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Our History

Cask Brewing Systems has been working with the Craft Brewing industry since the early 1980’s when we started supplying brewing equipment and ingredients. In 1999 there was a large decline in the craft brewing industry due to over-supply. The industry declined from 1800 craft brewers to 1300 over three years. Small brewers who had made capital intensive investments in their brewing equipment were left with excess capacity. They were looking for creative and economical ways to increase sales.

We realized that there was a need in the market place to solve that problem and our solution was to utilize the aluminum can to increase sales. We started building small manual and automated systems.

We started marketing them at the Craft Brewers Conference in Cleveland in 2002. We were told by one attendee that it was the “dumbest idea” he had ever heard! “Nobody in the craft brewing industry would put their beer in cans.”

While we got our start in the craft beer business, we have since expanded our canning solutions into wine, craft cider, cold brew coffee and many other craft beverage markets.

Our core purpose is to have  'Our Family inspire Your Family'


Cask has installed 1000+ canning lines in over 53 different countries across the globe. We provide manual, and automated canning lines that run from 10 to 90+ cans per minute. As an official supplier for the world’s largest producer of aluminum cans, Ball Corporation, we are able to supply lower minimums of printed and plain silver aluminum cans to everyone in the craft industry.

MCS     - 2 Head - 1 Seamer /  10+cpm

SAMS   - 3 Head - 1 Seamer /  15+cpm

mACS   - 3 Head - 1 Seamer /  25+cpm (multiple size and diameter cans)

ACS V5 - 6 Head - 1 Seamer /  40+cpm (multiple size and diameter cans)

fleX2    -12 Head - 2 Seamers / 90+cpm (multiple size and diameter cans)


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News Archive

Glunz: Want Some Wine with That Can?
22 July, 2019

After experimenting with canned wines packed via a mobile canner, the revered Glunz Family Winery is buying its own canning machine (The mACS)  from Cask Global Canning Solutions and stomping into the highly portable and lightweight canned wine niche. Did we just hear a wine-bottle opener groan?

Canned Wine
03 June, 2019

Over the past few years, more of the world’s small-batch wine makers have come to the same conclusion of their beer- making peers: Cans are the ultimate package for fermented beverages. Cask machines feature the perfect combinations of features for wineries looking to taking advantage of the many benefits of cans.

Getting your Wine into Cans

  • Cask and Ball Corporation, the world’s largest aluminum can producer, will work closely with you to ensure that your wine is ready for the mighty aluminum can. Ball chemists will test the corrosivity of your wine and also look at total alcohol content, pH, free SO2, copper and dissolved oxygen (DO), and other factors. These steps ensure your wine will be shelf stable and maintain peak quality after packaging.
  • A State of California Proposition 65 compliant BPA Non-Intent (BPANI) liner is available from Ball Corporation.
    • BPA can come from many sources, including water used in beverages, metal pipes used to transport water and other ingredients used to make beverages.
    • Using BPANI linings means that no BPA was intentionally added to the lining by Ball or Ball’s suppliers.

Another Micro-Canning Industry 1st
15 May, 2019

Cask unveiled our fastest canning system yet at the CBC-Denver in April. It was a huge success, with production starting July 1,2019.

Some of the 'goodies' include  2 Lid dispensers, Bi-Directional HMI Screen, 12 Fill Heads, Inline scale and auto reject, Audio/Visual status Beacon and many more.

Contact us for more information on how this high speed line will work for you. or 1-800-661-8443


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