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Pall Oenoflow™ HS Filtration System

The Oenoflow HS system is a new crossflow filtration system for lees filtration that overcomes many of the obstacles associated with the traditional DE based technologies.

Filtration is achieved with microporous membranes without the need for filter aids. With no powder handling, operation is more hygienic and does not create DE waste for environmental landfill. Wide bore hollow fibers permit processing of lees with high solids levels.

A high yield product can be recovered as the retained solids reach final concentrations up to 80%.

The polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membranes have a uniform structure that guarantees resistance to abrasion and high flow rates without compromising reliability even with repeated cleaning regimes.

The low system hold up volume and batch operating mode allows small volumes of lees to be filtered immediately after racking in order to maintain optimal quality in the recovered product.

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