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Pall Oenoflow™ XL Filtration System

With the introduction of the new generation Oenoflow System, the XL series, wineries are setting new standards in achieving quality, yield and efficiency.

A more compact footprint, reduced waste volumes, and better process control, enable wineries of all sizes to further reduce operating costs whilst maintaining absolute respect for the qualitative characteristics of the wine. Oenoflow Technology

By eliminating the drawbacks of traditional diatomaceous earth (DE) and sheet filtration Oenoflow filtration systems have become the preferred technology in the wine-making industry.

The hollow fiber system enables wineries to remove suspended contaminants from wine in a reliable, reproducible and single process step. Clarification is achieved without the need for filter aids, centrifugation or interference with the chemical, physical or organoleptic components of the wine. Cost savings is realized by reducing wine loss, consumables and labor.

Furthermore, with a DE-free process and no solid waste for landfill, both environmental and operator safety are improved. The new Oenoflow XL systems combine the strong points of the existing systems with new high area modules and improved process control resulting in manufacture of more compact and economical systems. 

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