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Equipment Management, Software Subscription to be used by your team.

The wine industry, with its seasonality, interns, turn-over and its relatively long equipment emergency service response times... could use a different approach 

     to preparing and supporting production equipment.  The approach we propose is a tool which performs 2 purposes: 


1.  Inspect, Report, Prepare... early in the year. 

     Internal winery technician performs a  \"WSC software driven\" production equipment machinery audit so that 

     all of the information is identified and captured and reported on; with respect to production equipment health, risk and performance levels.  


2.  Develop internal winery service technicians.

     Internal winery technicians are developed through this process so that they are more familiar with, prepared and more able to deal with equipment shortcomings, should they arise during harvest.  

     WSC is offering a software subscription which empowers your technicians with a process and a method of identifying, presenting and managing information critical to your smooth production process.

     This is the first of its kind and allows for wineries with technicians to raise their level of productivity while developing technical staff.  This software tool has been used over the past 8 years

     by the technicians of WSC.  Now, WSC is offering it online to wineries for use by their technicians.  Plug into our unique process and provide a tool to your technical staff which will 

     quickly become the focal point of your production preparedness solution.



Note;  In the example below, the winery has at least one technician and at least one service manager.  

     For some wineries, one person may be filling both of these roles.  WSC is available to provide the 

     \"service manager\" role at an additional cost.  




     Inspect machines:  

          Cloud based software allows the winery technician to perform an audit based on a unique machine based checklist which

          employs 8 years of empirical data.  Here, the software breaks machines down to checkpoints, simplifying an otherwise

          relatively complicated task  (During the inspection, the technician is simultaniously generating a report in the



     Perform Maintenance:  

          This program will take the guesswork and the variability out of the lubrication of the machine, 

           no matter whom is performing the maintenance.  


ROLE: WINERY SERVICE MANAGER (this role can also be filled by WSC for wineries with small service groups)


     Review the report (which was generated automatically in the background by the technician during inspection) : 

          So that techs and managers are on the same page with respect to production equipment health levels, risk levels and

          performance levels.  

     Review the proposed tasks and the estimated budget attached to each task.




     Prioritize tasks on the proposed task list.  

          Identify what tasks the organization is capable of and which may be better to outsource.  

               (Depending on availability, WSC technicians are available to perform work on these tasks.)  


     Present the report and the proposed task list to upper management for task and budget approval.  

          The report is accessible online so this may be in the form of an invitation to log in and view the data.  


ROLE:  UPPER MANAGEMENT (production manager / winemaker) 


     Log into the site, review the report and the proposed tasks.  

     Prioritize tasks based on estimated task budget.      

     Approve and delegate tasks to be performed using internal resources and or sub contractors.


Tools:  WSC will provide a list of recommended tools required to access the program, complete the inspection / perform the maintenance and generate a complete report.  


If you are interested in this tool, please contact us today!    707 849 2526,