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SafŒno™ GV S107 - Active Dry Yeast

IDEALLY ADAPTED TO PREMIUM WHITES. SafOeno GV S107 has been isolated from 6 different Portuguese wine regions out of 1,500 strain isolates within a 3 years PhD for its abilities to enhance the qualities of noble grape varieties intended to make premium white wines. Still white wines. Dosage: 20 g/hl PREMIUM ELEGANT WHITES: SafOeno GV S107 is recommended for winemakers seeking for enhancing roundness and aromatic complexity to their whites, especially for elegant cultivars without major aroma precursors like Chardonnay. Thanks to its analytic and aromatic cleanness, it is perfectly suitable for high alcohol and high pH full bodied whites issued from ripe fruits, fermented in barrels and/or aged on lees and undergoing malolactic fermentation. Its sweet and long lasting finish will provide a real advantage for short ageing premium whites. FRESH FRUIT AND FLORAL WHITES On fermentation side, SafOeno GV S107 is characterized by its promotion of floral and fruity higher alcohols and esters (rather than isoamyl acetate). On variety side, it helps releasing floral and citrusy aromas (terpens and C13-Norisoprenoids) from grapes. Thus, SafOeno GV S107 gently promotes aromatic varieties such as Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztramine while always bringing a fresh and well-balanced persistent mouth.

Fermentation abilities: 

Kinetics depending on the pH: medium slow 15% vol./vol.

High SO2 resistance 

Medium nitrogen requirements: ratio YAN (mg/L) / Sugars (g/L) between 0.8 and 0.9. 

Killer factor: Neutral

Metabolic Characteristics:  Low yield Ethanol/Sugar; High glycerol production (7-8g/l); Low volatile acidity production; Medium-low production of sulfur compounds (SO2, H2S) and low SO2 combination; High production of higher alcohols (especially phenyl-2-ethanol) and esters (especially ethyl esters); Medium release of glycosidically bound volatile aromas.

Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae x Saccharomyces bayanus), emulsifier: E491 (sorbitan monostearate)