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A3Mv2 Tying Device

For single or double “Guyot” (cane) training, this electric tying machine is very effective at saving time and energy when trellising.

As with all other Infaco tools, the A3Mv2 tying machine is battery-powered.  It uses a soft steel wire that is strong enough to hold until harvesting but which degrades and falls away after a year at pruning time.

With a pull of the trigger the machine grabs, twists, and cuts the wire around the vine or branch you want to trellis. The wire comes in three wire gauges:

  • 0.40mm (approx AWG 26)/ approx 1000 ties
  • 0.46mm (approx AWG 25)/ approx 900 ties
  • 0.50mm  (approx AWG 24)/ approx 650 ties

The simplicity of the system makes it the most economical on the market saving time and effort.  Whether you’re vineyard tying or orchard tying, management will be simplified and made more productive with this tool.

Machine tying-in time is less than 0.4 seconds.
Battery life is approximately 7,000 ties.