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New Small Monobloc EU-CRV 8-1

Our New Small Monobloc is the lastest evolution in bottling, brining cutting edge valve technology from our larger scale bottling lines.

 EU-CRV 8-1 Monobloc characteristics below:

•Control panel provided with pump attachment
•Unit speed controlled by means of a VFD (inverter)
•Electropolished filler bowl
•Stainless steel piping with TRC fitting at every bend and connection, allowing for easy disassembly and cleaning.
•Cork closing with tempered and rectified stainless steel jaws EM 301 ISOPLAST, easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance
•Bottle lifting by means of pneumatic piston
•All parts in contact with liquid are in stainless steel AISI 304
•Mechanical lifting cylinders with pneumatic up and down cam
•Liquid supply pipe complete with pneumatic ball valve made in stainless steel AISI 304 (to control the product inlet flow)
•Saftey guards surround the entire machine
•Specially designed filling valve with high flow and micrometric adjustment
•Quick release pin for easy removal of filling valves: no tools required
•Quick release centering device is removeable to provide the ability to fill bottles with different neck sizes
•Product inlet valve is controlled by a floater device positioned inside the bowl
•Bowl sight glass is removeable for cleaning by means of TRC fittings
•All star wheels are clutch protected in case of bottle jamming
•Corker provided with a “Venturi Vacuum System”
•Possibility of adding screw capping capabilities with minimal cost. (dual closing turret)