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Create, Enhance, Refine

At CCL Label, our Wine Group is committed to excellence in printing and service for all of our customers whether large or small. Wine labels are unique in their need for quality decorations and attention to detail no matter the size of the run. We pride ourselves on being partners with our customers and work together to bring the right blend to each label. With facilities in Australia, the USA and South Africa, we are poised to deliver beautiful labels anywhere in the world.

Let us help you create, enhance and refine your labels.

Products and Services

Utilizing multiple production technologies, CCL Label can produce print runs large and small, cost effectively and timely.

Whether printing on conventional UV offset and UV flexo presses, or with the latest digital offset technology, you will be delivered labels of the highest quality. Each print run is reviewed and assessed to see which press best suits your label and run size. Be assured that no matter which press your label is printed on, you will have access to the highest quality and extensive decorations.

Using one or any combination of these finishes are options available with CCL Label.

  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Cold Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • UV Varnishing
  • Hi Build (Tactile) Varnishing
  • Screen Printing
CCL Industries Overview
CCL Industries Overview
CCL Industries Overview

News Archive

Enlabeling Your Brand: Rothbaum Cider Impérial
27 July, 2020

Rothbaum's "Nectar from Heaven" captures the elegance and finesse of the Eifel’s and Moselle’s apples which are also reflected in the product design.

C.F. ROTHBAUM, based in Idenheim Germany, created a premium cider that can complete a meal just like a good wine.

The ROTHBAUM CIDER IMPÉRIAL is a handmade “Heaven Nectar” that captures the elegance and finesse of the Eifel’s and Moselle’s apples which are also reflected in the product design.

The elegant, dark bottle is adorned with a black label made of natural paper. The entire design is reduced and elegant. The fine, Celtic-looking logo and the lettering with classic font style were applied with a yellow-gold hot foil, which reflects the color of this tasty sparkling apple wine. The small red apple stands out despite its size thanks to its deep red colour.

CCL Label Trittenheim thanks C. F. ROTHBAUM for entrusting them with the creation of the labels for their ROTHBAUM CIDER IMPÉRIAL and wish them every success with this unique product!

Sustainability – What to Expect After COVID-19
01 July, 2020

In the past weeks there have been a lot of discussions about if and how the topic of sustainability will bounce back after the world has dealt with the Corona-Crisis. The answer that brand owners, industry associations and market experts can agree on is: Yes!

A recent study carried out by Accenture confirms: The corona crisis is becoming a driver of sustainability awareness among consumers! In the study, Accenture surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in 15 countries between April 2 and 6. The study focused on how the corona crisis is changing the priorities, purchasing decisions and behavioral patterns of global consumers. The result: Covid-19 will permanently change consumer behavior. 54% of consumers stated that they are making more sustainable choices when shopping and want to continue to do so.

So, the issues of sustainability and littering will not disappear. On the contrary, they will be even more important after the crisis than before. At CCL Label, we have a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability. Our holistic approach addresses five areas that are critical to our success: Policies & Goals, Planet, Products, People and Partnerships. We will intensify our collaboration with the whole industry to drive development.

Recycled Materials will be back!

Last but not least there is a lot of discussion in Europe about how the EU Green Recovery Package should boost innovative plastics recycling technologies. Recycled plastic has declined in price because the oil price has gone down so much and virgin materials are cheaper, but several associations, initiatives, amongst them the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform PCEP are now pushing for legislation that will ensure the availability and quality of recycled plastics.

CCL Label is stepping up its rPET game. Our label and sleeve solutions using a certain percentage of post-consumer recycled materials was just released. Here we talk about our rPET options and gave an outlook what might be available in the future: A New Life!

Bottom line is that the Sustainability and Recycling topics will come back with full force after the crisis. BUT the perception of plastics is changing due to the positive hygiene aspect of the material. It looks like a less emotional debate will be possible that it would have ever been thinkable before COVID.

Why Connected Packaging is the Ideal Choice to Remotely Engage with Consumers
02 June, 2020

In times where consumers are locked down in their own homes and events are cancelled, global brands take advantage of AR technology to reach consumers directly through their product packaging.

Engage with Consumers & Transport Your Sustainability Message

In times where consumers are locked down in their own homes and events are cancelled, global brands take advantage of AR technology to reach consumers directly through their product packaging.

Even more than before Connected Packaging is a most effective way to get people to engage with brands and their packaging. Take consumers on a trip around the world, concerts and parties – all within the safety of their own four walls! Good story-telling will capture their attention and let them weave an emotional tie to your brand.

Opportunities for Sustainably-Minded Brands

Even though Corona is the dominating subject at the moment, consumers are still conscious about sustainability. According to Global Data two-thirds of consumers worldwide think that living an ethical or sustainable lifestyle is important to creating a feeling of wellbeing. This means that the environmental impact and social responsibility of a brand and the corporation behind it are important aspects for many consumers.

Sustainability goals are not only a challenge – they come with the opportunity to get creative with existing assets such as the product packaging. Our smartphones have almost become an extension of our bodies. Connecting with consumers on the device they seemingly can’t live without is the ideal opportunity.

Read Full Article Here

“Snow Owl with Organic Spirit” – Flavour Born in Natural Harmony
27 April, 2020

Please welcome Beluga Group's “Snow Owl with Organic Spirit” – a new member to their well-known vodka brand range “Snow Owl”.

BELUGA GROUP, one of Russia’s largest alcohol companies, has released a new product: please welcome “Snow Owl with Organic Spirit” – a new member to the well-known vodka range “Snow Owl”.

The key ingredient of the new vodka is 100% organic spirit produced from wheat grown under natural conditions without the use of synthetic pesticides, mineral fertilizers, growth regulators or genetically modified products.

The fusion of organic spirit, authentic northern ingredients harvested beyond the Arctic Circle and special filtration technology with three layers of white quartz sand gives the product its clean, mellow and well-balanced flavour.

Traditionally, the design adaptation and label production for the “Snow Owl” brand is carried out by long-term supplier CCL-Kontur – and this time was no exception. The main task was to produce a clean, super white label to emphasise natural ingredients used for the manufacturing process. Different printing technologies and an elaborate choice of materials helped achieve the desired effect. This combination transfers the boundlessness of a vast field to the label background. A relief foil stamping that perfectly imitates direct bottle decoration was used to highlight the elegant snow owl flying above. An excellent match for the owl image is created with a fine embossing that completes the high-quality decoration.

COVID-19 😷 Impact & Next Steps
17 March, 2020


Update: COVID-19 Situation across Europe

CCL Label has taken serious actions to minimize the risk of the Corona Virus, all supply chains have been screened in detail and additional stocks of critical items have been built. Take care of your health by staying informed and protect others!

National governments have imposed several measurements in the last days limiting public and private life. All these measurements aim to condemn the spread of the Corona Virus specially to protect people with pre-existing conditions. CCL Label has taken serious actions to minimize the risk of the Corona Virus impacting on our supplies to you. All supply chains have been screened in detail and additional stocks of critical items have been built. New measurements such as closing of the borders are only targeting private transit and not the commercial transit.

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak through your national and local public health authority. Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:

Today's Consumers Expect More Easy Access to Information
20 February, 2020

Today‘s consumers expect easy access to information & people increasingly value companies that improve economic & social condition in the community where they operate. While trust can be an evolving trait, technology now plays a larger role than ever to ensure trust in your brand!


Digimarc Barcode contains the same information as a product code but as a machine-readable code repeating a 2D pattern of minimally contrasting dots within artwork elements. The code on product packaging and other printed materials is generally imperceptible to the human eye. These machine-readable codes enable phones, barcode scanners, cameras, xed-mount barcode readers and other computer interfaces to swiftly and easily identify items.


  1. We start with the same data found in the traditional barcode, then imperceptibly repeat this data multiple times across the packaging.
  2. And hide it within the artwork – adjust the brightness & intensity of colors to introduce a readable signal.
  3. Consumers can now easily scan the package for product or protection information.


  • Nearly invisible and inaudible
  • Does everything UPC barcode does, better
  • Can be applied to audio as well as images
  • Reliable, efficient, economical, and scalable


Experience with Sleeves & Digimarc

Successful project handling guaranteed

Licensed Partner for Digimarc

Better quality due to experience with substrate & distortion

Code can be applied directly (prepress) – faster project realization 

Five Lakes Organic Filtered – Purity of Siberian Nature
29 January, 2020

Inspired by the early morning freshness of the pristine Siberian taiga, «Alcohol Siberian Group» presents a new premium vodka: the «Five Lakes Organic Filtered». 

To produce the special edition a unique organic filter is used. It is filled with organic flax seeds and was developed exclusively for «ASG» guaranteeing a perfect balance of taste and aroma. In addition to the organic filtration process, a wheat alcohol called Alfa and natural Siberian water were used to ensure highest quality.

Committed to its ecological strategy, «ASG» not only uses organic components to manufacture its products but also forbids any use of plastic caps in the whole «Five Lakes» range enabling recycling of all packaging elements.

A perfect product deserves a perfect label. Given the successful history of cooperation with «CCL-Siberia» (one of «CCL-Kontur» separate subdivisions), «Alcohol Siberian Group» addressed its reliable partner to carry out this new project. The main challenge the CCL faced was to achieve maximum transparency of the label highlighting the purity and naturalness of the product itself. The label was printed with offset technology while hot foil stamping was used to create fine silver elements. Tactile effect of the water ripples in the blue background was achieved thanks to gloss screen varnish which combined with matt varnish, enhances the feel of wild natural purity. 

Feel the World of Packaging - A Sensory Journey
26 November, 2019

Touch me - Feel me! Putting consumers in better “touch” with their packaging.

Connect packaging with a primary driver in consumer choice. The feel and touch of a product assists 25% of consumers in their purchasing decisions. A tactile varnish (soft- or sandpaper touch) suggests a pure and honest product,  which can send us back to emotional memories.

Consumers make a buying decision in a very limited time and mostly without the aid of sales people – they rely on signals to direct them to the products that would best serve their needs such as on-pack communication.

By adding a new emotional driver to your product identity, we unlock access to the major senses – sight & touch.

This kind of paper, natural touch & feel make us smile – feel the world of packaging… 

New Limited Editions: Johnnie Walker Revisits Game Of Thrones
01 November, 2019

After the overwhelming success of Johnnie Walker’s White Walker Diageo revisits the Game of Thrones saga with a new set of limited editions.

The two whiskeys are inspired by the name of the novels the series is based on: “A Song of Ice and Fire.” The Song of Ice Whiskey was blended from single malts distilled at Clynelish in Northern Scotland and is best enjoyed over ice.

The Song of Fire was distilled at Caol Ila on the Isle of Islay – the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides. It is smokier, spicier and best enjoyed neat for a warm and smooth finish.

To create stunning 360° decorations for the two, Diageo relied on long-term supplier CCL Label who had also delivered the Shrink Sleeves for the White Walker edition.


The furry beast on the frosty looking “Song of Ice” Whiskey is a Direwolf. Thanks to the combination of metallic and matt effects the bottle is fully immersed into a fantastic winter landscape with glittering snow and bare trees. The wolf’s fur stands out thanks to tactile effects.


“The Song of Fire” whiskey features a monstrous dragon surrounded by a blazing landscape. The iridescent background shines in vivid shades of red and yellow making it look like it is actually on fire. The dark beast of the sky is covered in scales highlighted with tactile varnish.

Empowering the Customer – Premium Hybrid Digital Printing
16 October, 2019

With the world moving to shorter time cycles the need to use more sustainable ways of manufacturing, digital printing is the solution of the future.



Digital Printing from CCL has the power to create superior images, print variable data, make revisions on the fly and streamline the supply chain.

A key driver is the capacity to produce short print runs economically, as packaging buyers continue to search for ways to engage with customers using innovative methods. Printing on demand means less waste, ensuring that new packaging or graphic designs or changes in ingredients don’t result in redundant stock. Technological developments in inkjet and electrophotography mean that digital print is becoming increasingly accessible and cost-effective for all kinds of companies, big and small.


  • Sustainability
    With the new press we expect to manage inventory and production plans on much shorter lead time, allowing automated “on demand” packaging production. To become more efficient in packaging purchases and to support sustainability trends.

  • Additional Finishing Features available
    Transform your printing project into something special with a wide range of finishing options e.g. tactile effects, glow in the dark ink, scent varnish, perforation …

  • Better Total Cost of Ownership
    The high cost of digital printing has been one of the major inhibitors for companies in choosing digital package printing for packaging applications. A significant aspect one fails to consider is savings on direct and indirect obsolete packaging inventory that accompanies digital processes.

  • Customization
    – Automatic compilation of unique designs
    – Printing of variable data
    – Small editions and prototyping


From Direct Print to Label: Stone Brewing’s Ruination Double IPA
16 September, 2019

The West Coast style double IPA Ruination hits the shelves in 330ml cans decorated with self-adhesive labels instead of direct print.

The West Coast style double IPA Ruination hits European shelves in 330ml cans decorated with self-adhesive labels. To find the ideal decoration to make it stand out on the shelves and fit all technical specifications, Stone worked with their trusted supplier CCL Label.

Compared to direct printed cans, the labels offer a higher resolution as well as effects thanks to special inks and varnishes. Combined with the metallic surface of the can it creates a premium look that fits perfectly with the smooth feel.

Why Label Cans?

The Ruination labels are optimized for usage on cans to withstand the humidity on the containers’ surface during labelling process. This guarantees for a trouble-free application and secure label performance without bubbles or wrinkles.

Besides the usage of labels gives Stone more freedom and flexibility. Minimum order quantities for direct printed cans are high. Using a generic can instead they can be used for several different brews. The labels can be ordered on shorter notice and guarantee a faster to-market-time.

Before Ruination, Stone already relied on the flexible labelling solution by CCL to decorate their seasonal brews. For the small badges and ever-changing portfolio a generic Gargoyle can was designed and is ever since combined with a new label for each new creation.

Having come a long way since its foundation in San Diego, California in 1996 Stone is now one of the largest craft brewers in the US. In June 2016 the Gargoyle made Berlin, Germany his second home. 

Digital Advantage: Effectively Outfitting Crafty RTD Cocktails
15 August, 2019

That Boutique-y Gin & Whiskey Company by Atom Brands UK launched a range of crafty gin-based cocktails using the advantages of digital printing.

That Boutique-y Gin & Whiskey Company by Atom Brands UK launched a range of crafty gin-based cocktails. They roll out this summer to the UK and Europe. Australia and New Zealand will be following later.

“We want more people to have access to interesting drinks in more places,” said a spokesperson for TBGC. “We know that drinkers are looking for increasingly exciting and sophisticated flavour combinations, and that putting these in cans or on draught will allow both retailers and bars to satisfy the demands of convenience and ease of service without compromising on flavour.”

Plans are to expand the RTD format as the selections by That Boutique-y Rum and That Boutique-y Whisky keep growing.

The drinks come in 33cl cans and are labelled using digitally printed PSL. The inspiration for the pop-art-like designs came from their existing Boutique-y labels. The goal was to create something that’s similarly eye-catching.

The colourful decoration is produced at CCL East Kilbride. The project proved to be a real team effort: CCL supported Atom Brands with trials to guarantee smooth application and best performance. In the end the quick turnaround time enabled stunning results at maximum flexibility and speed-to-market.

Golubitskoe Estate – Russian Wine in the Best European Traditions
11 July, 2019

The Golubitskoe Estate wines are produced using the most up-to-date technology known as “cold process bottling”. Although it helps preserve the taste and natural properties of the beverage it entails... 

BELUGA GROUP, the largest Russian alcohol company, continues to expand its portfolio of non-vodka brands. The acquisition of Golubitskoe Estate winery in Taman in 2018 opens new horizons for the group – production of premium wine from its own grapes. Still wines under the Golubitskoe Estate brand cover two categories: classic and reserve. The winery’s main focus is classic sparkling wines under Tête de Cheval brand, which are made using the traditional Champagne method.

To make sure the premium nature of the products is highlighted on the shelf, BELUGA GROUP turned to long-term supplier CCL Kontur to produce stunning decorations!

The Golubitskoe Estate wines are produced using the most up-to-date technology known as “cold process bottling”. Although it helps preserve the taste and natural properties of the beverage it entails condensation on the bottle, which creates the need for water resistant materials for both front and back labels. Packaging specialists at CCL Kontur have selected materials with particular care and opted for special wine papers of the highest quality that are resistant even to water and ice.

The dove and the year on the white label of the classic range are embellished with hot foil stamping technology. Even the finest lines look exquisite, standing out from the plain background while simultaneously lending a touch of elegance to the whole label.

Special water resistant black material has been chosen to decorate the bottles of the reserve range. This material has been additionally tinted to perfectly resonate with the dark color of the bottle.

The design adaptation team at CCL Kontur has demonstrated their expertise by selecting foils of golden and copper colours that create a lovely tactile pattern in the centre of the label. The delicate “lace” surrounding the pattern is printed with special ink that creates a relief effect while not disrupting the flatness of the material.

The white letters on the black label deserve particular attention: a unique printing technology made it possible to achieve maximum opacity of the matt white ink that contrasts with the black background. Minor design elements – such as small letters on the bottom area of the label – are realised with maximum sharpness.

CCL Kontur has completely fulfilled the client’s challenging task of manufacturing a refined good-quality label for the Golubitskoe Estate premium wines. 

Pressure Sensitive Labels
24 June, 2019

Unlimited design possibilities, brilliant printing results with gold, silver and metallic effects make PS Labels to become a trendsetter.

Pressure Sensitive Labels offer limitless design possibilities that far exceed those of paper wet glue labels: Numerous materials and embellishments are available. Additionally, they immensely improve the application process.

Whether paper or synthetic – the choice of substrates is enormous. Besides coated, uncoated, textured and metallized papers there are clear and opaque film options available.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and on-going investments we can offer various printing technologies including gravure, screen, flexo, combination, digital and offset.

Benefits of PSL:

  • PREMIUM LOOK underlines product quality
  • NO LIMITS to label design, size and shape
  • BRILLIANT graphics, outstanding embellishments, elaborate die-cutting, striking hot & cold foil
  • RESISTANT even in ice water
  • NO PROBLEM: higher operating efficiency
  • NO GLUE HANDLING: less cleaning, maintenance & downtime
  • ALL IN 1: multiple label application (neck, front, back) in one machine pass possible

See What CCL Is Doing to Preserve the Planet!
23 May, 2019

CCL is committed to preserving the environment not just because it’s the right thing to do but because we all breathe the same air, drink the same water and live with the limited resources of this planet.

We believe that all companies and all people have an inherent responsibility to do their part, and we are no different. We are also committed to protecting the health and safety and promoting the wellbeing of our employees around the world, because they are one of our most important assets.

Our Holistic Plan

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we developed a holistic plan that goes beyond conservation and aims to deliver value to all touch points for customers, suppliers, and our communities while ensuring a sustainable future for CCL.

We are investing in resource saving technologies and waste reducing processes at our facilities worldwide. By focusing on engineering with more efficient manufacturing, we can offer our customers the best solutions to meet their sustainable packaging needs.

Sustainability is about more than just conservation; it also means being responsible corporate citizens while producing quality products. A key part of this process is working internally with employees and externally with our supply chain partners to create more efficient and environmentally friendly options for our customers. We are working to decrease the impact of transportation, reduce waste, and increase the use of sustainable alternatives within our supply chain.

Being a socially responsible corporation means that we have fair labour practices, maintain safe workplaces, and give back to our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Our holistic approach addresses five areas that are critical to our success: Policies & Goals, Planet, Products, People and Partnerships.

Click Here to Learn More

Myagkov Vodka Goes Organic
09 April, 2019

BELUGA GROUP, a leading company for alcoholic beverages in Russia, and supplier CCL Kontur present the design of a new product under the Myagkov brand: the first vodka made of organic spirit.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

The joint team of BELUGA GROUP and Rosspirtprom JSC has been working on this project for over 2 years. They carefully selected wheat farms, determined a spirits production facility nearby a source of pure natural water – all to create a recipe that would allow consumers to discover a new taste of vodka made from organic ingredients.

Myagkov Organic is produced of specially selected wheat grown in the fields of Russian farms under the conditions where natural characteristics of soils are preserved and only organic fertilizers have been used during certain periods.

After several successful projects together, BELUGA GROUP has chosen CCL Kontur again as supplier for the launch of Myagkov Organic. CCL has proven to be a reliable partner and is well-known for bringing packaging innovations and developments to the Russian market.

Combining Natural Beauty With Brand Protection

The supplied label highlights the naturalness of the product and was printed using flexo technology. Thanks to the matt varnish used, its surface has a fibrous haptic that resembles that of kraft paper. The green leave, a symbol for the organic, is printed using screen tactile varnish and has integrated fresnel lenses that are in line with Myagkov’s flagship products – Silver and Classic vodka. The pictograms on the backside of the label are printed with the use of sculptured relief embossing that ensures strong brand protection and hinders counterfeiting. 

WashOff Labels
22 March, 2019

CCL Label's patented WashOff technology is the ideal solution for returnable glass bottles!

CL is the pioneer of Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) that can be washed off in common industrial bottle washers.

Thanks to their sophisticated functionality they are significantly reducing water, chemical and energy consumption.

Benefits of WashOff Labels:
  • Resistant to humidity even in ice water
  • Faster and cleaner removal than paper labels
  • Do not generate explosive emissions as metallised paper labels
  • Existing infrastructure sufficient – no adjustments necessary
  • No water pollution (adhesive and inks stay on label)
  • No caustic needed for removal
  • Lower water, chemical and energy consumption compared to paper labels
  • Labels shrink which minimises waste volume
  • Premium look at much lower cost than direct printing
  • Less carry-over of labels
  • Option for UV resistance available

International Wine Challenge – Château de Pommard Wins Gold
10 January, 2019

The globally recognized independent committee of the 36th International Wine Challenge awarded a gold medal to Château de Pommard’s latest vintage of Clos Marey-Monge Monopole.


The World’s Finest and Most Meticulously Judged Wine Competition

Throughout the rigorous judging processes, each medal-winning wine is tasted on three separate occasions by at least 12 different judges.

The winemakers themselves describe Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2016 as a structured, concentrated and amazingly elegant red wine – and the jury of the International Wine Challenge agrees:

“Lovely lifted red fruit, with sound Pommard structure, concentration of fruit and some nice smokiness. Excellent whole bunch / ripe stalk winemaking giving fine tannins on the finish.”

Decoration Fit for Award-Winners

Owner of Château de Pommard, Michael Baum was highly involved in creating the ideal decoration. With a clear vision and the attempt at absolute excellence in each detail, he and Appartement 103 went for a complete re-stage of the brand to modernize the brand. CCL Label was chosen to bring the new decoration to life.

Trials were run at CCL Moussy, France, to find the right substrate with the best embossing result in combination with the white. In the end embossing and custom-colored foil were combined for a stunning appearance.

Visit to find out more.

Café de Paris Presents New Outfit
10 December, 2018

Superior decoration with variable designs at best quality and price made 
Pernod Ricard choose CCL Label as supplier for Café de Paris.

imagePernod Ricard has decided to move their sparkling wine brand Café de Paris to PSL decoration. The newly outfitted bottles are available since September and will definitely attract attention!

The elegant oval label with its golden elements and fine matt background underlines the product quality. Japan has superior quality standards and being one of the main markets for Café de Paris, the demand for both product and packaging is high.

Moving from wet-glue paper labels to PSL offers dimension and lends a whole new aesthetic to the bottle. Thanks to the half transparent areas as well as matt and shiny contrasts decoration and container become a harmonious entity.

To manage a cost effective but impressing decoration Pernod Ricard chose CCL Label as supplier. With their ASD technology, combining conventional printing techniques with digital in the most flexible way, they offered the ideal solution for this packaging challenge.

In total there are 28 variants of labels to be printed for Café de Paris. There are nearly 30 variants for the 75 and 25 cl bottles – including different fruit images and languages. The variable elements are all printed in inkjet, the constant elements are realized with conventional techniques.

What makes ASD superior to an all-digital printing process is the combination of advantages from different techniques to create the most satisfying result: with digital printing alone the opacity of the white could not have been achieved. Only in combination of both – conventional and digital – could these variable designs be printed with high-end quality.

The labels were printed at CCL Castleford – one out of six locations worldwide with ASD capabilities.


A Witch a Dragon & Me – Handcrafted Premium Spirits
30 October, 2018

A Witch a Dragon & Me is not a group of fairy tale authors but a group of friends pursuing a dream. The four wanted to create their own premium spirits – and so they did.

To create something out of the ordinary they started from the traditional and combined it with their own ideas. The Muscatel Gin is the perfect example: While maintaining the traditional juniper taste, it is refined with muscatel wine and orange peel. It might seem an unusual choice at first, but the infusion makes the Muscatel Gin a creation with personality and regional connection, as it originates from one of the wine areas of Germany.

A Witch a Dragon & Me - Handcrafted Premium Spirits. Another A Witch a Dragon & Me-creation is a premium vodka “without hocus-pocus”. It was named after janitor Harald Schatz who was (and still is) a central figure, inspiration and constant help for the young company.

To find the fitting decoration reflecting the quality and identity A Witch a Dragon & Me turned to CCL Label. The printing plant in Trittenheim is specialized in wine and spirits labels and offers expertise on self-adhesive paper labels, premium substrates, embellishments and digital printing.

The labels for A Witch a Dragon & Me are made with strongly structured uncoated paper, which is often difficult to print on digitally. Nevertheless, thanks to CCL’s technical expertise and special adjustments the labels could be created both cost and time effectively.

Besides their carefully selected substrates the labels underline the premium quality of the products due to embellishments such as embossing and high-build gloss varnish. Additionally, variable data printing allows numeration indicating year, batch and bottle number to make each product more personal.

Advantages of Wet Glue Wine Labels
15 May, 2018

WetGlue labels for reel-fed production are particularly well-suited and efficient for larger and mass production quantities.

WetGlue Labels not only present all of the product information in a compact space, but are also the embodiment of your brand identity and crucial to first impressions.

Our finishing techniques provide your label with an exclusive look. The labels can be produced on special substrates like metallized papers, laminated, embossed or with hot-foil stamping, cut or die-cut to any shape.

Appealing to All Senses: New Launches by Compass Box
22 January, 2018

To create a whisky is an art form in itself. To regularly come up with limited editions and special blends entwined with a story and the right packaging that tells it to the customers is the master class.

The whiskymakers at Compass Box have perfected this art. With support from long-term supplier CCL Label they demonstrate their creativity and skill on a regular basis. The recent launches Phenomenology and the mysterious No Name whisky are impressive evidence.

Whisky is a drink enjoyed with all senses. Therefore Phenomenology is a fitting name: it describes the philosophical study of experience and consciousness.

Compass Box No Name and Phenomenology in detailThe perception of a whisky can be different for each person – there is no right or wrong. Normally a description of taste can be found on the back labels but for Phenomenology Compass Box leaves us in the dark. Whoever is exploring the taste of the whisky is encouraged to find his/her own definition.

The surreal art of the front label was combined with a selection of embellishments for an extraordinary high-quality appearance. Matt varnish gives the decoration a soft look and lets the foil and high-build gloss elements stand out. The embossing gives dimension to the beautifully designed graphics.

Compass Box’ second new launch doesn’t even need a name to impress. The blackness of the decoration promises a mystic experience. The dark paper substrate is graced with symbols surrounding whisky making and witchcraft – emerging from the background only through the high-build varnish and its glossiness. In the middle of the front label golden foil and debossing inform us that this whisky has indeed no name.

According to the whiskymakers at Compass Box this creation speaks for itself. The smokiness and peaty taste give it an exceptional complexity and intensity. Being a blend from different malt whiskies it combines peaty and smoky flavours with a rich sweetness from French oak and a fine fruit character – the ingredients for a bewitching creation as promised by the label.

Myagkov’s Sparkling Swarovski New Year Outfit
14 December, 2017

CCL Kontur’s subdivision for Shrink Sleeves in Podolsk has produced the decoration for a special New Year edition of Myagkov Vodka. The project is another example of the on-going successful cooperation of the BELUGA GROUP and CCL Kontur. Trendy design, innovative materials and latest technologies combined with excellent printing quality and fine Swarovski elements will surely attract additional attention to the product.
Myagkov Vodka Limited Edition set with Swarovski elementsAlmost like a second skin Shrink Sleeves from CCL offer 360° decoration ensuring perfect application to the exact shape and size of the bottle.
Intense white ink in combination with bright red and the metallic blue background of the promotional decoration make for a festive brilliance. To top it all off Swarovski elements were applied to the sleeves after printing with perfect accuracy. A type of decoration that is ideal for premium products, special events and limited editions! An especially designed filling level indication completes the promotional decoration.
The sleeve comes in combination with a self-adhesive two-ply neck label with matt and tactile varnishes. The two-ply construction is perfect for expanded content information. They contain recipes for delicious winter cocktails and an invitation to share more on social media.

Uncovered: Absolut Limited Edition
16 November, 2017

If you like unwrapping presents you’ll love the latest limited edition of Absolut!
In time for the holidays The Absolut Company has launched a special edition of their signature vodka brand to offer consumers an extraordinary experience!
Absolut Vodka with perforated sleeve by CCL LabelThe limited edition is dressed from head to toe in elegant blue with a metallic effect, shimmering in the light. High lustre silver accents complete the outfit. But a beautiful outside is not all the 360° decoration has in store!
The highlight is a feature that is nearly invisible but has a huge impact: The sleeve is outfitted with a set of perforations, enabling the consumer to unwrap the bottle in a unique opening ritual. Underneath a special limited edition of the iconic Absolut bottle awaits.
“The interactive design of Absolut Uncover reflects the excitement that begins once you uncover the hidden possibilities of your night through something unexpected. This holiday season we would like to inspire you to shine with a bottle that can be the perfect gift to any party or celebration as it can be unwrapped like a present”, says Gaia Gilardini, Global Communications Director for Absolut.
The supplier of the sleeves, CCL Label, worked closely with Absolut and their design company to maximise the efficiency of the design printing. To guarantee easy application and perfect fit, CCL designed uniquely shaped perforations for each of the three bottle sizes. A special high-shrink PET film was used to allow for the covering of the cap.
The Absolut Uncover limited edition will feature approximately 2.8 million bottles, which are distributed worldwide.
Learn more about perforation here.

Siam Winery – A Success Story
19 October, 2017

Today Siam Winery is Thailand’s leading producer and distributor of wine and innovative lifestyle beverages.

Over 15 years ago when the winery was founded it was still uncommon to produce wine outside of the typical regions between 30th and 50th latitude. It didn’t take long before Siam Winery proved to the world that it is indeed possible to craft great wines in Thailand – at 13th latitude of the northern hemisphere!

In 2003 Siam Winery found the quality of the grapes was especially good in the Hua Hin area, which is why the flagship vineyard “Monsoon Valley Vineyard” is located there today.

Monsoon Valley Represents Thai Wine

Monsoon Valley is Siam Winery’s iconic range – it is served in restaurants all around the world. To effectively promote and differentiate their products on the market the decoration played an essential role.

All in all there are three ranges of wine – classic, premium and flagship. Together with CCL Label, Siam Winery created fitting decorations for each of them.

The labels of the premium wines for example feature a key character of Thai culture called “Naga”. The silhouette of the serpent-like creature is graced by golden hot foil making it stand out from the background. In combination with the carefully chosen colours and high-quality paper it makes a fitting premium decoration that perfectly underlines character and origin of the wines.

The self-adhesive labels are produced at CCL Label’s Bangkok plant. The local team understands the customer’s needs and works passionately to meet them time and again. Siam Winery and CCL Label can already look back on a successful business partnership of almost six years.

José Maria da Fonseca Wines Special Edition Bottle
01 September, 2017

The winemakers at José Maria da Fonseca had an exceptional idea for their Lancers wines. To bring summer onto the shelves they challenged the students of IADE – the most important design university in Portugal – to create a special design.

Over 150 students submitted their ideas and ultimately the fresh Pop Art design was declared as the winner. It convinced the winemakers because it best reflects the Lancers DNA. Additionally the design met the requirements regarding feasibility and adaptation to the market.

History & Modern Spirit

The cool and shiny silver of the sleeve underlines the freshness and makes the bottle a real eye-catcher. With the red and green Pop Art dots and cartoon elements it turns into a truly unique decoration – compelling from every angle.

Just as the wine itself the design combines history and modern spirit. First produced when World War II ended, Lancers became a hit in the US and is still today associated with joy, celebration and wellbeing.

Today Lancers is one of the bestselling Portuguese wines worldwide. The summer edition is available in the US, Mexico and China as well as most European countries.

CCL Labels Shrink Sleeves are a popular decoration solution for limited editions offering maximum space for design, promotions and messages for the consumer – one of many reasons José Maria da Fonseca chose CCL as their supplier.

Smirnoff Celebrates Equality With New Pride Edition
08 August, 2017

After their spectacular “Love Wins” edition last year Diageo launched another limited range of sleeved bottles promoting love and equality.

A Winning Team

This time the message is a reminder – or even a call – to “Choose Love”. To help spread the message Smirnoff teamed-up with their partners at Design Bridge and CCL Label to create a promotion that will once again turn heads!

The Inspiration

The six different designs were created by brand design agency Design Bridge who took inspiration from illustrator Rob Bailey’s ‘Hey Man’. All of them show couples in love – regardless of gender and skin colour.

“We were delighted when Rob agreed to collaborate with us on this project, and we set about working on the design together. After deciding upon a series of 6 bottles – one in each colour of the Pride flag – we worked closely with Rob to create 6 new sets of embracing couples to adorn each of our Choose Love limited edition bottles”, the agency states on their blog.

To transfer the results of this creative process onto the bottles CCL Label King’s Lynn in the UK produced the full body sleeves using state-of-the-art gravure printing.

The vivid rainbow colours in combination with the matt lacquer give them not only an outstanding look but also a nice surface feel.

As an additional feature for interaction the sleeve design includes a snapchat code. After scanning it will unlock a dedicated filter.

To find out about last years edition click here.

CCL Label Helps Create a Real Gem: Russian Standard Fabergé Limited Edition Bottle
29 June, 2017


This June Roust Group will launch a limited edition of Russian Standard vodka in the US and Canada.

The Mission
The famous vodka brand is very popular in North America. To regularly charm both regular and Russian Standard Fabergé Limited Editionpotential buyers, the US-American Roust unit keeps delivering beautiful limited editions to the market.
The upcoming launch is the second in a series of Fabergé inspired limited editions.
They not only spark the desire to collect the unique bottles but also help Roust achieve their core mission, which is “to continue delivering authentic products and experiences to [the] consumer base”, says Giulio Bertozzi, VP Marketing for Roust USA.
The Source of Inspiration
The inspiration behind this series of limited editions is the work of the Fabergé family – especially Peter Carl Fabergé – who is best known for the Imperial Easter Eggs made from precious metals and gemstones.
The luxurious appearance that has fascinated tsars will now cast its spell on everyone coming across one of these Russian Standard bottles.
Transferring Art to a Bottle
The full-body decoration allows the complex design to span the whole bottle, giving it a 360° high-quality appearance. The Shrink Sleeves were printed in rotogravure and finished with lacquer to visualise the brilliance of the metal and gems.
Roust authorised long-term supplier CCL to produce the Fabergé inspired sleeves. They were printed at CCL King’s Lynn in the UK.

Trend Canned Wine: Foley Family Wines Chooses Sleeves
05 June, 2017

The trend for wine in cans keeps growing – and with it the importance of outstanding can decoration! Visual appearance and surface feel are essential for successfully drawing attention to a product.

Foley Family Wines have launched their Pinot Grigio and Rosé in handy 250ml cans. Their unique and fresh design makes them especially appealing to their main target group of young, social media-versed consumers that are open to the alternative packaging.

The canned Guenoc wines are decorated with shrink sleeves printed at CCL Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The contrast of matte and glossy not only makes them an eye-catcher but also a haptic experience!

Why Sleeves?

Foley Family Wines did not choose Shrink Sleeves solely for their design possibilities, but also for their advantages regarding production efficiency. Compared to direct printing, the sleeves were a much faster solution and more flexible regarding run size.

Thanks to the successful cooperation the sleeves were delivered and applied on time for the market launch.

Foley Family Wines believe this new product launch will grow into a successful line extension. The wine producer already is a valued customer of CCL Sonoma since 2014. The Californian CCL plant is supplying self-adhesive labels for the bottled wines in their portfolio.

For more information, please click here

Visual Identity Is Key
10 November, 2016

There are brands everyone knows. And some have become so familiar that we recognise them immediately, no matter where in this world we encounter them.

There are brands everyone knows. And some have become so familiar that we recognise them immediately, no matter where in this world we encounter them. Whether it is through a certain colour combination, style of lettering, shape or even a simple melody – these brands are fixed in our memories, consciously or subconsciously. But what made them so prominent?

All these successful brands have one thing in common: a strong visual identity. For finished goods industries like the beverage business it becomes clear that packaging is an essential component of presenting this identity to the consumer.

Being the only medium apart from the product itself coming into direct contact with the consumer, the packaging plays a crucial role in carrying the brand identity out into the world.

To make sure their products are memorable and distinctive brand owners have to keep inspiring their consumers – developing the brand without alienating their loyal buyers.

CCL Label not only offers first class decorations – but also the knowledge and experience to help push brands forward. We actively support our customers with a passion for new technologies and innovations, as well as limitless printing capabilities.

Many long-term customers have successfully boosted their brand image with the help of CCL. Over the past years, quite a few brands have been through design changes that have always strived to create a more contemporary look. Ever since switching to PSL by CCL – one-way or WashOff – they not only modernised their brand identity, they also saw increases of sales! Clearly visual identity is a decisive factor for the success of a brand.

Make Your Bottles Stand Out with Shrink Sleeves
05 July, 2016

Shrink Sleeves visualize the values of the contents of a bottle – class, power, freshness or innovation. Unconventional bottle shapes grab consumer attention, communicate the brand positioning and trigger additional purchase.

Shrink sleeves fit perfectly - no matter how unusual the container form is. They guarantee maximum shelf stand out and lend your product a certain brilliance that catches the eye. The sleeves are resistant during filling as well as versatile, fitting even the most difficult shapes. Perfect distortion is guaranteed, even with challenging designs. Graphic brilliance combined with outstanding embellishments complete these unique decorations.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeves:

• PREMIUM LOOK underlines product quality

• FLEXIBLE: decoration fits (nearly) all kinds of shapes and materials

• RESISTANT to scuffing, humidity and dirt

• PROTECTIVE: shield surface of product

• COMMENDABLE: no color migration

• PREVENTIVE: opaque foils (eg. 3FWhite) protect product from light

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CCL Offers Pressure Sensitive Wine Labels
08 March, 2016


Our digital offset presses offer the next generation of sustainable printing. With none of the film, plate and ink requirements of traditional presses, we can print your labels in a shorter amount of time and with less waste. We treat our digital presses with the same respect as our traditional offset presses and you will be impressed by the level of excellence we can offer.

With digital offset printing, you are not penalized for multiple varietals since there are no plates or inks to change. Through the use of six-color process technology, we can match almost any spot-color with no sacrifice in quality. The addition of a white ink station also lets us print on clear and metalized substrates.

With digital presses on all continents, we can now offer you the same foil, emboss, screen and die-cutting solutions that were previously only available on traditional offset and flexo presses.


Make your design outclass the competition with CCL's state-of-the-art offset presses

When every label needs to be consistent to the wine that it accompanies, your brands are sure to stand out.

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CCL Industries Acquires German Wine Label Company
22 December, 2014

Toronto, December 3, 2014 – CCL Industries Inc. (“CCL”), a world leader in specialty label and packaging solutions for global corporations, small businesses and consumers, announced today that it has acquired Druckerei Nilles GmbH and its related subsidiaries (“Nilles”), a private company located in the heart of the German wine producing region on the River Mosel. In addition to its wine label business, Nilles enables European customers in many other end-use markets to purchase custom designed labels online using proprietary e-commerce software, more than 500 domain names and digital printing. Nilles’ 2014 sales are estimated to be approximately $15.7 million with an adjusted EBITDA of $2.7 million. The transaction enterprise valuation is $17.3 million in cash, assumed debt, pension liabilities and deferred equity compensation.

Geoffrey T. Martin, President & CEO of CCL Industries Inc., commented, “We are delighted to welcome the Nilles family to CCL. This acquisition complements our growing presence in an important global market; Germany is the eighth largest wine producing country in the world posting consistent growth over the last five years. The Nilles wine label business will trade as CCL Label from the beginning of 2015 and report into the Food & Beverage sector headed by Guenther Birkner, President. The e-commerce initiative will continue to be headed by James Nilles and become a new business unit of Avery Europe led by Mark Cooper, Vice President & Managing Director.” Mr. Martin continued, “The Nilles e-commerce platform complements the “WePrint™” initiative Avery recently launched in the United States on This new service gives consumers and small businesses options to either print labels and cards from our cloud-based online design tool using preformatted Avery products on their own desk top printers, or to have them professionally produced and shipped directly from Avery. Nilles offers a similar online service to higher volume customers with more complex label requirements on a roll, in special sizes and materials. Ultimately we expect to make both of these new capabilities available on a global basis using either our Avery brand or one of the many domain names owned by Nilles such as and This expands the role of our Company, direct marketing quick response capability to all kinds of end-use label customers, taking advantage of our scale as the largest user of digital print engines for labels in the world combined with our proprietary online design software and e-commerce tools.”

CCL Industries now employs approximately 10,300 people and operates 98 production facilities in 28 countries on five continents with corporate offices in Toronto, Canada, and Framingham, Massachusetts. CCL Label is the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for a wide range of decorative, instructional and functional applications for large global customers in the consumer packaging, healthcare, automotive and consumer durables markets. Extruded and laminated plastic tubes, folded instructional leaflets, precision printed and die cut metal components with LED displays and other complementary products and services are sold in parallel to specific end-use markets. Avery is the world’s largest supplier of labels, specialty converted media and software solutions to enable short run digital printing in businesses and homes alongside complementary office products sold through distributors and mass market retailers. CCL Container is a leading producer of impact extruded aluminum aerosol cans and bottles for consumer packaged goods customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

CCL Label is the Industry Leader in Pressure Sensitive Wine Labels
09 November, 2012


Our digital offset presses offer the next generation of sustainable printing. With none of the film, plate and ink requirements of traditional presses, we can print your labels in a shorter amount of time and with less waste. We treat our digital presses with the same respect as our traditional offset presses and you will be impressed by the level of excellence we can offer.

Withdigital offset printing, you are not penalized for multiple varietals since there are no plates or inks to change. Through the use of six-color process technology, we can match almost any spot-color with no sacrifice in quality. The addition of a white ink station also lets us print on clear and metalized substrates.

With digital presses on all continents, we can now offer you the same foil, emboss, screen and die-cutting solutions that were previously only available on traditional offset and flexo presses.


Make your design outclass the competition with CCL's state-of-the-art offset presses

The world’s leading vintner’s choose CCL’s offset printing capabilities vintage after vintage. When every label needs to be consistent to the wine that it accompanies, your brands are sure to stand out.

CCL Wine-Card...a wine pourer integrated right into your label!
07 February, 2012


The CCL Wine-Card cleverly adds beneficial value to a well established product. Besides the decorative element it contains a perfectly functional wine pourer that strengthens your brand and triggers sales. CCL's Wine-Card is directly integrated into the label of your wine and functions as your brand’s business card as well as an instant wine pourer. This free but stylish add-on generates real added value for your customers.


• Wine pourer is integrated into label and separated from the bottle by a state-of-the-art zipper system.
• There are no limits in regards to design; original wine label remains on bottle after Wine-Card is removed.
• Wine-Card complies with food safety regulations and is certified by renowned institutes.
• Fully automated application is available.

Labels that talk! Introducing Soundpaper by CCL Wine Group
27 January, 2012

Soundpaper embeds audio, animations, URLs, coupons and other media directly into a 2 Dimensional barcode. Unlike earlier generation barcodes such as QR Code, Soundpaper contains the actual media so no web connection is needed. Audio is played nearly instantaneously and HTML 5 content (such as animation) is displayed whether there is a cell phone connection or not. In addition to these instant features, Soundpaper also has the ability to provide web delivered content (as QR Code does), if desired, at the same time. Soundpaper may be used to add novelty to product labeling or as an effective way to communicate instructions or warnings (for instance, in pharmaceutical packaging).

Soundpaper can be read with a free smartphone application. Soundpaper content includes, but is not limited to:
•    Audio
•    Graphics
•    Animations
•    Photographs
•    Fingerprints
•    URL
•    Simple or Formatted Text
•    Coupons
•    Contact Information

Soundpaper may be printed on a wide variety of presses and paper in a variety of shapes and sizes and colors. With variable printing, Soundpaper may include different messages or other content within each impression. Soundpaper may be printed on nearly any type of label or substrate. Also, Soundpaper can be recorded in any language.
Soundpaper may be printed in your choice of rectangular form factors. The amount of audio is dependent on the size of the Soundpaper strip and the density of the printing. The two Soundpaper strips shown below each encode 10 seconds of audio.

Spring 44 Label Wins 1st Place!
30 September, 2011

                                                                     Request a sample
                                         to experience texture and detail of paper and printing techniques


                        Runner Up in "Wine Label" category

                                              design by Chris Naud of Now Design - paper by Neenah Paper

mad violets wine label


                          In Top 11 "Wine Label" category

                                             design by Chris Naud of Now Design - paper by Neenah Paper

carpe noctum wine label

Come Visit Our Booth
30 September, 2011

Create | Enhance | Refine. Come visit our booth at the Napa Valley Grapegrowers Wine+Grape EXPO on Wednesday, November 16. We'd love to see you there!


Medal and Trophy Labels come in many shapes, sizes & colors
07 September, 2011

If you have won a medal or trophy for your wine and wish to decorate  the bottle & advertise its quality, Clear Image Labels can help  you with the right type, size, shape and color.
Each year Clear Image produces millions of medals & trophies that  adorn wine bottles in Australia and around the world; they are the silent  salesperson touting the virtue of your wine, often commanding a higher price for the bottle and certainly differentiating it from others.
Download the following document to assist you in determining what is available & how to order medals.

Wine Medals

For additional information, please contact:  

Leah Jones

CCL Sonoma

21481 8th Street East

Suite 15

Sonoma, California 95476 

(707) 509-9192 

Our Valued Customers


Large or small, new or established, each of our customers is considered to be a unique and valuable asset to the CCL family. Our customers span the globe and with that comes many diverse and exciting labeling challenges. CCL not only accepts these challenges but revels at the opportunity to bring innovative and aesthetic solutions to the table.

Our customers are considered partners, and to our partners we say thanks!


Title Name Email Phone
Business Development Director Leah Jones 707 509 9192
National Account Manager Michele Lytle 971 227 3357
VP and GM Wine Label Americas, Sonoma Stephan Finke 707 486 6151
Adobe Acrobat File

Medal and Trophy Labels - the silent salesperson touting the virtue of your wine

Digital Printing

Our digital offset presses offer the next generation of sustainable printing. With none of the film, plate and ink requirements of traditional presses, we can print your labels in a shorter amount of time and with less waste. We treat our digital presses with the same respect as our traditional offset presses and you will be impressed by the level of excellence we can offer.

With digital offset printing, you are not penalized for multiple varietals since there are no plates or inks to change. Through the use of six-color process technology, we can match almost any spot-color with no sacrifice in quality. The addition of a white ink station also lets us print on clear and metalized substrates.

     Argyle Digital Label

With custom finishing units in our US and Australian facilities, we can now offer you the same foil, emboss, screen and die-cutting solutions that were previously only available on traditional offset and flexo presses.


HP6000 Digital Press