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SafŒno™ CK S102 - Active Dry Yeast

The ideal strain for aromatic white and rose wines. SafOEno CK S102 was selected in the Val de Loire region on Sauvignon Blanc, for its ability to intensify aromatic profiles of white wines in difficult winemaking conditions. Still wines. Dosage: 20 g/hl Fermentation restart. Dosage: 30 to 40 g/hl Contributes to the organoleptic profile of aromatic cultivars. SafOeno CK S102 encourages the expression of fruity thiols of aromatic cultivars like Sauvignon Blanc, Gros and Petit Mangeng. This advantage also makes it a yeast of choice to produce varietal roses with a great aromatic finesse from cultivars like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. It reinforces the aromatic potential of terpenic cultivars like Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Riesling. Promotion of neutral varieties Thanks to its high ester production, SafOeno CK S102 is an ideal choice to value neutral grape varieties to obtain white and fruity roses wines with different aroma profiles depending on the fermentation temperature. On Ugni Blanc, Chardonnay. SafOeno CK S102 enables the production of wine with an important aromatic strength and great freshness. It is the ideal strain for Vinho Verde type wines. SafOEno CK S102 gives optimal results when it is associated to Springarom, an inactivated yeast rich in antioxidant substances. Easy to Use Fermentation abilities: Excellent settlement strength thanks to its Killer phenotype Short lag phase & rapid fermentation (in 10 days at 15°C) Fermentation from 8°C Complete fermentation even on very clarified musts (<50 NTU). Alcoholic strength: 14.5% vol./vol. Strong nitrogen requirements. Sugar / alcohol yield: 16,3 g/L for 1% vol./vol. Low production of volatile acidity (less than 0.24g/L). High volatile thiols release abilities. High ester production. SafOeno CK S102 is not recommended for grapes that have been recently treated with coppersulfate.

Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae*), Emulsifier: E491 (sorbitan monostearate)