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Arconvert is a manufacturing company that primarily makes self-adhesive materials and products from an extensive range of papers and films specially designed for the label sector. With the productive capacity of more than 400 million m2, and with a total surface area of around 40.000m2, Manter is currently a worldwide model for label designers and printers.

Our team is a competitive, dynamic and creative group that enables us to easily adapt and keep up with the changes and innovations of the market.  Our members of staff are the company’s most important asset. Working in close cooperation and with an excellent level of professionalism, training and technical specialization, providing a first-rate service to our clientele, located on all 5 continents.

Call for Entries: Fedrigoni Top Awards

Have you completed a project between July 2018 - June 2020 using one of Arconvert’s pressure-sensitive label papers?

The Fedrigoni TOP Award is the perfect occasion for you to display your work, challenge yourself and meet the world’s best designers while being evaluated by an international jury.

Focusing on four categories (Publishing, Corporate Identity, Labels and Packaging) this contest is the only one in the world that rewards graphic designers, printers and end users together for the best applications using Fedrigoni and Fabriano brand special papers and Manter brand pressure-sensitive labels by Arconvert and Ritrama.

Do not miss this opportunity. Entries must be received by June 30, 2020.

The awards ceremony will be held in Paris in Spring 2021, where all winning projects will receive a trophy and be displayed alongside other highly commended entries.

For additional information and contest regulations, please see the links below.

Please contact Sharon Woo at 415-999-4900 with any questions.

Official Contest website:

Fedrigoni TOP Award regulations:

News Archive

Arconvert Presents Avec Plaisir – Pt. 1 - Constellation Jade Raster and Sirio Pearl Ice White
30 April, 2020

A celebration of ManterTM brand’s 75-years long history with the Arconverts papers that have revolutionized the labeling for high-end products over the last decade.

This is Avec Plaisir.

The ten face-stocks of this unique collection were born to be the support of the wildest creativity and designed to suit the most complex printing techniques. Counting on the precious collaboration of the studio of Joan Josep Bertran, who explored sensorial stimuli in their playful dimension and turned hearing, sight, taste and touch into narrative tools that boosted the creative possibilities of our face-stocks. This collection highlights the versatility, expressiveness and technical potential of the self-adhesive papers most appreciated by designers and printers over the last ten years.

This first article dedicated to this historic collection presents two of the finest papers with a pearlescent effect, Constellation Jade Raster and Sirio Pearl Ice White. Combined with the Ultra WSTM treatment, which acts as a barrier ensuring greater adaptability and stability of the label on the bottle, these papers are the perfect fit for white wines, sparkling and rosé.

Constellation Jade Raster is a self-adhesive paper that, thanks to its special embossed finish, emanates a very special shine and reflects different shades depending on the light inclination. Since ever, it is the favorite choice of the most renowned Champagne producers.

The incredible label produced by JJ Bertran throws us back to the chocolate world of Willy Wonka with a golden ticket, an access to our most incredible dreams, the beginning of a journey into the fantasy dimension. A reminder to never in life become a boring barcode.

Sirio Pearl Ice White is a self-adhesive paper with a special metallic and pearlescent finish that produces sparkling reflections recalling those of precious stones and making the label elegant and sophisticated even without adding many printing finishes. Within the Sirio Pearl range, Ice White stands out for its ice white nuance.

For this label the designer took inspiration from ancient legends of a lost civilization, the Utumbe. There, a mysterious individual controlled time. Day and night, the moon and sun. Conscious of his power, he decided to disappear and erase all traces of himself and that of his people from human memory and to only exist in some abstract dreamlike state. There, time slows down or even stops by his swinging of an enormous hourglass back and forth. Some see traces of this myth in the story of the Scandinavian character, Mr. Sandman who sprinkles magical dust into sleeping children's eyes.

For more information on Arconvert/Manter Pressure Sensitive Labels, please contact Sharon Woo at 415-999-4900 or

The Pelican Label of Bay of Shoals Wine Is an Historic Reminder, Tracing Back to the First Settlements in South Australia and Celebrating Councillor Milton Turner
30 March, 2020

In the Australian region of Kangaroo Island, Bay of Shoals Wine turned history into a local, growing business. Located where the first settlements in South Australia were occupied, this winery with its beautiful gardens overlooks the Bay of Shoals and Reeves Point.

Even their distinctive trait, the Bay of Shoals’ pelican is bounded to local traditions and its story goes back in time. The pelican label was chosen in honor of Councillor Milton Turner, born on Reeves Farm. Milton fed the pelicans every day for 15 years on the beach below the vineyard. At 5pm, tourists gathered, he never failed its duty, not a single day and here is where his legacy began. Still today the enclosed boat launching ramp is guarded by dozens of watchful pelicans.

This new label for the savagnin variety, designed by immediate, is digitally printed by Multi-Color Australia & New Zealand on Arconvert’s Constellation Jade Raster. This natural ECF, FSCTM certified paper presents a beautiful embossed texture and a pearlescent coated effect which makes it the perfect fit for premium, outstanding products. Embellished with high build screen printing this label offers an appealing effect of finishing contrasts and together with the pastel nuances shows an elegant but still very modern final result.

Arconvert Self-Adhesive Papers & Films
28 January, 2020

In the wine and spirits industry, labels must look pristine from the labeling lines to consumers' hands, especially at the most critical performance time, when the bottles are chilled in ice bucket prior to serving. Industry-standard wet strength papers may lose their opacity in these extreme wet conditions, turning gray and altering the label appearance.

The brief for a special celebratory catalog was met by the renowned JJ Bertran Studio with Avec Plaisir which contained a visual feast of label designs on 10 self-adhesive papers that have, in the last decade, revolutionized labels for high-end brands. Each exquisite label tells a story, stimulates the senses, is thought-provoking, at times provocative, but always inspiring. The labels, on iconic Manter papers, showcase the impressive scale of detail possible in the hands of an inspired designer and highly skilled printer and is a must-have catalog essential to customers looking for quality, versatility and technical potential.                                                                                                             


Moonlight by ManterTM - Arconvers Bespoke Pressure-Sensitive Paper for Luxury Labels
08 November, 2019

By combining beauty with technical innovation, Moonlight by ManterTM is the newest bespoke pressure-sensitive paper produced by Arconvert to assist dynamic brands who seek innovation to help make each step of the customer’s journey more impactful.

Tintoretto Gesso with H+Opacity™ technology makes wine labels perfect through the last sip.
16 October, 2019

Arconvert to showcase H+Opacity™ and Avec Plaisir
In the wine and spirits industry, labels must look pristine from the labeling lines to consumers' hands, especially at the most critical performance time, when the bottles are chilled in ice bucket prior to serving. ...
Tintoretto Gesso with H+Opacity™ technology makes wine labels perfect through the last sip.
Combined with SH9020 TM - Arconvert's brand new permanent adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations - and also available with Arconvert's ULTRA ...
Moonlight FSC TM certified by MANTER TM
FACESTOCK MOONLIGHT FSCTM Certified is an uncoated paper produced using FSCTM certified and elemental chlorine-free (ECF) pulp and a small percentage of synthetic fibers. The color is a natural white shade and the texture has ...