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Since 2010, Tonnellerie Orion has been supplying made-to-order barrels to customers around the world.   With artisanal know-how and state of the art equipment, our cooperage blends carefully chosen raw material, decades of experience, technical advances and the spirit of partnership to provide tailored barrels for any wine.


2B FermControl, since inception, has provided organic, naturally derived fermentation products for all wines.   Starting with natural raw materials from certified organic agriculture, 2B products are free of chemicals, allergens, GMO materials and hidden emulsifiers and preservatives.   Efficacious, practical and with organoleptic benefits, 2B fermentation products are not just for organic winemaking- they benefit all winemaking.


News Archive

VitiFerm Vulcano BIO- Saccharomyces cerevisiae & Pichia kluyveri Spray Dried Combo
29 June, 2020

2B FermControl, through their unique production methods, is proud to introduce the FIRST EVER spray dried combo of Sacc. cerevisiae & Pichia kluyveri.  Organic, vacuum-packed, practical and efficient, Vulcano BIO promotes a diverse, terroir-based expression with the ease of a single inoculation and shelf storage!

Isolated from an organic habitat of the volcanic German-French border region of Kaiserstuhl, Vulcano BIO blends two, highly compatible wild yeast strains which release the exotic fruit Pichia driven characteristics with the efficacy of native Saccharomyces kinetics .   Broad flavor diversity - Complete fermentation - Done!    

Represented by Bayard Fox Selections:  Please contact: Bayard Fox bayard@bayardfoxselection  or Megan Hernandez  for more infor!

Bayard Fox Selections- New Additions to Our Lineup!
01 June, 2020

Tonnellerie Orion & 2B FermControl – New 2020 Offerings

At Tonnellerie Orion and 2B FermControl, we spend more time focusing on continuously improving our barrels and fermentation products, and less time on continuously making new ones.  But, from time to time, when something new and exciting makes its way through our rigorous screening and offers something fresh and new, we welcome it aboard.    2020 marks a year when both companies have expanded their portfolios!

Master Cooper Christophe Garcia Tonnellerie Orion, for the past three years, has been patiently waiting for some larger, thicker staves to age in order to bring the 600L puncheon to your cellars!  With these thick staves, we are also able to offer a second version of the 500L puncheon, at 38mm in addition to the standard 27mm.  Weighing in at 150kg each and delivering the same quality, consistency and care as all of our barrels, these large formats are perfect for resting your wines in… or just for resting!

2B FermControl, likewise, has a new product offered this year.   Because our production methods for all of our yeast derived products is with natural substrates, gentle processing and low temperatures, we have opened up the possibilities of cultivating more natural yeast strains while retaining their unique enzymatic functions, low nutrient requirements and robust kinetics!  New to the 2B portfolio in 2020 is Vulcano  This groundbreaking product is globally the first yeast blend with spray dried Pichia kluyveri and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.   Blended to ensure completing with one addition, Vulcano offers the complexity of native yeasts with the security of proven fermenters.   No storing on ice!  No inoculating twice!

Tonnellerie Orion and 2B FermControl are represented in North America by Bayard Fox Selections.   Please contact us for more information!

Bayard Fox:     Megan Hernandez:

Zoom with 2B FermControl
04 May, 2020




Tuesday May 12th  9:00-11:00 am


Wednesday May 13th   9:00-11:00am

2B FermControl is exclusively focused on providing naturalproducts for wine production. They are specialized in development of active yeast, yeast supplements, yeast derivatives and also MLF starter cultures in certified organic quality.

Carsten will be covering the kinetic, practical and organoleptic advantages of the 2B lineup and how the 2B organic products can benefit all directions of winemaking. 

Please RSVP to Megan Hernandez for Zoom meeting information
(707) 548-2752

Tonnellerie Orion- Gratitude in the Face of Recent Challenges
21 April, 2020

Many of you will never meet Nicolas Bouron unless you happen to be visiting the cooperage and even then he is quite reserved, intent on his work. He is but one of the many people who fingerprints are a part of every barrel we make, but on the night of March 24, he ensured that Tonnellerie Orion remained whole for us all. Discovering a fire that had started in one of the storage sheds on the property, Nicolas was able to call the pompiers in time to contain it before it could seriously damage anything else, injure anyone or impact our production. See the link here! That he has our gratitude does not begin to cover how we all feel!

The artisanal style of Orion barrels is enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, but our craftsmanship is still that of human interaction. Our 24 production and 2 office employees usher each barrel through the stages to completion and are as much a part of the barrels as that of our staves and innovative processes. They are, above all, our most precious assets.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your story. In these strange times, our commitment to you is still what it has always been- to craft the barrels you need to support and keep the wines you make; to take the best wood, to age it with patience and to create with care the barrels that will accentuate the wines that come from your best raw materials- the distinct vineyards that make up your unique wines.

Wishing you all well as we navigate the upcoming weeks and months. We are stronger together, even in these times we are apart, and look forward to seeing everyone again when it is safe to rejoice and reconnect in person!

Smoke Taint Mitigation- Getting Started on Helping the Problem
01 November, 2019

With Sonoma County again being threatened by fires, we know that wineries are fighting to keep their families and

employees safe and their wineries intact. With this comes the worry of keeping their wines free from the effects of the smoke blanketing our communities.

2B FermControl does have some solutions to mitigate the effects of this harvest-related issue that is unfortunately becoming more common.  We learned a lot during the 2017 fires as we worked with wineries in Sonoma, Napa, Oregon and BC to combat the effects of smoke and to provide some relief in the face of an unprecedented challenges.  While the solution to smoke taint is far from solved, we know more now as an industry than we did then. 

Here is how 2B Ferm Control can help:

ViniFerm Sauvage- A robust yeast strain to complete the fermentation.

FermControl- A fermentation nutrient with strong kinetics and complete nutrition to keep the yeast healthy throughout the fermentation.  The DAP-free production allows late ferment additions and has shown less bitterness on the palate compared to DAP additions.

Clear Up BIO- A High-Lipid yeast hull product (14% lipids vs. <1% from standard yeast hulls) that can mitigate smoke taint because of greater binding potential. Add 24-48 hours prior to press and post-press as needed.

ViniTannins- Boosts mouthfeel and tannins missing from extended maceration. For use during and post-fermentation.

ViniComplex SR- Enhances texture and mouthfeel with increased aromatic and color stability.

WineBlox- Wood blocks made from staves- get more impact with shorter aging.


We hope that you, your families and co-workers are safe and soon able to return to your homes and your wineries.   And while we hope that your wines are not impacted by the smoke, we are here to help if they have been.  

2B FermControl is represented by Bayard Fox Selections.

Under (Mildew) Pressure-2B FermControl
10 September, 2019

2B Clear Up
High-lipid yeast hulls   

Helps remove spray residue, phenols and fatty acids.   

Great for those sluggish ferments (that we hope you won't have this year!)


Mildew Pressure pushing down on SB
Pressing down on Chard, no one ask for
Mildew pressure that takes a good grape down
Splits a family in two
Puts fermentations at risk

Um ba ba be
Um ba ba be
De day da
Ee day da, that's okay

It's the terror of knowing what this all is about
Watching some good wines screaming
"Get this stink out!"
But this Clear Up gets juice cleaner.....

Under (Mildew) Pressure

Mmm num ba de
Dum bum ba be
Doo buh dum ba beh beh                         

Let's Get These Ferments Started!
26 August, 2019

2B FermControl covers all your fermentation bases... naturally!


Whether you are organic, bio-dynamic or conventional, 2B products provide functional and technical benefits for all stages of fermentation.


VitiFerm-  5 Yeast Strains

  • Real wild types of saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Complex aromatic structure
  • Extreme fermentation power and safety
  • Low production of SO2
  •  Organic certified


FermControl/ FermControl BIO

  • Promote and secure optimal sensory result
  • Ensure the complete fermentation even under difficult conditions
  • Replace a number of conventional products such as DAP/ re-hydration nutrients
  • Save time and money
  • Organic Certified


Clear Up BIO

  • Alternative to conventional fining products
  • Very effective alternative for a modern tannin managements
  • Effective reduction of volatile phenols (brettanomyces spec.)
  • Enables sensory correction in case of off-flavors which was very difficult in the past
  • Removes fatty acids which interrupt fermentation flow 
  • Certified Organic








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Sales Representative Megan Hernandez 707-548-2752
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