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Epson C7500 Color Label Printer

New technology brings big new benefits - never imagined before - to wineries.

With the Epson C7500 from ReThink Labels, you can print high quality, professional looking wine labels - at your own winery.

These can be printed on classic, textured and water proof wine label materials.

  • Simplify and Streamline Export & Back labels
    Create labels with variable data on your own, making changes quickly and easily. The latest in-house label printing technologies allow you to print high-quality back labels that include your variable data like alcohol content, barcodes, and bottle count. The power to update and revise labels, on demand, is in your hands.
  • Take control of your brand and time
    Wine stock materials from ReThink Labels - manufactured specifically for the wine industry - allow you to print high-quality labels on uncoated papers that are scuff-resistant and water-resistant. By printing your own labels, you can produce only the labels you need - as you need them - which saves time and the waste of generating useless labels.
  • Easily Take on Short Run Labels
    With the Wine Pro Label System, you avoid minimum label orders. Print all your short run labels without an increased cost per label. This means you can easily take on private labels and customized labels, giving you more options for wine clubs. The system also allows you to immediately customize and personalize labels for special events and promotions.
  • Eliminate long Lead times
    You don't have to get in line for your wine labels when you print on demand. Minimum orders are a thing of the past, and you can go from TTB approval to having your bottle labeled all in the same day when you print in-house.