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Can Palletizer

Ska Fabricating™ brings our automation expertise to the other end of the line with our bulk can palletizers. Designed for companies specializing in can sleeving, labeling, printing or decorating. With simple operation and proven performance our can palletizer systems provide the cornerstone for any line requiring bulk can palletizing.

Can palletizers are available in a number of configurations to match available space, speed requirements and budget. The half-height systems are made for half pallets of aluminum cans. Standard U.S. half pallets are 44" x 56" and come with 11 layers of 12 oz cans. The full height palletizers are made for standard full-size pallets that come with 21 layers of 12 oz cans.

Standard Features:

  • Dimensions: Varies depending on configuration
  • Can metering & controlled stop for layer formation
  • Automated layer separation
  • Standard configurations palletize half height pallets (up to 11 layers of 12oz cans) or full height pallets (up to 21 layers of 12 oz. cans)
  • Accommodates multiple can sizes with simple part changeover
  • Speeds up to 600 CPM (with proper conveyance and accumulation)
  • Load/unload with pallet jack
  • Minimal air consumption (3-4 CFM at 80PSI)
  • Siemens PLC platform with touchscreen controls
  • Custom colors available

Add On Features:

  • Complete sleeve applicator conveyance solutions including high temperature heat tunnel conveyance