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Wine, beer, and beverage companies put a ton of work into their labels. The label is an absolutely crucial component of a beverage’s brand identity.

And then your customer puts the bottle in a cooler full of ice and the label falls right off. Sound familiar? Stop settling for under-performing paper labels! Your beverages live in cold and wet environments and your packaging should anticipate real-world use.

Introducing IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™. The age of soggy paper is over. 

Is IceBreaker a new kind of paper?

 No. It’s a groundbreaking new process that makes your favorite material virtually invincible.

You love the label you have now. It reflects your identity, your vision, and your customers are looking for it. IceBreaker takes your branded look and makes it durable under cold and wetness.

Did Trysk invent IceBreaker?

We developed it in collaboration with a paper supplier. Trysk is the only labeling vendor providing IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™ to clients.

Take The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Grab one of your bottles off the shelf. Now fill a bucket with ice and water. Place the bottle inside the ice bucket and come back in four hours.

Is the label peeling off? Not acceptable. Is the label bubbling or distorted? Not acceptable. Even partial discoloration or slightly illegible print is considered a “failing grade” in this new era of waterproof packaging innovation. Waterproof wine, beer, and beverage labels are the future!

Take a look at our white paper for IceBreaker with AquaLoc 100™ by clicking here. You can learn more about our rigorous testing process to make sure that beverage labels can withstand the most aggressive real-world conditions.

Trysk is your turn-key solution to bring concepts and products to market. We offer decades of beverage label printing experience which means that we know how to get the job done on time, on task and on budget. Our deep industry knowledge and tireless service have resulted in a long track record of success with innovative printing methods.