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Who we are

Arconvert is a manufacturing company that primarily makes self-adhesive materials and products from an extensive range of papers and films specially designed for the label sector. With the productive capacity of more than 400 million m2, and with a total surface area of around 40.000m2, Manter is currently a worldwide model for label designers and printers.

Our team is a competitive, dynamic and creative group that enables us to easily adapt and keep up with the changes and innovations of the market.  Our members of staff are the company’s most important asset. Working in close cooperation and with an excellent level of professionalism, training and technical specialization, providing a first-rate service to our clientele, located on all 5 continents.

News Archive

Moonlight by ManterTM - Arconvers Bespoke Pressure-Sensitive Paper for Luxury Labels
08 November, 2019

By combining beauty with technical innovation, Moonlight by ManterTM is the newest bespoke pressure-sensitive paper produced by Arconvert to assist dynamic brands who seek innovation to help make each step of the customer’s journey more impactful.

Tintoretto Gesso with H+Opacity™ technology makes wine labels perfect through the last sip.
16 October, 2019

Tintoretto Gesso with H+Opacity™ technology makes wine labels perfect through the last sip.
Combined with SH9020 TM - Arconvert's brand new permanent adhesive specifically developed to provide the wine industry with excellent resistance in severe damp conditions and through temperature fluctuations - and also available with Arconvert's ULTRA ...
Moonlight FSC TM certified by MANTER TM
FACESTOCK MOONLIGHT FSCTM Certified is an uncoated paper produced using FSCTM certified and elemental chlorine-free (ECF) pulp and a small percentage of synthetic fibers. The color is a natural white shade and the texture has ...