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60 Pleasant St.
MA, 01748
United States
Kevin Shea

Improve Distributor Engagement and Increase Revenue

We believe in improving sales behaviors. These professional enhancements reduce stress and enrich the personal and professional lives of our clients.

See improved results by implementing ASM’s customized sales training courses for the U.S. beverage alcohol network.

We are a company dedicated to activating sales and sales management training.

We are a company with 30 years of beverage alcohol sales management experience in

  • all three tiers of beverage alcohol
  • all types of markets from chains, control States and multi-channel markets
  • all sizes of companies from large corporations to startups
  • Our training demands preparation prior to and after a session in our clients territory or market

We are members of ATD The Association of Talent Development. 

We are in the info-tainment business and training retention business.

Course Library

Understanding distributors

Understanding markets

Understanding resellers

Distributor presentations

Market vist preparation

Distributor planning meeting agendas

Distributor sales meeting presentations

Converting Your Passion for Your Product Into Incremental Sales Results

Activated Sales Management ASM exists because of the disconnect between producers and distributors.

The “best in class” product is not always the “best in sales” for that class

“Best in sales” is defined as creating the most revenue while shipping the level of production

ASM has the national beverage alcohol market experience in all three tiers to improve your revenue

We do this by offering educational training courses that set measurable standards of achievement.

The ASM course are tailored to your company and your products. Yet, we do not do your product knowledge training because you are the expert in the field.

Importantly, we require clients to let us take the training into the market with your employees to reinforce the concepts.

Click here to find out what ASM can do for you.

Our products are priced like your products.

They both have a value statement.

The ASM value statement is that our product prices are based on how many course you want and how much customization is required.

Our committment to train in the markets is our strongest point to solidifying the concepts into habits.

The value to your company is that you are not committing to a new headcount position for this work function

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Mr. Kevin kevin.shea@activatedsalesmanag
508 561 9602