Series label. Collotype's entry impressed the judges with its artistic appearance and its technical excellence. “This label was technically excellent with an almost ethereal look replicating the skin tones of the subject with great delicacy,” says Judge Tony White.

FINAT is the world-wide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services. It was founded in Paris in 1958, and since then has been representing the whole self-adhesive supply chain.

Giardini Naxos, Sicily

The most cost effective sales and promotional tool available!
18 January, 2011

Wine Find™ - The silent salesperson

Collotype’s Wine Find™ is a unique promotional tool that keeps working 24 hours a day! Research shows that over 50% of wine consumption involves a new wine experience. Enjoying new wines is one thing: remembering their details at the next purchase opportunity is another.

Wine Find™ solves that problem with its unique removable reminder panel, turning your label into a silent sales person.