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SafŒno™ UCLM S377 - Active Dry Yeast

For long ageing and fruity red wines. SafOeno UCLM S377 was selected by the Castilla La Mancha University for its ability to produce very structured long ageing red wines. Still wines Dosage: 20 g/hl Fermentation restart Dosage: 30 to 40 g/hl For Mediterranean style varieties SafOeno UCLM S377 was selected for its respect of the terroir & varietal character. It allows increasing varietal characteristics of Syrah, Mourvedre, Tempranillo and Grenache, and other sun-kissed varieties. For premium red wines SafOeno UCLM S377 gives excellent results for full-bodied but well-balanced wines. Its rather slow fermentation kinetic is very convenient for wines incurring a fermentation maceration of over 10 days allowing the wine maker to elaborate finely structured wines. Indeed, during the fermentation the progressive alcohol production is favorable to a good polyphenolic extraction. Wines produced present an excellent ageing capacity (Tempranillo de Crianza, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah) and have an important volume thanks to SafOeno UCLM S377s high glycerol production. Fermentation abilities: Rapid fermentation start; Rather slow fermentation kinetic; Total loss of sugars; Alcohol tolerance: 14-15 % vol./vol.; Fermentation temperature: 16 to 35°C. This strain is sensitive to brutal temperature changes, it requires regular fermentation conditions. High nitrogen requirement: In a must which available nitrogen is between 150 and 180 mg/L this strain requires at least 2 nitrogen supplies (20g/hl DAP + 20g/hl Springferm at yeast inoculation and 20g/hl of DAP and Springferm between the third and mid-fermentation. Strong resistance to SO2. Metabolic Characteristics: Sugar/Alcohol yield: 16.5 g/L for 1% vol./vol. Low production of volatile acidity ((< 0.25 g/L) and of acetaldehyde (<28 mg/L). No production of sulfur compounds.High production of glycerol : 10 g/L. Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae*), Emulsifier E491 (sorbitan monostearate)