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AgCode's Solutions

Providing mission-critical services for specialty crop acres since 2003.


Tailored for your farm operation, AgCode offers a complete set of solutions for agribusinesses. From comprehensive payroll and budgeting to activity planning and scouting, discover the ways AgCode delivers business intelligence to increase productivity and efficiency. 


AgCode allows for a flexible database configuration to ensure we meet the customer’s needs. Coupled with our suite of applications, AgCode builds tailored solutions to ensure we meet your needs. These Tailored Solutions utilize Mobile Technology to capture the data in the field, then fed to AgCode.Net where data can be evaluated and processed with our secure SAAS (Software as a Service) portal; complete with integration to your key software and database.

Software Solutions

Our AM3 software is designed to give your team the ability to collect and manage everything from vineyard inspection to pesticide reporting, field notes and labor management.


Combined with our business intelligence engine, your organization will have the most powerful tool in the industry. AM3 is compatible with most financial reporting software used in agriculture and mobile devices.