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SafŒno™ NDA 21 - Active Dry Yeast

The choice for elegant fruity style red wines. SafOEno NDA 21 was isolated from spontaneous fermentations made in the original region of Nero d' Avola, in Sicily. This strain is the result of a 4 year research by the Regional Institute of Wine & Vine in collaboration with prestigious Sicilian wineries. Still wines Dosage: 20 g/hl. Fermentation restart Dosage: 30 to 40 g/hl. For New World type red wines. SafOEno NDA 21 is recommended for the production of harmonious, strong & fruity red wines with a short vatting time. Indeed, with its high production of glycerol, SafOEno NDA 21 brings a good roundness and an excellent general balance to the finished product. Additionally, the low adsorption of colored pigments by the cell walls allows the production of wines with intense color. SafOEno NDA 21 gives optimum results on international varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. It is also very much appreciated on Mediterranean varieties like Mourvedre and Carignan. Wines produced are characterized by intense and persistent fruity & spicy notes. Given its origin, SafOEno NDA 21 intensifies the varietal characteristics of Nero d' Avola. Easy to Use. Fermentation abilities: Strong fermenter and quick fermentation kinetic, Very good alcohol tolerance: up to 16% vol./vol., Low to medium nitrogen requirements. Metabolic Characteristics: Sugar / alcohol yield: 17.6 g/l for 1% vol./vol.*, High glycerol production: up to 8 g/L*, Low production of sulfur compounds and of ethyl carbamate, Low production of acetaldehyde:<26 mg/L* & volatile acidity: < 0,25 g/L (of acetic acid)*, Complex & interesting bouquet thanks to a medium production of higher alcohols,  Low adsorption of colored pigments. Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae*), Emulsifier E491 (sorbitan monostearate)