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About Air Technology West

In business since 1984, Air Technology West continues to be a major provider of sales and service of air management equipment to the North Bay business community. We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced in all areas of air management.


We serve a very broad spectrum of compressed air users; including manufacturers, wineries/agriculture, food processors, woodworkers/cabinet makers, auto repair/auto body/tire shops, medical/dental/biotech facilities, schools/colleges, stone/marble works, cork/bottling operations, glass etchers, city/county/state municipalities, water/beverage processing, mills/lumber yards, building maintenance, and construction companies, just to name a few.


We consider all the equipment that we sell to be highly reliable and easily serviceable. We maintain a large inventory of service related items and repair parts. We offer a rental plan so our customers don’t need to halt operations if their compressor should require major repairs. Many of our customers find our rental plan useful when they need an additional compressor to supplement their existing system, as their air usage increases for short periods of production or harvest. We also offer maintenance contracts for customers who prefer the peace of mind that their compressor will be regularly maintained.


We understand the importance of a well engineered and properly maintained air system. When your compressor is down it can cripple your entire operation. We strive to respond to our customers’ service requests in a timely, convenient manner. Emergency calls and contract customers receive the utmost priority, while routine maintenance service calls are scheduled promptly for mutual convenience. We can adjust our schedule to meet your needs. We want you to be comfortable with any service we schedule, and satisfied with the work we perform.


We would welcome the opportunity to quote you on any maintenance or service needs you have on your existing compressed air equipment. As well, if you anticipate upgrading or changing your system in any way, we would be happy to discuss those changes with you if you would like our advice.


Thank you for your interest in our company.

Our Services

Preventive Maintenance Program

In order to keep your compressed air system in optimum working condition we recommend a regular service regime. Normally these services are performed anually, semi-annually, or quarterly, depending on the type of equipment and hours of operation. We will gladly help to develop a maintenance program for you. Once your service regime is determined, we will call you in advanced to schedule a mutually convenient time for the service.

In addition, during our regularly scheduled service call, we will inspect the overall condition of your compressor and other related air-processing equipment. Based on our findings, we will inform you of any recommended repairs, and provide you with an explanation of why we consider them necessary. We will also prepare an itemized repair quote if requested. No additional work will be performed without your approval.

We realize how important your compressed air equipment is to the operation of your business. Without proper maintenance it will most likely fail, and that means unscheduled downtime. With a preventative maintenance program in place, you will enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your air system is not going to fail due to lack of proper attention.


Emergency Services

In addition to our preventive maintenance program, we offer on call emergency services in the event that your compressor breaks down. We understand how important your compressor may be to your operation and will do our best to get you up and running again as soon as possible.

Why Chicago Pneumatic?
Why Chicago Pneumatic?
Looking for a air compressor for your business? Pick a company that you can depend on.

News Archive

Save in Energy, Save in Money.
14 May, 2019

Did you know that energy costs represent about 70% - 80% of the total cost of ownership of a compressor? 


Traditional Variable Speed Technology vs. Fixed Speed Technology

Reduced energy costs with 30-35% in variable demand applications

CPVS PM vs. Fixed Speed Technology

Reduced energy costs with 45% in variable demand applications


In-house designed ES4000 T touchscreen controller

Large 4,3” full-color touchscreen display. Monitors and protects the compressor graphical indication service plan.


Special pricing for those involved in the wine industry network.  


Title Name Email Phone
Owner Mike Houston 707-575-8308
Parts Manager/AP Steve Basham 707-575-8308
Parts Tech/Service Tech Matt Eidsen 707-575-8308
Shop Foreman Robert Murray 707-575-8308
Service Tech Derrick Crayfiord 707-575-8308
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