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Crush Cart

Pulsair’s Crush Cart wine tank mixer is a new 2016 Pulsair wine production mobile cart that allows winemakers to further streamline their wine cap management process even more.  By mounting the powerful TM-2002W on a stainless steel mobile car with hose reels, the winemaker can quickly move from tank to tank and turn the caps quickly and gently with Pulsair’s well adopted cap management process.  Open-top and side racking port probes are available depending on the tank setup.

The Pulsair Crush Cart is designed to fill the red wine cap management needs of small and mid-size wineries.

Cart Crush Tank Mixer Features:

  1. Solid construction
  2. High quality stainless steel parts
  3. Reliable systems built off of 30-years of experience in wine industry

Benefits of Pulsair Mixing Tank Systems:

  1. Protects Pulsair TM-2002W mixer investment
  2. Easy to maneuver around the cellar
  3. Convenient method for storing equipment in off-season
  4. Better organization & space savings