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ColloPack Solutions

ColloPack Solutions is a Napa, California based company serving the American Wine and Beverage industries. We were founded by an experienced group of industry professionals with the goal of becoming the supplier of choice to customers demanding the finest available equipment and supplies, backed by unmatched after-sales service and technical support.

ColloPack Solutions' comprehensive processing and packaging equipment product lines offer top quality state-of-the-art equipment for virtually every major step in the winemaking processes.

Our sales and technical staff, with literally hundreds of years of cumulative experience, can help you select the equipment best suited to your unique requirements and provide the after sales service and support so essential to product quality and process efficiency.

Processing and Packaging equipment for the wine and beverage industries


    Destemmers and Crushers, 2 to 150 tons per hour: DIEMME

    Presses (pneumatic presses, vertical basket presses): 500 to 75,000 liter capacity: DIEMME

    Continuous presses up to 1,200mm diameter: DIEMME

    Grape sorting and reception lines:DIEMME

    Pumps(must): DIEMME, FRANCESCA

    Pumps (juice, wine and barrel work): FRANCESCA

    Tanks: ALBRIGI



    From one item to a fully integrated turn key line:

      BERTOLASO rinsers, fillers, corkers, cappers, conveyor

      ROBINO & GALANDRINO capsule dispensers and applicators, wirehooders

      CAVAGNINO & GATTI wet glue and pressure sensitive labelers

      CAMES cork orientation

      CHAMPAGEL and PERRIER sparkling wine equipment



    Sparkling wine cork: OLLER







Bertolaso Superbloc Bottling Line
Bertolaso Superbloc Bottling Line
State-of-the-art automation and controls integrated into a superbloc at 230 bpm for wine bottling. Every unit of operation from the blower/rinser to the exit of the labeler is coupled and driven by brushless motors. ColloPack Solutions is responsible for the installation, line integration, and ongoing support of this line.
Bertolaso 45bpm
Bertolaso 45bpm
Bertolaso 45 bpm bottling line. Entire line supplied and installed by ColloPack Solutions.
Collopack Oak Ridge Installation
Collopack Oak Ridge Installation
230 bpm syncrobloc for wine bottling. Turnkey solution from automated microfiltration and line CIP to automated case packing and palletizing.
Bertolaso Counter Pressure Filler
Bertolaso Counter Pressure Filler
A short video of the largest counter-pressure (isobaric) filler ever made in Italy. With more than 185 filling valves, this monster had to be transported at night with police escorts as the autostrada was closed.
Bortolinkemo Automated Depalletizer
Bortolinkemo Automated Depalletizer
Fully automated depalletizer offers the ability to automatically remove the shrink wrap, and collect all slip sheets and pallets. Patented system for shrink removal provides a unit that is completely operator independent.
Poker 900/1S/1G Method Champagnoire Line by Barida
Poker 900/1S/1G Method Champagnoire Line by Barida
A Method Champagneur line for the small producer with disgorging, dossage, and cork and wire hooding.
Machine Vision Inspection on Wine Bottling Line
Machine Vision Inspection on Wine Bottling Line
Complete Concannon Winery bottling line supplied by ColloPack Solutions features two Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision machine vision systems. The first checks wine bottles for fill level and cork presence and the second checks label presence and final bottle appearance.

News Archive

New Winery Equipment Models Offer Efficiency and Versatility Upgrades
28 February, 2020

ColloPack represents over 16 leading brands providing turn-key solutions for grape processing equipment, wine bottling or canning equipment, vision inspection systems, stainless steel tanks, and tank sanitation. At the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, they displayed some of the newest models from these industry-leading manufacturers with feature upgrades that enhance efficiency and versatility for wineries.

BlueMorph UV Sanitation

The newly upgraded BlueMorph UVT60G is a handheld ultraviolet light designed for easy and efficient sanitation of kegs and barrels. The germicidal ultraviolet light is inserted into a barrel bunghole and kills microorganisms, replacing the need for chemical, steam, and ozone sanitization methods. It uses a minimal amount of energy from a conventional 110V power source, and the new model is more ergonomic, making it easy to handle and move from barrel to barrel between the short sanitation cycles. The increased power of the new model brings the sanitation cycle for a 55 gallon barrel down to only 3 minutes. This is the only barrel sanitation method available which does not degrade the quality of the wood.


Diemme Roller Selection Table

The Diemme roller type selection tables are used in grape receiving and selection lines for sorting destemmed grapes or mechanically harvested grapes. The newly added and deceptively simple feature is a hand-operated lever that adjusts spacing of the rollers in real time, allowing continuous sorting while refining for the variety being processed. With no assembly or disassembly required, it saves time and increases efficiency of the selection, as adjustment can quickly be optimized. The standard roller selection table includes a variable electric drive to adjust the rotation speed of the rollers.

Diemme sorting table

Francesca LoBó Pump

The patented LoBó pump from Francesca comes in three models, with the biggest featuring a flow rate from/to:19000 – 70000 l/h, but all of them are designed to handle conditions requiring high pressures of up to 5 bar, making them ideal for pumpovers, lees, must and wine transfers, passage through a heat exchanger, as well as thermovinification. The direct flow design allows for moving dense solids, and, with the exception of the helical rubber rotors, all the parts in contact with the liquid or must are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316.

Francesca control panel

The touchscreen control panel is loaded with preset programs for easy use, but also allows the user to adjust parameters like time, speed, or reach, and it determines a recommendation for speed based, on pressure and distance. The LoBó is perfectly suited for  wineries with complex pumping needs that require a high quality reliable and versatile pump.

ColloPack Solution is based in Napa, California with local representatives located in wine regions of California and the Pacific Northwest. ColloPack is committed to providing excellence and after-sales services & support from design integration to installation.

To schedule a technical services visit with local certified technicians prior to upcoming bottling and harvesting go to or email for more information.



Francesca LoBo pump

Prevent Breakdowns and Optimize Your Harvest and Bottling Efficiency
24 June, 2019

“You don’t want to get stuck with grapes in a press and have it go down. That can be disastrous when you’re in the middle of crush,” says Ron Varner, Director of Operations at ColloPack Solutions. He knows wineries understand that, but he warns not to wait until the last minute to get a checkup scheduled. “Harvest is coming, and it’s important to schedule them early in case any maintenance or repairs need to be made, allowing time for parts to come in and the work to be done.”

Wineries use their crush equipment heavily during harvest, but afterward it usually just sits, fixed in place or rolled off until next year. “Often the equipment gets neglected during the year,” says Varner, “so our pre-harvest checkups typically find several things in need of maintenance or replacement.”

ColloPack has been offering their preventative maintenance program for wineries for 15 years and about 200 wineries have ColloPack field technicians come out and check their equipment before harvest. “We look at everything that has to do with harvesting the grapes; presses, destemmers, pumps, and we will do full inspections of the systems and make sure everything is working,” says Varner. “We check that the membrane is good, how the pump is working, grease bearings, PMs, and make any recommendations for parts.”

ColloPack offers a similar preventative maintenance program to ensure the bottling line is tuned up prior to bottling, but in Varner’s experience wineries are less proactive with their bottling. “Many wineries have more flexibility around their bottling schedule, so there is a tendency to be more on the reactive side. Wineries should take advantage of preventive programs for their bottling lines, just like they do on the processing side.” A bottling line tune-up can not only avoid disastrous breakdowns, it can make the line run more efficient with less wine loss. Maintaining the bottling line can also have a positive impact on wine quality, by preventing unwanted oxygen ingress.

“Bottling lines have more pieces of equipment such as fillers, palletizers, drop packers, capsule machines and labelers, plus any type of surge equipment that you might have, so the bottling operation is a lot more complex. There are more factors impacting efficiencies and quality,” says Varner. “If we’re going to come in and take over your maintenance, it’s very customized. We have to see what model you have for every piece of equipment, and then come out and really customize the maintenance program to your needs. ColloPack’s engineering team can also help optimize that automation and make sure all those different pieces of equipment are tied together well.”

The maintenance program is mainly for machines provided by ColloPack from over 16 world-class suppliers like Diemme, Bertolaso, Francesca, L&C and others, but it’s not outside of their capability to work on other equipment. “We will work on other equipment depending on the situation. We routinely do panel retrofits on older presses if wineries want updated controls, regardless if the press is Diemme or not,” says Varner.

Even though ColloPack carries the largest spare parts inventory in the wine industry thus significantly reducing wait times for repairs, Varner warns wineries not to wait until the last minute to have their equipment checked. “We just get booked up solid as we get towards harvest trying to get all these inspections in,” he says, but also emphasizes that if someone has an emergency, ColloPack has the flexibility to work around schedules and get it addressed.

Local ColloPack Reps

During the harvest ColloPack offers 24/7 harvest assistance with local technicians in California and the Pacific Northwest. With their large stock of spare parts inventory, they can quickly respond and repair and reduce downtime. This service will also be extended to serve the Central Coast in January 2020.

“We do the pre-harvest inspection to avoid emergencies, but when emergencies happen we don’t want anyone to lose product. We try to leave a certain amount of technician hours unscheduled because we know they’re going to get called for breakdowns,” says Varner.

The certified field technicians on ColloPack’s 14-member team are cross trained to handle all the issues generally encountered, and each is also specialized to handle more complex problems in specific areas. “We definitely have some process specialists, some bottling specialists, and some guys who are more on the controls side, and now we even have engineers that we work with,” explains Varner. “If there is a problem that goes outside a field technician’s scope, like PLC (programmable logic controller) and programming, we now have an engineering team that can step in.”

ColloPack Solutions is known in the industry for its strong technical service, after-sales support, and the largest spare parts inventory in the wine industry. For more information visit or schedule a tech visit now to confirm appointments prior to your bottling or harvesting.


Efficiency and Versatility of Diemme Press Puts Winemaker in Control of Harvest
07 May, 2019

“It’s a great press,” says Brett Weis, Associate Winemaker at Eleven Eleven Winery, clearly impressed after using their new Diemme Press for the massive 2018 harvest. “A seven ton Vermentino pick came in at thirteen to fifteen, and that happened multiple times. Seven tons would take about three and a half press cycles on our old press, with the Diemme it is one press cycle.”

While the press can handle up to 9.2 tons there is no minimum load, and it was not just the added capacity, but the efficiency of the press that made the difference for Weis, “We got to yield in about an hour; on our other press it took about an hour and a half to two hours to get to your winemaker yield at a 150 gallons per ton. I calculated it, and the press cut down our labor by an intern and a half over the harvest.”

The press also features a clean in place system. Once a press cycle is finished and the pomace removed, the clean in place cycle pushes high pressure water through the channels and the press interior. “The ability to have it clean in place saved a ton of time on cleaning,” says Weis, “it does a great job of doing most of the heavy work, and it saved a large amount of water as well.”

Eleven Eleven crushed over 500 tons in 2018 with about 80% of it being for custom crush clients, and the Diemme press’ advanced controls made it easy for them to be in control of their press cycles. Amy Aiken, Technical Sales Representative for ColloPack Solutionswho represents Diemme in the U.S. worked with some of the winemakers to program their custom press cycles onto a USB drive, which can be plugged directly into the press control panel and uploaded.

“There’s a bunch of standard programs already in the press, cycles that you can pick and choose from, but most of the clients like the capability to create their own press programs,” says Weis, “and it’s easier for us. When we are pressing a client’s grapes, we know the program is already in the panel, and there’s no question.”

A color touch screen allows the winemaker to adjust the program in real-time without stopping the press. If the press is getting a lot of juice at the current pressure; instead of ramping up to the next pressure level, the winemaker can override the program and keep going at the lower pressure and protect the quality of the juice.

“The less pressure you’re putting on the grapes, the less phenolics you’re going to extract, the less seeds you’re going to break, and with white wines possibly less color as well, so it’s a light gentle squeeze,” says Weis. “We’ve also noticed more floral characters out of a wine at lower press pressures; the harder you press the more harsh flavors you get in white wines.”

ColloPack Solutions matches the superior Italian craftsmanship of the Diemme press with equally excellent customer service. When the press was delivered to Eleven Eleven Winery in August and everyone was in the middle of harvest preparations, ColloPack was onsite to lead the assembly of the press and train the team on its use.

“That’s the nice thing about working with Diemme,” says Weis, “the customer service is the best I’ve experienced with any press I’ve used; extremely knowledgeable, excellent sales reps. Amy being here to put the press together was a huge help.”

“ColloPack’s support continues 24/7 through harvest,” says Aiken, “so Brett would give me a call and say ‘I’ve got a program glitch,’ and I’d be there in 10 minutes, and we’d work it out, or if I didn’t have the answer, I’d call a Technician. That’s just how we do it, we have to get people up and running, there’s no question.”

ColloPack Solutions is known in the industry for its strong technical service, after sales support, and the largest spare parts inventory in the wine industry. For more information about the Diemme press, a technical consultation, or a package deal email, or visit


Exclusive Vision Inspection Systems Ensure Inspection Perfection on the Bottling Line
08 March, 2019

Quality control is essential for any producer striving to deliver a consistent premium product to their consumer, but so is keeping the bottling line operating efficiently. Logics & Controls offers inspection systems for filling and packaging lines that rely on advanced optical technology to achieve inspection perfection and efficiency.

“This equipment is modular, so each inspection can be used independently or as part of a multipoint inspection system,” explains Craig Richardson, Director at ColloPack Solutions, the US Distributor of Logics & Controls. “A winery might decide that screw cap thread inspection is the most critical attribute to be monitored on the line and install the Logiclosure. After the Logiclosure, they may choose to expand their capability by adding the empty glass inspection system and integrating the 2 machines.”

The Logiclosure is a compact camera system that can be easily installed to any new or existing line to verify the correct closure application during bottling. The exclusive optical system inspects the integrity and position of the cap as well as the pilfer band with unparalleled precision to within 0.05mm.

In traditional vision systems the image is distorted by the cameras proximity and angle of view which can cause large measurement errors and loss of important details. The Logics & Controls systems do not have any error due to angle of view allowing for maximum measurement accuracy without any loss of detail.

“Logiclosure benefits from Logics & Controls’ advanced optical technology and expertise to eliminate the perspective distortion,” says Richardson, “it avoids parallax errors and allows for extremely precise measurements at any point of the image.”

The system is equipped to handle closure quality checks on all types of closures with a single camera, and for aluminum screw caps it can also check thread depth, broken bridges, and pilfer band tuck. Logiclosure frequently incorporates the Logilevel system to check the fill level. In addition, the Logifiller function can be added for the diagnostics of filling valves and capping heads.

To efficiently and securely divert faulty bottles, the Logisort rejection device utilizes small diverted segments that gently guide the container, regardless of shape and production speed.

“The Logisort works like a set of fingers consecutively touching the bottle creating a dynamic guide that guarantees that it won’t fall as it is diverted,” explains Richardson. “It ensures no diversion caused hold-ups on the line and works with any type and shape of container both empty and full.”

The full line of Logics and Controls inspection for perfection systems are distributed by ColloPack Solutions; for more information on inspection systems call 707-258-3940, or email


A Method Champagnoire Line for the Small Producer
22 February, 2019

ColloPack represents the world’s leading manufacturers of sparkling wine equipment for both small and large sparkling wineries. From tirage, to riddling, to disgorging, ColloPack offers complete bottling line solutions from 5 - 200 bpm. 

Barida manufactures small to medium size neck freezing, disgorging, and agitating machines, along with corking, wirehooding, and pleating and crimping equipment.

See the Poker 900/1S/1G Method Champagnoire Line by Barida and ColloPack showcased at Unified below.

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Shadybrook Estates Manages Water Use and Production Cost with the Help of Specially Designed Tanks
30 November, 2018

In California, no resource is more important than water, which is why water management has been a top priority in the wine community for years. For the award-winning Napa winery, Shadybrook Estates, water saving is even more imperative because its facility operates as a ‘hold and haul’ production facility, meaning that all their wastewater needs to be collected and then trucked to a treatment plant in the East Bay.

“We’ve got water savings on our radar for a couple of reasons, first and foremost for planet Earth; we try to use as little as possible and be as sustainable as possible, but the less we use and haul away is also beneficial for our bottom line,” says Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker at Shadybrook Estate.

One of Shadybrook’s largest water savings come from their sanitation practices. “We have some pretty unique devices that create a foam out of our sanitation chemicals, so we’re not using hundreds of gallons of water to mix up large batches of chemicals to clean out tanks,” says Zuidema.

The foam uses a very small amount of chemicals to cover the inside and outside of the tanks like a shaving cream. The foam lingers on the equipment, it sterilizes it, and then only needs a quick little rinse off afterward using only a minimal amount of water.

The foam cleaning is facilitated by the unique bright annealed (BA) finished stainless steel interior of the Albrigi tanks. It is superior to the more common 2B stainless steel finish and has a significantly lower roughness range.

“The stainless steel is so finely polished that there are virtually no little fissures where tartrates and other solid particles can lie, everything just flies off the tank, it’s such a perfect surface,” says Michael Andrews, Associate Winemaker at Shadybrook.

“When you have a tank with a rougher surface, you need stronger chemicals that would not be facilitated by the foam, so you’d have to mix that up in a minimum of fifty gallons of water,” explains Andrews. “The chemicals would have to be dissolved in hot water. Then you’d have to circulate that chemical through the tanks for twenty minutes. Then you’d have to rinse that tank, and then you’d have to neutralize that chemical with citric acid, again circulating it for another ten to twenty minutes using another fifty gallons of water for the neutralizing chemical, and all the water and chemical would end up going down the drain into the septic system.”

In addition to the immense water savings come time savings in getting tanks ready quickly, which can be crucial with large harvests like this year. Shadybrooks vineyard yields have been exceptionally high, and temperatures in the 70s and low 80s and cool nights have setup true maturity and ultimate ripeness, but with a 20% larger than normal harvest the winery has been extraordinarily busy.

Andrews appreciates the time savings that efficient sanitation practices affords him. “It’s a significant difference. It would take roughly two to two and a half hours to process a regular tank to sanitary. I can have the Albrigi tanks in this winery cleaned sanitized and ready to go in less than twenty minutes,” he says.

All the equipment in the winery was supplied by ColloPack, who also do all the service and maintenance on the equipment. “Their techs have been fantastic, their service has been very very good. It’s all state-of-the-art equipment and keeping it up and maintaining it is very very important to us,” says Andrews.

Shadybrook boasts 18 Albrigi tanks ranging in size from 2 ton fermentors up to 12 ton fermenters. ColloPack also supplied them two different styles of wine presses, a tank press and a basket press made by Diemme.

“They are very different, and both very efficient,” says Andrews,” but the basket press is so simple to use and is such a great twist on old world and old school winemaking where it is just direct pressure without any tumbling, without any flipping up the material, but just a long slow gentle increase of pressure, and the quality of wine that comes out of this press is absolutely fantastic. The yield is slightly less than from the tank press, but the quality is absolutely fantastic.”

In addition to Albrigi tanks and Diemme presses, ColloPack Solutions’ comprehensive processing and packaging equipment product lines offer top quality state-of-the-art equipment for virtually every major step in the winemaking processes.

For more information visit ColloPack Solutions at the North Coast Wine Industry Expo booth 117 & 119 on Dec. 6, 2018 in Santa Rosa, call 707-258-3940, or email


DAOU: Where Everything Is Selected to Achieve the Highest Quality
31 May, 2018

Winemaker Daniel Daou and his brother built the magnificent DAOU winery on top of DAOU Mountain in the western hills of Paso Robles, not for the sheer beauty of the place, but for its potential to achieve their vision of making world class Bordeaux style wines. “The terroir here is unique; it may be the only place on the planet you’ll find the calcareous clay soil of Bordeaux and the climate of Napa all in one place,” says Daou.

“We take a very different approach to winemaking here, we tend to be minimalist and try to present as much as we can a pure expression of terroir, so we shy away from tartaric additions, tannin additions, and sugar additions. Part of that process is to make sure we have a gentle pump that will allow us to move the grapes, move the must, and move the juice without damaging the wine.”

Ten years ago, DAOU tried out several different pumps to find one that could handle the many long hours of harvest and be gentle enough to not damage the grapes. They only found one that would do the job, the Francesca® pump.

“California is hot, so you’re often forced to harvest before you have 100% brown seeds. The last thing you want to do is crack these seeds open because it can release bitterness into the wine, and it can really affect the quality,” explains Daou. “Same when it comes to bruising the skin. I don’t mind cracking the skin open, but you don’t want them smashed. The Francesca is kind of amazing, when we process the grapes, we can put the whole grapes into one end, and they come out whole in the other. It’s a very, very gentle pump.”

The fruit from DAOU Mountain is hand-picked, then sorted both by human eye and cutting-edge optical technology to ensure the highest quality fruit. They use only 100-percent free run juice and initiate fermentation with native yeasts cultivated from the estate. Careful treatment of the grapes is essential to achieve the natural balance and texture Daou strives for. He says, “If you’re ending up with mush then you have a hard time finishing the fermentation, the yeast doesn’t digest the sugar, you get all kinds of problems. I’ve seen pumps do that, I’ve seen pumps that just shred everything.”

The gentle movement of fruit, wine, and juice was the main reason for selecting the Francesca, but other features like the barrel filling mode, pressure sensors, pressure transducers, run-dry timer, and pump-over mode play an important role in making the winemaking run smoothly and efficiently.

“The pump-over mode is very helpful,” says Daou, “my guys don’t have to use their watch, they just set the timer on the pump, and when the time is up, it stops.”

DAOU sometimes processes grapes for twelve to fourteen hours per day, non-stop, and they rely on the pumps to keep going. Daou was impressed by the reliability of the pump. “When I first got these pumps I started thinking, surely they’ll start failing left and right if we beat them up fourteen hours a day for two months, but they didn’t, they just work. These pumps are rock solid.”

Having equipment that allows for smooth and effective operation is important for the quality of the wine, but when something does fail, Daou values having a supplier that is always ready to help. “I love working with ColloPack! They understood our vision from day one. Craig, the president, has been very helpful. In the last ten years, I probably called him twenty times on a Sunday or Saturday night, and every time he picks up the phone and says ‘how can I help you?’”

Daou believes any business needs to focus on two of three facets to be successful: price, product, or service. “For our winery, we pride ourselves on great product and great service; we’re one of the most expensive wines in the region, so clearly we’re not going to compete on price. I feel ColloPack is the same, they have a great product – actually, they come close to having all three – but I’m not after price, I’m after great service and great product.”

DAOU has continued to add to their line of Francesca pumps over the last ten years and are now up to 27, more than any other winery in the world, and they also have three DIEMME presses from ColloPack Solutions.

“Growing up in Europe, maybe I think a little differently, we’re not transaction oriented, we’re relationship oriented. If we work with somebody, and we have a good relationship, we don’t go somewhere else just so we can get something for a dollar less because we’ve invested in the relationship,” says Daou.

“Because we focus on making the highest quality wine, we want great service, and we want a great product.”

In addition to Francesca pumps, ColloPack Solutions’ comprehensive processing and packaging equipment product lines offer top quality state-of-the-art equipment for virtually every major step in the winemaking processes. For more information, contact ColloPack Solutions, call 707-258-3940, or email


ColloPack announces New President
14 March, 2016

ColloPack Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Richardson as the company’s new President. Craig will manage day to day operations including leading the development and execution of ColloPack’s marketing and sales strategy and customer satisfaction goals.

“Craig’s demonstrated technical sales and people skills along with his successful management experience make him the ideal person to lead the ColloPack team,’’ said Greg Fulford, Chairman of ColloPack.


Craig, previously ColloPack’s VP of Technical Sales, has been with the company for 10 years in sales and product management positions. Before joining the company, he served in pharmaceutical production management positions including Director-Transdermal Manufacturing Group for ALZA Corporation. He is a graduate of California State University in Chico with a BS in Industrial Technology.

Maintaining Your Critical Wine Equipment
03 April, 2014

Don't Trust Just Anyone...

ColloPack Solutions is the factory-authorized dealer for your equipment, so your factory warranty is never jeopardized by non-authorized repairs. Our team of service technicians are highly trained, certified, and know your equipment inside out. The parts we use are factory-authorized and we maintain a comprehensive and continually updated spare parts inventory.


The Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Wine Equipment Service and Sales

ColloPack's Maintenance Solutions will help you reduce equipment downtime, improve production efficiencies, prolong equipment life, lower replacement parts and maintenance costs over the life of the machine, minimize emergency service calls and provide a safer working environment for your employees.


A Customized Approach

Because every winery’s specific maintenance needs are different, we don’t offer a “one-size fits all” program.  Instead, we offer a customized program tailored to your winery equipment, personnel, production requirements, and budget. We will meet with you, review your equipment, listen to your needs and put together a program that works for you.

ALBRIGI Tecnologie
06 July, 2012

ALBRIGI has been a leading European supplier for over 30 years producing premier quality tanks for the wine, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. Multiple unique features set ALBRIGI products apart from other manufacturer's' providing distinct advantages in cleaning and sanitation as well as umatched esthetic appearance. In addition to traditional fermentation and storage tanks, Albrigi produces a wide range of specialized tanks including multiple types with unique cap management systems.

- Albrigi uses only the highest quality "BA" finished stainless steel sourced exclusively from Thyssen Krup of Germany. "BA" finish (bright annealed) is superior to the more common "2B" finish in its significantly lower roughness range.

- Albrigi tanks are fabricated with an automated TIG welding process under a double inert gas atmosphere (argon plus nitrogen). A copper bar supports the area being welded serving as a heat sink to quickly cool it. These procedures produce a "white" weld with virtually no oxidation.

- Vertical panel welds and top and bottom horizontal welds are cold rolled flat and then polished to a mirror finish, seams are nearly invisible.

- Welds are pickled and the tank interiors are passivated as standard proceedure.

- Final water test and glycol system pressure test insures that Albrigi tanks are both statically and mechanically sound.

- Albrigi's use of "BA" finished stainless steel in conjunction with their exclusive welding protocol, mirror polished welds and final passivation step results in a surface which can easily and effectively be cleaned and sanitized without detergents.

- The visual aspect of Albrigi tanks is unmatched in the industry.

- Albrigi tanks carry a 25 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

ColloPack's reference lists include many notable small ultra premium wineries as well as a number of the world's largest. Our winery customers process from forty tons per season up to 10,000 plus tons per day; ColloPack's bottling line customers run between forty and 500 bottles per hour. All of our customers, small to large, benefit from the quality, technology and value of ColloPack equipment as well as the after sales service and support behind every sale.

We would be pleased to provide a list of satisfied references pertinent to your specific equipment needs.

Title Name Email Phone
VP, Engineering Rick White (707)258-3940
VP, Sales Phil Giacalone (707)258-3940
VP, Administration Dave Means (707)258-3940
Sales Craig Richardson (707)258-3940
Sales (Pacific Northwest) Ned Morris (509)730-9188
Sales Mike Wegman (707)696-7098
Sales Adam Bloom (707)724-1134
Francesca Pump
Francesca positive displacement pumps are extremely gentle on must/wine and versatile. Francesca pumps are self-priming and can pump must (without shearing skins and crushing seeds), juice, wine, lees, fill and top-off barrels. They ...

The Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

ColloPack's Maintenance Solutions will help you reduce equipment downtime, improve production efficiencies, prolong equipment life, lower replacement parts and maintenance costs over the life of the machine, minimize emergency service calls and provide a safer working environment for your employees.

Don't Trust Just Anyone with Maintaining Your Critical Equipment

ColloPack Solutions is the factory-authorized dealer for your equipment, so your factory warranty is never jeopardized by non-authorized repairs. Our team of service technicians are highly trained, certified, and know your equipment inside out. The parts we use are factory-authorized and we maintain a comprehensive and continually updated spare parts inventory.

A Customized Approach

Because every winery’s specific maintenance needs are different, we don’t offer a “one-size fits all” program.  Instead, we offer a customized program tailored to your winery equipment, personnel, production requirements, and budget. We will meet with you, review your equipment, listen to your needs and put together a program that works for you.


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