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Digital Label Printing

Small runs used to mean special products that demanded high quality but at a considerable cost. That’s no longer true. Our digital printing offers small runs printed at affordable prices while

keeping quality at its highest level. Using the industry’s leading HP Indigo press, we specialize in printing exceptional labels in smaller runs. With our high quality finishing equipment, we can also accent your labels to give them a premium look - all at a minimal charge.


We have been printing with an HP Indigo for the past five years and have a lot of experience with this world class piece of equipment. Our operators and Pre-Press staff are very skilled with this booming technology. Digital printing is excellent for printing high quality small runs and can do other fascinating functions such as sequential numbering, alternating images, and micro text. Our press also has six color stations so that we can add spot PMS colors along with 4CP printing.

Since we excel at both flexo and digital high quality printing, our team can figure out the best printing process for your label at the best price. All with no effort on your part.

In order to produce labels that are consistent in quality, we make sure that our press is stored in a controlled environment and that it is constantly maintained. This leads to consistent color and sparse downtime; both important to ensure you get the best labels and get them when we promise them.

Tied with our offline foil and emboss equipment and our unique laserweb, we can make a small run label look like a masterpiece that can take on the biggest and best brands out there.