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About Bucher Vaslin North America

Bucher Vaslin Commitment to Quality

Bucher Vaslin North America offers a complete range of services to fullfilled winemakers need and expectations. We work hand-in-hand with winemakers to develop innovative, fully integrated and attractive solutions for any winery. 

- Bucher Vaslin Grape Reception equipment: From preparation to sorting... destemmers and crushers... hoppers and elevators...we've got you covered.

- Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses: Recent developments in pressing under inert gas guarantee 100% of your pressed juices without oxidation.

- Maceration Vinimatic: Automatic and self-emptying tank. Ideal for a well controlled, top-quality vinification.

- Cross-flow Filtration and Reverse-Osmosis

- Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products: With 140 years' experience of developing oenology Lamothe-Abiet is inspired by tradition to imagine the future. Since 1878, Lamothe-Abiet has constantly innovated, to offer winemaking solutions best adapted to wine's needs

- Cazaux LOB Pumps

- Costral bottling and labelling lines

- Bucher Unipektin: High quality production equipment for fruit juice producers and non-industrial cider makers. Bucher Vaslin offers a complete line of equipment for processing fruits... before, during and after pressing


Use our technological know-how and trained network of field contacts to quickly implement efficient and economical winery solutionsEvery piece of winery equipment from Bucher Vaslin is designed with your winery size and production in mind. Each piece can standalone or work fluidly together... for a full, turn-key winery solution.


Ask us for a timely quote and setup options. Our sales associates can match you with the best equipment and layout options for your winery's size and output.



Products and Services


- Bucher Vaslin Delta Reception equipment


- Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses


- Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products


- Cazaux Pumps


- Costral bottling and labelling lines


- Bucher Unipektin

Delta Oscillys
Delta Oscillys
Separate grapes from stems with natural effective inertia
Delta Vistalys - Optical sorting
Delta Vistalys - Optical sorting
Grade grapes for sorting with unprecedented precision. Color camera for up to 10 tons/hour.
cluster washing and densimetric sorting. removes MOG, insects, dry berries, ...
Lamothe-Abiet OEnobois
Lamothe-Abiet OEnobois
For nearly ten years now, Lamothe-Abiet focused on studying the interactions between wood and wine and developed Œnobois® range, oak for enology.
Lamothe-Abiet: 140 years of history
Lamothe-Abiet: 140 years of history
Since 1878 Lamothe-Abiet has been inspired by tradition and imagined the future of oenology. High qulaity winemaking products, Lamothe-Abiet is NOW available in North America with Bucher Vaslin North America
Discover our Oak for Oenology range at WIN Expo - booth #140

Visit us at the WIN Expo!

Stop by booth #140 and discover our new equipments and Oak for Enology line:

- LOB Pump Cazaux

- Harvest equipments from Bucher Vaslin

- Oak for Enology from Lamothe-Abiet. For nearly ten years now, Lamothe-Abiet focused on studying the interactions between wood and wine and developed Œnobois® range, oak for enology. Developed by Œnobois®  offers a broad palette of oak selections to reveal the character of your wines. Produced in our The entire cycle of production is controlled by Lamothe-Abiet: development of new products, selection of raw material, toasting, production, marketing and sales.

Our products are developed and controlled by a team of winemakers and aromaticians who guarantee the precision and the reproducibility of the aromatic profiles.

For more information on Oenobois®  range.

See you soon at booth #140!

News Archive

15 November, 2018

Principal factors influencing the development of lactic acid bacteria (LAB): npH, temperature, alcohol and SO2 (Free and Total) impact ML bacteria development and health, making the completion of MLF difficult when combined. Additionally, vineyard sprays, initial malic acid content, yeast strain used for alcoholic fermentation and wine polyphenol content can be stress factors. Problems can arise when pH <3.1, alcohol >15%, wine temperature <50°F or >86°F, total SO2>50 mg/L and/or free SO2>12 mg/L.

Co-inoculation, the answer to difficult MLF. Co-inoculation, practice of inoculating lactic acid bacteria shortly after yeast inoculation has many advantages:

ð Secure MLFby giving bacteria a favorable environment with lower alcohol concentration, better nutrient availability, less medium chain fatty acids (bacteria inhibitors), warmer temperature and better acclimation.

ð Limit risk of microbial contamination and spoilageby eliminating the microbial vaccum

ð Reduce risks of oxidation

ð Produce fresh, fruity, clean and less buttery wines with better balance and fuller body

ð Save time:blend, stabilize and age wines earlier

ð Cost effective: less analysis, less labor, less barrel management, less energy use

With co-inoculation, it is important to address the concern of possible production of acetic acid by lactic acid bacteria. The yeast/bacteria couple used will have strong impact on limiting the risk of stuck/sluggish fermentations and the production of acetic acid. Lamothe-Abiet developed a specific yeast/bacteria couple for co-inoculation: Excellence XRand Oeno1 for reds, Excellence TXL and Oeno1 for whites/rosés.


Does LAB strain matters?Uncontrolled MLF is often conducted by spoilage lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Pedioccoccusand wild Oenococcus. It usually generates biogenic amines production, volatile acidity, mousiness and negative off- flavorssuch as rancid, sweat, rotten fruit, and loss of balance and identity. Inoculating with selected bacteria strains reducesthe risks of microbial spoilage, ensures completion of MLFand gives better controlover wine aromatic profile and mouthfeel. Oeno1, selected for its resistance to difficult conditions (high alcohol, low pH) and its high implantation rate (high survival rate, short lag phase). It is a strain of Oenococcus oeni that produces low amount of diacetyl and biogenic amines. It expresses varietal characteristics and enhances fruity aromas.


About nutrients for ML Bacteria: After alcoholic fermentation has completed, yeast usually leave a wine deficient in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other necessary nutrients for ML bacteria. To detoxify the environment, activate ML bacteria metabolism and ensure MLF completion, use Optiflore O at the beginning of MLF. Optiflore O is a 100 % organic nutrient, that brings essential nutrients for yeast and malolactic bacteria and reduces the content inhibitory medium chain fatty acids and pesticides residues in wine.


For more information, please contact Eglantine Chauffour at

Bucher Vaslin North America Now Exclusive Representative for Sutter Presses in North America
05 June, 2017

Bucher Vaslin North America continues to reinforce its wine press business as an exclusive representative for Sutter presses throughout North America. Bucher Vaslin North America will provide sales, spare parts and service for Sutter presses through its excellent network of dealers, who also represent the full line of Bucher Vaslin equipment. 

“We are excited to be able to extend our press offerings to include Sutter wine presses from 25 HL to 90 HL for our customers who prefer the open cage press style,” says Mea Leeman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bucher Vaslin North America.

The Sutter pneumatic grape press has worldwide sales and recognition thanks to its performances, technology and high quality of the musts obtained. Each press excels at the pressing process, with a large surface of draining and an easy cleaning of the Sutter slotted-cage press.

Bucher Vaslin North America is a subsidiary of Bucher Vaslin SA and Bucher Industries, who acquired the Sutter wine press operations from the Swiss–based Filtrox Group in 2011. The Sutter line of presses is now fully integrated and manufactured by Bucher Vaslin SA in Chalonnes–sur-Loire, France, who also produce the Bucher, Delta and Flavy equipment brands.

For more information, please click here

The Next Generation of Destemmers
07 April, 2016

Picking the Right Destemmer

Learn how the Delta Oscillys destemmer can work for you, with variable settings for speed and motion.

Customize the right destemmer for your winery's needs.


Bucher Vaslin North America Now Exclusive Representative for Sutter Press

Explore Sutter wine presses from 25 HL to 90 HL for customers who prefer the open cage press style.

Use Sutter pneumatic grape press' worldwide recognition and performance to produce high quality musts. 


Learn More About Bucher Vaslin Winery Equipment In Action