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iQ-dio Smart Labels

With iQdio TM enabled on the back of a wine bottle, shoppers can now instantly learn more about the wine they are evaluating by simply tapping their smart phone to the NFC chip embedded in the label to view an instant menu which becomes an extension of the label on the back of the bottle. With the iQdio TM system, wine producers are able to deliver important information and multimedia content to their customers quickly and best of all, change it anytime they wish.

The system also gives brand managers their own online dashboard that tracks every time someone scans the label and shows the location, providing real-time feedback and marketing analytics, something that standard wine labels are not able to do. The heart of the iQdio TM system is a mobile landing page for each brand and varietal of wine that quickly delivers only the notes and content that pertains to that exact varietal. Shoppers scan and get only the information needed to help understand the differences of the wine rather than having to navigate a main website on their phone or peel off a special booklet label with tiny printing on it. With iQdio TM shoppers can hear the winemaker talk about the wine, get recipe suggestions, view other varietals of the brand, join the wine club, use discount coupons and more.

The entire experience for the wine shopper feels like an app that was made just for the wine they are holding. How iQdio works: -An NFC chip is made into the wine label and programmed. -Shoppers tap the label with their phone to instantly view tasting notes, videos, and other specific information without downloading an app. -Brand managers get user analytics via the iQ-dio dashboard and can make changes at any time using the easy to use drag and drop editor. To learn more and view an online demo of the iQdio TM system in action, go to or contact Vintage 99 Label at 877-339-8899