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BOLT is a temporary staffing agency serving clients in the California Wine Industry.

Who we are

BOLT is a temporary staffing agency serving clients in the California Wine Industry. We have served the wine industry in Napa and Sonoma County since 1998.

We offer the following services:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Temp to Hire
  • Direct Placement
  • On Demand hospitality staffing through BOLT Gigs
  • Workforce Management Services

Who are our partners?

  • Wineries
  • Bottling Lines
  • Warehouse & Logistics Facilities
  • Cork Manufacturers
  • Cooperage
  • Distribution Centers


What types of positions do we fill?


  • Tasting Room Associates
  • Event Staff (Servers, Bartenders, Prep Cooks)
  • Bottling Line
  • Lumpers
  • Warehouse Associates
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Logistics Specialists
  • Coopers Apprentice
  • Admin Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • & many more!

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What we Offer

Here are the types of services you can procure through BOLT.


  • Temporary Staffing

We have pre-screened workers to cover for leaves of absence, seasonal demand increases, special projects, and internal staff support.

  • Temp to Hire

Want a test period before you make your next hire? We will source, screen, and skill test a worker for you to bring on over a 3-month timeframe. At the end of 3 months, you can hire the worker permanently onto your team with no fee.

  • Direct Placement

If you're having a hard time finding the right candidate, look no further. BOLT will perform a full recruiting search and send pre-qualified candidates directly to your HR department.

  • On Demand hospitality staffing through BOLT Gigs

We have an online and mobile platform for you to post your shifts to thousands of pre-screened servers, bartenders, prep cooks, and other hospitality workers. All you have to do it get set up, post your shifts, and watch them fill!

  • Workforce Management Services

BOLT offers employer of record, payroll, shift scheduling, and other types of workforce management services.

Bolt helps Napa County
Bolt helps Napa County
BOLT helped the Napa County Government find managers to run shelters for homeless individuals with COVID-19.
Bolt Team
Bolt Team
Do you need temporary workers?
Do you need temporary workers?
The grapes are still growing. If you need temporary workers during the COVID-19 shutdown, consider giving us a call.
Event Staffing
Event Staffing
BOLT Gigs has W2 hospitality workers for your events!

News Archive

BOLT Helps Napa County
17 April, 2020

BOLT Helps Staff Homeless Shelters for the Napa County Government


The Coronavirus has dominated our lives for the last 6 weeks, but we still don’t know much about it. We do know that it’s a massive public health crisis. We also know that social distancing seems to be a good way of stemming the virus’s spread. So far, all 50 states have reported Coronavirus cases. California seems to be doing better than most predicted.


As of April 9th, Napa county reported 28 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths. There are a few dozen others than are being monitored for potential exposure. In order to reduce risk, Napa County has put out materials encouraging residents to respect shelter-in-place and social distancing regulations. All of these measures help “flatten the curve”, meaning they prevent the virus from spreading which helps release pressure on the overwhelmed medical community.   


Although it’s frustrating, sheltering at home is completely possible – as long as you have a home to shelter in. Recently, the Napa County government found themselves in a tricky situation. One of the homeless shelters that they manage is currently housing COVID-19 patients, which presents a dangerous health risk for other homeless individuals and the shelter workers. In order to respond, the County needed to open new homeless shelters that specialize in hosting the homeless who have tested positive for COVID-19. These shelters needed to be staffed with managers that have experience in social work and running temporary housing developments.

This is when Napa County turned to BOLT. In only four days, we found three people willing to step up to the job. Thank you, Heather, Kate, and Trinidad for serving the government, the community, and the homeless, and the sick. You are doing God’s work.


At Bolt, we’re proud to be doing our part in this pandemic. Connecting our local county government to the right personnel helps keep our county running safely. We would like to thank Faye, Nicole, and Kevin for reaching out to BOLT and giving us a shot. We are proud to serve our community!

We have dynamic pricing that is unique for each client. Please email for a quote.

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Temporary Staffing
We have pre-screened workers to cover for leaves of absence, seasonal demand increases, special projects, and internal staff support.  Click here to get started: