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A Can Supply Solution for Your Winery

CanSource - A Can Supply Solution for Your Winery.

CanSource is the industry leader in scalable, fully customized digital graphic shrink sleeved cans for craft producers of all sizes. With a low minimum order run of ½ pallet  per sleeve design, CanSource is here to take your production to the next level. Specializing in brewery production, we also supply custom cans for coffee, mixed spirits, wine, tea and more. If you can imagine it, we can build a can for you! We will warehouse your sleeves and pull from your own inventory for ease of reordering. You provide the art, we do the rest.  CanSource is a division of Mobile Canning Systems.

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CanSource Warehouse
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How to Choose the Right Can for Your Craft Beverage

In our last post, we smashed the cans vs. bottles debate out of the park (where they only allow cans anyway,) scoring a homerun for aluminum as the best container for craft beverages. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to choose the right can – because yes – size (as well as style and can supplier) does matter!

Size Matters

Almost as vast as the ingredients in craft beverages, is the assortment of cans to contain them. Choosing the right can for your batch typically depends on the serving size, target customer, brand identity, and industry standards and styles. Here are just a few examples:

  • Nip – 8.4 oz aka 250 ml – compact and easy to transport, often the size used for energy drinks, coffee shots, and wine.
  • Original – 12 oz – holds the standard serving size of beer…or coffee, soda, tea, etc. The classic choice.
  • Tallboy – 16 oz – holds the same as a standard pint glass. Huge in the craft beer industry for showcasing interesting products. Often sold in packs of four.
  • Stovepipe – 19.2 oz – the fastest-growing size in packaged retail sales, as it allows crafters to sell their products as single-servings in places like stadiums and convenience stores.
  • Crowler – 32 oz – holds the same as a standard growler but is specially sealed for travel and to-go sales. Greatly extends the shelf-life of the beverage.

Cans also come in different styles:

  • Standard – stout and compact, the standard can is the typical container of beer and soda. Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Slim – thinner than the standard can, slim cans are often used for smaller serving sizes and loved by healthy-for-you brands.
  • Sleek – trendy and modern, often used by brands to stand out on the shelves or differentiate unique products, like sparkling water and canned cocktails.

With 11 can sizes to choose from, CanSource has you covered!

Brand Stand

The world of craft beverages has exploded over the past few years giving imbibers a litany of libations from which to choose. These never-ending selections, coupled with consumer ad-fatigue, means brands must market an experience to stand out from the competition. What’s your brand’s story? Who drinks your product? How does your beverage make the drinker feel?

Sleeved cans provide a 360-degree canvas for conveying your message, which means the crafting of your can is equally as important as the beverage inside. Use the can to solidify customer loyalty by brandishing an easily identifiable look and signature elements, including:

  • Can size
  • Can shape
  • An iconic logo
  • Distinctive marks, icons, and symbols
  • Unique fonts
  • Eye-catching colors
  • Brand architecture

Supplier Demands

Being successful in the craft beverage industry means, not only, matching your beverage and brand to the right can – but matching your business with the right can supplier!

At CanSource, we started out as mobile canners, so we understand the craft beverage industry from the inside out. Plus, we manage the can supply chain so you don’t have to. With low minimum orders, high-quality digital printing, premium materials, and a strong relationship with Ball, we serve customers from around the country with efficiency and quality. Contact us to learn more!

News Archive

Why Cans Are Better Than Bottles for Craft Beverages
21 July, 2020

Since the dawn of portable beverages, people have debated if bottles or cans are better. Whether touting taste and temperature or arguing aroma and aesthetics, the ongoing container controversy has left a trail of broken bottles and crushed cans in its wake.

It’s time to end the dispute once and for all using science… and our experience specializing in custom packaging for the craft beverage industry. (Spoiler alert: the answer is cans!)

Flavor Savers

When it comes to beer, it’s all about staving off the skunk! Allowing light, oxygen, and heat to combine in the container leaves behind a very stale and flat-tasting brew. Since cans let in zero light, the beer is kept in the dark, keeping it delicious!

Clear, green, and blue bottles are no match for UV rays but what about darker bottles? While true that amber bottles block out about 95% of light, they still let in the air. Cans, on the other hand, form an airtight seal that keeps beer fresh, crisp, and flavorful.

Portable Parties

Whether you are hiking, camping, or going to the beach, many outdoor activities are better with a beverage, yet none do well with broken glass. Cans are far more portable than bottles and weigh two pounds less per six-pack. Cans are also easier to pack in a cooler, cool faster, stay cooler longer and are the preferred containers of concert venues and sports stadiums because they’re safe.

Craft beverage makers have steadily been making the move to cans to control costs. Because they’re light and stackable, cans yield lower shipping charges even at a higher volume. Nearly three times as many 12-ounce cans can be shipped in a standard semi-trailer vs.12-ounce glass bottles, significantly lowering the cost of fuel. Plus, cans don’t break in transport.

46.9% of craft beer now represented by cans

Canning is Caring

Caring for the environment comes in a can! Because aluminum is infinitely recyclable, close to 70% of all cans are recycled (compared to only 34% of glass bottles).

Moreover, 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today. But the benefits of recycling aluminum don’t stop there:

Recycling cans saves enough energy to power more than 4.4 million homes for an entire year.

Every year, the aluminum industry pays out close to a billion dollars for recycled cans collected during community drives. In turn, this money supports organizations like Habitat for Humanity, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, local schools, and religious programs.

Beverage Crafters

At CanSource, we pair your beverage with the perfect aluminum cans for their consumption. And since cans provide 360-degree coverage, they make the perfect canvas to showcase your brand. With expert support and end-to-end packaging solutions, we ensure the best presentation and delivery of your product. Contact us to learn more.

A Can Supply Solution for Small Lot Wineries
10 July, 2017

CanSource aims to support craft producers of all sizes by providing “Just Enough” and “Just in Time” inventories of digitally printed shrink sleeved cans; giving our customers the means to run smaller batch seasonals, specialties or core line extensions in a can with ease!

  • One Stop Shop – You supply us with artwork and an order form, CanSource will handle the rest.
  • Single Tier Pricing – No complicated pricing tiers! Our deepest discount pricing is now our only pricing. No need to tie up cash purchasing cans that you aren’t ready to use.
  • Lead Time – Cans to you in 5 weeks from artwork approval
  • Digital Printing – Digitally printed shrink sleeves have crisper graphics and more vibrant colors than printed cans.
  • Customization – Update sleeves run to run to keep branding fresh, promote special events or satisfy new TTB regulations.
  • Low Minimums – 1/2 pallet per sleeve design

For more information, click here

CanSource is Expanding Production
07 October, 2016

Longmont, CO – In response to dramatic growth in the craft brew industry, CanSource has added a second line in their Longmont, CO facility. The second line went into production at the end of August, 2016 and is fully operational. This addition will more than double production capacity in this location, further allowing CanSource to be your one-stop destination for custom shrink sleeved cans.

In addition to expanding production at their original facility, CanSource launched a second location in Downingtown, PA. Coming online in April, 2016, this facility will soon be running a second line in production to accommodate the increase in orders.

"CanSource recognizes that when it comes to canning projects, craft producers are in need of a dependable and versatile solution." said John Murtagh, Director of Sales and Marketing for CanSource. "By first regionalizing in the East earlier this year and now doubling capacity in both of our facilities, we are able to remain dependable in our quality and lead time and versatile with the products we offer."  While CanSource has its roots in the craft beer industry, supporting other growing can markets, such as wine, coffee, mixed spirits and tea, play an instrumental part in future expansion plans.

CanSource is looking forward to increased growth and opportunities to expand the number of regional locations as the need arises.

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