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EPAv2 Desuckering Tool

Compatible with the Electrocoup battery


Able to be used with the Electrocoup pruning shear NiMH battery, the EPAv2 Desuckering tool is equipped with a speed dial and is lightweight – under 6 pounds. Users can run the tool for 4 continuous hours.

The need to bend and straighten 3-4,000 times during the work day is eliminated due to extension poles fitted for the EPAv2 Desuckering tool measuring from 4.5ft. to nearly 6ft.

Two types of flyweights are available: steel flyweights for the most stubborn vines or rubberized flyweights for younger vines.

This tool is an innovative alternative to current solutions in the desuckering market.  Not only that, it removes the suckers at such a point on the trunk that it takes longer for the suckers to regrow.

As with all mechanical desuckering solutions, the EPAv2 eliminates the use of chemicals. It provides flexibility, quality, accurate desuckering, and is easy to use. INFACO’s EPAv2 is incredibly intuitive making it the perfect substitute for heavy hydraulic and expensive suckering machinery which is complicated to use and requires an experienced operator. Not only is no formal training required to use the EPAv2 but it also increases productivity while reducing strenuous manual labor.