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SpringFerm™ Complete - Fermentation Aid

The complete solution to care about your yeast. SpringFerm Complete is a complex fermentation activator based on the synergies of organic & mineral nitrogen. Its formula was specifically studied to optimize its effects on yeast growth & yeast survival, making it a nutritional defence of choice against stuck or sluggish fermentations. IMPROVED ASSIMILATION OF NITROGEN COMPOUNDS: With its diammonium phosphate (DAP) content making it rich in mineral nitrogen and its amino acid content that makes it rich in organic nitrogen, the special formula of SpringFerm Complete improves the assimilation of mineral nitrogen compared to using DAP on its own. SpringFerm Complete supplies 17mg/L of assimilable mineral nitrogen for a product dosage of 20g/hl. SpringFerm Complete decreases organoleptic deviation risks (volatile acidity, H2S) and helps the production of secondary alcohols and their esters. SURVIVAL FACTORS SUPPLY: SpringFerm Complete is rich in fatty acids & sterols which are necessary for yeast survival. One dose of 20g/hl supplies up to 13 mg/L of lipidic substance for the reconstitution of the cell membrane. This supply secures the integrity of the cell wall during the most stressful fermentations: high alcohol degree, rarity of nutrients during the fermentation process. SpringFerm Complete naturally contains 0.6 mg/L of Thiamine for a supply of 20g/hl, being sufficient to increase by 20% the viable population and accelerate the fermentation of sugars. SUPPORT & DETOXIFYING ROLE: Rich in Springcell yeast cells walls, SpringFerm Complete enables must detoxification and plays a support role on highly clarified musts.