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The Wine Country's Premier Choice for Water Tanks!

American Tank Co. is America's leader in corrugated steel riveted water tank manufacturing and installation.  Boasting the only hand crafted tank manufacturering process in the U.S., American Tank produces water containment tanks sized from 5,000 to 150,000 gallons.  Veteran craftsmen shape flat sheets of American steel into corrugated tank sides and assemble them in our Windsor California manufacturing facility, or on-site throughout the Western U.S. Our tanks have become the favorite of the wine industry, agriculture, residential fire suppression, and industrial applications.  

In 2012 American Tank Co. owner and Wine Country resident Mark Luzaich added to his company the venerable steel tank icon, BH Tank, to his 20 year old tank company. Public Market

To insure the unique trade skills and experience were not lost, Mark hired the previous BH Tank owner Bob Harasta to join the company.  He joined a team craftsmen who are some of the last to know how to hand craft these nearly industructible tanks.  Since that transition the company has grown significantly each year. 

In 2016 American Tank opened their new manufacturing and business headquarters in the heart of the Wine Country in Windsor, CA.  It features high effeciency environmentally conscious enhancements including stay cool concrete floors, natural lighting to reduce energy costs, LED lighting when needed, and their own rainwater harvesting tanks to capture and re-use rainwater as irrigation for the xeroscape that beautifies the exterior.  


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Learn more about our process and wine industry installations in our video below! 

American Tank Co. Inc.



Classic Corrugated

Italics Winery


Italics Winery nestled this 76,000 gallon Classic Corrugated Riveted Steel tank in the hillside for a spectacular look and easy access.  These tanks are hand fabricated to spec in our manufacturing facility and erected in the field.

 Classic Corrugated-Napa Valley Winery

These 150,000 gallon twin irrigation tanks grace the uplands above a well known Napa Winery.  The owner insisted on the gleam of galvanized steel to enhance the enviroment around the vineyard.  These tanks are hand fabricated to spec in our manufacturing facility and erected in the field.



American Highline


Texas A&M

Texas A&M University added functional water storage and increased the aesthetic appeal of the picturesque campus with a Highline Water tank. These tanks are hand fabricated to spec in our manufacturing facility and erected in the field.


CalPoly State University

Cal Polytechnic State University nestled water storage in the hills above the campus by using Highline tanks! These tanks are hand fabricated to spec in our manufacturing facility and erected in the field.


American Highline Water Tank Superior Farms 


Shop Built Classic Corrugated Tanks

 Shop Built tanks.

Smaller Classic Corrugated tanks are built in our shop, crated for delivery, and then placed on a gravel ring or concrete pad on-site.  It offers quick solutions to water storage needs!


DIY unassembled kits

 DIY Water Tank Kits

American Tank is renown for providing an affordable solution by fabricating tanks in our manufacturing facility, and then crating the parts for delivery along with detailed instruction.  These tanks are being delivered around the world!!!  BTW, this tank was powered coating with a camo finish to blend seamlessly into the environment.  


Poly Tanks



American Tank is one of the largest poly tank distributors in the United States, serving many industries and residents with an affordable water storage solution.  


Titan Fittings


Titan fittings are made  of long lasting stainless steel in diminishes the need for multiple holes drilled into your tank that reduce the integrity of the construction material.  Fewer leaks, longer lasting tanks! 


Rhino Fittings

Rhino fittings reduce the need for multiple holes drilled for installation.  Made of long lasting stainless steel, you will be assured of years of leak-free performance.  




Foley-Johnson Winery
Foley-Johnson Winery
Corrugated Tank
Corrugated Tank
Nickel & Nickel Winery
Nickel & Nickel Winery
Silver Oak Winery
Silver Oak Winery
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Rainwater Harvesting Systems
B Winery (low profile)
B Winery (low profile)
Oakmont School- Los Gatos Ca.
Oakmont School- Los Gatos Ca.
City of Cloverdale
City of Cloverdale
Rochioli Winery
Rochioli Winery
Classic Corrugated Galvanized
Classic Corrugated Galvanized
Enjoy this high-speed video as we assemble one of our hand-built Classic Corrugated Galvanized Water Tanks in the beautiful Russian River Valley and Northern California Wine Country. HOW WE DO IT: Our highly skilled metal artisans build every tank just like the company\'s founders did back in 1935.
Classic Corrugated Galvanized Water Tank (67,900 G
Classic Corrugated Galvanized Water Tank (67,900 G
JOB OVERVIEW: On this particular job, this tank was supplied to Nordby Construction who was building the winery expansion for Foley Johnson Winery.
Old Redwood Water Storage Tank Removal
Old Redwood Water Storage Tank Removal
Enjoy this high-speed video as we disassemble and remove a 50 year old redwood water storage tank.
\"American Made\"
American Tank builds corrugated steel riveted tanks using American steel, American craftsman, and an American ideal about quality.

News Archive

American Tanks: They Are American Made
17 July, 2020

American Tank Co. (BH Tank) has been manufacturing water tanks since 1938. We specialize in corrugated steel, self-anchoring field erected tanks. These tanks meet California Build Code (CBC) NSF-61 & NFPA-22 Standards and come with CA Wet-Stamped Engineering for the tank and foundation. Many of our tanks are designed to be installed on a gravel ring foundation and make anchors or an expensive concrete foundation unnecessary.

Over the past 100 years, hand riveted corrugated steel tanks have proven themselves as the preferred water storage choice for wineries, commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

Our tanks are professionally engineering to meet all Building, Health and Fire Code Requirements including NSF-61 and NFPA-22, with site specific Seismic, Wind and Deck Loads as mandated by the CBC, UBC and IBC building codes.

Our mill galvanized tanks are factory coated providing a multi-layer system of mechanical and cathodic protection. We offer tanks with Farbertite, Powder Coat, or heavy duty Industra-Liner interior coating options. Classic Corrugated tanks have one of the best engineered life cycle cost values in the industry.

Common Storage Applications:

  • Fire Protection (NFPA-22)
  • Potable Water (NSF-61)
  • Irrigation Water
  • Waste Water
  • Rainwater Harvesting

We manufacture 100% of our water storage tanks right here in Windsor, CA. Our same crew that manufacture the tanks here in the factory are the same ones that come out to install it onsite Check out our new video here on how we fabricate our steel tanks: Click here to watch our new Made-In-America Video...

Some of our customers include:

  • E & J Gallo Monte Rosso Vineyards
  • Ashes & Diamonds Winery
  • Foley Johnson Winery
  • B Cellars Winery
  • Kendall Jackson
  • Merry Edwards Winery
  • Raymond Vineyards
  • Schug Carneros Estate Winery
  • Scribe Winery
  • Silver Oak Cellars

Winery Office Space Available to Lease in the American Tank Complex
16 August, 2019

5,000 square feet and is located in the “Brewing District” and the growing winery presence in Windsor, CA. Amenities include rollup door, full kitchen, large breakroom, private offices, restrooms with showers and much, much more!

This space is perfect for:

  • Compliance offices
  • Testing offices
  • Admin offices for medium sized wineries
  • Wine industry support industries (corks, foils, graphic design-labels, tanks, real estate, etc.)
  • Sales offices
  • …the list goes on and on.

Click Here to learn more about this amazing opportunity. Or call 707-523-2700.

Arista Winery Awards Large Tank Contract to American Tank
16 October, 2017

Award winning winery, Arista Winery in Healdsburg CA. recently commissioned American Tank to bring their Classic Corrugated steel riveted water storage tanks to their facility to meet their fire protection needs.  American Tank is the leader in providing irrigation, fire suppression and potable water storage solutions to the wine industry, tech industries, food processing, and municipal/school districts who need scalable solutions that have a long life.  The classic look of their corrugated tanks have received raves for their aesthetic that is contemporary while evoking a “nostalgic throw-back” presence. 

Tank Specifications

Capacity: 63,000 Gallons

Dimensions: 30’10” Diameter x 11’3” Sidewall Height

Application: Fire Protection Water

American Tank Corrugated Water Storage Goes to Ashes & Diamonds Winery
27 September, 2017

The leader in steel riveted corrugated water storage tanks, American Tank (Windsor, CA) recently built two of their iconic Classic Corrugated tanks at Ashes & Diamonds Winery.  The iconic winery known for zig-zag roof and portholes welcomed the classic looks of the American’s galvanized steel corrugated tanks and seamlessly integrated them with a state-of-the-art wine production facility surrounded by light, airy landscapes.  Because of the unique engineered design specs, American can many times elimiante the need for poured concrete pads and instead use the less expensive gravel pad with a concrete ring wall or metal ring wall while still complying with local code.   Ashes & Diamonds Winery is on Highway 29 in Napa, CA.

 Tank Specifications 

Tank One:

  • Capacity: 68,000 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 27’9” Diameter x 15’0” Sidewall Height
  • Application: Fire Protection Water
  • Special Considerations:  Self-Anchoring Design on Gravel Foundation

Tank Two:


  • Capacity: 0,000 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 24’8” Diameter x 11’3” Sidewall Height
  • Application: Potable & irrigation Water
  • Special Considerations:  Self-Anchoring Design on Gravel Foundation


American Tank’s New Windsor Facility Wins Top Projects Award
13 December, 2016

501 American Way, Windsor CA.


WINDSOR – Wine Country corrugated galvanized steel riveted water tank manufacturer, American Tank, was selected as a recipient of the North Bay Business Journal's "Top Green Projects Award".

American Tank Co., Inc. (ATC) takes great pride in its “Made in America” commitment at its new 21,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center at 501 American Way in Windsor. The firm designs, manufactures and installs their Classic Corrugated Galvanized Steel Water Tanks all over the western United States with a heavy emphasis on Northern California.

Company Owner and President Mark Luzaich worked closely with Architect Robert Moore to incorporate numerous “Green” components into the building design, including beams derived from 70% recycled steel, interior & exterior siding re-purposed from salvaged redwood water tanks, natural ventilation and lighting via glass roll-up doors, LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems and zero maintenance polished concrete floors.

Their landscaping features drought tolerant plantings watered by a ATC’s own rainwater harvesting system and bio-retention swales. The final product is an ultra-low maintenance building with a variety of high efficiency, sustainable features. “We wanted our corporate headquarters to be a beautiful addition to the Town of Windsor at our location just off tree-lined Conde Lane,” said Luzaich. “Getting up and running quickly was greatly aided by the fact that this project was the first of its kind in Windsor to receive design review approval through an administrative hearing. With such high market share (and backlog) in Sonoma and Napa counties, Windsor was the absolute perfect location for building our new factory”.”

His plans include bringing many manufacturing jobs to the community for those who want to work in a green building with a clean working environment where “Made in America is at the heart of everything we do.” According to Luzaich, skilled craftsmen “hand” punch, corrugate and roll galvanized  steel panels inside their new facility using American steel and specialized heavy machinery.  “Building corrugated tanks is a lost art and we love keeping this historic trade alive and thriving in Windsor.”.  Completed tank panels are then assembled into finished tanks inside the shop or field erected onsite by our specially trained crews.  Tanks are designed to meet all local building codes and usually include “wet-stamped” engineering & calcs. Classic Corrugated tanks are increasingly popular for their architectural and aesthetic values as well as their inherent cost effectiveness.  Capacities range from 300 to 500,000 gallons and major customer categories include wineries, vineyard owners, food processors, homeowners, government contractors, mutual & municipal water utilities and many more.  Landmark Associates was the general contractor for this project supported by Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers (Civil), MKM Associates (Structural), TEP Engineering (Mechanical), PJC & Associates (Soils Engineering) and Parker Smith Landscape Architect.  For more information go to

Read whole article here:

Judge us by the company we keep....

Here is an abbreviated list of the customers we have most recently worked with. 

  • Alden Park Vineyards
  • Arista Winery
  • B Cellars Winery
  • Benzinger Winery
  • Cast Vineyards
  • Clos du Bois Winery
  • Crew Wine Co.
  • Cuvaison Winery
  • Foley Johnson Winery
  • Geyser Peak Winery
  • Goosecross Cellars
  • Hop Kiln Winery
  • Italics Winery
  • Kelly Fleming Wines
  • Kendall-Jackson
  • Korbel Champagne Cellars
  • Larkmead Vineyard Winery
  • Lokteff Winery
  • Madrigal Family Winery
  • Murrieta’s Well
  • Mayo Family Winery
  • Merriam Vineyards
  • Merry Edwards Winery
  • Moshin Vineyards
  • Nickel & Nickel
  • Nine Suns Winery
  • Oak Farm Winery
  • Provenance Vineyards
  • Quivira Vineyards
  • Rochioli Winery
  • San Clement Winery
  • Schug Carneros Estate Winery
  • Silver Oak Cellars - Alexander Valley
  • Silver Oak Cellars - Oakville
  • Somerston Wine Co.
  • Sugarloaf Custom Crush
  • Titus Winery
  • Trinite Winery
  • Truett Hurst
  • Vimark Vineyards
  • Wilson Winery & Vineyards
Title Name Email Phone
Outside Sales Michelle Luzaich 707-535-1410
President Mark Luzaich 707-535-1401
Sales Coordinator Sandy Eaton 707-535-1417
Sales Coordinator Pat Riley 707-535-1411

Tank Inspection and Repair


"If you tank looks like this, we can help...if not, bring us in to make sure it never does!"

VISIT OUR WEBSITE:  American Tank Inspection & Repair

American Tank is a national leader in water tank inspection and repair.  Having inspected literally "thousands" of tanks of every shape and construction material, the experts at American Tank will thoroughly inspect your tanks exterior, interior, and foundation and then publish a detailed analysis with actionable reccomendations.  


Whether your tank is made from plastic, metal, wood, or concrete, periodic inspection and maintenance is necessary to assure sanitary water quality and ultimate tank longevity. A professional inspection will identify potential causes of contamination, wear, or damages and then provide a thorough evaluation of the structural condition of the tank to provide you options for the most cost appropriate maintenance services.


 -Visual Observations:  An American Tank experienced inspector will thoroughly examine the storage tank installation from the inside out. Visual observations of the tank exterior, interior and accessories will be photographed and documented to provide you a close-up view of the health of your tank.

-Installation Evaluation:  The entire tank installation, including accessibility and the tank foundation will be evaluated to determine potential causes of failure or corrosion and chart the best course of action to prolong the tanks long term viability.

-Detailed Documention on every aspect of the tanks condition including purchase information, maintenance records, and water quality reports, provided by the customer are reviewed for potential warranty claims, as well as insure proper cleaning and disinfection methods have been employed.

Click here to review an example of a professional Tank Inspection report.

Click here to review another examples of a professional Tank Inspection report.   

Click here for an example of a Tank Inspection Proposal. 

Corrosion can lead to leaks! 


To get more information, generate a quote, or order your tank, contact us:




WINDSOR, CA.  95492


At American Tank Co., every tank quote is individually detailed and priced based on application, location, size, seismic controls, topography of the installation, as well as fittings and manways needed to insure the highest level of customer satisfactiion and tank longevity.  Every tank is supplied with wet stamped engineering that fulfills all local, county, and state agency requirements.  For your immediate quote or to learn more about American Tank, email us at