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La Garde cubic and rectangular shaped tanks are designed to maximize the fermentation process. The square surface as opposed to round one in tanks of the same width, offers at least 25% more contact surface area between the cap of must and the juice.

A larger contact surface area results in a thinner cap of must. Therefore, it is much easier to punch down, to provide more efficient pumpovers and to facilitate the cooling during the early stages of fermentation. All this helps the winemakers to save time and to reduce intervention procedures.




  • Also used for bottling, storing and racking wine into barrels
  • Volumes range: from 130 to 8,000 gallons (0,5 to 27 tons) or 5 to 300 hl
  • Standard stackable volumes: 130, 260, 555 gallons (5, 10, 21 hl)
  • At least 25% more wine per tank as compare to similar foot print cylindrical tank
  • Forkliftable
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Very easy to clean
  • Exterior walls in #4  polished finish with polished welds
  • Interior walls in 2B  polished finish with polished welds
  • Personalize  your tanks with the OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES HERE