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iQ-dio Interactive Labels - Meet the next generation of wine labels

iQ-dio Interactive Labels from Vintage 99 tell your wine’s story with:

  • Rich Audio Content
  • Tasting Notes
  • Pairing Suggestions
  • Videos and Photos
  • Social Media Links and more....

Shoppers scan the iQ-dio logo embedded with a dynamic QR code instant content about your wine. You are in complete control of the content using the simple Qdio Dashboard.

According to an extensive study of technological changes in the wine market:

 "wine consumers that consider themselves wine connoisseurs or experts, enjoy talking about wine, and are interested in the wine that is produced locally, organically, or sustainably are more likely to employ technology in their wine purchase decision."

 - Higgins, M. Lindsey, October 2014. "Technological change in the wine market? The role of QR codes and wine apps in consumer wine purchases"