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At ColloPack QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, VALUE and SERVICE are part of every sale

ColloPack Solutions' comprehensive processing and packaging equipment product lines offer top quality state-of-the-art equipment for virtually every major step in the winemaking processes.

Our sales and technical staff, with literally hundreds of years of cumulative experience, can help you select the equipment best suited to your unique requirements and provide the after sales service and support so essential to product quality and process efficiency.

Processing and Packaging equipment for the wine and beverage industries


    Destemmers and Crushers, 2 to 150 tons per hour: DIEMME

    Presses (pneumatic presses, vertical basket presses): 500 to 75,000 liter capacity: DIEMME

    Continuous presses up to 1,200mm diameter: DIEMME

    Grape sorting and reception lines:DIEMME

    Pumps(must): DIEMME, FRANCESCA

    Pumps (juice, wine and barrel work): FRANCESCA

    Tanks: ALBRIGI



    From one item to a fully integrated turn key line:

      BERTOLASO rinsers, fillers, corkers, cappers, conveyor

      ROBINO & GALANDRINO capsule dispensers and applicators, wirehooders

      CAVAGNINO & GATTI wet glue and pressure sensitive labelers

      CAMES cork orientation

      CHAMPAGEL and PERRIER sparkling wine equipment



    Sparkling wine cork: OLLER







Bertolaso Superbloc Bottling Line
Bertolaso Superbloc Bottling Line
State-of-the-art automation and controls integrated into a superbloc at 230 bpm for wine bottling. Every unit of operation from the blower/rinser to the exit of the labeler is coupled and driven by brushless motors. ColloPack Solutions is responsible for the installation, line integration, and ongoing support of this line.
Machine Vision Inspection on Wine Bottling Line
Machine Vision Inspection on Wine Bottling Line
Complete Concannon Winery bottling line supplied by ColloPack Solutions features two Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision machine vision systems. The first checks wine bottles for fill level and cork presence and the second checks label presence and final bottle appearance.

News Archive

ColloPack announces New President
14 March, 2016

ColloPack Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Craig Richardson as the company’s new President. Craig will manage day to day operations including leading the development and execution of ColloPack’s marketing and sales strategy and customer satisfaction goals.

“Craig’s demonstrated technical sales and people skills along with his successful management experience make him the ideal person to lead the ColloPack team,’’ said Greg Fulford, Chairman of ColloPack.


Craig, previously ColloPack’s VP of Technical Sales, has been with the company for 10 years in sales and product management positions. Before joining the company, he served in pharmaceutical production management positions including Director-Transdermal Manufacturing Group for ALZA Corporation. He is a graduate of California State University in Chico with a BS in Industrial Technology.

Maintaining Your Critical Wine Equipment
03 April, 2014

Don't Trust Just Anyone...

ColloPack Solutions is the factory-authorized dealer for your equipment, so your factory warranty is never jeopardized by non-authorized repairs. Our team of service technicians are highly trained, certified, and know your equipment inside out. The parts we use are factory-authorized and we maintain a comprehensive and continually updated spare parts inventory.


The Benefits of Proactive Maintenance

Wine Equipment Service and Sales

ColloPack's Maintenance Solutions will help you reduce equipment downtime, improve production efficiencies, prolong equipment life, lower replacement parts and maintenance costs over the life of the machine, minimize emergency service calls and provide a safer working environment for your employees.


A Customized Approach

Because every winery’s specific maintenance needs are different, we don’t offer a “one-size fits all” program.  Instead, we offer a customized program tailored to your winery equipment, personnel, production requirements, and budget. We will meet with you, review your equipment, listen to your needs and put together a program that works for you.

ALBRIGI Tecnologie
06 July, 2012

ALBRIGI has been a leading European supplier for over 30 years producing premier quality tanks for the wine, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. Multiple unique features set ALBRIGI products apart from other manufacturer's' providing distinct advantages in cleaning and sanitation as well as umatched esthetic appearance. In addition to traditional fermentation and storage tanks, Albrigi produces a wide range of specialized tanks including multiple types with unique cap management systems.

- Albrigi uses only the highest quality "BA" finished stainless steel sourced exclusively from Thyssen Krup of Germany. "BA" finish (bright annealed) is superior to the more common "2B" finish in its significantly lower roughness range.

- Albrigi tanks are fabricated with an automated TIG welding process under a double inert gas atmosphere (argon plus nitrogen). A copper bar supports the area being welded serving as a heat sink to quickly cool it. These procedures produce a "white" weld with virtually no oxidation.

- Vertical panel welds and top and bottom horizontal welds are cold rolled flat and then polished to a mirror finish, seams are nearly invisible.

- Welds are pickled and the tank interiors are passivated as standard proceedure.

- Final water test and glycol system pressure test insures that Albrigi tanks are both statically and mechanically sound.

- Albrigi's use of "BA" finished stainless steel in conjunction with their exclusive welding protocol, mirror polished welds and final passivation step results in a surface which can easily and effectively be cleaned and sanitized without detergents.

- The visual aspect of Albrigi tanks is unmatched in the industry.

- Albrigi tanks carry a 25 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

ColloPack's reference lists include many notable small ultra premium wineries as well as a number of the world's largest. Our winery customers process from forty tons per season up to 10,000 plus tons per day; ColloPack's bottling line customers run between forty and 500 bottles per hour. All of our customers, small to large, benefit from the quality, technology and value of ColloPack equipment as well as the after sales service and support behind every sale.

We would be pleased to provide a list of satisfied references pertinent to your specific equipment needs.

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